Autism Rate Now 1 in 100, Federal Government Says
The School Yard at 3 p.m.

AlterNet's Joshua Holland on Swine Flu "Hysteria"


Click HERE to read and comment on the story at AlterNet. From the site: "AlterNet is an award-winning news magazine and online community that creates original journalism and amplifies the best of hundreds of other independent media sources. AlterNet's aim is to inspire action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, health care issues, and more. Since its inception in 1998, has grown dramatically to keep pace with the public demand for independent news. We provide free online content to millions of readers, serving as a reliable filter, keeping our vast audience well-informed and engaged, helping them to navigate a culture of information overload and providing an alternative to the commercial media onslaught. Our aim is to stimulate, inform, and instigate."

With the media pumping out story after fevered story of a unique and "deadly" new strain of influenza sweeping the globe -- tossing words like "pandemic" around with little in the way of context -- you'd have to be a Vulcan not to experience just a touch of panic. But is this flu really so scary?

Any virus that's new to the human population poses a potential danger. But perhaps the most striking aspect of the swine flu quasi-panic is, if it had emerged just a few short years ago, we would have gone about our lives without any sense that anything unusual was even under way.

After all, millions of people around the world get the flu each year, and tens of thousands die as a result -- most of them very old or very young or people whose immune systems are already compromised.

The vast majority of people who catch a case of flu feel like crap for a few days or a week, and then they recover.  So far, the swine flu is no different -- it's not particularly virulent, nor is it deadlier than the strains commonly referred to as "seasonal flu" (although Mexican authorities initially thought it was for reasons that are not entirely clear)...


Joshua Holland

Stagmom wrote: "WATCH OUT! Joshua Holland, as editor of Alternet "serving as a reliable filter"?????

"Not long ago, he unleashed this piece of shit on his readers:


Bizarre comment, Stagmom. That article was by Amanda Marcotte, and I didn't have anything to do with it. In fact, I haven't even read it.

... he never bothered to reply to my correspondence wherein I attempted to enlighten him ...

I've never gotten any correspondence about Amanda Marcotte's piece and would have just forwarded it on if I had. Why would I discuss someone else's article?


Mary, i learned a valuable lesson when I was a young Mom, "Don't punish progress." This article is relevant to our readers and a glimpse into the questions. I'm not saying I';d agree with all Josh has written. But I think this link was important. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. KIM

Mary Hirzel

NOTE: Mary, Joshua did NOT write the post you link to here. I should have stuck to my policy of not posting links from people I don't know. Joshua, I apologize to you. KIM

WATCH OUT! Joshua Holland, as editor of Alternet "serving as a reliable filter"?????

Not long ago, he unleashed this piece of shit on his readers:

I still get lots of fundraising appeals from my good friend, Joshua, but he never bothered to reply to my correspondence wherein I attempted to enlighten him about some "factual" errors in this piece of....ummmm...."journalism."

Autism Grandma

Re: "but do tend to cringe when the “us against them” mentality rears its head." Posted by Jeff C.

I have never been a Republican or a Democrat or a member of any political party in my entire life. However "us against them" is the stark reality of our situation. "Us" parents and families with autism and vaccine damaged children are "against them", the vaccine industry and Big Pharma backed by government agencies and government leaders.

This is across the board irregardless of various political party agendas and incorporates the Bigger Picture of "US" being the growing number of educated parents and public who recognize the truth about what is really going on in the so called "Health Care" industry. Thanks to Age of Autism and so many other dedicated groups and individuals who are bringing the facts to the forefront, more and more people are saying NO to vaccines and toxic "treatments" for our children and ourselves.

God has given us all the choice to Seek Truth and to choose Good over Evil. Inevitably we must make the educated choice to be on one side of the fence or the other. Yes in this evil world which is ruled by The Almighty Dollar, with our innocent children being "sacraficed on the altar", it is indeed a case of "Us against Them".

Robin Rowlands

You have to understand the nature of Government.

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage.
But you'll look sweet,
Upon the seat,
Of a bicycle made for two

Jeff C.

The article was interesting and appears to have its fact straight, I will comment on this over at AlterNet. I’m commenting here on being blindly sent to a site that immediately bombarded me with pop-ups urging me to stand up against “hate”. Half a dozen critics of the President were thrust in my face as examples of hate that must be stopped. The fact that I disagree with a large portion of the President’s agenda makes me a hater too, I suppose. This pop-up was from AlterNet, not some third-party.

Autism is not a liberal/conservative issue. Two stalwart supporters of the ASD community, Rep. Burton and former Rep. Weldon are conservatives; Rep. Smith from New Jersey is also a Republican. All of these legislators reached across the aisle to work with like–minded Democrats on this critical issue.

While I appreciate that the Huffington Post, Daily Kos and other left-wing sites publish commentary of interest to the ASD community, blindly sending readers to these sites potentially alienates up to half the country. This issue is too important to our children to have prospective allies discount the message due to completely unrelated ranting about “hatred”. Somehow I doubt that readers would be referred to National Review Online for ASD commentary without numerous disclaimers and warnings.

Age of Autism is a great site that is a daily read for me. I enjoy the commentary and scientific discussion, but do tend to cringe when the “us against them” mentality rears its head. It’s comforting to feel that one is part of a clique, but keep in mind that those outside of the faction just tuned the message out.

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