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Alison Rose Levy on Why Vaccination Isn't "OSFA"

CONTRAINDICATIONS Click HERE to read and comment on Alison Rose Levy's HuffPo titled, "A Guide For The Perplexed On Vaccinations: What The Coffee Jitters Tell Us."

In following the vaccine debate, I've observed what seem like two completely different versions of reality. For those perplexed by this, here's a brief guide to a basic issue underlying this long-standing controversy: biological individuality. If properly understood, it can create the ground for reconciliation.

Have you ever noticed that feet come in all shapes and sizes?

Why do you adore spicy food while your beloved hates it?

How come your friend can handle a lot more alcohol than you?

So whence cometh the assumption that we're all completely unique on the outside, but exactly the same inside?


Autism Grandma

Vaccines are obviously not "One Size Fits All", but regardless of the individuality of human beings, one thing that we all have in common is that Poison is damaging to the human body, no matter whose human body it is. Poison is Russian Roulette: Kills some, neurologically damages some, immune damages some, intestinal damages some, causes Autism in some, Asthma in some, Diabetes in some, ADHD in some, Cancer in some....on and on sooner or later the POISON manifests itself in all human beings.


In the mean time, what does it take to reimburse some volunteer docs to set aside archival vials of the current vaccines for later examination for contamination with currently undiscovered viruses?


It came through in a bunch that happened between going to the doc's office with kiddo (who did quite well, I tell you) and getting everybody fed dinner and the in-laws back to the hotel.

The party will be back at some point.

Bob Moffitt

I must admit I am shocked this column on Huff Post has garnered NO comments on AOA.

Unfortunately, I tried to post on Huffington regarding Alison Rose Levy's "A Guide For The Perplexed On Vaccinations: What The Coffee Jitters Tell Us" post apparently failed to pass their high standards for commentary.

So...I offer my comments here in hope someone will take a moment to read it.

Alison raised THE critical question regarding the "safety" of our universal childhood vaccine policies.

Unfortunately, Alison is re-inventing the wheel...because..if any question has been "settled" is the scientific improbability of a "one size fits all vaccine".

THAT very SAME question was raised and answered...almost 100 hundred years ago by Charles Richet...who won a Nobel Prize in Medicine..for his "theory" on "Anaplhylaxis".. which can be accessed at:

Richet "theorized" that each individual inherits an immune system that is as unique to that individual as are their fingerprints and DNA.

I defy ANYONE to present evidence that Richet's "theory" has been debunked?

This explains why vaccine manufacturers enjoy "product liability" protections.

After all, public health agencies are tasking vaccine manufacturers to produce a product they KNOW will cause serious complications in SOME "individuals".

While Public Health agencies are quite willing to sacrifice the "few" order to protect their much larger "herd"...vaccine manufacturers would be crazy to accept the financial consequences for producing a product THEY know is UNSAFE for SOME.

Ergo...create a Vaccine Court...where the federal government provides Public Health agencies and vaccine manufacturers..the legal resources (Justice Dept lawyers) well as the restraints (no discovery process) .. that serve to deny the "few" their right to seek justice in a civil court.

This article should have received wider commentary on AOA.

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