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Winners of the Age of Autism Contest: Glow Gluten Free Cookies!

GLow Our five winners are: Manuela, Ayden's Mommy, Carrie Elsass, Susan, and Teresa Conrick.  I'll send each an email.  Congrats!  The contest is closed. But we have another contest for GFCF muffins this week.

Earlier this month I met the folks at Glow Gluten Free at the NAA NY Autism Asperger's conference and sampled their yummy cookies. They kindly have given us FIVE cookie gift sets to offer to you, our hungry, cookie loving readers. Leave a comment to enter! You'll win a four pack of each flavor. The cookies are really yummy and just in time for Halloween treats! (Please go to the Glow site (above) to make sure the ingredients meet you or your child's dietary needs.)

"Yeah, that's right. We said delicious. If you're looking for ordinary, tasteless gluten free cookies, sorry to disappoint. At Glow, we take great pride in baking you goodies that are not only tasty, but wholesome as well. Glow Gluten Free cookies are baked in a dedicated gluten free bakery using a secret recipe with a garbanzo bean flour blend in place of traditional wheat flours.  They are the perfect all-natural, wholesome and delicious, gluten free and casein free treat!  Ready. Set. Glow! "

Glow-Packaging-Small Glow Gluten Free cookies come in four fabulous flavors and you'll win one of each: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Gingersnap and Snickerdoodle.



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gingko biloba

Great cookies....My friend so like this. I have a cookie monster at home!

Vicki in Wisconsin

This is actually quite exciting news: both the cookies and the contest!

Patricia Myers

I definitly want my daughter to try these... Im considering the switch over to gluten free but am still researching and learning what it all means. Hope I win!

Denise McQuade

Wow thank you for making a treat our kids can enjoy.


I'd love to try these! I have yet to find a cookie that my child will eat :-(

Jennifer Lane

That would be great! My Son cannot eat many cookies without having upset stomach and a rash to follow! I would love to sample these!


They sound wonderful. Do I have a chance???

Wendy A.

My son would love these!


I love GLOW GLUTEN free cookies!

kathie dorran

Oh, Please pick me!!!
My nickname for my son is "my little Snickerdoodle"

Kim Underwood

I've only found one brand and one type of cookie in the 3 years of going gfcf that my 6 year old will eat...would love to find another! Thanks for entering me!

Maria M.

I've not seen these in the stores yet.
Ok, now I am hungry. ;)

Susan O'Hale

Please enter us in your contest. I have a cookie monster at home!


Give it to the one who is just getting started. I can feel for them. My husband never went gluten and casein free. But by the grace of God my daughter remains after 8yrs. God bless you all.

Eileen Cooper

Please enter us. I have a house full of GFCF cookie monsters!


Oh we're just getting started & this would help convince my husband to go alone w/the diet for our son. :)


Sign me up! I'm surprised these aren't at my local health food store....yet!!!!



(Would LOVE to win... :0) )

Barbara Bucknam

"ME WANT COOKIES!" Cookie monster is a favorite around here and we'd love to feed our habit!


Please pick me! Please!

Ayden's Mommy

OMG - the Glow Gluten Free cookies look fantastic!! I would love it if you picked my son (me). We are always looking for new treats that taste GREAT and look like what his other friends are eating!!

Even if you don't choose us - thanks for the great info/website!! Can't wait to try them.

Debbie Canady

Would love to win this. I do not think they have made it to Georgia yet. Most commercial cookies my son does not like and hoping these will do the trick. Crossing my fingers we are lucky enough to win.


oh, oh, oh pick me, pick me!!I need a little uplifting after this month!

Alaina Jensen

We need COOKIES!


Cool, Can't wait!

Patty Mullins

Would love to win these!


I'd love to win some. Thanks.


me me me

Carrie Elsass

I love that they are made with real ingredients we can find in our own kitchens- thanks!


Count me in!

Lisa Thompson

Would love to win the cookies, please!

Tanners Dad

May I have some more Please... Tanners eyes say it all.... The sad part is now at puberty he wants more & more & more & more...


I have a daughter with fibromyalgia who is Gluten free (and college student) I bet she woudl LOVE these!! I'll have to see if I can find them somewhere around...


Pick me! Thanks AoA and Kim (for all you do for my child and your beautiful girls).

Holly, Ohio

Stefania Ferrandino

"Me want COO-KIE...AHH, YUM, YUM, Chomp, Chomp....!!!!" ...so says my boys favorite hairy & lovable blue monster!!!


Need Cookie.

Melissa McNeese

These look great! Count me in! Though my husband would probably prefer to win the Winebago's...


Those sound yummy. Can't wait to try them!


Sign me up for cookies!


Would love to try these!


I am always looking for new gluten free products! Can't wait to try these! :)


I tasted the cookies and found them quite good. And the packaging was so pretty, it reminded me of a Pepperidge Farm package but with better graphics. Would make a great gift basket item for a family just starting out on the diet or a friend w celiac too. Good luck! And we have another cookie contest coming - the NAA NYC conference had some GREAT vendors and I was happy to meet them all. Tomorrow - book contest. Then a cookbook contest, another book contest (from a super Dad) and then a herd of Winebago's, hell we're giving them away.... (Name THAT reference!)

Susan Richardson

A good tasting gluten free cookie.... Only if it passes my child's taste test LOL

Teresa Conrick

Sweets for my gluten free sweetie -- thanks!

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