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Robert, an attorney who works tirelessly for our loved ones, commented on Katie Wright's post on Dr. Janvier of the IACC (HERE)Thanks for this note about Yvette Janvier. She has shown us the true colors of the AAP. Just as the AAP and IACC have turned their backs on our sick kids we should turn our backs on the IACC. I opposed the Combating Autism Act because I believed that its IACC and other bureaucratic creations would function just as they have. They have functioned as an obstacle to the welfare of our children. Rather than enabling them we should disable them through political action. It is enough already. We should turn our back on IACC. We should no longer participate in this charade. My son is ten years old now - he cannot speak and his GI problems persist despite improvement through various interventions. We can no longer tolerate the ignorance of individuals like Dr. Janvier. I think we need to escalate and intensify our opposition to the sham that the IACC has become. That is not to say that the efforts of many parents at the IACC has not been meaningful. At this point, however, it is clear that the IACC is a dead end vehicle to obtain meaningful intervention for our sick children. Robert J. Krakow. 

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Elizabeth Rawnsley

Focus on the Vaccination Injury Program and some "Accountability" for "all" children. Attorney fees are paid,regardless of any decisions and this program has been ongoing for over twenty years,now. Time to audit this program!

Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 1:02 PM
To: 'Robert Krakow'
Subject: FW: Vaccination Injury Program: "1322" Project

Dear Mr. Krakow:

Re: Vaccination Injury Program “1322” Project

Does the manufacturer of the vaccines list possible side effects? Does the side effects include (SIDS) and autism as a possible side effect? I was going to ask Dr. Geoffrey Evans this question and I contacted his office phone number but he would not return my phone call. His office contacted someone else, instead of contacting me,so I never received this information. If it is listed as a side effect then why would anyone need anything other than that information, medical records, which would include a medical report of an autopsy, relating to a death that a medical examiner listed as (SIDS.) How could the government deny a parent compensation?

I read this information on the Internet but you can’t believe everything you read, so I wanted it to come from the person that oversees this program. If you don’t know this answer,then,I’ll try to contact Dr. Evans again. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for the parents of children with autism. Some will need very expensive programs and treatments and the costs and care will vary but the compensation for a death is capped.

I’m trying to make sense of this program and sense of all the hostility. I read of one decision, relating to a cause of death(SIDS). I was not impressed and I don’t wish to see my grandson’s case treated in such a disgraceful manner. This baby only lived four months and it takes years to review a very small medical history.

Ms. Rawnsley

From: Eric Spenlinhauer [mailto:ericspen@maine.rr.com]
Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2009 5:54 AM
To: 'Robert Krakow'
Subject: RE: Vaccination Injury Program: "1322" Project

Dear Mr. Krakow,

My grandson’s case has been filed now. It was over a year that it had been in the hands of attorneys. I contacted the clerk’s office of this program. They had no petition filed and I notified my son and his wife. I spoke with two other law offices and received some information on how they would handle this case. I was very concerned with the well being of my son and his family. The news media would not speak with them about their concerns and the news media was interviewing doctors and parents because many parents are beginning to make some choices and they are not vaccinating their children. I contacted the news media and they refused to speak with me,as well. I have ten grandchildren and it is becoming very difficult to assist or guide them. The role of the government has confused me for many years but I am unable to place blame on the government if nothing is filed and no one is communicating with my family. My children have been overwhelmed and I thought this program was pretty simple to understand and that they would be compensated. A very small compensation for the death of a beautiful, healthy baby boy who died within fourteen hours. You have no other choice in this situation. The doctor reported this terrible incident, immediately. My daughter in law contacted the law office after I found no filing and then they filed and told her that the government had three months to respond. This is the fourth month since the filing and I contacted the clerk’s office, again. No medical records have been filed and the case is still pending. My daughter in law sent me some information from the office handling this case and they said that they will need expert witnesses and more time. She was left with the impression of the government denying this claim and requesting expert testimony. The government is unable to make any determination without medical records, so again, I became very confused with the program. I would have insisted that every document filed be forwarded on to my attention within this process, but I am older and I have had more life experiences, then my children. The (SIDS) organization will not even list vaccinations as a “possible” cause of death but we all know that some people have been compensated because a baby has died after they have been vaccinated. If my children had chosen to opt out of this program,then,I could understand the delay, expert witnesses,etc…………………. More vaccines are on the way and I’m not sure of our governments role. All I see is the U.S. Secretary of Education, Health and Human Resource Secretary and many federal officials advocating that we vaccinate our children. ( Vaccinate children within the testing process of a newly formed flu vaccine and watch for any adverse reactions. ) Then file a complaint with the Vaccination Injury Program, I guess. Politics is behind every process and programs are set up by the government but I thought for once,maybe,one program would service our children with some accountability.

If children have died after becoming vaccinated, then we all realize that some children don’t die but their brains become injured. We just have too many brain injured children now and we have too many vaccines. Safety measures of these vaccines should be researched and that project may produce results that could change the way we govern.

It is a great brief that was forwarded on to Supreme Court. Send it on to each congressional and senate delegate. They seem very confused with many healthcare issues. Our children should have always been top priority but money, power and control of the system of both parties has interfered with many government programs and many a process.

Thank you for listening and bringing some attention to the Vaccination Injury Program. I never heard of this program until I lost my grandchild. We can thank the news media for that process. We may have made other choices.

Mrs. Rawnsley

From: Robert Krakow [mailto:rkrakow@me.com]
Sent: Saturday, September 26, 2009 10:59 AM
To: Eric Spenlinhauer
Subject: Re: Vaccination Injury Program: "1322" Project

Dear Mrs. Rawnsley:

Thanks for you interest in our project.

I agree that a similar focus on so-called SIDS deaths after vaccination is something that should be looked. Right now that is beyond the scope of our research project but I will bring your point to the attention of my colleagues.

I agree also with your points about vaccine court.

You may be interested in three things:

1. The NVIC conference next weekend in Washington, D.C


2. An article I co-wrote that addresses some of the problems with the vaccine court

You can download it from my web site:


See the link to the article on the omnibus autism proceeding

3.A brief that we filed with the Supreme Court that addresses some of these issues. I instigated the project and Mary Holland did a great job with the brief.


Cindy-- can't grow good fruit from a rotting tree. For Singer to have ruined IACC, Insel would have had to have been something other than a thoroughly corrupt industry lackey. I suspected from the get-go that all they were going to do with the money was fund more genenetics and drug interests. Why else have the country's psychpharm czar at the helm?

Cindy Waeltermann

Autism Speaks ruined the IACC -- you can thank Alison Singer for that. Evil witch.

John Kirton

I laid out, what I believe is, what we need to insure that ALL of the pieces of Autism are addressed. Now this is just the beginning, but we do NEED a beginning instead of 'walking' and hoping for some Autism change. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Kathy Blanco

Haven't I said that all along? I hate feign research, feigh concern, and feign beauracracies. It's time we get them where it hurts. Forget GREEN, NO VACCINES...that's what is going to change this around. Until they can GUARANTEE with long term safety studies, un vax vs vax, long term effects, numerous procecees that qulaity as "bad side effects", which may take decades to decifer by the way...then, and only then, I will hold to my argument, that the whole entire autism community should shun and boycott all vaccines. Get them where they are weak, and that is, they hate to lose profit, and they hate loss of perception of safety. That's the NEW direction we should take...

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Thankyou Mr. Krakow, Im sure Im not alone in thinking that we need a new direction and it looks like we need to find it on our own. Some brain storming required perhaps ?


Amen, Robert. Your foresight always amazes me.

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