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Autism at 1 in 91 Children: SafeMinds calls for Thimerosal Ban from Seasonal & H1N1 Flu Vaccine

Advocacy Groups Ask President Obama to Order Suspension of Hepatitis B Vaccine Birth Dose

Obama8 Washington, DC – National Vaccine Information Center and Talk About Curing Autism are calling on President Obama to order the immediate suspension of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation of the birth dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine after two recent studies linking the Hepatitis B vaccine to functional brain damage in U.S. male newborns and infant primates.  In a related development today, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, including the Health Resources and Services Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  announced that 1 in every 91 children are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder as reported in the November 2009 issue of Pediatrics. Previous data released by the CDC indicated a prevalence of 1 in every 150 children affected by the disorder. (Managing Editor's Note: Pediatrics does not appear to have the study on their site as of this time, click HERE to check their home page. We'll add it the link as soon as it's available.)
Considering a demonstrated 50% increase in autism prevalence, combined with two recent studies indicating a potential role of the Hepatitis B vaccine as a factor in the development of autism, the following advocacy groups urge President Obama to order the immediate suspension of the recommendation and administration of the birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine for all newborns – with the exception of rare cases where the mother tests positive for Hepatitis B.

Researchers from Stony Brook University published a research abstract (HERE) for an epidemiological study in the September 2009 issue of Annals of Epidemiology which revealed findings suggesting that U.S. male newborns vaccinated with Hepatitis B vaccine had a three-fold greater risk of autism spectrum disorders.  Additionally, a collaboration of several institutes including the University of Pittsburgh - School of Medicine, the University of Kentucky and Thoughtful House Center for Children in Austin, Texas published research findings in the October 2009 issue of Neurotoxicology revealing evidence of substantial functional brain damage in infant primates who received the birth dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine. (HERE) 

“We take the unusual step of appealing directly to the President of the United States because he is the only elected official who can take action to allow a newborn more time to develop before being exposed to the potentially damaging Hepatitis B vaccine,” stated Barbara Loe Fisher, President and Co-founder of  the National Vaccine Information Center. “The President has a unique position of authority as the head of the Executive Branch to order HHS and the CDC appointed officials to utilize the precautionary principle.”

“Rates of autism diagnosis have exploded, rising from 1 in every 10,000 children twenty years ago to the rates revealed today,” stated Rebecca Estepp, National Manager of Talk About Curing Autism (TACA).  “What other "genetic" disorder has ever increased at such an exponential rate and what other "genetic" disorder has a forty percent recovery rate as reflected in the Pediatrics report? If such an association between early Hepatitis B vaccine and autism exists, delaying the birth dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine would be a good first step in protecting children from autism as well as from infectious diseases. We must err on the side of caution and consider that exposure to Hepatitis B Vaccine at early critical developmental stages may be one of the potential environmental triggers which lead to autism.”

The following organizations have also stated that they are in support of this measure – Unlocking Autism , Autism Action Network, SafeMinds, National Autism Association, Generation Rescue, Autism Link,  Autism One,  Applied Kinesiology Center of Los Angeles.


Dr. Nicole Richardson-Sicre

Barbra Loe Fisher, you are a true warrior & pioneer! Thank you for your decades of hard work in protecting our rights to choose! Last time I checked, we do still live in the land of the FREE and should NOT be presumed sick until proven well! No other vaccine is more ridiculous than Hep B without the STD testing of the mother. How this EVER got passed for a new born is criminal. Where are the congressional watch dogs for the ever blotting vaccine schedule for our innocent babies and trusting mothers?


Maybe NVIC, TACA etc, should consider taking a page out of Polly Tommey's book and do a billboard campaign around Washington at the very least.


I think they are going to call it NeuroAutoImmunity!

That is what the newsletter from the vasculitis foundation from last month said.

Volume 18, Number 4 July/August

They said they were putting four brain diseases in together

Obsessive Compulsive disorder

This month Volume 18 number 5 not a word

But it did have some things on diet that they suggested could help.


Here is the link for the White House Comment page. Please use it!

Tracy Steinbach

We need to stop allowing others to call this an "Autism Epidemic." Autism is psychiatric bullshit concocted by doctors who know nothing about what is really going on with poisoned, brain-damaged children. Psychiatry is fine when you are talking about people with normal brains who have emotional problems, but people with abnormal brains are a whole different ballgame, and they know nothing about it. What this really is is an epidemic of brain-damaged children suffering the effects of unneeded, poisonous, brain-damaging vaccines and the toxic crap used to flame retard their sleepwear and other horrible stuff that is poisoning children in our very toxic world. I've allowed people to call my daughter Autistic and my son PDD-NOS for the sake of services through the educational system, but I think I am going to stop and tell it like it is from now on. No one other than a psychiatrist is legally allowed to make a diagnosis of Autism, Asperger's or PDD-NOS, so any doctor who isn't a psychiatrist who tells parents their child is Autistic or any of the other PDD diagnoses is committing a crime. Autism is nonsense anyway. Just call it like it is:severe and permanent brain damage.


When gathering records for vaccine court, I found my tests for Hep B and AIDS - both NEGATIVE. Apparently, NY State routinely screens for both. Why bother doing the tests if you are going to vaccinate the baby any way? The Hep b vaccine is unconscionable.


Is there a call to action on this? I will be happy to make phone calls and emails.

Concerned Professional

I am sick to my stomach seeing how much toxins they dump into the kids in the name of "public health".The babies immune system is undeveloped and their blood brain barrier
is immature and weak.Please President Obama,
you have two beautiful daughters,do not let this go on.Parents sign papers at the hospital that they are NOT allowed to inject
your baby.Or better, have your baby at home with a Midwife.How many babies died from SIDs,when the real cause was the vaccine?
They are poisoning our children and our future.DO NOT BRING THESE TOXIC FAST TRACKED VACCINES TO CANADA.Horrific shame.


Not that Boyd Haley of University of Kentucky knows of my existance, but I owe him an apology. I always phew-phew him, and did not believe he had it right!

But he did, he is a great man. He was a leader that lead a good team.


Seriously criminal stuff. How long will the vaccine advocates stay on the sinking ship?
they have an abandon ship strategy I am sure. We all knew these final days of the vaccine facade were coming since the latter 90's, they were only postponing the inevitable with string of BS studies, to give them time to find a safe place to land.

Elaine Dow

Dr. Neal Halsey from Johns Hopkins is responsible for Hep-B on the infant schedule. After another failed attempt to pass legislation to ban mercury in the shots, I got an opportunity to have a chat with the Dr. Halsey! I asked him "what does it feel like to know you have poisoned 30 millions children with your Hep-B and baby Hib recommmendations?" He gave no reply. I was waiting for him to say "it is for the fatherland!" He should be up on charges against the harm of a generation of children. Oh by the way, Johns Hopkins has not ordered their staff to get the H1N1 and flu vaccine yet. What is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Elaine Dow


they'll probably add hep c to the mix any minute. Just read some article about a doc in Saskatchewan who thinks hep c is very much on the increase. (he did say this was in high-risk groups but it could "spread" to the rest of the population via unprotected sex) so I guess we'll all have to be recommended to get that soon, too. How many frickin diseases do they think they need to "protect" us from? I think it must be endless and I suppose they think all these damaged children and adults are worth it?



On "Nightly News" I watched nearly back to back segments about the record time producing the mercury laden H1N1 vaccine and the now 1 in 91 children that have autism.

And Dr. Max was there to pat himself on the back, saying "it such a good thing" because now pediatricians are more likely to look for autism in kids. UH - BECAUSE THERE IS MORE AUTISM????

It's like seeing a news program for record cigarette sales and then the next clip shows a huge increase in lung cancer deaths. My god, how can this be.

And on a side note, NBC news is stating that "100 people a week" are dying from the swine flu. A friend of mine just took her kid to the pediatrician for diarreah and he diagnosed her with H1N1 in about 3 minutes and sent them home. Which says to me two things, 1) the people that are supposedly dying from a milder virus than the actual seasonal flu virus have something very wrong with them already, and 2) these idiots don't even test for swine flu but diagnose it anyways to increase hype.

Why does no one care about that?

Kathy Blanco

Why aren't we testing newborns cord blood to find out how immune and metabolic susceptible they are, looking at hyper IgE, looking for markers they ALREAYD KNOW ABOUT in autism? C4B anulle, allergy to thimerosol through MELISA, etc etc...what? It's too expensive? I thought autism costs three million dollars for the lifespan? It's time people...but more than that, REFUSE all vaccines until proven safe. PERIOD.

Lisa @ TACA

Thanks Dr Bob for the comment. You are appreciated.


I don't know. Obama before election co-sponsored a bill called MOTHERS ACT which screens women for mental issues.
That's simpley to open up the market of anti-depressants to pregnant women was my impression.
It doesn't seem like it is part of his agenda or deal.


What happened to the 1 out of 100?
Now we are talking 1 out of 91.

Is this a new and different study?

Wasn't the 1 out of 100 new?

If they are two studies which one is the one that Austim Speaks would likely use in thier advertisment?


I hope more studies on Hep-B vaccine's impact on infant will be done soon, because more the studies are done, better the chance that Obama will take notice. Currently I don't hold much hope he will do anything about it. I watched his recent interview on the swine flu vaccine. He was very affirmative about getting more people to be vaccinated, and suggest children and pregnant women be among the first to do it, and even him be among the lower priority group if there is a shortage. My impression is that he thinks the vaccines are very beneficial and not much risk. He even mentioned about vaccines in his famous education speech. I don't blame him on this because he has two girls who apparently have no developmental issues. And he probably has no reason to think that so many health agencies and medical researchers can omit an important health issue for children. Nonetheless I applaud the effort of these advocacy groups and really hope it will make a difference in the future.


I'd say the odds of Obama doing anything to piss off the pharmaceutical industry or undermine CDC, in the midst of the healthcare debate and the beginning of the big flu vax campaign in world history, are about a gazillion quintillion to one against. But it's good PR for our side to raise the question.

Kim for Dr. Sears

Dr. Sears - amen and pass the gravy. Could you and Sanjay Gupta get some airtime asking President Obama to halt birth hep B and TEST every pregnant woman instead - the testing labs will be happy to make the money instead. And could you contact his office as a trusted pediatrician and recommend that we do NOT put the mercury laden seasonal or H1N! vaccines into pregnant woman and children? I sent out a BatTweet to you and Dr. Gupta - and I'm sorry I missed you at NVIC.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Imagine- Obama is begged to intervene- Why? - Because your pediatrician no longer works for you. He or she is no longer treating your baby. Your pediatricians job is to enter your baby in the vaccine factory assembly line. If your doctor could care about your baby he would delay DPT because that prevents asthma. If he were allowed to care about your baby he would never give Hep B ; he would discuss with you the association between Hib and childhood diabetes ; He would never ever give your baby a microgram of mercury ; he would tell you in advance that after MMR your baby's immune system is going to be depressed for two months (Depressed is a euphemism for not functioning properly)
Actually, friends, doesnt it look like someone should be paying US to go to pediatricians?
To Bensmyson- I look forward to the day that you make a legal case and ask me for a donation.

Dr. Bob Sears

Ever Since I've became a pediatrician in 1998, I've NEVER given the Hep B vaccine to newborns, or even infants for that matter, unless they were sexually active or shared their IV drug needles with someone else.
So, even setting the autism issue aside, I see NO reason to give newborns a Hep B, unless mom or dad is Hep B positive.

The original research done in the 1980s and 1990s that demonstrated a need for universal newborn Hep B vaccines were very poorly done, and showed NO evidence that Hep B is an infant and childhood disease. AND, two of the doctors involved in those studies that pushed the policy through were working for the two Hep B vaccine manufacturers. NOT good.

Donna Alvado

Quotes from our government about the "alleged" increase - What a load of CRAP!!!

"We are extremely concerned about the apparent increase," Dr. Arias said, but she urged caution in interpreting it. "Unfortunately, the information that we currently have doesn't allow us to give a true account of whether the apparent increase is an actual increase or the result of changes in the way we describe or diagnose ASD," she explained.

More inclusive survey questions, increased public awareness, and improved screening and diagnosis of autism are all possible reasons for the higher numbers, Dr. Michael D. Kogan of HRSA and colleagues report in Pediatrics.

It's also possible that some children with "developmental" issues and learning disabilities may have been initially diagnosed with autism to qualify for special education and other services.

Kathy Blanco

Can I join your club anti vaccine mom? I agree, all vaccines are in question, every one is a ticking time bomb. How much can children's clogged toxic mitochondria take? How much can the genome/epigenetic changes can our children take? If there is a genetic suscpetibility, it is too fast acting agents that change DNA. Perhaps unstable DNA are the canary birds. And or the higher species?


This is a reasonable request. But the Obama administration is busy distributing the h1n1 vaccines these days. I am so sick of this plandemic!!!

a very "anti-vaccine" mom

I think every childhood vaccine out there is a ticking live bomb. Its only a matter of when it gets found out.

So far it isn't looking good is it? Is the HiB going to be named next?


@ Stop the Madness...

Huh? Maybe this is why I call what happened to my son a brain injury, I dont really call it autism. Calling my son autistic is sort of like saying he is bleeding, when what really happened is that there is a bullet hole in his head. In my son's case, the "bullet hole" was caused by a vaccine. My son was shot (vaccinated), he suffered a brain injury because of it, the brain injury presents itself with characteristics of autism. Never-the-less it is what it is.


This makes me sick. Stop this President Obama!


Perfectly said Bob Moffit! Is anyone else as tired as I am at pointing out the obvious to health and government officials?


I really hope NVIC and TACA succeed in removing this joke of a vaccine from the American schedule. They have just introduced it in B.C. (infantrix?) It's insanity to give hep b to babies- one of the more risky vaccines, period. When I talked to a teacher recently (whose mom is a doctor) I informed her that the U.S. gives hep b to babies (newborns, for GOd's sake). She could not believe it. I could tell it was a bit of a turning point for her with credibility of the medics. Obama better do the right thing!!!!!

Kathy Blanco

While we are at it, let's ask him to give parents full disclosure on how many kids are actually injured everyday from any or all vaccines. Let's talk what's in the swine flu vaccine, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, sqaualene, and nonoxynol 9 (yes, the spermacide). Let's talk foxes gaurding the henhouses, let's talk powerful lobbying of the pharmacuetical industry on all governmental bodies. Let's talk about immunity from prosecution if anyone gets injured, both from the swine flu, and other shots. Let's talk about how they devined the vaccine injury table, aka, the very people who make vaccines. Let's talk about how vaccines don't work in the first place. Let's talk about ACIP recommending tylenol, which is about twenty years ago when this epidemic also started. Let's talk about the OB GYN policy of asphyxiating babies right and left in "routine" births, which fetch $$$ for your cord blood stem cells. Let's talk about how environmental pollutants are contributing to this nightmare, by pre pumping cytokines in the brain. Let's talk about all the influences that were NEW from nineteen seventies on, and then reverse engineer this wholoe thing, and find out the ACTUAL culprits and combinations that is causing this thing. Let's talk about spending wastes on genetics studies, let's talk about independent research funding, and finally, let's talk about how to reverse this condition, if not prevent it. If he's not willing to talk about ALL of those things...then the conversation is over. And you know what, something inside me really feels that PARENTS should head organizations for research, not NIH and CDC spies.


Given the current faux pandemic I think it's unlikely Obama will do anything (of course, he might not even need the H1N1 excuse to do nothing).

On the other hand -- given the current reluctance of the public and the apparent distrust of the medical/pharma community -- taking this action might be interpreted as a sign that the government actually does care about what happens to our children.

I'm betting on the former, but hoping for the latter.


yesterday was the autism walk on long island. i walked that walk from the year that it started til about 3 years ago when i decided autism speaks was too busy looking for a "genetic epidemic", but, whether i like or dislike the group, the numbers for that walk are huge, larger than any other walk, yet as i watched the news yesterday morning, not a word, NOT ONE!!! i looked from channel to channel, now maybe i missed it, but i heard about the diabetes walk 20x, could i have just missed that they were talking about autism???
i think not, now the #'s are higher 1 in 91, although, i believe probably much more like the uk 1 in 60 something. my point to thIs is NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO AUTISM!!! what is wrong with this world!! why doesn't anyone see what is happening! the hep b shot??? EVERY SHOT!!! i never understood a birth shot for something that is sexually or blood transmitted, but who am i, not a doctor, they must know what they are doing!! HA you learn quickly they don't. i could go on forever, but i know everyone else on this knows exactly how i feel. every time we get a little something, something that is recognized, like now this hep b shot, i get a bit of hope, lets see how this one plays out. MR President DO THE RIGHT THING BY THESE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN! who are fast turning into adults, we need your help!!

sara milton

i stopped immunizing my kids after all this stuff started happening and the stories i was hearing scared me to death. strangely my kids who have not been immunized are healthier, smarter, the last three have never had a single ear infection and the first 4 had them constantly. they seem a lot brighter in so many ways especially with there emotions. i don't know for a fact that it has anything to do with immunizations or not, but in my eyes it has everything to do with them.


Obama doesn't believe a parent should be able to decide what vaccines their child gets. I really don't think he will respond to this. And if he does, I don't think it will be what we want to hear. Plus, Pharma people will be telling him that the studies are wrong and the shots are safe. I would love to be wrong about this though.


Deborah from Debstake-- Both things are true-- the numbers are rising AND psychopharmaceutical manufacturers are making a killing marketing psychoactives to children with autism. To understand this, you simply have to double your sense of the diabolical. You're being much too kind not to conceive that industry could have been self-fulfilling to this degree.

I understand perfectly how some believe that massive drug profits would be motive enough to start padding the numbers-- certainly this might be a potent reason to do so...if only public awareness of the rising numbers wasn't a potential strategic disaster for pharma. They've always preferred the "increased recognition" theory for public consumption and would have opted to just let the numbers (and drug profits) quietly keep rising while keeping the public under the impression that autism rates have always been static but that docs these days are just "smarter" than twenty years ago.
Don't think for a minute that HHS/CDC announced the new rate hike willingly-- they were forced to do it and dragged their heels every step of the way, which is why the 1/91 rate is already "old" and an underestimation of actual rates. The real rate is probably closer to the British rate of 1/66 (1/38 boys). Announcing such a number-- one that makes is more difficult to stick to the "increased recognition" alibi-- is extraordinarily inconvenient for industry-embedded government agencies. Even the dumbest member of the public is going to have a hard time believing in a genetic epidemic.
Look at the California prevalance study for evidence that "false diagnosis" and "expanding criteria" account for only the merest fraction of the rise. This is real and the drugging is real: it's just that pharma has actual fodder to be excited about their future profits in this case-- the numbers really are going up.


If Bush was like America's abusive husband, then Obama is that boyfriend who looks great on paper but will let you down every time. If Obama even addresses this I will be shocked.

Just saw some bitch on the Today Show repeating the bald-faced lie that the 1 in 91 rate is due to "expanded diagnostic criteria". Guess this is the party line.

Stop the Madness...

Autism diagnosis rates will only decline when doctors stop stretching the diagnostic criteria to fit a patient.

It is becoming a "garbage can" diagnosis for symptoms that cannot be explained...

Its a sad state of affairs when our kids get labeled because medicine gets lazy.


I'd like to write in too. Is there a link somewhere that has a pre-written letter/suggestions?


Suspending the infant hepatitis B vaccine series would absolutely be the most logical thing to do. That is why it probbably won't happen.

Logic has nothing to do with the United States Vaccine Schedule. Safety has nothing to do with it either. Or even parental choice. The vaccine program has become an out of control monster that nobody wants to deal with.


Is there a difference between PDD-NOS and autism? My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at at 30 months. I have a problem seeing this as being different from autism, since he was non-verbal, aggressive and violent at times, and had no interest in being with anyone except his parents. The neurologist who diagnosed him explained that Jack's connection to me (at that age he never let go of me) was what made the difference from "classic" autism. He told me I was lucky that my son wanted to hug and kiss me (even though he could be ripping my hair out 5 minutes later). I have several friends who have boys with ADHD, and their sons are very difficult. These women work just as hard as I do trying to help their sons. IMHO, if you're on the spectrum, you're on the spectrum - life is going to be hard. Some will clearly be harder than others, but in comparison to raising a neurotypical child, it will be a challenge. So if you're child has been diagnosed as on the spectrum, but not with classic autism, should they not be counted as one of the injured? On a battlefield, do they separate the wounded count? Oh, he was wounded but only has a hole in his abdomen, so we won't count him with the soldiers who lost a limb? Our children were injured, whether for money or "the greater good" (gag). I don't think we should count only the most seriously injured. We need to know the scope of the damage being done to our children.

Bob Moffitt

What a country we have become....forced to beg public health officials to exercise "caution" before recommending a "heavy duty" vaccine for all newborn infants.

When will this madness end?

Luke Tunyich

Deborah wrote:
“does this diagnosis rate mean STRICTLY autism or is it including all the sub-categories that fall under the autism umbrella?”

This study undoubtedly shows that the half number of children has severe form of autism

According to newest study about autism prevalence’s, approximately 1 in 182 children is affected with classic autism and that 1 in 182 children is affected with mild form of autism Aspersers, PDD-NOS)

By comparing with the previous studies it appear that most increase is in severe form of autism known as classic autism.


If President Obama would do this he would earn my gratitude and respect - probably forever. While I don't agree with dems on many policy points - what a courageous act this would be. I know he has the strength to do it if he really believes in the cause.

Thanks to GWB and the "Eli Lilly Protection Act" I'm ripping up my "R" card this next election. Never again.

Amy Trail

This is a 911 - Call the authorities . .oh, wait, they are the ones that continue to let this happen. This is an emergency - stop injecting our children with THE weapons of mass distruction!


that is crazy! This is supposed to be the United States where we have choices!! In the past I never understood why anyone would do a home birth, but now I get it. How could your be given a Hep B vaccine against your wishes....Your wishes don't matter!! It's a complete shame.

Just the fact that we in the US even give the Hep B vaccine so early shows how broken the vaccine system is. Why oh why give a child such a toxic vaccine when they are a few hours old??? Unless the mother has the disease herself or leads a high risk lifestyle, there is NO NEED!!!! It's CRIMINAL!!


On April 17, 2006 I caught a nurse with needle in hand inches away from injecting our newborn son with a HepB vaccine. I yelled at her to make her stop which she did. I explained that we had talked it over with the doctor weeks earlier and we had determined we would wait until he was older. There was even a note in the paperwork at the doctors office confirming that.

Of course we had no idea about autism, anything, we just thought it made more sense to wait on a vaccine that protected against a sexually transmitted virus and spare him a sore spot or pain from a needle prick.

When Ben was diagnosed with autism 16 months later we pulled his medical records and were absolutely shocked to find that he was given the HepB vaccine against our specific wishes on the day he was born.

Ben hit all his developmental milestones and only regressed after his 7 vaccines at a year of age. We never noticed any immediate adverse reactions from the HepB shots, he got another one 3 months later.

I'm not smart enough to understand "medicine" but I do know it should be a criminal offense to inject anything into anyone without consent. Who knows maybe we signed something upon being administered into the hospital and hidden in the legal mumbo-jumbo about heretofores and forewiths, and the HIPPA bullarky was permission to do anything they wanted. Then again, on video taken that day you can clearly hear me say, loudly, "Nurse? STOP! What are you...what is that? No... no,no,no we aren't going to do that, we talked it over with the doctor and we are waiting... thanks, sorry, we are just going to wait until he is older...." And they did it anyway. Shouldn't someone go to jail for that?

Deborah (

"1 in every 91 children are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder"

does this diagnosis rate mean STRICTLY autism or is it including all the sub-categories that fall under the autism umbrella? Like, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Rhett's Syndrome and the ADD/ADHD family? I don't believe the diagnosis rate for autism exclusively is this high. I think the numbers are being padded as a way for the drug cartels to try and sink their claws into our kids yet again. First with vaccines now with anti-psychotic drugs.


Ugh! 1 in 91.
or is that 911?

Think funding. Does anyone know how that compares to other childhood diseases stats? Does the autism show finally "win" funding? I've got my child's bingo card right here . . . oh!, that his immunization card.



epidemic my ass.

Robin Rowlands


Robin Rowlands

Ask President Obama

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