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The Autism File USA Magazine Features Worldwide Autism Mothers Campaign


Managing Editor's Note: Have you subscribed to or advertised in The Autism File USA? Click the photo to enlarge the cover art. Many of us are finally cover girls, if not quite in the way we might have expected.  ;)

Los Angeles, California - September 23, 2009:  The latest cover of The Autism File USA showcases the strength of the ongoing campaign of mothers worldwide -- "Delivering Where Governments Have Failed."  According to editor in chief Polly Tommey:  "We will certainly not be letting up.”  Featured on this cover are many remarkable mothers well known to the autism advocacy community such as Wendy Fournier of the National Autism Association, Becky Estepp of Talk About Curing Autism, Kim Stagliano of Age of Autism, and Angela Warner of Autism Salutes.

According to Teri Arranga, US/Canada editor, "I am particularly excited about the vital information in the current issue, which will be available in stores on October 8.  With more than thirty articles, three deal with the tremendously important topic of the effect of anesthesia on individuals with autism.  Sadly, our community lost a young man earlier this year following routine dental surgery.  In order to administer drugs more safely to individuals with autism, practitioners must understand their unique medical makeup.  The Autism File provides information to help safeguard our community’s health."

Other articles include:  "Autism 299.00: Breaking The Code" by Vicki Martin, RN and Sonja Hintz, RN; "Terbutaline Use In Pregnancy & the Relationship with Autism Spectrum Disorders" by James Reichmann, MBA; "Deadly Restraint & Seclusion in Schools: What you need to know to keep your child safe" by Lori McIlwain; "Vision Therapy Can Help Spectrum Children with Visual Dysfunctions" by Jeffrey Becker, OD; and "Autism and Grandparents" by Ann Brasher.

For more information, please visit The Autism File USA.



I am looking for statistics on autism in different countries worldwide. I would like to know which countries have the highest percentage and which have the lowest percentage of autistic children, and what is the reason for the difference. What is one country doing or failing to do that might be the cause.

Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A

For a comprehesive look at vision and autism go to The whole issue is devoted to autism.

Amy Trail

I am proud to say that I am part of this wonderful family of Autism. This community has taught me more about love and compassion for others than any other.
GREAT COVER - Ladies you are all my HEROS Amy!

Kathy Blanco

Dr Jack Thrasher wrote a piece on Terbatuline and Autism, you should read it. Not good. GOOGLE/...

Sonya Hurst

I am proud to say I work with several of these moms and have met several others shown. You ladies are INCREDIBLE! This world is blessed with loving and determined women and moms like you! God bless all the Autism Moms! Beautiful pictures, beautiful women!


I am very proud that this wonderful, good looking women represent us, warrior moms, out there in the world!

Way to go ladies!
You look amazing!


I told my husband, "See, it's your dream come true and now Tom Brady's got nothing on you. I'm a cover model. Just don't look at the poop gloves, OK?" This was an amazing campaign. Thank you Polly, Teri, Chantal and all of the Moms who participated and those who supported them.

Cathy Jameson

My bad--I'm in the top right :)

Angela Warner

I never thought in a million years I'd be a cover girl LOL! What I do know is that I am damn proud to do the work I do for our kids, and I am completely honored to be among the company of so many amazing Moms working to recover not only their own children, but fighting for All of our children! It was pure joy to meet so many of you at Autism One this past May, and I can't wait until next year!!!

If you don't have a subscription to Autism File Magazine - GET ON THE SITE - and ORDER a subscription! I ordered my subscription when I got home from Autism One, and each issue I've received is completely jam packed with TONS of information all of us can use. Totally worth every single penny!

Polly, Ann, Carol, Teri, Kim, and Curt (and the rest of the gang at Autism File), you guys do one hell of a smashing job with each issue. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work on behalf of children and families worldwide. You all are amazing!!!


Wow! Just had a sedated MRI yesterday for my 7 y/o autistic son. With everyting we have to remember/think of, I never gave any thought to the sedation. I know it could not have been done otherwise, but now I have another fear to add to my list. He needs a dental done soon as well. Not sure what I will do now!

Bridget N.

Hey! My sister is on there! Very cool :)

Kathy Blanco

About five years ago, both of my adult autistc children had wisdom teeth pulled and general cleaning with anesthesia. My daughters recovery was almost, well, tragic looking. It was devastating for me to watch her come out of it, it wasn't normal. My son was next, and they didn't even let me in the recovery room. Soon after his surgery, he began to have worse seizures, and lost bowel control at nights. Since that time, he doesn't sleep all through the night, and I am left to sometimes clean him up if he doesn't make it to the bathroom at five in the morning. This trend still continues, less the accidents. I am tired. I know it was connected to that event. NEVER AGAIN. We do locals, and get a dentist who can deal with screaming. After hours or something...

Karen Seidel

You go moms, Ih ave a 9 year with Autism, this is an awesome awesome thing to see:)


My post was meant for Terri... Sorry


Oh Benedetta, Nitrous Oxide can affect the methylation cycle.. it's one of the main anesthetics that we have to watch out for with our kids.... My son regressed horribly after undergoing anesthesia to set a broken bone. Never again. Our local pediatric dentist uses nitrous on ALL of his patients..except mine. He asked for information on this as he had never heard of it. I took him some info but now I'll give him a copy of this magazine.

Tracy Harrington

OMG, I was on a terbutaline for 2 months when I went into pre-term labor with my beautiful son! We never tried to have more children because we didn't know why my son had autism. I wish I could get past this tremendous anger that I feel toward the doctors and the ADA for approving such harmful drugs!

Amy Becker Clark

And if you haven't seen this video yet, check it out:

Tears my heart out every time.

Benedetta Stilwell

GOOD, We can buy these and after reading them donate them to our local doctor offices!

Terri Lewis

"Sadly, our community lost a young man earlier this year following routine dental surgery."

I am so sorry to hear this tragic news.

I do want to draw additional attention to it, for this reason:

Our children are more susceptible and simultaneously may be more difficult as patients, whether for dental surgery or other procedures.

It was recommended that our son (7 years old at the time and skinny as a rail) be "put under" just to have a tooth removed--a baby tooth that just wouldn't get out of the way.

I wouldn't have it--just a hunch or a fear of putting such a powerful, general anaesthetic into such a fragile child. General anaesthetic was suggested another time--just to remove beads that he'd placed in his ears!

With much looking around, he ultimately had both procedures done: the beads were taken out without anything more than positive suggestion and hand holding, the tooth pulled with just a little bit of nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Parents--continue to be extremely careful. Lots of doctors have already shown they don't know how to be.

Cathy Jameson

Awesome cover! It was an honor to step up with some of the most amazing Moms on the planet in our photo (top left). Thank you Autism File for your dedication to our children!

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