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Rotavirus: The Vaccine Nobody Wants

UNWANTED By J.B. Handley
It started innocently enough, I just wanted to know which vaccines the State of Oregon “requires” children to get before entering kindergarten in a public school. (As we all know, but few other Americans seem to, “require” is a relative term because parents can opt out of any and all vaccine requirements if they so choose through exemptions.)
A quick trip to the Oregon Department of Health website and I found what I was looking for, some of which surprised me:
Kindergartners in Oregon must demonstrate they have received the following vaccines: DTaP, Polio, Varicella, MMR, Hep B, and Hep A.
This means that kindergartners in Oregon do not need to demonstrate that they have received the following vaccines listed for children on the 2009 CDC Immunization schedule, and vaccines that many parents believe they need to get in order for their children to enter school: Hib, PCV (pneumococcal), Rotavirus, Influenza, and Meningitis (meningococcal).
So, of the 11 types of vaccines approved for pediatric use (and given in 36 doses because many are given multiple times), Oregon says you need to prove your child received 6 of them to enter kindergarten, or just over half of the vaccines recommended by CDC.
I called the Oregon Department of Health to try and understand why there appears to be a gap between the CDC’s overall recommendations and what the state of Oregon needs from its public school students and here’s what I learned:

For Hib, they believe a child should receive Hib, and that the earlier the better, and that most children receive Hib when they are much younger and when the risks of getting Haemophilus Influenza type B are much higher.
For PCV, it’s a newer vaccine (2000) and they just aren’t yet recommending or requiring it (I pressed, and that’s the party line).
For Flu, they think it should be a parent’s choice and in any one year the flu shot and actual influenza strain that’s circulating may not match, so making it an entry requirement didn’t make sense.
For Meningitis, they don’t have an opinion yet, but the vaccine is on the CDC schedule only for certain high-risk groups so it’s not required for public school
(which is true).
That leaves Rotavirus.
OK, let me just say it so you don’t have to: Paul Offit.
You just can’t talk about the Rotavirus vaccine without also talking about Paul Offit, the vaccine industry’s most well-paid spokesperson. The man who made tens of millions of dollars from a Rotavirus vaccine patent and who believes a baby could tolerate 100,000 vaccines simultaneously. The man who the media cannot get enough of (or is he simply the last doctor willing to publicly defend vaccines?) when it comes to discussing vaccine “safety”. The man who wrote a book, Autism’s False Profits, that is filled with lies, misstatements, and false reassurances for unwitting parents.
Yup, that guy.
One of the big challenges in discussing the possible relationship between vaccines and autism (or the whole concept of vaccine injury in general) with the average American is that very few people have a handle on the actual facts. I find that in particular, people do not understand:
  • How many vaccines and doses our kids actually receive
  • How the number of vaccines given to kids has changed over time (its nearly tripled in 20 years)
  • That autism rates are up geometrically in 20 years
  • What diseases the vaccines given actually are designed to prevent (people are always shocked when they learn we vaccinate for chicken pox, as just one example)
  • How many vaccines other first world countries give their children
  • That flu shots (and swine flu shots) still contain mercury

As I say way too often, the devil is always in the details. Shouldn’t it be fair to say that some vaccines are more important than others? Wouldn’t an average parent care less that their child caught the flu than polio? Don’t these differences matter?
Which brings me back to Rotavirus.
To me, Rotavirus is a great way to demonstrate how corrupted the process of adding vaccines to the US schedule has become.
As about 1,000 Americans understand (and they are all reading AoA right now), there is a little-known federal advisory committee that has ridiculous power to add vaccines to the CDC’s schedule, the Advisory Committee of Immunizations Practices (“ACIP”). For a vaccine maker, landing one of your own people on the ACIP is pay dirt.
Because we all know how sleazy the Rotavirus’ admission to the CDC schedule is, I will just summarize:

  • Paul Offit, vaccine patent holder for Rotavirus for Merck, was appointed to the ACIP, God knows why
  • He voted to add the Rotavirus vaccine to the schedule (it wasn’t Merck’s, because his vaccine wasn’t ready for market yet)
  • That Rotavirus vaccine damaged a bunch of kids and was pulled from the market, but Offit abstained from recommending its removal
  • A couple years later, rotavirus got added back to the schedule, with Offit’s vaccine leading the way
  • Offit made tens of millions of dollars from the sale of the Rotavirus patent he held to Merck.

Earlier this year, Generation Rescue looked at the vaccine schedules of 29 other first world countries. We found that compared to the 36 doses the CDC recommends for our kids, the average for the rest of the first world is 18, or half the total vaccine doses we give. And, many first world countries give as few as 11, 12 or 13 doses (Sweden, Finland, and Italy, respectively).
More interesting than the aggregate number of vaccines given in the first world was the seeming AVOIDANCE of certain vaccines that are mandated by CDC.
For Rotavirus, a vaccine commercially available now for 11 years, the numbers are laughable: Of 29 other first world countries that GR evaluated, only 2 also mandate Rotavirus. Said differently, 27 of 29 other first world countries besides the United States DO NOT think Rotavirus is an important enough disease that the children of their country should receive a vaccine for it, even though a vaccine has been available for over a decade.
Which brings me back to the State of Oregon. I mentioned that 6 of 11 vaccines from the CDC’s schedule are “required” to go public school in Oregon. For the ones that were not required, I found the Department of Health to be extremely helpful in explaining why certain vaccines were not on their required list and in giving me general advice about immunization strategy. When it came to Rotavirus, the last vaccine I asked them about, I will just leave you with a quote from their spokesperson:
“[A brief chuckle] Well, Rotavirus is just some diarrhea for a day or two. It’s just not a big deal. That one will never be on our list.”

JB Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and a Contributor to Age of Autism.



Perhaps the state should use the money for rotavirus vaccines on providing extra help and support for women to breastfeed which would increase the health of babies gut and decrease the risk of developing rotavirus and other gastrointestinal illnesses. Oh sorry I forgot no one will profit from that so it’ll never happen..........


I have a BS in microbiology, two masters in environmental health and field biology.
So I did not have a post hold diggers degree in immunology. I took the opinion of all that science had to offer me 32 plus years ago.

Oh if I could go back. Oh if I could only go back knowing what I know now.

John Stone


The one thing you are right about is that all statistics can be manipulated, however our educations systems breaking under the increase of neurological disability. Also, people can see with their own eyes vaccines have done to their children while “scientists” like you just shrug and spout platitudes. They don’t trial properly, they don’t monitor properly, they abuse or shut down anyone who steps out of line.


The UK, Australia and New Zealand all have rotavirus on the vaccination schedule. These are first world countries.
The increase in the number of confirmed cases of autism in recent years (compared to the 19th and 20th century) is only proof of an accepted definition and reporting system.
Any statistic can be manipulated or misrepresented.
As for the FDA and specific state vaccination requirements, parents should be informed do definitely read widely -not just US research, and dont vaccinate your children until they are healthy. However, unless you have a PhD in human immunology, or attended medical school and then spent additional years specialising you should accept an impartial, qualified second opinion.
And I say this as only a medical scientist who has vaccinated all 3 of her children per the Australian immunization schedule.


for all those who say that the rotavirus causes death....smh...look at the cdc's own website. death is not even on the radar. there is vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain for about 3-8 days. thats it. death. its yet another worthless vaccine pushed by the greedy elite pushing for population control. thank you very much.


Do not give your child this vaccine. It has created horrible reviews on other sites & is being silenced to continue its monetary gain!
My baby has had what appears to be onset of intussussception. With rounds of crying, constipation, vomiting, decreased appetite, spotting on face, jerking movements from stomach pain and ER visit - we were ultimately given suppositories & told to come back if babe developed a hardened stomach! Not even an adult likes to experience stomach pain, cramps, constipation and too much crying causes us headaches so what makes it okay for babies?!
We will not be giving her any more of these virus infected vaccinations nor vaccines in which there is enough evidence of side effects within children to test if other illnesses are related such as ADHD, autism, etc., vaccines were previously known to cause enough injury to impact development.
Good luck to all who strongly urges the government to dictate how we protect our children as they use them as guinea pigs!


Personal experince AND exhaustive (medical) research have led me to my current conclusion:

10% to 14% of those who contract meningococcal disease will die as a result

11% to 19% of those who survive sustain a permanent disability such as hearing loss, mental retardation or limb amputation

Get your child Meningitis. If your worried it causes Autism think about the brain damage or even death your child could succumb to from the virus. I had it, first the viral than the bacterial, I thought I may die (and I have been through some stuff-14 surgery's and a a brush with death after being resuscitated). Meningitis was worse than delivering my 9lb baby with no pain meds! Its extreamly painful and extreamly dangerous. It is the swelling of your brain and spinal cord!!!!! Unless you are keeping your child under a rock it they CAN contract the virus and its easy for them to be exposed. It won't take you much research to see just how deadly this disease is. Thankfully it has been mainly contained the adult population but a break out in a population of children could prove deadly and it would prove to be a horrific and very painful way to die!

As for the Rotovirus, I'm shocked they recommend it for the average healthy child, what a waste of resources. Also the risk outweigh the benefit by far!


This information needs to be EVERYWHERE. If it were, I would never have allowed my son to get the rota vaccine ... I want to say to the Mom who said "before posting this, you should have spoken to mothers like her who's children had the rotavirus", my son got the final part of the rota vaccine at the age of 6 months... within 30 hours HE WAS ALMOST DEAD! We rushed him to the hospital only for them to find his intestines had intussecepted (a blockage of the intestine cause by the vaccine creating a polyp on the inside and basically trying to digest itself). After trying to correct it with an enema 5 times while my son lay naked and screaming on a cold table, they said it was no longer safe to correct with this method because they didn't want to chance a rupture (which they were very close to doing) so, they surgically removed part of my son's intestines (and his appendix, just because). I, too, spent a week in the hospital, with my child attached to IV's and monitors, watching as they pumped him full of medications to keep his fever and pain as low as possible as he screamed and cried because he was in pain and hungry and couldn't eat and didn't understand why. Then, I went home with him and for three MORE weeks, I dressed and cleaned his incision and attempted to encourage his diet. For 3 months, my son quit developing. He was terrified of people, wouldn't even attempt to sit up or crawl or talk. Then, 6 months later ON HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY, as we were getting ready to light his birthday candles, It happened AGAIN!!!! Back to the hospital we went. Thankfully, they were able to correct the situation with an enema this time around. ... To that Mom, who thinks she had it so bad with a week of dealing with the rota-virus in the hospital and that this information shouldn't be posted, perhaps YOU should talk to Moms like ME who went through almost losing a child DUE TO A VACCINE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO KEEP HIM HEALTHY!!! I would have traded spots with you at any point in time to keep from seeing my baby go through what he did.

Hate hates hating

Hates Ignorance,

That food source that you are so worried about? Guess what?

From the FDA: "Animal-derived products used in vaccine manufacture can include amino acids, glycerol, detergents, gelatin, enzymes and blood. Cow milk is a source of amino acids, and sugars such as galactose. Cow tallow derivatives used in vaccine manufacture include glycerol. Gelatin and some amino acids come from cow bones. Cow skeletal muscle is used to prepare broths used in certain complex media. Many difficult to grow microorganisms and the cells that are used to propagate viruses require the addition of serum from blood to the growth media."

"I hope each one of you who do not vaccinate on the illogical information you all perpetrate die of some disease that could be prevented with just a vaccine."

Over flowing with the (rBGH) milk of human kindness aren't you?


"Hates Ignornace", you hate well.

John Stone

Hates Ignorance

Trouble is that chicken pox vaccination increases shingles.

Hates Ignorance

Perhaps you should focus not on the vaccines but the simple fact that since the early 1990s the US food supply has been tainted with all sorts of lovely things. Our cattle now have been given drugs to have them produce more milk, our corn now has it's own insecticide within it and our meat is injected with even more. The insane thing is simply this, the major Food Producers do not send that same food overseas. Those overseas state this has not been proven safe on the public and will not allow it. So, the drastic increase in autism, the drastic increase in our health care dollars spent?

Vaccines save lives. Come to my state and I will take you out to child graves buried in mass due to epidemics. As for Chicken Pox, if you have had it you carry Shingles which can be deadly too. I hope each one of you who do not vaccinate on the illogical information you all perpetrate die of some disease that could be prevented with just a vaccine. More than likely your unvaxed child will pass it on to a child who for whatever reason was not vaccinated due to age or condition and it will kill them. Then, I hope the state takes out murder charges against you for your negligence.

People who refuse to vaccinate their children - shouldn't have children.

My child is on the autism spectrum and I don't believe one vaccine he received caused it.

Theresa O

I read with interest the CDC puff piece (linked from the AoA homepage sidebar here:,0,2786024.story) that made the claim that rotavirus vaccination has saved $278,000,000 in doctors' visits and hospital costs.

278 million dollars--that's a lot of money! so I figured I'd look into the costs of the rotavirus vaccination program.

Using uptake figures from the CDC and the Mayo Clinic for 2007 through 2010, and cost figures from the CDC, I calculated that the cost of the shots (not the doctors' visits, just the shots themselves) was $1,009,527,702.28 from 2007 through 2010.

Then I visited the HRSA site to get some data on VICP claims. There have been 24 compensated rotavirus vaccine claims since the vaccine was added to the VICP table in 1998. Total outlays of the VICP program from 1999 through 2001 were $1,278,304,764.42; if we figure that the 24 rotavirus vaccine cases received their proportional share of the 1379 total cases compensated from 1999 through 2011, then the rotavirus vaccine cost VICP $22,247,508.59 during those years.

So... let's see: $278,000,000 in savings this year, compared to just over $1,031,775,210 in total costs.

It reminds me of when I "save" $10 buying a $40 shirt at the Gap!

Now, I did do some estimating when I tried to figure out the VICP portion of the rotavirus vaccine costs, but even the cost of the shots themselves (based entirely on verifiable data) dwarf the supposed savings, which only materialized this year. It's the kind of math I wish the *LA Times* would bother to do before reprinting the latest CDC press release.

And of course, for families who lost children to this unavoidably unsafe product (, no dollar amount of "savings" matters one bit.

Noreen Albright

I regret letting them inject my jaundice son with Hep B in the hospital. I don't even know why they SUGGEST such a thing. The people/person who recommend this should be SHOT! This child ended up with Autism. I felt they were telling me it is Medically Necessary. I Was NOT informed. My child came down with Autism. When we HE going to be Sexually Active? In addition, my child got Diareaha from the Oral Vaccines you are talking about (for months he did not have a regular solid stool when he was having them before) and his entire lower body inflammed from the FLU shot and he started being in pain and hitting his head. WE are causing these problems (well, the Medical Community) THERE are NO long term studies for a REASON! What are they doing for MY Child??? NOTHING!!!! My child was in PAIN and they could CARE LESS! None of these companies have provided even Charity to these Children. I don't see Social Programs or Camps they provide. You would THINK one would at very Minimum provide some Charitable Services to those who feel they were Damaged by Vaccination. It would just be the Charitable think to DO! I have not spoken with other parents, yet hundreds of thousands or parents say the same thing! WAKE UP AMERICA...THIS IS OUR FUTURE! We will go bankcrupt as the GREEDY don't do the charity, don't make improvements, rob us of our KIDS. SO YES! CRY for your Children (as Jesus said to the Mothers) The GREEDY will devour them if you don't READ THE FINE PRINT.

Vaccine VooDooMeister

This past spring, the FDA took a hands-off approach to Merck’s admission that DNA from a lethal pig virus is contaminating doses of RotaTeq vaccine being swallowed by millions of newborn babies. Now the agency responsible for making sure pharmaceutical products do not hurt people is proposing a Rule Change to give one staff employee the sole authority to allow “exceptions or alternatives” when drug companies want to change vaccine ingredients, such as preservatives (like thimerosal) or adjuvants (like aluminum) or the amount of residual protein and antibiotics in vaccines.

June 28 Deadline for Public Comment

The FDA’s proposed change to Requirements for Constituent Materials was quietly published in The Federal Register on March 30 and the deadline for public comment is only days away - on Monday, June 28.

The FDA is arguing that the rule change is necessary to “reduce burdens on industry” and to provide “greater flexibility and reduced regulatory requirements.” It gives one FDA staff Director the power to give drug companies the green light to “employ advances in science and technology as they become available” when companies want to make new vaccines really fast and get more bang for the buck.


Billy- I believe the quote in question from the closing line of Mr. Handley's post came from the spokesperson for the Oregon State Health Department. If you feel the comments were harsh, I would encourage you to contact them and relay your experience. I believe that most people that post here on Age of Autism understand that there are risks involved in both receiving a vaccination and also risks of the diseases that the vaccinations may prevent. I'm glad that you shared your experience so that people have this information available in order to make an informed decision. The issue is that I and many others believe that parents should have the right to freely choose whether to fully vaccinate, selectively vaccinate, or refuse to vaccinate their children. If I had gone through the same experience dealing with Rotavirus infection as you did, I may have been more inclined to choose that vaccine for my kids. Or perhaps I would accept the risk of potential rotavirus infection instead of the risk of intussusception or other side effects that can be caused by the vaccine. Either way, the choice should be up to the parent without interference from the government or the American Academy of Pediatrics.

For Billy

It wasn't J.B.'s quote. If you simply read the paragraph above and note the quotations, you'd see that he was quoting what someone had said at the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH.


As a mother of twins who got Rota Virus when they were 15 months old and were HOSPITALIZED FOR MORE THAN A WEEK I find it horribly irresponsible for you to end your article with the quote that you did. My children almost died--because it wasn't "a few days of diarrhea"--it was life-threatening dehydration--a race to keep enough fluid in their poor bodies to keep them living.

Fast forward three years and I had another set of twins (yes!) and they got the Rota vaccine (I couldn't wait to get it for them--it was not available when my first ones were young). They too got Rota, but it was MUCH less severe. "A few days of diarrhea" is accurate....

So before you make blanket statements, talk to mothers like me--who have experienced Rota at its worst. Or go a step further and talk to mothers who lost their babies to something that can so simply be prevented....

john fryer chemist


I just wondered why everyone was not getting autism in the USA.

The State of Oregon provides one answer to why some survive all these vaccines.

Mercury is still in vaccines and after ten years its time they fulfilled their promise and removed it - along with aluminium et al.

California that shouts that its autism is rising with no mercury in vaccines has committed one foul by not requiring the mercury content on tins of tuna fish.

Are they also hiding the good mercury in their vaccines from the public too?

Good is the term used by MERCK and MURKY people who search and destroy their enemies (the human race?)

The mercury in our environment has gone up 20 fold in the past 50 years. Not good news but those that claim the industrial use of mercury doesn't compete with natural mercury are also obfuscating or to be blunt LIARS.

It may also be an extra problem to the ozone hole as far as I can see.

Basically if you can measure mercury it is TOXIC - hence the reluctance for tuna fish to be labelled.

Mary Southon

This should be sent to Matt Lauer.


The approval of rotavirus vaccines is proof the vaccine marketplace is demented. It is particularly perverse that the entire vaccines profession stood aside dumbfounded watching a single individual as he shit diarrhea down the throats of six week old American babies.

(tee shirt size XXXL)


I was just thinking - if Paul Offit believes a baby could handle 100,000 vaccines at once.. then why doesn't someone, anyone, just do a study of giving a monkey hundreds (not even hundreds of thousands) of vaccine shots in one day and see what happens. Does the monkey survive it? Does the monkey get brain damage? Does the monkey just get up and play like normal for the rest of it's life? What happens??? I'm so curious and assuming the monkey would be harmed (which I really do think it would be) then it'd be pretty easy to shut him up about how a *baby* could handle 100,000 of these shots in one sitting.

Tanners Dad

Sad Irony... "State awarded $2.5 million frm stimulus 4 Rotavirus vaccine program" Way to go CT Story September 4, 2009

Benedetta Stilwell

More on Kawasaki's!

The below description of the disease it at it very worse.

There are atypical forms of the disease too.

That is what my son had, and I could not get the medical people to pay attention.
But I knew it was Kawasaki's because my daughter had it in is full blown glory.

My son ran a temperature for two weeks of 103 sometimes 104 ------ 6 weeks after his DPT shot. Another Six weeks and the fever returned. But no rash or red lips either time. It was disguised, not recognized, atypical, but I am sure it was more inflamed in the brain area than the ususal salivary glands, or heart area!

For the next 10 years that fever returned. It is like rhuematoids ---- it comes back - It has flare ups! Both of my children had flare up all while they were growing up.

I bet everyone here that has a autism kid, has Kawasakis.

Benedetta Stilwell

The following description for Kawasaki's is for you !!!! Sorry about the spelling, I was in a hurry and am tired (really I can't spell either) if Rotateq causes Kawasaki's that in itself a bid deal.
It was not rototeq, but the DPT that gave Kawasaki's to my two. For my son it gave him a stoke, that I did not mention. That stroke gave him autism. Did not mention that either. Gave it to Jett Travolta too.

Benedetta Stilwell

To see Kawasaki's close up is a bad thing. I have seen measles, rubella, strep, mumps, chicken pox, and never - ever does any of these diseases hold a candle to Kawaski's. I know you thing of a motorcycle.

How can I even describe this disease to you.

It is like the measles; a red rash all over the body esp where the skin has been exposed to the sun. Speckled like the measles at first and then goes solid red. My daughter had Kawaski's in July so she had been wearing her bathing suit.

It is like the worst case of strep throat that you can imagine- the lips, inside the cheeks, the tongue are red like strawberries, no redder than than! Imflammed swollen and red, red, red!

It is like the worse case of conjectivities you will ever see. The eyes are almost solid red. They are swollen!

it is like a car accident where the child's spleen has been bruised and the stomach swells

It is like the child is in some coma for they sleep constantly.

It is like rhuematic fever in that it may be hurting their heart. Even after they recover they have to have two different ECHOs (months apart) to check the heart an surrounding arteries for aneurisms.For the rest of their lives their hearts must be checked every two years for the rest of their lives. They have a good chance of heart disease that will lead to their death in early in life. they have a good chance of forming cardiac fibrosis (hardening of the heart muscles)

the Fever: how can I describe the fever. 104 maybe 105 maybe 106. for two weeks. 104 is the most common and that will last for a couple of months.

the Fever returns but when you take them to the peditrician he scoffs that it is a returning thing and put it off as a mere virus. But you know what it is- you have seen it before. It can not diguise itself from the parent. They recognize it as the rhuematoid like fever has returned.

The stiffness, When the disease is run it intial course it leaves it's young victims
like an ancient old person. To turn thier head means to turn their whole body. their backs are stiff, their wrist, fingesr,hips elbows, but most painful of all their knees. This most often goes away, but always - there will always be some stiffness left especially in the mornings. Kawasaki's ahhhh just a name.


Thank you, J.B., I always appreciate your articles.

Your Health Dept. responses were somewhat refreshing compared to this great state of Texas (where Gov. Perry has recently added a whole host of add'l boosters for Kindergarteners and 7th graders)...UGH!

I recently had an old friend find me on FB and ask many questions (as she was about to have a new baby and had read several of my FB Notes on vaccines). She asked me about rotavirus and said she knew several moms whose babies had had this "terrible illness" and she didn't want to risk it. Here's what I told her:

"The justification they use for a rotavirus vaccine (even though it’s not a dangerous childhood illness in the US) is that diarrhea has become so common for infants/toddlers, so they assume it’s rotavirus and push the vaccine; but even Dr. Sears admits (in his Vaccine Book)that they often don’t do the lab test to determine whether it’s actually rotavirus or something else, they just treat the symptoms. Well, what we’ve learned is that one of the most common reactions to the current vaccine schedule, since the immune system is primarily located in the gut, is major GI issues including chronic diarrhea…we don’t know ONE of our autism-friends that did not have this issue immediately following at least one well-baby visit with shots (and most of us are still dealing with it from time to time when they get exposed to anything b/c their guts are still so inflamed)---this includes ppl whose kids got the rotavirus vaccine, so I can’t buy that the increase in childhood diarrhea is a rotavirus threat---it seems to be just one more chronic issue kids have today after the schedule was tripled, so adding a vaccine to the schedule for it just doesn’t sit well with me…AND you’re more likely to get struck by lightening (<62/year) than die from Rotavirus (<40/year); AND the FDA recently required they add Kawasaki Disease to the list of possible side effects for Rotateq (see article here:; AND there have been many cases of intussusceptions (the “infolding of one part of the intestine into another”) and one confirmed death in infants following Rotateq vaccination (see article here:; AND the original rotavirus vaccine (RotaShield) was pulled from the market 10 yrs ago b/c in the 9 months it was used 2 babies died and 53 required surgery as a result of the intussusceptions it caused (see article here:; AND Paul Offit, who is an outspoken vaccine profiteer, co-patented the Rotateq vaccine and then sat on the CDC’s ACIP (the group that recommends vaccines to be added to the CDC’s schedule) and was able to create his own market for his own product and has since made MILLIONS off of Rotateq b/c it’s an automatic vaccine for most families by being on the schedule (see article here: To me, the risks far outweigh the benefits on this one…especially since over-vaccination itself can cause chronic diarrhea (that doesn’t go away in a few days…)."

This one is a no-brainer from where I sit...


This vaccine doesn't even WORK. Ask the mothers. Kids who get RotaTeq get rotavirus when it goes around every spring just as frequently as the kids who didn't get the vaccine. If it doesn't get mandated, no one will bother getting it.

Even parents who know nothing about autism are realizing that the vaccine schedule is crazy. I can't wait to see what vaccine Offit will make megabucks on next.


Okay, Josh, do some research on the fetal bovine serum. Someone I know who has done research with this stuff claims that the serum is heavily contaminated and that there is no way to clear out the junk and still have the serum usable. Not a neutral placebo at all...

Josh Harris


As of now, only a couple. If you are curious about the vaccination schedule of the European countries, check out:

This is one that might be added later to the list of many european countries. It is still fairly new. They don't jump on vaccines like the U.S does.


So which is the other country that mandates rotavirus vaccination? I'm dying to know.

Josh Harris

Here is the link again, i don't know why it didn't work.

The NJEM article:

Each vaccine dose contains sucrose, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate, sodium hydroxide, polysorbate 80, cell culture media, and trace amounts of fetal bovine serum. So take out the fetal bovine serum and the cell culture media and you have the placebo. Looks pretty harmless to me.

ct teacher

To Josh Harris--the study you cite which indicates that Rotateq is no more dangerous than saline solution does not specify whether or not the kids received other vaccines as well or even simultaneously, does it? I was unable to open the link. However, the only way that a study such as this could really prove anything is to use 2 groups of completely unvaccinated kids for comparison. Then, when you inject the 2 different substances, the response you see will not be altered in any way by other vaccine reactions. When will the medical community wake up to the fact that it makes no sense to compare vaccinated kids to other vaccinated kids?


Josh wrote:

@ MOM23boys:

kids who recieved the rototeq had:

Intussusception (including death); Hematochezia Skin and
subcutaneous tissue disorders: Urticaria; Infections and infestations:
Kawasaki disease....but

So did the placebo. 25 deaths in rototeq group, 27 in placebo!!!! Rototeq no more dangerous than a shot of salt solution, and it protects against a common virus.

But was it salt solution? Probably not. The placebo in these studies frequently contains all of the ingredients minus the bugs. And the other ingredients in the rotavirus vaccines contain some nasty stuff.

Anyone want to dig up the ingredients in the placebo? I bet the search will be fruitful and shocking.


Josh Harris:
Hhmmm.... they wouldn't have done what they did with Gardasil, where the placebo wasn't really a placebo afterall... Nah,they wouldn't be DISHONEST would they?

Josh Harris

@ MOM23boys:

kids who recieved the rototeq had:

Intussusception (including death); Hematochezia Skin and
subcutaneous tissue disorders: Urticaria; Infections and infestations:
Kawasaki disease....but

So did the placebo. 25 deaths in rototeq group, 27 in placebo!!!! Rototeq no more dangerous than a shot of salt solution, and it protects against a common virus.

offit, snyderman, and university of pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburg is asking to become the center for vaccines or some sort. Paul Offit and Nancy Snyderman were peers there. No wonder they think alike. They were taught alike. Like minds can be ignorant together. Funny..... University of Pittsburgh also specializes in bioterrorism. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah


Common sense flies out the window with so many in the 'vaccinate-at-all-costs' camp. They call me anti-vaccine even though all my kids have been vaccinated with all of my States' required vaccines (and even a few that are not required), but I am waiting for more safety research before my kids get another shot or booster. These 'vaccine zelots' are so worried that my kids will spread disease to their kids on the 0.1% chance. But the fact is, if you compare the vaccination records of my kids to the vaccination records of the 'vaccine zelots' (adults), I'd bet $1000 that my kids have received 2x-3x as many vaccines.

If they are so worried about the 'undervaccinated' spreading disease, they should just look in the mirror!
According to their logic, the worst thing they should fear is themselves!!

Jenny Webster

OMG. You found someone with/a state where common sense still exsists... I am truly shocked.

I mean, they are not perfect... (Hep B & A... oh and pox.. um.. and MMR... and DTaP ;)
but still

michael framson


In 1994, I became aware that in Oregon, the Pertussis (the P in DPT) wasn't even a required vaccine for school entry. It was only recommended. The Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) only said a Diptheria/Tetanus containing vaccine is required. In other words, in Oregon all you needed was the (P) for school entry. The parents of all the kids who reacted catastrophically to the (P) would find out after the fact, that the pertussis vaccine wasn't even required.

To me, it was terribly dishonest not to be upfront and forthright with that information......So what else is new?

I am not sure if any DT vaccine is still manufactured for a primary vaccine, but unless they have changed the wording, the P may still not be required for school entry.


Your writing is so wonderfully articulate. Are you sending this to Sen. Harkin? for the vaccine hearings going forward? Keep represencing this for everyone out there. Thank you!! People tend to forget and continue on with their lives unless we keep the message loud and clear.


There was an article in Philadelphia Magazine recently glorifying Dr. Offit. Ironically, it was titled, "Will this Doctor Hurt Your Baby? Here's the letter I wrote (which will never appear.)

You can barrage the magazine at [email protected]

To the Editor:

It seems that the only research done by Jason Fagone on the article
about Paul Offit, MD ( in the June 2009 issue) was to read Offit's own
book. One merely needs to read the inserts included with the vaccines
to realize the extent of the damage that they can do to children. This
is taken from Merck's RotaTeq vaccine, invented by Dr. Offit, "In
post-marketing experience, the following adverse events have been
reported in infants who have received RotaTeq: Gastrointestinal
disorders: Intussusception (including death); Hematochezia Skin and
subcutaneous tissue disorders: Urticaria; Infections and infestations:
Kawasaki disease. Of course RotaTeq's precursor, RotaSheild, developed
by Wyeth, was recalled due to causing infants to suffer from
intussususception, twisting of the intestines, serious harm to
infants, to say the least.

Mr. Fagone's disparagement notwithstanding, those such as Jenny
McCarthy Robert Kennedy are doing parents a great service by
encouraging them to not blindly adhere to the American Acadmeny of
Pediatriacs schedule of 50 vaccinations by the time the child is six
years old. They remind parents not to allow children who are ill to be
vaccinated and not to play 'catch up,' by giving numerous vaccines at
once, as occured with Hannah Poling, the child who became gravely ill
receiving after her shots as conceded by the government in the Court
of Federal Claims.

Had Mr. Fagone read other works about vaccination, ie, "Evidence of
Harm" by David Kirby, Dr. Stephanie Cave's "What Your Doctor May Not
Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" or even "The Vaccination Book"
by Dr. Robert Sears, the answer to the question in the title of the
article, "Will This Doctor Hurt Your Baby?" would have been an
unequivocal YES.

Kathy Blanco

Love living here in Oregon, no one barraged me with a phone calls, and no one better. I think the Hippee population kind of settled up here, and they want things to throw back to simpler fact the CDC themselves took it upon themselves to come down to Ashland Oregon, to question why parents are not vaccinating them (even gave them fifty dollars to participate in the discussion, um, disgusting).

Also, I find the biggest way to get away from vaccines, is to not ever hire a pediatrician, go to GP's... not kidding, except, ones that are of the ACAM/Holisitc approach...they won't force vaccines in your kids, or ask you if you want to play catch up at mention of your belief, and that is it...they won't bother and barrage you...better yet, an ND, who, in my opinion, are better at getting your kids at a healthier state than any doctor out there.

I hope the trend continues here...that they just give up on asking...and then, we can get healthier kids here...but alas, our state is the second worse autism statistic. Which makes me go to other sources of problems environmentally in our state, such as LOW Vit D, high mercury content in soils (because of volcanoes), use of pesticides in our "other" growing valley (Willamette), and or, a lovely lyme bacteterium known as Ixodus Pacificus... and believe me when I say, Oregonians LOVE their camping here..


One of the rationales used by the CDC and industry for including so many of these vaccines is what the diseases represented by each particular vax do in third world countries; that rotavirus is a killer, etc. etc. But WHERE and WHY is it a killer is the important question.

My husband's family had to move to a third world country in the 70s as a result of the many military juntas in South America in that era. They were middle class, lived in an urban setting. My husband and his sister were barely vaccinated-- chic urbanites of that time tended to look askance at the number of vaccines being added to the roster, particularly because many of the vaccines originated in the country which was also funding the outbreak of juntas and everyone who could read knew it. My husband's parents didn't understand precisely why all these vaccines might be unhealthy, they were just wary and opted just for what they thought were the critical shots-- all three of them.

And guess what? Neither my husband nor anyone he grew up with ever got a deadly disease. He did his thesis for college in the middle of the poorest district in the country...and still none of the fifty students on the project ever caught anything except one French guy who got malaria. No one else did because of generations of building immunity naturally. Everyone knew that the dangerous diseases were almost entirely products of dire poverty-- horrendous nutrition from birth, drinking and bathing in sewage, sleeping on bare dirt floors, etc.-- the kinds of conditions that he and his classmates were addressing in the jungle.

So all these people running around claiming they've "seen what these diseases can do" in these third world countries are either industry types of totally sheltered little pansies who never actually went to the places where people got sick and saw WHY they got sick (not to mention coming away to discover that if you'd eaten well most of your life, proximity didn't mean you'd catch anything).

For generations, no one in his family had ever had a serious illness...until he came here and his children got 29 vaccines by 18 months.


You guys are used to dealing with coercive means employed in the U.S in order to increase compliance. I just want to comment that since the vast majority of the countries in question do not employ any such mechanisms, the use of the word "mandated" to describe routinely given vaccines in those countries is a bit misleading. In Israel, child-support, which is distributed equally with no regard to economic status, is scheduled to be partially conditioned on vaccine-compliance starting in 2011. Rota-virus will be added to the routine-schedule in 2010.


This kind of feels like something along these lines -- "We don't really think the whole CDC recommended schedule is a good idea, but you're on your own to figure that out. In fact, we don't really mind if you don't figure it out."

I recently filled out a vaccine exemption form for school that says on the form that it is not to be given to the parent or removed from the location.

Elaine Dow

In Maryland about 13 vaccines are required to start attending school. Only one MMR and a measles booster (not mumps or rubella boosters). So why did my Joe receive 3 MMR's, and the second one was the vaccine that was contaminated with menningitis. I look at vaccine records of five year olds and some of them have gotten 45 vaccines! In Maryland HIB and Prevnar are only required, if the child is in a preschool or lincensed day care. Only two of each, but most of the little ones have four each! They also are to be given before the age of two! So if the child is three and not have had these, he can escape these vaccines.If you are a stay at home Mom or a friend or relative watches your child when you work, you can avoid these also My sister's friend is a principal at a school in Florida. The health department gave her the list of shots required. Sure enough 3 Hep-B's were on it. Florida does not require Hep-B. My sister informed her of that and this principal notified other principals of the same. Many children in this Florida area came to school Hep-B less! Offit is just a baffoon! I wish the Datline piece mentioned the 10,000 a day claim he makes.


"marginally beneficial vaccines" like rotateq are definitely screwing the vaccine industry or "public health." People are really starting to question vaccines and greedy idiots like Proffit have no one to blame but themselves. I just read that lately there has been a large H1N1 confernece in Canada with over 150 health professional (closed to media, interestingly). IF (and this is a big IF) there are some vaccines that might actually be worth administering, then they have really fucked up. I just read that pneumooccal vaccine might be helpful for those who are at high risk of H1N1 (like people with asthma, heart disease or the obese) but who in the hell trusts them anymore??? They have really f'd up.

Julie Obradovic

Thimerosal is still used in vaccines, albeit in lesser amounts. None the less, it is still there. We must stop saying it is only the flu shot. That is simply not true.

According to the Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary, Part 2, dated April 2008, the following vaccines contain thimerosal:

DTaP (Tripedia)
DTaP/Hib (TriHIBit)
DT (Sanofi)
HepB (Energix)
HepA/HepB (Twinrix)
Td (Decavac)

All of these vaccines not only contain thimerosal, but they also contain either Aluminum Potassium Sulfate or Aluminum Hydroxide.

This is highly significant considering the Material Safety Data Sheets from Merck and other pharaceutical companies clearly state that Thimerosal is HIGHLY REACTIVE with aluminum and should be avoided at all costs. To date, no explanation about why they are being combined despite their instability has been given.

In full amounts, Thimerosal is in the following Flu Vaccines:

Fluvirin (multidose vials)

In trace amounts:

Fluvirin (single dose syringes)

Flu Mist is the only Flu vaccine without ANY Thimerosal.

Mark Blaxill

"Paul has saved hundreds of thousands of lives (granted mostly in underdeveloped countries, but rotovirus still kills a small few in the US)."

That's quite an extravagant assertion, and almost certainly false. What evidence do you have that Rotateq (Offit's invention) has been adminstered in sufficient quantities to prevent death in developing countries from complications of diarrhea? Rotateq is mandated in only one country besides the US. Here in the US we know Rotateq (and Rotashield before it) has CAUSED death and have little information that it has prevented any.

The consistent hyping of the benefits of marginally beneficial vaccines is one of the most disturbing features of a vaccine development industry run amok. Rotateq is perhaps the most egregious example of a vaccine product that provides next to zero benefit in the markets in which it has been deployed.

Let me be clear. In the markets in which it might have value, Rotateq is far too expensive to be widely deployed and is therefore rarely used. In the markets in which it is not needed, it is mandated at high prices and used widely with little benefit and documented (and almost certainly underestimated) serious risk. Those mandates and high prices are justified by a marketing non sequitor that Josh perpetuates here: pointing to deaths outside the geography in question as justification for a vaccine blockbuster that can have no impact whatever on those deaths.

Orwell never dreamed of doublespeak as bad as this.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Every sensible person would like to evaluate risk of vaccinating versus not vaccinating their child. Unfortunately there is not a single person in the world who can give us reliable information on this topic. No one can tell us , for example, what is the risk of not giving Pertussis, Meningococcal, Rotavirus or Hib vaccine. Despite years of the CDC piling up data, we still havent the slightest notion. What does this apparently absurd statement mean? It means that during all the many years of the CDC collecting data, they were collecting data on infants who at the very least had received 3 doses of DPT with three big doses of ethylmercury. So all those children had immune systems that were in serious trouble from mercury toxicity. Therefore we have no one to tell us how many babies WOULD HAVE contracted Hib, Rotavirus, Meningitis or Pertussis or any other disease for that matter - if they had not received mercury vaccines. Did no one ever stop to wonder why the "peak incidence" of so many diseases is starting at 9 months? - just the age when the mercury toxicity was at its maximum?. When are they going to admit that the pediatric textbooks need to be re written line by line by line - After we stop all the mercury and other toxins in vaccines. ???

Benedetta Stilwell

No, Josh not to me! This web site is about the people and their children that have been damaged by vaccines. Since autism is one of the main injuries then there you go!

I don't know about the other vaccines but i sure know about the Chicken Pox vaccine it was tried out on some small towns in America. Bardstown, KY. After the trials were all over it was reported in the newspaper that our on local peditrician was involved in the successful testing of the chicken pox vaccine and we should be so proud.

This is the same peditrician that twisted my arm to get my son's third DPT after he had reacted to his second. He even considered my kids to be involved in the trail. he stammered out the words, " Have they had the chicken Poxs yet?" I politely said yes, instead of saying "YOU SOB you think I would allow that after what happened?" But I did not -- I wonder about myself sometimes, I must be the biggest woosie!

I remember waiting in the office for my son's weekly visit(because he always had an ear, sinus, pneumonia, or high fever of unknown that I suspect was some sort of mild kawasaki's/inflammatory although the usual response by the doctor was it is a virus,- in other words a vaccine injury) But anyway I got to watch this same doctor gush all over this lady that was allowing her children to be lab rats. She was well dressed, hair actually fixed, make up on, happy,she bustled around the office in such an efficient and confident manner. She just whoozed with intelligence, well bred, and well educated! Her two children sat up so straight, quiet, their intelligent eyes observing their mother and those in the office.
My kid was quite too that day as he laid his hot little head againest my arm, with his eyes closed and a piece of silk (he always had) rubbing it gently across his upper lip.

I did not resent her I just resented the whole situation. Where was my perfect life? What was I doing in this situation? This could not be for real? Why was God punishing me? How come her kids not only did okay with the shots that were required but she even confidently offered them up to test a brand new vaccine?

Judy Brasher

I’m not usually a jealous person but J.B.’s statement, “Require” is a relative term because parents can opt out of any and all vaccine requirements if they so choose through exemptions”, absolutely turned me green with envy. MS and WV are the only two states with only a medical waiver. Here in MS there is great difficulty in obtaining a medical waiver. A local health officer must approve it and they have drawn a line in the sand declaring that an autism diagnosis does not meet requirements for a medical exemption. Period. They have denied requests from pediatric immunologists, neurologists, and allergists. There is absolutely no way in MS to utilize daycare and or schools of any type and use an alternate vaccine schedule. The MSDOH boasts about granting 37 vaccine waivers last year, boastful in the sense that to them this was a large number.
As one born and raised in MS, now with an increasingly diminishing love for my state, I just felt the need to warn all of you how difficult it is here. We have had some ASD families (military and corporate) move to MS and become very upset over finding out that vaccine waivers in MS are virtually nonexistent. There is a grassroots effort going on to change the present law but it is being met with heavy even underhanded resistance.


Where do these vaccine trials normally take place?
I know they insist on healthy individuals to partake in vaccine testing. They are trying the swine flu vaccine for short term effects locally at our Children's Hospital and I believe 9 other hospitals in the U.S.
I agree, I don't think 3rd world children are healthy enough to handle the assault from our full recommended schedule. Obviously no country has shown evidence of being able to handle the insult of the U.S. full recommended schedule.
Since the vaccines are not tested on sick kids I wish I could choose not to vaccinate because my son has several chronic conditions. To me, it sounds reasonable.

Josh Harris

Actually Natasha,
I'm sure you only read the abstract, not the paper. The health authorities have not required it yet (this is the key point. The vaccine is still new). The French health authorities postponed the vaccine. Just like all the European countries postponed HPV vaccine. Now most of them are on board.
Why the hostility-or at least it sounded like you were being hostile.
I like scientific arguments. I think this article was brought on out of hatred of Offit by J.B. Whether you like Paul or not, whether you think vaccines cause autism or not (clearly Rototeq is not associated w/ autism), Paul has saved hundreds of thousands of lives (granted mostly in underdeveloped countries, but rotovirus still kills a small few in the US).
I thought this website was about autism?


Just a side note, the Oregon State Health Department does not test children for lead poisoning anymore. I called them and told them my child had the symptoms and lived in a home with lead in Hawaii. We were also turned down by all the local pediatricians. It is obvious that they are more interested in injecting toxins than removing them from the body.

JB Handley

Steve D:

I'm certain the 27 countries have access to the same data you have access to. For some reason, they are making a different decision than the US. Are our health authorities that much smarter than the 27 countries who don't mandate rotavirus? Or is it possible we have a corrupt system?

If rotavirus were a glass of water, the more the better. But, it's not. Like every vaccine, it's a real medical procedure with real and potential adverse events. The risk-reward decision of the ACIP and CDC regrading new vaccines appears to be very different than the rest of the first world, and I find that deeply disturbing. It's also disturbing that no journalist every even explores this topic...

Oh, and because a few of you have asked:

My lawsuit with Offit has been resolved, I deem the outcome as highly favorable, and I will write about it soon.



Josh, interesting paper abstract you posted!! So we learn that "French Speaking Group of Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition" (a small group of docs) does not agree with French governmental recommendations re rotavirus vaccine and suggests all infants be immunised at a very early age. Their reasons for this are purely economical, quote: “In Europe and in industrialized countries, rotavirus infections bring out considerable ECONOMIC expenses. In France, the burden of health expenses is particularly marked during winter period… results in … a saturation of beds in paediatric hospitals….”

So, no discussion of the health issues then? The authors didn’t think it important enough to mention in the abstract anything relating to long-term health implications and well being of the infants. That really says it all. Nice job on your part.


Steve D, has it occured to you that those deaths (succumbing to a common virus) are actually due to malnourishment? Don't you agree that most if not all of those deaths would have been prevented were those kids living in better conditions and were in good health? Do you believe really that pumping those poor kids (whose immune system reactions could be completely dyfunctional anyway, due to malnutrition and adverse living conditions etc) with vaccines is the answer to their health problems and survival rates?

The charts you posted do not show that rotavirus is dangerous. They show that rotavirus is dangerous to those who are poor and severely malnourished. And so is the common cold virus.

Mark Blaxill

From the CDC

"Does RotaShield® (rotavirus) vaccine cause intussusception?"
In the United States, some infants developed an uncommon but potentially life threatening form of intestinal obstruction called intussusception soon after RotaShield® began to be used in October 1998. At first, it was not clear if the vaccine or some other factor was causing the intussusceptions. The CDC quickly recommended that use of the vaccine be suspended until this question could be answered, and immediately started two emergency investigations to find out if receiving RotaShield® vaccine was causing some of the cases of intussusception.

The results of the investigations showed that RotaShield® vaccine caused intussusception in some healthy infants less than 12 months of age who normally are at low risk for this condition. The risk of intussusception increased 20 to 30 times over the expected risk for children of this age group within 2 weeks following the first dose of RotaShield® vaccine. The risk increased 3 to 7 times over the expected risk for this age group within 2 weeks after the second dose of RotaShield® vaccine. There was no increase in the risk of intussusception following the third dose of RotaShield® vaccine, or when three weeks had passed following any dose of the vaccine."

From a VAERS report.

"A 5-month-old girl developed fussiness and vomiting 5 days after her first doses of rotavirus vaccine, DTaP, IPV, and combined Hib and hepatitis B vaccine. She was treated in the emergency department for pharyngitis and gastroenteritis and discharged. Grossly bloody stools, fever, and lethargy developed over the next 24 hours. The patient presented to the emergency department in hypovolemic shock and died while awaiting transport to a pediatric intensive care unit. Ileocolic intussusception with bowel necrosis was found at autopsy."

From Merck's official product literature

"Since FDA approval, reports of infants with intussusception have been received by Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Intussusception occurred days and sometimes weeks after vaccination. Some infants needed hospitalization, surgery on their intestines, or a special enema to treat this problem. Death due to intussusception has occurred."

Craig Willoughby

Steve D,

The US (indeed all of North America) isn't on that list. Rotavirus is not a serious complication in the US. The main thing to keep in mind is that in serious cases of Rotavirus, the child usually dies because of dehydration and the inability to get the virus out of their systems. This is usually because of poor sanitation. Cases of Rotaviris here in the US are rarely, if ever, fatal.

Josh Harris

Actually, Offit's vaccine has only been on the market for a couple years. There is also talk to add it to the list of vaccines in france, germany,denmark, and many other european countries. There is a paper about whether or not France should add it. It will probably be added to the list of required vaccines in most european countries by 2011(opinion/guess).

Also, a good website is:

It lists the vaccines required by country in Europe-just in case you guys wanted to compare.

Amy in Idaho

Having lived in Oregon for a few years, I can tell you that what is pushed on the ground (at the local/county public health level) is no different from other states. There's a hard push for full vaccination and the counties pat themselves on the back for high compliance.

Perhaps the Dept. of Ed. has a different point of view but I didn't feel any less pressured to get vaccinated in Oregon than I did in Alaska and now Idaho.

Steve D

The WHO estimates that 527,000 children under age 5 died due to Rotavirus in 2004.


The FACT that this Fall, the CDC wants to shoot up those over six months of age with 75 micrograms of Thimerosal is far, far, beyond obscene.

I understand that the test to confirm the H1N1 virus costs $900 and takes three days, therefore most of the "confirmed cases and deaths," in the media are probably not actually confirmed....

I will donate my Swine Flu Vaccine to a baby pig, but only if his parents sign a consent form...

Tracy McDermott

Texas just added the meningococcal for incoming 7th graders, leaving me to scramble two weeks ago for my NT daughter's exemption waiver. The waiver I had on file didn't list meningococcal, so I had to get a new one (which has to come from TX Health Dept in Austin and then be notarized). When my 12 yr old asked what the meningococcal was for, I went with the campaign jargon "high risk includes sharing sodas and kissing" - So don't do that :)
School registration was a nightmare, as I stood in a line of 60 people standing there with proof of the vaccine for their incoming 7th grader to get the child's schedule released. I was the only one with the waiver, and frankly within the 6 immediate folks standing around me, the only one who knew what the hell the vaccine was for! It amazes me when these conversations take place how ignorant the majority of parents are.. willingly injecting their children with viruses and toxins they know nothing about.
Even more frightening in the peds. office last month I noticed a new manilla folder in each exam room (with big bold letters that said DO NOT REMOVE). It was a reprint of an old magazine article on vaccines. I scanned the information quickly and found several errors right away. The Dr. entered the office (bless him, he doesn't bug us about not vaccinating all 3 of my kids) and I held up the folder and said "have you read this article?" to which he chuckled and replied "yes". I pointed out that there was mention that seizures were not considered life threatening and didn't warrant calling a Dr., especially since the article clarified, seizures weren't a vaccine complication!
He didn't say anything, and then I realized why so many dumb parents were standing in line at the school!


The health form I rec'd from my sons preschool (NY/he's 2) lists:

Hep B
Chicken Pox

He hasnt gotten all of these, and I was asked to get a letter from our Dr. stating we are following an alternate schedule (which curiously i've yet to rec'v). I sent a letter outlining our plan, and some things LIKE... he's already completed the Hib (requires only one shot on/after 15 months which is what we did - WHY give 4 shots BEFORE 15 months of age when ONE is all that's needed ???? yeah i know why)... i had to show my Dr. the NY schools schedule & tell him these are the shots we'll allow, and no more.....and the whole thing makes me angry. very angry.


Good Stuff!! Thanks JB!!

Jill Rubolino

Rocked it once again JB. Thanks.


It's galling. From the perspective of someone who works in the schools, it's absolutely disgusting to see these lists of required vaccines. CHicken pox?! Hep b?! Rotavirus?! Now, at the school I'm working at (pop around 170) there are 3 children with autism. Countless kids with ADHD, asthma and on and on. Even though I feel like we're gonna win the war (minus a few battles along the way) I want to scream to the doctors who close their eyes to this and the guilty media people that THEY NEED TO GO VISIT SOME SCHOOLS AND SEE WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE! It isn't pretty.


One of the side effects of rotavirus - diarrhea! The very thing it is supposed to prevent.

By the way, I think Offit's book is Autism's False Prophets, not profits- but I too, think of "profit" when I see his name. Funny how that happens... :)


If you look back to when the first rotavirus was introduced the information about the original rotavirus it touts it's importance in 3rd world countries where that form of diarrheal disease was most prevalent. The information noted, at that time, the form of disease was rather rare in the United States. Somehow, that information has changed and the diarrheal boogeyman has come to the United States since Offit's vaccine was introduced. Like the flu's numbers of deaths that are reported somehow rotavirus's numbers got inflated once Merck had a product.


NJ requirements for children up to age 5:

Hep B
Influenza (2 doses first year, than once annually)


Why do they "require" the chicken pox vaccine? That's even less of a disease than rotavirus and that vaccine is REALLY dangerous. I think these health departments should rethink all these vaccines. How are they justifying the Hep B vaccine? For that matter, what's the justification for any of these vaccines?


Connecticut requirements for children up to age 5:

Hep B

After age 6, if not vaxed, Diptheria and Pertussis are dropped from the requirements, unfortunately Tetanus booster contains mercury.


Rotateq had sales of $665 million in 2008. Not a small number for an unnecessary vax. Equates to 3% of Merck's sales. Who keeps saying vaccines are not important or profitable to these companies??


Rotavirus has never made sense to me either, and I agree that it is "Exhibit B" in the argument that the vaccine schedule has become driven by something (ahem, perhaps profit?) other than saving the lives of children.

For me, HepB given at BIRTH is "Exhibit A." Unless the mother herself has HepB, why do we subject infants with immature immune systems to this risky practice? Why did my younger child get it on the second day of his life whereas my older child had the first one at 4 months? There is only three years differnce between them! What changed in that three years? NOTHING! Nothing except the realization that most mothers have their babies in hospitals and that is the perfect "captive audience" for a pharma product - just my humble opinion.

I would have gladly had a HepB test, along with all the other prenatal care. I was not given the option. So instead my child was subjected to risk for something that he had almost NO chance of getting (since I didn't have hepB, he wasn't having sex, nor was he using IV drugs). None of the risk/benefit was ever explained to me. I don't even remember consenting.

Great article and research - thank you. I pray that more parents' common sense will engage and recognize the patent greed in play when it comes to vaccines.


Nice to see you back here JB.

We need more public health officials like the people running the show over in Oregon. We need the truth. Not scare tactics when it comes to vaccinating our children. I think every parent out there wants to protect their children from life threatening diseases. Real threats. Not the BS some Pharmaceutical companies' PR depts made up to scare us into giving our kids everything that is out there. We want safe vaccines and we want to use them in a manner that is safe (not too many in too short of a time frame and flexibility to forgo them temporarily when our children are ill).

We have been lied too for too long. If we were only being told the truth. But, then Paul Offit wouldn't be a millionaire almost 30 times over, would he?


Love it. And why isn't this making Dateline? The truth is that the United States needs a media mogul (presumabley with his/her own network) who is willing to get this type of information on t.v. - repeatedly - daily.


How great is it to have JB back on AoA after a summer break? In rare form, no less! I can hear the gnashing of teeth all the way from Philly, straight up 95, to my kitchen window. Sweet music indeed.



Ha! Okay, the title has me laughing. I'll get back to you after I read it.

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