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New York State Issues Order for Forced Seasonal Flu Shots, H1N1 Next

Action alert

In an unprecedented power grab, Richard Daines, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health has issued an order requiring all healthcare workers to get the seasonal flu shot by November 30 or face termination. Daines justifies this seizure of rights by making the bogus claim that there is a seasonal flu emergency in New York. In another unprecedented move, unlike all other vaccine mandates under New York law, no exemptions will be allowed for religious reasons.
We are told by Albany insiders that if this move is successful in New York it will be tried in other states. The state government has announced that forced H1N1 shots are next.
New York residents please join the Autism Action Network (formerly ACHAMP) in fighting this outrageous trampling of workers basic human rights. Please CLICK HERE to send email messages to your State Senator, your Assemblymember, Richard Daines and his boss, Governor David Paterson, and demand that this illegal action stop immediately.
Today, Monday, September 21, please call Governor Paterson and Commissioner Daines and demand that they cancel this illegal trampling of rights. The State Government has already announced that forced H1N1 shots will be next. Today it is the healthcare workers, tomorrow it could be you and your children.
Governor David Paterson, (518) 474-8390
Commissioner Richard Daines, (518) 474-2011

A coalition of groups and individuals are organizing a rally for vaccine rights in Albany, Tuesday, September 29, 10 am, in the East Capitol Park. Visits to your legislators, the Governor and Commissioner Daines to follow. More details will follow as they develop.
Daines has no authority to declare a non-existent public health emergency--according to the NYSDOH's own data there was only 68 confirmed cases of flu in the week ending on September 12 in a state of 19,500,000 people. And none of the laws cited by Daines in a document explaining his actions gives him the authority to override existing law by decree according to an analysis performed by attorneys working with the Autism Action Network. The Autism Action Network is reviewing options for legal action.
Healthcare workers have always had the right to make their own vaccination choices, and according to the CDC 60% or more of all physicians and nurses choose not to get the seasonal flu shot. If this unsubstantiated pretext can be used for the seasonal flu then a similar claim could be made for any other diseases such as H1N1 flu and amy other vaccine.
New York is very familiar with Daines' contempt for our basic rights. He was the author of Assembly Bill 10942, "The Worst Vaccine Bill Ever" from two years ago that would have made it a crime for New York residents not to strictly follow the federal "recommended" vaccine schedule, and the law applied to babies, children and adults. We stopped him then. We can stop him now, but we need your support. Call Daines. Call the Governor. Send email to your State Senator and Assemblymember. And send this information to everyone you know who cares about health choice and vaccine rights.



The final insult of course is that there is a special vaccine court set up for the H1N1 vaccine as well just like there is for the childrens vaccines. The idea that they should be responsible and pay for all of the injured people from the vaccine is just not palatable for them. They are not making enough money for their AIDS vaccine research by hurting our children with vaccines because people are now all on a different schedule and some do not take the vaccines at all. People on this web site scoffed at that idea previously, well I bet you will take it a bit more seriously now. The people we are dealing with are truly insane and they truly believe they can find a vaccine for a AIDS and they want you, as a matter a fact they demand that you pay for it with your money and or your life. Therefore we need all you good people to volunteer your bodies to the cause. Step rightup and get in line!!!!!

Benedetta Stilwell

They closed the Rockcastle county school system today because of the swine flu. 73% in attendance. By the time the vaccine gets here every body will already have had it.


d t you are making my paranoia worse. Pretty soon I gotta get one of those Don't Tread On Me flags and fly it from my front porch.


d t

"The use of military assets in civilian law enforcement is still illegal under Posse Comitatus, unless a clear state of emergency exists."

A state of emergency due to swine flu has already been declared by the governor in Maine and is being discussed in Illinois.

Benedetta Stilwell

So, if they force you to take the N1H1 vaccine do you have to pay for it or is it free?


News article:
Nurses to Rally Against Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccines



In the US 56,000 people die every year from influenza and pneumonia. It is assumed that many of the pneumonia deaths are caused by the progression of the effects of the flu.

These stats are used to scare people into thinking they must have a flu shot.

56,000 deaths caused by the flu AND pneumonia is 2.3% of all deaths, 5% of all deaths, are caused by accidents, falling off the roof, tree falling on you, car crashes, choking on a piece of steak, burning up in a fire, etc. (121,000 deaths per year).

25 million people will present to an emergency room with an accidental injury, from bee stings to accidental poisoning. One half of one percent of the population that is injured and needs assistance in a hospital emergency room dies.

Every year from 5-20% of the US population is infected with the flu. The H1N1 is expected to infect 30 percent to 50 percent of the US population, apparently it is highly contagious and nothing can stop it.

The hype is that Swine flu could infect half the US population this fall and winter, hospitalizing up to 1. 8 million people and causing as many (they say) as 90,000 deaths. If half of the population gets N1H1 and 90,000 die, that is .06% of the infected population dying from it. Six one hundredths of a percent of those infected by the swine flu may die. Remember half of one percent of the people injured enough to visit an emergency room die from their accidental injury and six one hundredths of one percent will die from the swine flu.

Of the 56,000 people dying from flu AND pneumonia, 49,000 of those deaths occur in people over the age of 65. (87% of all flu and pneumonia deaths are people older than 65) Those of us with elderly loved ones know that most will die from pneumonia, flu or no flu. I suspect that the CDC stats 56,000 people dying from flu AND pneumonia, may be just that, dying from the flu and/or pneumonia, it could be an elderly person with heart failure or something develops pneumonia dies without ever having the flu and becomes a statistic that scares the public.

The other Pandemic Scare

The earlier 1976 swine vaccine program was plagued by delays and public relations problems, but about 24% of the population had been vaccinated by the time the program was canceled in December. Only one person, the Fort Dix army recruit, died from the flu in February of 1976 and yet it was labeled as the new pandemic that could kill millions.
And if you aren’t scared enough…

National Guard Takes Over School In Swine Flu “Vaccine Riot” Drill

“The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials,” a proposal that is currently on the desk of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, according to a CNN report.

The report indicates that the troops could be drawn from either active duty forces or the National Guard and Reserve forces, or both.

“As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called ‘execution order’ that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.” the report states.

Gates’ overtures to usurp control of the Guard in a national emergency, and even to eventually merge the Guard and the Army Reserves into the “Total Force” of the U.S. military, under management of the DoD, has riled state authorities.

Last week The National Governors Association wrote to the Pentagon condemning the military’s open plans to effectively seize domestic control of National Guard and federal forces deployed in the event of a disaster or terrorist attack.

The NGA noted that the military’s agenda amounted to a dilution of governors’ constitutional responsibilities.

This trend hasn’t gone unnoticed on Capitol Hill either. Georgia Congressman Paul Broun warned attendees of a town hall event Tuesday that the Obama administration is planning to use a pandemic or a natural disaster to implement martial law in the United States, in the wake of increased political unrest and plunging approval ratings.

The use of military assets in civilian law enforcement is still illegal under Posse Comitatus, unless a clear state of emergency exists.

Meanwhile, the Army National Guard is advertising for qualified personnel to work as Corrections Officers and Internment/Resettlement Specialists.



I'm scared, and maybe a little paranoid who knows. But this is from the same people that told my wife and I, "Vaccines do not cause autism, they are safe."


We all have to write letters - no matter what state we live in. First, New York, next it could be us. We have to stand up against this NOW. Write your letters to New York Department of Health (the address is in an earlier comment).

Kathy Blanco

Sorsha, if it came down to force, I would straightway take my kids out of school and homeschool them. Enough is enough...


you know, I have been thinking since I heard of this fiasco that it will never stand up in court. Daines just can't supersede NY state health law all by himself and disallow exemptions....but then I remembered we are in 'pandemic' mode AND NY declared a 'flu' state of emergency. Daines probably DOES have sweeping legal power in 'emergency' and 'pandemic' situations. We are in serious trouble....This is the exact 'worst case scenario' I envisioned when the 'pandemic' was declared. I was told by many that my imagination was running away with me - forced adult vaccination couldn't happen. I believed them - I figured the school kids would be the first target. If this stands in NY - we are one step closer to non-exemptable mandatory flu shots for school kids. They are next.


But CM, Daines isn't an elected official at all is he? Just an appointment.

NY is the worst nanny-state in the union. I fear the health care workers will not fight as hard as we hope and will be brow beaten into accepting these shots. This could set a terrible, terrible precedent for the whole country. My hearts go out to these nurses especially, as I'm sure docs can opt without fear of job loss.

Quiet in the south

It is a shame the govt doesn't try to get everyones Vit D levels up to protect them from viruses like H1N1. Go to www.vitamindcouncil.org to see how increasing your vitamin D levels can protect you from so many diseases. Obviously there is no interest in spreading this information as there is no money in marketing a product that is not patentable. You can't patent nature!!! so let us disseminate this information.
Also as an RN who has worked in the hospital setting. I guarantee you they will harass the nurses to get the shots and the Docs will get a pass. With such a huge nursing shortage at most hospitals this strong arm tactic might backfire on them. I hope so!

marie zuneska

I'm a Pediatric RN from NY and am shocked to say the least that this will be mandatory. I have subscribed to your e-newsletter for months as I have many children that I see as a visiting nurse that have been vaccine injured. Will be speaking to my HR dept tomorrow to check their regs for continued employment in addition to making calls to NY leaders. I have great respect to all the parents and children here that you have spoken about and all the work that you have done to try to eradicate this epidemic. 1 in 100 is a terrible statistic!

Georgia Mom

This is the kind of government control over our health care choices we'll be facing nation-wide if they pass the universal health care bills. And I remind you Obama himself has stated that he is not in favor of "selective vaccinations". The autism community should be the loudest voice against this intrustion into our private health care decisions!

Sarah C.

I too have been following this site for some time now and have two NT sons(a 3 year old and a 11 month old). I discovered this site purely by accident/fate. I googled Jenny McCarthy one day because I wanted her hair style. It lead me to her Generation Rescue website, and what I learned there and all of the sites linked on her page including AoA scared the crap outta me and changed my outlook on vaccines and the Medical Community forever. I've read all of Jenny's books, and all of the ones that she has recomended. Currently I am reading Evidence of Harm by David Kirby..shocking to say the least..and what really gets me is almost nothing has changed since that book has been published!! Grrr! I am also moved by the stories I have read on here and will continue to visit this site daily and pass the message on. I am sooooo thankful for Autism parents/warriors. Thank You, Thank You very much for having so much courage to keep up the fight for your children and looking out for mine and many others.

Sarah C.

Kym Grosso

This is frightening! Unbelievable that they could start forcing vaccination.


The H1N1 shot with squalene adjuvant a millions times stronger than in Vaccine.A, (secret,experimental anthrax vaccine used in Gulf War 1 at trace quanties which caused lupus, MS, ALS etc.etc. and death), will kill all those who are required to take it or make them into miserable vegetables.

Terri Lewis

Oh, the Commissioner's office isn't taking complaints, is that it?

They will if we ring the *&%^$ phone all week long.


bring it on-they'll make a great study group when guillaume-barre etc. go up in that population. AND, they better bloody include the peds/docs that ram it down the kids' throats. THey are pushing toooo far. There will be an outcry from the healthcare workers and that will make it all look worse. The guys no strategist.


I would be shocked if MD's were included in this, but I wish they were. Can you imagine the lawsuits hospitals would face if highly paid specialists were forced out of their jobs over refusal to get a flu shot?

I hope this insanity is stopped in its tracks, but if it isn't anyone who loses his or her job should sue the s--- out of their employer. You may not be able to sue for a vaccine injury, but you can sue for inappropriate termination.


Came across this tidbit via Vaccination News:

"In an effort to add additional structure to the aggregate reporting, the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) and the CDC have developed new case definitions for flu-associated hospitalizations and deaths to be applied for the 2009-2010 flu season, formally beginning from Oct. 4.

This new system was implemented on Aug. 30, 2009 and replaces the weekly report of laboratory confirmed A/H1N1-related hospitalizations and deaths since July. States can now report to the CDC either laboratory confirmed or pneumonia and flu syndromic hospitalizations and deaths resulting from all types or subtypes of influenza, not just those from the new A/H1N1 virus.

To allow states to implement the new case definition, counts were reset to zero by the CDC on Aug. 30."

So, is the CDC trying to lower the threshold for reporting of influenza-related hospitalizations and deaths, so they can jack up the numbers and thereby justify their mass-vaccination boondoggle? I love that all these mandates are happening even before the data from the trials in children and pregnant women are in. What happens if they clinical trials on pregnant women turn out to show harm to the fetuses? What about pregnant health workers who are forced to get this vaccine as a term of their employment? Doesn't this leave the employers on the hook for all liability? If harm comes to workers as a result of these mandates, I hope the employers drown in lawsuits.


I got right through to the Governor's office. I'm phone phobic, but it was easy--they just asked my zip code, not even my name. So there's no reason not to call!

When I called the Commissioner's office, they said they were not recording any complaints regarding this. They gave me the following number to call. 1-800-808-1987. When I called that number, they said they weren't taking any complaints over the phone. They gave me the following address to mail a letter.

New York State Department of Health
Bureau of House Counsel, Regulatory Affairs Unit
Corning Tower Building, Room 2438
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12237

The woman was very nice and said they've been getting tons of calls, and she thinks the requirement is ridiculous. But she said we really need to write those letters.


a very Hilteresque move on Daines part...
and Zed, that's an excellent point about whether the Doctors must comply or face firing or do those rules just apply to the average, lower wage health care worker ... double standards and elitism in the work place...

I hope this backfires big time!


I wonder if this will extend to DAN offices as well? How truly bizarre. I also hope the healthcare workers vote with their feet.

To David Quinn-- Most people say, "Don't tell me the storm is coming-- I don't want to close my windows". What great parents you must be to keep an eye out for this hurricane. Some kinds of misery do not love company. I hope your friends and family listen to you.


What an absolutely despicable abuse of power. I personally know several people (adults and children) who have had confirmed cases of H1N1, and guess what. They all recovered and without needing to be hospitalized. They said it left them pretty tired, but their fevers broke after 3 days and all they needed to do was rest. I'd pick that over Guillian-Barre any day.

I'm telling you guys we need to vote for people other than republicans and democrats. Both Democrats and Republicans have a bad history of implementing forced vaccine mandates. So I don't think either of those parties can be trusted.

We need to vote these people out of office!! This is a blatent abuse of power, and I know for a fact that the Constitution Party supports vaccine choice:


Terri Lewis

I called. I left messages.

It took about two minutes.

This is pretty much an issue we can all agree on--a gross violation of basic human rights.

The phone line to Richard Daines' office was open when I called, and I spoke to a live operator.

Both of these phone lines should be literally *flooded* with calls today and tomorrow.

I hope to hear of that happening.


I've heard a lot of flap about nurses (and hospital "workers") who are upset about the mandates, but I'm curious--does this also apply to hospital physicians? This will be the important point: Are DOCTORS who refuse the shot in danger of termination? Or will they simply opt themselves out? Any news there?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

One really does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to realise that if mandatory vaccination succeeds it is only a matter of time till deliberate dissemination of pathogens is done by individuals or companies who stand to make a lot of money.
It is truly amazing that a country in which people refuse to allow their fire arms to betaken away, manages to get away with invading people's bodies .


Seems to me (I have my pointy hat on now) that the greatest political concern here is not the disease, but the thought of coming thru it virtually unscathed without the "help" of a forced mass vaccination agenda, and the general public subsequently becoming even more wary of the usual noise and propaganda surrounding these "pandemics". The docs and nurses just don't want you to get flu / sick - the political folk seem to be under additional pressure to play this jab out as the "flu-killing show stopping save-the-day hero" if/when the pandemic fizzles out pretty much on its own (for other reasons). God forbid we survive the pandemic without their "help".

My 2c - critical thought will reach a critical mass within the NY front line health care workers and many will push back - this will backfire and Daines will end up eating it.

For a glimpse of a slightly more enlightened stance...


"We think there should be informed consent," [CMA president Dr. Robert] Ouellet said in an interview. "Everyone should have the right to refuse a vaccination if they think it's not right for them."

"It's a human-rights issue," said Linda Silas, president of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. "It's like any medication or vaccination. You cannot impose it on workers, and you cannot impose it on a community."

Teresa Conrick

To David Quinn-

Thanks for being a fan of AoA even though you don't have an affected child. How great that you have seen what is going on here and have the compassion and understanding to see the tragedy as it continues to unfold.

best wishes-

Teresa O'CONNOR Conrick

Autism pop

This is an act of desperation that will surely backfire
I'm optimistic about this powerplay in ny


A recent article here in Canada showed that a majority of health care workers refuse vaccines because they have seen too many adverse reactions. Who will care for the sick if all the health care workers are terminated?


One of my sisters works in the lab at a Hospital in MD. They were told that the seasonal flu shot would be mandatory -- and a condition of employment.

Kathy Blanco

The one instance I would lie, go to a sympathetic doctor and shoot the vile into the air....or maybe not, since it has mercury in it, squalene and nonoxynol 9, perhaps airborn also does something heh? If that doesn't work, I think a lot of doctors and nurses are realizing that their profession has not been as noble as once thought of, at least in the spirit of it, that is, do no harm. Perhaps a new mode of career is in order?


God help us. This is truly my nightmare coming to life.
As a healthcare worker I am already going to be required to wear a mask at all times while working because I have refused the seasonal flu shot in my state. I was actually relieved that I wasn't going to have to lose my job. What a short relief that was.

Secession is looking more and more attractive...

Considering there is a nationwide shortage of healthcare workers, I don't have any doubt that doctors or nurses from the state of New York would have much trouble finding a job in another state. I don't know if there are licensing issues when transferring from state to state, but a sudden loss of hundreds or perhaps even thousands of nurses and doctors from the state might make this power grab nothing but a ridiculous black eye for Commissioner Daines.

I'm not in New York (Texas) but I sincerely hope that if it comes to the worst, those nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals who truly value their (and our) freedom from government will vote with their feet.

Night of the Long Knives

Holy crap. The loyal pharma servants are being victimized now. Didn't they see this coming?

david Quinn

Hello from Ireland,
I have been following this website for a number of months now. I don't have an autistic child but I became interested in the issue of vaccinations just before the birth of our first child three years ago. It was the video Loose Change that made me sit up and question what I thought I knew about how the world works.
I am regularly moved to tears by reading the stories of hope, despair, anger, courage and frustration on these pages. My heart goes out to anyone struggling to raise a child with autism.
This latest development regarding the flu vaccine is really alarming. It is becoming quite apparent that we have a serious battle on our hands all over the world against a well organised bunch of control-freaks. I hope everyone confronted with mandatory vaccination finds the courage to stand up to these bullies. What I have read on this site gives me hope that many will.
Best wishes,
David Quinn

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