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New “WITHOUT CONSENT” Website Launched

Knowledge is power

From our friends at NVIC:

Gary Matsumoto, an author and Emmy award winning investigative broadcast and print journalist, has launched the new media website WithoutConsent (HERE) The website will focus on reactive squalene oil adjuvants used in H1N1 “swine flu” vaccines licensed in Europe, which drug companies are pressing the FDA to license in the U.S..  Matsumoto’s web-based news outlet will contain original pay-per-download information that doesn’t get printed in the mainstream media.

Inside Information on H1N1 vaccine

“We will cover some of the same stories that you read in the usual outlets but we delve deeper and we read the fine print,” said Matsumoto. “In our inaugural newsletter we have something to tell you about the swine flu vaccination program that you should know. It could help protect you and your family.”

How Do the Numbers Stack Up?

The first newsletter, which contains referenced information from more than a decade of research into squalene adjuvants, Matsumoto includes facts and figures. To make a point, he asks “Did you know there is an illness called “Human Adjuvant Disease?” and “What links the numbers 3, 30, 46,000 and 900,000 to the swine flu vaccination program?”

• 9 is the number of diseases induced in lab animals by oil adjuvants;

• 30 is the number of scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals that show the oil squalene, which is being used in H1N1 swine flu adjuvants, causes crippling diseases in animals inject with it;

• 46,000 is the approximate number of people enrolled in clinical trials around the world to test influenza vaccines containing squalene

• 900,000 is the number of Britons injected with a toxic oil advjuvant between 1963 and 1965 before the manufacturer voluntarily withdrew it from the market.

To read more, click HERE.


Jenny Clark

Well! Without consent post has been written stunning plus interesting information include in it. Frequently a reader thinks reading any topic when the article has informative knowledge. And Gary truly your content is useful for me. You can not believe that only for your archive I neglected my actual task of website development company in London about which I have been researching since last 2 weeks. But had to do it because I understood when looked your topic that today I would acquire some amazing information.

Kathy Blanco

Without consent, in myh mind is applied to the many corporate schills who still can't admit autism is iatrogenic. Of course, that implies that implication studies will never be funded, or revealed to the public. The conclusion of course is devastating. Autism Spectrum Disorders are iatrogenic diseases-else, genetic epidemics are not natural, they are man made. They are caused mostly by obstetricians, pediatricians, general and family practitioners, and dentists. This does not include the food corporations, the municiple water people who put in fluoride, the chemicals and pesticides in our everyday products and exposures, and a bit of coal fired industry and uraniam spreaders by nuclear reactors. Mutating our genes are easily done by chemotherapy drugs, now found in our water. These people are the primary cause of autism and all the suffering that comes with it. Medicine has no capacity to admit wrongness and in its rude arrogance would rather let it all go on rather than reevaluate itself and evolve into a more humane healing art. No, we can't have that can we? For, much of that has been warned since the time of the Bible,...that is, the root of all evil is money.


Good to know. Thanks Gary. I love the numbers presentation-it's simple and effective!

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