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Meet Dr. Andrew Wakefield at the International Public Conference on Vaccination in October

Register_now From our friends at NVIC: "Show Us the Science & Give Us a Choice." Oct. 2-4, 2009 Reston, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.)

The International Public Conference on Vaccination provices an opportunity to learn about vaccine safety, policy, law and ethics so that you can make informed choices for your family, your patients, your constituents and the public you serve. 

Featuring Dr. Andrew Wakefield, of Thoughtful House, Dr. Bob Sears , pediatrician and author of The Vaccine Book and Dr. Diane Harper: "Dr. Harper is the leading international expert on HPV vaccines having worked with both Merck and GSK to develop Gardasil and Cervarix in phase II and phase III trials.  She has published the sentinel work on both vaccines and is an on call consultant to WHO for HPV vaccine policy in developing countries.She has been instrumental in guiding the course of HPV vaccination around the world."

Click HERE to see the list of speakers. (Dan Olmsted, Mark Blaxill and Kim Stagliano will be presenting on Sunday evening on using blogs and social media to educate and interact with other.)

Should YOU Attend? YES, If YOU are a:

Parent or grandparent
Doctor or nurse who administers vaccines
Doctor of chiropractic*, naturopathic, homeopathic & alternative & complementary medicine
Health policymaker or analyst
Health journalist
Health law or vaccine injury attorney
Health freedom advocate
Concerned citizen

Read more HERE.


Susan Fillmore

dear Dr Wakefield you know my son Zack f , please could you tell me if its advisable to have the H1N1 in view of his past reaction to the MMR, I now live in Canada. We met in a meeting in Woodgreen four years ago and 16 years ago I phoned you in London . My doctor wouldnt let you see him, zack had a reaction of the stomach, toxins , skin rashes etc and was later seen in Southampton but we did speak on a number of occasions in the early years. I would be very grateful to hear from you , as you will prob be curious to see how he is now!
look forward to hearing from you soon

Jill Rubolino

Will be there!!!

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