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Jenny McCarthy on the Weight Watchers Lose For Good Program

By Kim Stagliano

Did you catch this on The Today Show? Jenny McCarthy has teamed up with Weight Watchers to help feed hungry children. Did you know she weighed 200 pounds when she was pregnant with Evan? If you've seen her speaking at an autism event, you know she's petite and has a gorgeous figure. She credits Weight Watchers. Who knew? :)

The program is called "Lose for Good" and it works like this. For every pound you lose with Weight Watchers, you donate one pound of food to charity. Fabulous! Just like Jenny. You can find her books HERE and learn about her work for autism at Generation Rescue (our sponsor, also fabulous.)



Lulu, I'm not sure Weight Watchers has any pre-packaged food. The approach with Weight Watchers is knowing what you're eating and getting support in group meetings or via an online counselor. One of my in-laws does Weight Watchers, and she doesn't buy any packaged food--she just cooks for herself with lots of great recipes and goes to meetings to get support from other weight-losers.


After reading the articles on Autism and MSG connections... I'm surprised that this would be a "great" thing to promote. I mean... how much MSG does all of that prepackaged Weight Watchers food contain? Really A of A? I figured you would want to point out how she should maybe be doing the opposite. Pick a side A of A... MSG or no...

Jake Crosby

One thing that puzzles me about her is that her son regressed after the MMR, yet she doesn't focus on that as a cause of autism but the whole vaccine schedule in general.

Jenny Webster

She is awesome, I remember her doing the WW commercials a few years ago when she was losing her baby weight... it blew my mind that that hottie was up to 200 pounds --suddenly she was a human being :)


What a terrific lady. (Nice shots of the Green Our Vaccines rally too!)

Kathy Blanco

I wonder if she ever checked herself for maternal diabetis? See and see insulin and mercury...

Benedetta Stilwell

I have followed weight watchers for years. It is a healthy diet but low fat. There are only two ways to get energy - two pathways one is by carbohydrates which is what weight watchers is and the other is by fat that is the Atkins diet or Low Glycemic Diet.
I switched my family over to the Aktins, South Beach, Low Glycemic Diet this January.

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