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Dr. Bob Sears Talks Autism and Vaccines on HuffPo

Sears_theVACCINEbook Please click HERE to read and comment on Dr. Bob Sears's post about autism and vaccines on HuffPo. Dr. Sears is a pediatrician and the author of The Vaccine Book. You can read more at AskDrSears.

The debate over vaccine safety rages on, with no clear end in sight. On the one side is a medical establishment made up of hundreds of thousands of doctors, researchers, infectious disease specialists, vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and our government, who all insist that vaccines are safe and everyone should comply with the standard recommended vaccine schedule. On the other side is a growing number of parents, and a small but growing number of physicians, who are questioning vaccine safety. Caught in the middle are the 5 million couples who have a baby every year and are faced with the decision of whether or not to vaccinate.


Kathy Blanco

One question, I would like to know if Dr Sears is some kind of psychic, because it must be a large skill to be able to vaccinate any vaccine in a kid, and GUESS if they are going to take it or not...or does he see through them and actually visualize the number of natural killer cells they have, complement proteins, and B and T cell vibrancy? If so, gall, I want to go to him, because I sure as hell want to find out that before I vaccinate...oops...I guess I just woke up to the reality...are you saying they DON'T DO THAT? SHAME ON THEM! And shame on Dr Sears for being a sooth sayer...and ASSUMING any child is able to handle the lower schedule or not. Gee, he must really think he can do that interesting......


I have read through the comments following Dr. Sears article. Some there are saying that cases of measles and deaths from measles has been on the rise since vaccination rates are dropping. They should know better than to think there are more measles cases and deaths from measles. The doctors and health authorities are simply better at diagnosing cases of measles and better at determining that it was measles that caused a death.{aka autism rates}

Craig Willoughby

Benedetta, Dr. Poling made a post under Neurodoctor and signed it at the end. Here's the link.

Benedetta Stilwell

How did you know that Neurodoctor was Dr. Poling? Has he posted in the past by that name? Ken knew who it was too?

Anne McElroy Dachel

Parents used to go to their doctors trusting that they had all the answers. They never gave a thought to vaccine damage. Vaccines were all good.
That changed. The number of vaccines tripled and autism exploded. A once rare disorder became so common that today everyone knows someone with an autistic child and no official can reasonably explain why. Autism is overwhelming our schools and still the CDC and the AAP refuse to acknowledge that more children actually have autism. Parents' fears are dismissed by mainstream medicine that steadfastly clings to the mandated, one size fits all vaccine schedule.
Scariest of all are the stories of regression. Kids who could make eye contact, talk, and were even potty-trained are reported to have changed after being vaccinated. Today they're non-verbal, violent, and in diapers.
Parents have every right to be afraid of what vaccines might do their children. The medical community ignores these kids.
This is truly the greatest controversy in medicine today and if doctors and health officials continue to turn their backs on our children, parents will seek out those who recognize that there is no guarantee of safety when vaccinating.
Anne Dachel
Media editor

Craig Willoughby

Ah, Dr. Poling's response to one of ANB's childish remarks was just posted over at HuffPo, and it is a classic. It is well worth the read and certainly entertaining for those of us who have dealt with Kenny's immature behavior.

What a great guy, that Dr. Poling!

dina little

I had all my kids inoculated well after their 2nd birthday’s-some didn't get vaccinated till age 3. I would not let the doctor vaccinate them sooner. The baby’s tiny body just can’t handle it. The chemical cocktails they put in the body’s of infants are absolutely insane.
I don't know why they simply change the protocol and delay the vaccines till the liver is more mature. I bet waiting till a child is 4 to vaccinated would be fine.

moon batchelder

my own son needed only the one given him before i even got to the hospital...(i'm his adoptive mom) and the ones i was stupid enough to allow at two months old...not since then have i had him vaccinated...the years worth of seizures that followed that first set, and the subsequent gastro-intestinal problems (which persist to this day 6 years later) and the diagnosis and daily reality of autism are sufficient proof for me...all debate aside!
whenever a doctor dares suggest that he really should be vaccinated, i merely say: would you be willing to sign an agreement to forfeit your license and be sued in the event he is worsened afterward? are you willing to guarantee that he won't suffer seizures afterward? are you willing to put this in a legal document?...
none of the handful of doctors who have told me that the seizures were likely not linked but merely coincidental are willing to sign such a thing or agree to it even by verbal assurance...
as to where the money comes from that bolsters these so called 'doctors' that insist no link exists...i offer the following story for those who might have missed it...

Doctor Who Made Millions Off MMR Manufacturer Does Not Tell Public of His
Financial Relationship during NBC Dateline Broadcast

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As autumn approaches and
millions of Americans consider taking an H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination, the
integrity of all vaccine developers has been called into question by the
financial relationship of a leading vaccine advocate and a pharmaceutical
manufacturer. Dr. Paul Offit of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP),
who was interviewed for a Dateline NBC television special, failed to tell
millions of viewers that while he was promoting MMR as safe he had also made
tens of millions of dollars from selling another vaccine patent to Merck,
which is the manufacturer of MMR. According to CHOP documents, Offit's share
of a royalty sale for the Rotateq vaccine to Merck is a minimum of $29 million
and may approach $50 million.

"When Dr. Offit went on Dateline he was probably disinclined to criticize the
MMR vaccine since it is produced by the same pharmaceutical company that made
him a wealthy man," said Jim Moody, attorney for the National Autism
Association (NAA). "If people are to have confidence in the integrity of the
Swine Flu vaccination program this fall then we need full disclosure of all
financial relationships between proponents and manufacturers on every vaccine
on the market. Who has an objective opinion about a company that has made
them rich?"

Dateline NBC's broadcast was about the potential link between the MMR vaccine
and the onset of autism. Offit has stated unequivocally that there is no
connection and that he has no conflict of interest with Merck. However, he
acknowledged in testimony to Congress in 2000 that "I have been in
collaboration with Merck and Co. on the development of a rotavirus vaccine
since 1992" and that "I am a consultant to Merck." Although the Rotateq
vaccine that enriched Offit has no relationship to MMR, his close financial
connections to Merck, if disclosed, are likely to affect the public's value of
his opinions on the efficacy of the MMR vaccine.

"It is, at a minimum, disingenuous of Dr. Offit not to tell the public through
the Dateline program what he told Congress in 2000," said Dr. Andrew
Wakefield, Executive Director of Thoughtful House autism treatment center, who
was also featured in the program. "Even if he is no longer a consultant to
Merck, the fact the company made him wealthy by buying his rotavirus vaccine
is certain to make him warmly view the company and its products, including
MMR. Let us hope that all such relationships are disclosed prior to any Swine
Flu vaccination program."

Offit has frequently accused Wakefield of being conflicted during his MMR
research, claiming that Wakefield was being paid by a law firm for his
expertise on MMR while also conducting his studies. Although physicians are
frequently paid for their medical expertise in legal cases, Wakefield fully
disclosed his relationship with the litigators in various UK media stories and
publicly reported documents. Offit, however, has continued to back MMR as
completely safe while failing to inform the public that the MMR manufacturer
Merck has made him so wealthy he said "it was just like winning the lottery."
As a member of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice, Offit also
voted to include the rotavirus vaccine in the Vaccines for Children program,
which ultimately made his Rotateq product worth hundreds of millions of
dollars to Merck.

"Offit has zero credibility in matters of vaccine safety," said Wendy
Fournier, President of the NAA. "Not only does he advance the absurd
suggestion that children could safety get 100,000 vaccines at a time, he
opposes any studies of the comparative health of unvaccinated children that
could shed light on the extent and nature of vaccine-caused injuries, leading
to their prevention.

Beyond Offit's financial conflicts, autism advocates are also dismayed about
the physician's credibility on speaking about autism in general, as he does
not treat patients with autism. "It's a mystery how such an inexperienced and
financially conflicted man has become the go-to guy for information on
autism," commented Ms. Fournier. "Here's a man with no real knowledge about
autism that again and again appears in media coverage. Not only is he
completely unqualified to address autism from a medical standpoint, his
financial conflicts of interest disqualify him as a credible source for
vaccine safety commentary as well."

Wendy Fournier, NAA (Portsmouth, RI) 401.835.5828
Jim Moody, NAA (Washington, DC) 202.246.6639

SOURCE National Autism Association

Wendy Fournier, NAA (Portsmouth, RI), +1-401-835-5828, or Jim Moody, NAA
(Washington, DC) +1-202-246-6639
© Thomson Reuters 2009 All rights reserved


He raises a concern, I (and perhaps many other parents in my shoes) haven't really addressed.

He says, "Any new parent who believes there is a link and is not comfortable with vaccinating shouldn't do so. And they should be fully informed about what the disease risks are if they don't vaccinate."

I stopped vaccinating, but my doctor did not discuss the risks with me. Is there comprehensive info for parents about preventing and treating disease in cases where children are not vaccinated? Thanks...

Josh Day, of 28 years

Thankfully my parents changed pediatricians to a doctor like Bob Sears who wasn't obsessed with a "by-the-book-or-die" vaccination mentality. If they hadn't done that and didn't have the courage to dump their first pediatrician, who absolutely refused to acknowledge any problem with a given vaccine, God only knows where I or my brother would be right now. After my first DPT shot, three days straight my parents tell me I didn't sleep, eat, and spasmed and shrieked constantly in a strange, high-pitched, new cry which my parents remember to this day. And that was just a "normal" reaction in the mind of that original pediatrician who insisted I must go through with the following shots no matter what.

They changed doctors and the DPT progression was stopped. Unfortunately, this doctor talked them into giving the DPT shot to my little brother, whose reaction was even worse (consequently, we --as well as my cousin-- both had/some of us still have extreme asthma, food allergies, and severe learning problems for me as well as having to live on a very, very restricted diet). But at least he made the connection between cause and effect and stopped the DPT for him as well and nixed several other vaccines down the pike.

My brother and I got off lucky thanks to a doctor who probably wasn't even half as conscientious concerning vaccine sensitivity/reactions as Bob Sears.

I think a doctor like Bob Sears who listens to parents, takes family history, and actually takes into account vaccine reactions of the patient as well as siblings is something valuable and unfortunately something far, far too uncommon in the field of pediatrics.


Amen kim. We do need more mainstream access to vaccine CHOICE - the little niggly voice that makes you wonder - hmmmm....maybe i should look into this more. So if I read Dr. Sears book - middle of the road or not - it would have made me think twice.


It's easy for us to forget that many of us, as new parents, fully vaccinated our child without question. Why would today's parents be any different? I don't read the sites related to childhood leukemia - it doesn't affect me. Most pregnant women aren't reading autism sites.

Dr. Sears provides a valuable MAINSTREAM message that you CAN alter the schedule. Parents who choose to do so are taking charge of their kids' healthcare and are likely to keep learning. There's nothing wrong with that.

Most people are in the middle of the road, not the breakdown lanes where we've ended up, on either side.

Thanks, Dr. Sears.


Dr. Bob represents a middle ground or compromise position for mainstream america. most parents are unlikely to avoid all vaccines so at least he gets them thinking. His recommendations for at risk kids with auto immune history and other markers is cutting edge for pediatricians. His approach may save some kids.

The reduction in the vaccine schedule or elimination of some vaccines altogether is not going to happen all at once. it will be a gradual change dictated by mainstream american parents who listen to their pediatrician whether they should or not. Bob Sears should be embraced by the vaccine safety community for being a voice that appeals to that mainstream america, not ridiculed because he is not advocating abandoning vaccines all together. Real change takes time and baby steps.

My oldest son has autism. Bob Sears recommended no vaccines for my second son. he did not recommend that we give him the modified schedule. He is NT I'm sure because of it. He is knowledgeable and thoughftul. Something all peditricians should strive for.

By criticizing Bob Sears you end up sounding like Paul Offit. This isn't an all or nothing debate.

Lisa @ TACA

Love Dr Bob's book and give it as a standard baby shower gift with articles and further info.

If I had this book 11 years ago - things would be different today.

Thank you Dr Bob.

Bob Moffitt

I wish Dr. Sears would have the COURAGE to demand the HEP B...which is ALL RISK and NO BENEFIT...removed from the recommended schedule. This "heavy duty vaccine" should be voluntary only at ALL ages.

If we can't get rid of HEP B at in God's name are we going to rid ourselves of the rotavirus vaccine...which thanks to Generation Rescue research...only 2 out of 29 developed countries mandate?

What do those countries know about the "risk - benefit" value of rotavirus vaccine that our "experts" and Dr. Sears don't?


Dr Sears would come across better if he stood up for the fact that AT LEAST the Hep B vaccine in ridiculous. No child even needs this at two months.
BUT, I do appreciate and attempt, seemingly genuine at that, for trying to bridge the skeptical gap between pediatricians and parents.


His book was very educational, helpful, and eye-opening. It was an important first step in educating my family about vaccines. It wasn't the final step in my education, but a helpful first one. He is actually listening to parents, pushing for further research...and that is unique in a pediatrician.

Jake Crosby

He's going to get slammed again.


Loved the article - most of all that he seems to place a high value on respect for parents' concerns.

I just wish I had read articles like these 12 years ago when my child received the HepB vaccine on the 2nd day of life! When I didn't have HepB and my infant wasn't doing drugs or having sex!


I laughed heartily at his rotavirus vaccine recommendation (hint hint at who's slipping cash his way.) Glad I didn't buy his book. He acts like he's giving permission to parents to make decisions for their own children - what a jerk. Loved how he framed the argument EVERYBODY agrees that vaccines are safe except for autism parents. You shold be less obvious, Dr. Sears. Even a child could see through this.

It seems that when talk of the swine flu vaccine comes up, MANY health professioals are coming forward that THEY don't want that crap. I'll gladly give my swine flu shot to Dr. Sears since he "believes" they are so safe.


His recommendations and book were very helpful to me & our family. it was a good starting point when the lightbulb went on at our 1st drs visit. we didnt go by HIS schedule... but he at least opened my mind to an alternate schedule. i'm very thankful for that.

Kathy Blanco

My friends child was not saved by his recommendations...slow and low, and one shot at a time resulted in autism, thanks Dr Sears, not...

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