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Does Last Year's Flu Vaccine Make you More Susceptible To H1N1?

Now what

You can read the full article by Helen Branswell of The Canadian Press at HealthZone.CA HERE. 

MOH (Minister of Health) cautious on flu shot fears

Unpublished Canadian data are raising concerns about whether it's a good idea to get a seasonal flu shot this season.

Drawn from a series of studies from British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario, the data appear to suggest that people who got a seasonal flu shot last year are about twice as likely to catch swine flu as people who didn't.

Concern about the unconfirmed findings is playing into calls from Quebec and possibly other jurisdictions to delay or even cancel this year's seasonal flu shot campaigns across the country...

...The findings are causing consternation abroad as well, with officials at public health agencies and even at the World Health Organization worried the alleged link will deter people from getting vaccinated in a fall when many people are being asked to get both seasonal and pandemic flu shots.

The Public Health Agency of Canada knows of the findings and has been seeking help here and internationally to try to figure out if the effect is real or if the studies are flawed.



Sorry Jack R., I wish this was still true - "Canada to offer pregnant women modified vaccine: Uadjuvanted swine flu shot to be available to help ease reluctance many pregnant women feel about taking any medication", from Helen Branswell - Canadian Press - Sept. 4th.

Look at this... Helen Branswell - Canadian Press - on Sept. 18th.

"Thimerosal in pandemic vaccine scares moms: Experts say ingredient is safe, but doubts persist"

Looks like the bean counters will win (as one H1N1 vaccine is certainly cheaper than two).

Looks like we are not so progressive after all up here (though certainly better than the states - I didn't move here from the states until I was in my thirties - lived in four different states - now one province for ten years).

Our ASD funding up here is variable (depending on province). Some provinces are amazing for ASD, others are terrible. Our healthcare isn't national it is provincial. The RIGHT to healthcare is a federal law in Canada... the administration is provincial.

But on a bright note... looks like we found another reporter that is following vaccines closely.


My sister just told me that my brother in law who has cancer just got his flu shot and he's sick as a dog. His quack..uh I mean his oncologist gave it to him. These doctors really are nothing but pharma mind controlled zombies.

Jack R.

Here is another article by the same Helen Branswell, who appears to be an actual journalist.

And, allow me to make one political note. It seems when a country is responsible for providing health care for it's citizens that perhaps they take a little more interest. The actually want to look at the study about seasonal flu vaccine and H1N1 infections, whereas our country says, "we don't see it". Sure we don't, CDC doesn't have to pay for the hospitalizations if they are wrong. And look at Canada, on their dime for taking care of their neurologically damaged infants, they offer unadjuvanted vaccines to their pregnant women. Hmmmm.

Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey

My children, my self nor my husband NEVER have had a flu shot...and we will NOT have
one to date, 2009.

We have done just fine without the flu shots that are put out to the general population in the past & to fact family members who have opted for flu shots, and have had problems with them/adverse, the flu shots must have not be able to embrace the variants of genes, of KEY genes/ the variants of genetic markers that are entangled with one's genetics/ the genetic markers of that certain strain of a flu shot contains.... swine flu too?
NOT going to have one to find out~
So, this IS a moot subject...we DO NOT want the swine flu shot.

Personally, I am tired of the medical snafu surrounded by any flu shot. The Art of Medicine has grossly failed to craft /tailor vaccines to the variants of genes, of KEY genes/genetic markers that may be expressed/ exerted/ "TURNED ON" that may be expressed.

I have told the truth~
Pleaase listen to me....

And what about vaccines with autism/autism-like health issues.....look at my past posts/By: Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey ~

Please allow me to remind everyone:
"Doctors put drugs of which they know little
into our bodies of which they know less,
to cure diseases of which
they know nothing at all."

YES! Voltaire was correct!

Amen... to VOLTAIRE.


she who rocks the cradle,

God bless the moms of the world.
Especially moms with Autism kids!
Their genetics took "hits" of
heavy metals....

Take care, Cindy
Cindy Fuchs-Morrissey

Kathy Blanco
Just read what is in this crap...spermacides, squalene, mercury, thanks...another doctor on you tube says...that he would not give it to developmental delayed children, children with mitochondrial disorders, women with fibromyalgia and CFS who have damaged or immature blood brain barriers. How many of those people will be injected with this crap? By the way, that doctor was interviewed on FOX news. MAN, he was it...and in Washington state, they will allow this level of mercury, after they passed you can't give it to women and children. Who is calling the shots here, what is the agenda...? All vaccines lower the immune response, all of them. Aids vaccine next...gee, no thanks on that one too...a new virulent strain in the population since the polio one is beginning to look like a chronic condition instead of death? Not goood for the eugenics people? Come on people, are we going to have a vaccine for everything, and never excercise our immune system? Who do these so called brainiacs think we are, stupid?

Benedetta Stilwell

I want to know what the deal the white house has made with the drug companies to get their cooperation with the white house health care plan??????

I know there is one, because I have heard it several times on the news today, and Congress apparently knows about it too?


"the cDC has looked for similar evidence but has seen none." Yeah, right! THey would never look for this kind of relationship to begin with. Oh they'll be scrutinizing the crap out of this finding yet sit back on all the lame studies that supposedly show no link between autism/ADHD, asthma, seizures and vaccines. I can hear it now; well, you know, most people who get the shots are older or immune-compromised and older people are more susceptible to the swine flu. Oh yeah- but they said it was the healthy 40 year olds that were having a tought time with swine flu! They are talking in circles!


Another take on the Choropampa mercury spill story, describing onset of symptoms 8 years after exposure, and immediately following viral infection:

"...Zarate, 34, died of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. The first symptoms of this rare disorder, which usually occurs one to two weeks after a mild viral infection such as a sore throat, bronchitis, or flu, or after vaccination or surgical procedure, includes varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs...."


Hey, how about this:

8 years after mercury exposure (accidental spill) in a Peruvian town:

The 2,000 residents of Choropampa were affected to varying degrees ... Many adolescents also have learning disabilities...."

more on the cover up (sounds sort of familiar, doesn't it?)


Sorry meant to post the link to the major Merck stockholders.


Angela I live on the coast, we used to put jetties in every chance we got until we learned that one jetty created more problems down the beach, same thing with "playing God" when it comes to the flu. The flu is killing how many? The CDC says 50,000 a year but those numbers also include deaths from pneumonia.

Statistics show that 87% of all pneumonia and flu deaths are in individuals 65 and older. In the elderly it is not always the flu that causes the pneumonia, heart failure is the leading cause of pneumonia in the elderly, you become too weak to cough up your spit.

So panicking the public with false numbers and leading people to believe that a 4 year old is going to die of the flu is absolutely the worst sort of false advertising that there is. How many billions is the flu vaccine business globally? How many of us in our pension funds and retirement accounts own stock in those companies? Take a look, many of you own stock in Merck and if you don't directly you use a credit card or deal with a bank or insurance company that does.

Frank for Aidan

Part of the reason that the government may be pushing the H1N1 vaccine is due to concerns that the virus might mutate/evolve into a deadly flu in the future.

I’ve read that people generally develop a more complete immunity to infection by actually having the disease instead of receiving the vaccine (no, I don’t have the cite). So it’s probably better to get the disease, except for things like Smallpox, that to get the vaccine. That’s because you’ll develop a complete immune response instead of the partial response provided by a vaccine, plus you’ll avoid the toxic load and the financial support of big Pharma.

Maybe it would just be better, if you’re otherwise in good health, to just catch the H1N1 this year and be sick for three days so you’re better prepared for the possible future deadly strain. H1N1 party, anyone?


Gatogorra - THANKS for that Dartmouth article about arsenic exposure lowering ability to fight H1N1!


I think this is the interesting/important part of the article:
"Dr. Donald Low, chief microbiologist at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital, was reserving judgment on the findings. But he said this kind of effect of previous exposure raising the risk of future illness is seen in some diseases, like dengue fever.

"We don't see that in flu," Monto countered."

Yes, Dr. Monto, we'd don't see that in flu, but we also don't see the flu typically being worse in young people. You know, the people with healthy strong immune systems. To me that hints that like some other disease the immune response can cause more disease severity (which is why there isn't an RSV vaccine yet if anyone wondered- so this isn't unheard of). I wouldn't say there isn't a possible biological mechanism for this.


Wow, add that to the study about the seasonal flu that found, “Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests”, Science Daily, May 20, 2009

Personally, I believe the mercury in vaccines is causing immune dysfunction:
"The overall vascular effects of mercury include oxidative stress, inflammation, thrombosis, vascular smooth muscle dysfunction, endothelial dysfunction, dyslipidemia, immune dysfunction, and mitochondrial dysfunction.")

Doesn't mean I'm right, but regardless of the cause, both of those studies aren't making a good case for flu vaccines in general.


JB-- gallows humor is a survival tool. It's laugh or die crying.

I suspect this probably relates to the Dartmouth arsenic/swine flu study finding that toxic metal exposure causes a delayed and then excessively violent reaction to H1N1:


What a surprise - the flu shot may leave you more susceptible to a different flu!

When are we going to stop trying to play God and accept that there is some limitation (not to mention consequence) to science?

To my knowledge have never gotten a flu shot and with any luck will never get one.

Amy Becker Clark

Let's see... last year's 25mcg of mercury caused Th1/Th2 shift, which makes it harder to fight off viruses, like this year's H1N1 virus. Yep, makes sense to me!

JB Handley

How come the first thing I do when I read things like this is giggle?


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