H1N1 Vaccine: So Many Questions. One Doctor Speaks Out Against It.
Changing The Course of Autism in Canada Conference



Bill Maher may be funny but he thinks it's okay to laugh at people with special needs. I wouldn't work hard to get him on your page. He doesn't care.


i like maher alot, watch him whenver i can
we need to get him on our side
his pot-smoking fetish aside, he is he very much into healthy eating and hates big pharma and big insurance - my kinda guy
i've been thinking for a long time about emailing him to have wakefield or somebody on his show
i think it could have a big impact


Fine, let's see if he has the guts to say this on his show.


Dr. Maher knows what he's talking about. He's an awesome proctologist. Nobody pulls things out of the rectum like he can.


You know-- starting to like Bill Maher more and more these days. The only problem I ever had with him in the past was the "70s swinger" style misogyny. But whatever, let him tell all the stripper jokes he wants as long as he's not a pharma whore himself.

Kathy Blanco

The one time I agree with this disgusting creature, who by the way folks said that Mental Retarded people are like dogs...but heh?

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