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Why SafeMinds Declined Interview with Dr. Nancy Snyderman of MSNBC

Pass SafeMinds received a request from MSNBC to be interviewed on the H1N1 swine flu vaccine late Tuesday.  The interview was to take place live on Wednesday and in the form of a panel discussion “moderated” by Dr. Nancy Snyderman on her show On Call.  The producer shared with us that Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIH’s Director of the National institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and an unnamed vaccine manufacturer were also invited.   After much deliberation, SafeMinds declined the interview due to concerns with regard to Dr. Snyderman’s ability to objectively “moderate” this panel discussion. 

Concerns regarding Dr. Snyderman’s objectivity center around her historically adversarial demeanor on the topic of vaccine safety. In point of fact, as recently as Tuesday morning Dr. Snyderman stated on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting, "This is one time, forget the conspiracies. Listen to our government agencies. These guys are telling the truth.  You know there's no conspiracy here folks, just get your damn vaccine!" 

(Or go to YouTube HERE to watch the 34 second clip of Dr. Snyderman's plea.)

SafeMinds stressed to the MSNBC producer that we are happy to be challenged by any reporter who is willing to allow us to do what we are invited to do, which is to share our perspective and science based concerns regarding the rush to market of and ingredients in this year’s H1N1 vaccine. Our concern was that we  would have found ourselves in a situation with a moderator who would not be willing to facilitate a balanced and open discussion.

Given the past experience of Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and President of NVIC, with Dr. Snyderman (HERE) and Dr. Snyderman's firmly defined position on the vaccine issue in talking with Matt Lauer on the Today Show HERE, SafeMinds and NVIC drafted the following joint statement.

“Organizations representing parents of vaccine injured children are justifiably concerned about the biased, ideological approach taken by Nancy Snyderman to the subject of vaccination. Her demonization of parents, who advocate for vaccine safety and informed consent protections, leaves her unable to conduct a professional and balanced interview on the subject. Parents and autism advocacy groups welcome the opportunity to discuss this important issue with journalists committed to maintaining balance and perspective.”



Kudos to Safeminds - smart move. I was reluctant to watch the NBC 60 minutes w/Matt Lauer tonight because I was pretty sure the slant it would take. I was NOT disappointed and had to cut it off half-way through. It was a nauseatingly total sales pitch for vaccines!


Tracy McDermott, thanks for sharing your link. Unbelievable


Wow, Teresa Conrick, that's very interesting. No wonder Ms. Nancy is so adamant.

I also like Alison MacNeil's comment that "Nancy Snyderman is Professor Umbridge." My youngest daugher and I are re-reading the 5th book right now.

Terri Lewis

I nominate Beth for comment of the week:

"Just say NO to mainstream media. . ."

Grandma of recovering autistic child

I absolutely agree with your decision Dr. Nancy is the least objective physican I know


Snyderman's very smug as long as she's on her own turf.. maybe we should ask Larry King to invite Dr. Snyderman on his show to talk science with some people in our camp.. even the playing field and see how well she fares.

Teresa Conrick

I didn't know a thing about Nancy Snyderman so just looked her up. These give a good idea of what is behind her motivation and non-objective behavior:

In 1999, Snyderman returned over $50,000 to DrKoop.com, a healthcare website based in Austin, Texas, after violating insider trading rules prohibiting corporate officers and directors from profiting from a stock sale within six months of buying shares. At the time, she was a director of DrKoop.com, founded by a former Surgeon General of the United States, C. Everett Koop. Her husband, an investment banker, bought 1,650 shares of DrKoop.com, during its initial public offering (IPO) for $9 a share, and sold it a month later at $41.27 a share.[3]

Dr, Nancy Snyder's track record of honesty and conflict of interest is awful.

(1.). Dr. Snyderman lost her job with ABC over a conflict of interest with Johnson and Johnson:

"Before coming to NBC, Dr. Snyderman served as ABC's medical correspondent for 17 years where she was briefly suspended for being paid to promote J & J's product Tylenol. She later spent four years with Johnson & Johnson as Vice President of Consumer Education. J & J's company Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is responsible for producing the thimerosal-containing RhoGAM shot administered to RH-negative women during and after pregnancy. Ortho is currently the respondent in litigation for fetal injuries associated with the shot, including autism.

"WASHINGTON, June 19 — NBC's coverage of the Autism Omnibus Proceedings in the U.S. Federal Claims Court that began last week has sparked a firestorm of criticism among parents of vaccine-injured children from around the country. A letter protesting on-air statements made last week by NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman has been sent to top NBC officials.

The letter, signed by over 50 advocacy organizations and physicians, objects to Dr. Snyderman's assertion on last Tuesday's Today show that the mercury-based preservative thimerosal no longer exists in vaccines. Thimerosal is still contained in most flu shots and several other vaccines as well.

The World Wide Web became a little healthier today with the launch of BeWell, the first-ever expert-guided online community centered on credible health content and dialogue. Developed by a group of the country’s leading health professionals, BeWell is designed to support and guide healthy conversation online and supply individuals with access to top health and wellness experts.

“These are the experts to whom we, as doctors, would turn for advice,” said Dr. Nancy Snyderman, chief medical editor at NBC News, co-founder and editor-in-chief of BeWell.

Our programs are made possible by leading companies who support providing consumers and employees access to the knowledge of the best and brightest experts.Our sponsors have included:

Johnson & Johnson GlaxoSmithKline General Mills PepsiCo Stonyfield Farm Newman’s Own Smith Barney PriceWaterhouseCoopers Eileen Fisher PacifiCare Health System United Healthcare Genomic Health


Since when is Dr. Nancy Snyderman an expert on vaccines? She comes across as such a know it all.

She already has two strikes against her, this is the third.

First strike: she had the gall to say "there is no controversy" regarding vaccine and autism link.. ;

Second strike: she denied the link between GI issues and autism despite all the sciecne to the contrary.

Third strike: Get your damn vaccine. excuse me? Who do you think you are? no, Dr Snyderman you take it and I'll thank you very much not to order me on what I should inject myself with.

Why should anyone trust what this woman says? As far as I'm concerned I'll just do the opposite of whatever she says that way I'll know I'll be safe.

Benedetta Stilwell

You tell that relative that the vaccine issue has been around for thirty years now and it has not gone away and that in itself proves the vaccines are causing autoimmune diseases. If you want this relative's support and in your life you might give the relative a copy of "Night Comes to the Cretaceous: Dinosaur Extinction" It is off the subject of vaccine and autism, but it gives you a very good insight of how slow, and stubborn dogma and the establisment are in changing their minds. For the dinosaur extinction we had the time to argue over it but everyday these fools gets up on TV equals everyday people are getting hurt!


If you want to talk to Nancy...you can get on her FB "fan" page. You just search her name and then request to be a friend because you are a "fan". Her staff is accepting everyone ... obviously.

Then you can get the word directly to her.....me and a couple pals are sending her OUR research.

(i really need to get out more....)


My seven year old son with autism who has taken it upon himself to be "the naughty word police" wanted to know why she has a dirty mouth and if she is EVIL?!?! He is a very perceptive child....

Tracy McDermott

Dr Nancy Snyderman is such a hypocrite. I will site this link once again, as I have saved it for over a year, to prove that when the word "vaccine" is taken out of her report, she whole heartedly "gets" the issues, but chooses to lie about it!
Pay close attention to the mention of lead and pesticides as a contributing factor to alzheimers and aging, and I especially LOVE when she ties it all into toxicity "changing DNA and chromosomes!". I have actually emailed her several times for comment on this report, inserting the toxic assault of vaccines for pesticides, but her wimpy self never responded.. enjoy ~

Cynthia Cournoyer


I think maybe there were no flu vaccines in 1957. Since there was a vaccine in 1976 and it FAILED, then of course you couldn't have any immunity, because it was not bestowed upon you by a vaccine!

Cynthia Cournoyer

Jane Doherty

YEA, Safeminds! You read that terrain correctly. I say to NBC, fire your damn Snyderman. Why is it taking so long for everyone to find her out?


Here's an oxymoron for ya, "We don't know what causes autism but we know it's not vaccines"

Emphasis on the MORON part...

I wish they'd stop taxing my intelligence...
(sighs and rolls eyeballs)

Ann Benson

I'd like to see Dr. Rebecca Carley and Dr. Snyderman on the same panel discussing vaccines. I wish Safeminds would recommend that!


I predict Snyderman will make a big damn deal about the fact that SafeMinds declined. I completely think they did the right thing. This NBC thing coming up on Sunday with Wakefield concerns me. After C-Span aired Insel spouting off about how the studies all show vaccines are safe, I had a relative call me to tell me I should now go ahead and play vaccine catch up with me son!

I say SafeMinds should agree to go - if Snyderman agress to take Jock Doubleday's challenge first - on air.


Why on Earth does NBC employ someone with so little charisma and so little savvy in front of the camera?

I learned at a very young age in the business world if things don't add up, there's always a hidden agenda.


Cheers to Safe Minds! Everybody knows when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Nearly all of the mainstream media talking heads are dogs that can't be trusted . Remember the bait and switch pulled by Dan Rather with the NVIC folks years ago...trust us we'll be objective they promised...then the piece aired and all the science was cut out leaving just the emotion portraying those with vaccine safety concerns as lunatics. This is definitely a part of the pro-vax propaganda strategy...the good thing is they are predictable and consistent. Maybe Couric or Atkinson could be true to the journalistic principles of fair and balanced reporting but even then I'd worry about the editing and behind the scenes agendas at executive levels (i.e. folks with ad revenue concerns and relationships with c-level pharma execs).

Just say NO to mainstream media. Get your news on the net...and get your autism news at ageofautism.com!


Maybe Dr. Snyderman should invite AS to sit in on the panel with NIH and vaccine maker A.

Then plant a secret hidden video under the table.

And watch them play footsies with each other.

Is that wrong?

Angela Warner

Ya know what I don't understand??? They've been telling everyone that unless you were born before 1957 you most likely don't have any immunity to swine flu, but what about the swine flu of 1976? Would none of us who were around during that "epidemic" have any immunity, and why not? Because that's what they're saying and that just doesn't make any sense unless I'm missing something...

Thoughts anyone?

Last I have to say I am proud of SafeMinds for turning down the interview. Nancy Snyderman has proven, repeatedly that she is a pharma schill, and has absolutely no interest in what is making our children sick and causing "autism", nor does she possess the ability to moderate a dialogue of any kind on this subject matter.


Snyderman made quite a point about being born before 1957 and therefore having some "protection" - translations - she will not be getting the "damn vaccine" she is telling us all to run out and get.


As the vaccine injured numbers continue to climb as more and more dangerous vaccines are introduced for profit, soon every household in the country will have a vaccine damaged family member. This will finally put an end to all the crap but it will be to late for so many.

alison macneil

Nancy Snyderman is Professor Umbridge.

Craig Willoughby

Off topic, but I think you all need to read this:


One of the lead researchers for Gardasil is speaking out against it, saying, "The rate of serious adverse events on par with the death rate of cervical cancer. Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year."

And, "If we vaccinate 11-year-olds and the protection doesn’t last… we’ve put them at harm from side effects, small but real, for no benefit. The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers, they are just postponed, unless the protection lasts for at least 15 years, and over 70% of all sexually active females of all ages are vaccinated."


Anybody planning to take a shot with squalene in it should read _Vaccine A_ before he makes up his mind.


Would these three take the same seven or eight shots, at the same time, (adjusted for their body weight of course...)

that has been given to 20 pound toddlers who no longer can speak for themselves ???


Roger Kulp

What Kathy Blanco says here pretty much applies to almost all doctors.I'm glad I finally got the guts to dump them.It's just too bad more diseases don't have their own version of DAN!

The trouble is the government and the mainstream media are all merely puppets of the same corporate interests that really run the country.

Benito Mussolini
"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."

Kub Marshman

Easy for me to say, but I would have taken the invitation on the condition they invite JB Handley to the discussion. Now, you’ve got a show that more than 180,000 people would actually watch.

Cindy Goldenberg

Nancy Snyderman is an idiot.She is unkind, hurtful, and deliberate. Her ego outweighs any logic. It isn't her words that are so annoying, it's her energy--or intent that is so juvenille and arrogant. She predictalby aims to destroy those who do not see her point of view. She is malicious and cruel. I wrote NBC years ago after whatching her skewer Barbara Loe Fisher-- I was embarassed for Meredith Viera. We, who represent the truth, will never change her or others like her, but we can thank her for being "clear" so that everyone can see the difference between intelligence and ignorance. No one can fight the absurd,because you will only "become it" while doing so. But we can stand in the light of knowledge-- a light so powerful that no one can ignore; a light that blinds any man-made perceptions. This, I believe, is our true reality, and I am so grateful to be part of this higher awareness and movement. And at the end of the day, this is what gets me through: "They" need us to find their way to the light. Without them, we would have never found our own. And the truth will always prevail.

Anne Dachel

They must have cut the line where Snyderman yells, "The hell with the mercury in the shot! Get the damn vaccine!!"

Anne Dachel

Thought Criminal

I think that this whole swine flu vaccine hoax will collapse the ENTIRE vaccine program. When people hear about FORCED vaccines, they get pissed and disgusted by our medical and government officials. More people are doing research and getting horrified. There is NO trust in this corrupt government.


Dont take the Shot!


Roger Kulp

Like everybody in corporate media,Snyderman is a corporate shill.In her case,for the pharmaceutical companies.

LLuminari Inc. was founded in December, 2000 by Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Medical Editor, NBC News; Dr. Susan Love, renowned breast cancer surgeon, researcher and author; and Elizabeth Browning, Chief Executive Officer. Our vision was to give people easier access to health experts whom we thought were the best and the brightest- the experts we would turn to for advice.

As a group, we like to think that we are warm, approachable and down to earth. The kind of doctor that listens and explains the complexities of today's medical and scientific developments in health in a way that everyone can understand. Visit us at BeWell.com

Our Partners

“We believe in educating and enlighting people to help them become experts on their health and the health of others in their care. We also believe in providing people a fair and balanced perspective. Our experts are independent thinkers who believe that debate is a healthy way to advance understanding."

Our programs are made possible by leading companies who support providing consumers and employees access to the knowledge of the best and brightest experts.Our sponsors have included:

Johnson & Johnson GlaxoSmithKline General Mills PepsiCo Stonyfield Farm Newman’s Own Smith Barney PriceWaterhouseCoopers Eileen Fisher PacifiCare Health System United Healthcare Genomic Health


Kathy Blanco

Snyderman is a pussy cat compared to Dr Dean Edell, and his spewing lies on radio air...he is a piece of work...and basically never has read the science...just like Synderman is a stupid doctor who doesn't know what she speaks of...a calculating barbie doll/graves disease (she knows this) witch. Safe minds called it right, there is no safe balanced media anymore, and who's to say who is to blame...is it their spokespersons, or it is their CONGLOMERATE interests in the pharmaceutical industries, which regularly PAY for commercial air time on their networks, or is it the combination of their under the table deals to keep it down low OR ELSE?

Do we not get this yet...? What use is the media to us...we have a brigade of mothers and fathers who will eventually SUE civically in courts of law, and they know this...not vaccine courts...which are biased and ridiculous...

Theodore M. Van Oosbree

Maybe so but it would have been nice to inject the word "squalene" into the public consciousness (the word itself sound dangerous!).


Ambush is right. It was wise to decline... "Just get your damn vaccine". You first, Nancy.


I was just revisiting the Good Morning America segment on mandating the HPV vaccine and was struck by how poorly Barbara Loe Fisher is treated by the media. After John Walsh's son was abducted and killed by a criminal, he went on to create an organization that is widely celebrated and respected. Barbara Loe Fisher's son was injured by a vaccine, proven in a court of law, and went on to create an organization that is ridiculed, vilified and marginalized with absolutely no basis. So sad.


Nice job Safeminds. This is part of CDC and Pharma's marketing plan to restore public trust in vaccines. Part of that plan is to make our community appear to be uneducated anti-vaccine zealots.
I wonder how much Nancy is getting paid as a spokesperson for them? She is losing credibility, and by losing her temper on the air....well that is pretty telling, isn't it. "Get your damn vaccines?" How very eloquent.


I totally agree-good call!!! That arsehole Snyderman would have been predictably unobjective. I like how afraid they are to ask the tough questions about H1N1 and vaccine safety in general (like that show on vaccines and autism on "the doctors" where that Dr. (forget his name) had a hissy fit. They've got to step up their game if they want to talk vaccine safety with any credibility.

Benedetta Stilwell

No point in just occupying a chair! Makes our cause look wrong! When it is so morally shining than anything else in all the world today.


If Nancy comes a callin' you know it's not good LOL. But, I also hate that "our side" turned down a live debate when that is what is being asked for by "our side"....so...


Safeminds was wise to eschew the meaningless gyrations of Nancy Johnson & Johnson -- oops, I mean Snyderman.

Craig Willoughby

Really nothing more to say, is there? This letter sums up my feelings toward Sneerderman quite nicely, thank you.


The joint statement was excellent and on point.

Nancy Snyderman almost certainly planned an ambush.


Good call Safe Minds

you just would have been manipulated in a calculated effort to play their game

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