IACC Conference Call Today to Discuss Autism Research Strategic Plan
Studies Show No Link Between Autism and Vaccines. Boo!!!

WGRZ: Faiella Family Defines Giving 100% for a Child with Autism

Wgrz Click HERE to read the moving story (literally) of the Faiella's, as they work to help their son Matthew, who has autism. 

A father looking for the best for his child with autism quit his job, sold his house in Florida and moved to Western New York looking for better public schools. This is only the first in a long line of sacrifices he's made, sacrifices that are all worth it, he says because the radical medical treatments they've been using are working.

Eight year old Matthew Faiella was diagnosed with autism at 18 months and at the time, the doctor's long term prediction did not give the family much hope.



I just want to thank this family for being a pioneer for the rest of us. We can all benefit from each other's treatment history. I am always on the lookout for more ways to battle autism.


Daniel and Ruth are an inspiration to me, and to many, with their strength and determination to help Matthew. I respect them both so much and I am very happy they are forging a path and showing others what it means to do WHATEVER it takes to help a child suffering from "autism."

I love you guys!! Keep us posted on NY and Matthew's progress! :)

Holly M.

Great Blog site. Net info on neuroplasticity.

Benedetta Stilwell

He said that his son really did well after hyerbaric chamber treatment! He even went abroad and had stem cells treatment!

All I would like is a week worth of menus on what Hannah Poling eats?

randy (yes I know that name's kinda funny to the UK folks :-)

This guy is a superhero for his kid, and there's yet another "people don't die from autism" post from one idiot on that site. Don't even know how to respond to that level of ignorance any more.

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