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Studies Show No Link Between Autism and Vaccines. Boo!!!

Dog on keybaord What? Scientific papers bought and paid for by pharma to increase product sales? How about to decrease patient/parent concerns, as in vaccinations, which then increases sales?

This article is about hormone replacement therapy. But why would vaccinations, a huge part of the pharma profit system, be exempt from this controversy? How do bloggers appear on HuffPo within minutes of a post by David Kirby with comment after comment, fully engaged in the autism vaccine debate, and yet, they never appear on "parent" posts about other issues related to autism? Are they ghostbloggers?

Click HERE to read the article in the New York Times.

Newly unveiled court documents show that ghostwriters paid by a pharmaceutical company played a major role in producing 26 scientific papers backing the use of hormone replacement therapy in women, suggesting that the level of hidden industry influence on medical literature is broader than previously known.



Link between vaccines and autism

There is all this debate about whether vaccinations are the cause of autism. Sure there may be evidence to show that autism appeared after a vaccination, but there is also evidence that suggests vaccinations aren't the MAIN culprit.


Funny how someone like Josh blows this all off for vaccines. Sure, this is an apple to oranges comparison, as there really are no review-type papers on vaccines submitted to journals (real or Pharma-created). At least there would be a hint of unbaised research even with the ghostwriting. As it stands now, the only papers getting published are by people with direct ties to Pharma.

Pharma corps do not even need to pretend that there is objective study, they just go ahead and pay someone to write something good about their products. The funding source for vaccine articles is cited (usually) and the paper written by the authors (we assume) so this is not technically the same thing as ghostwriting, but they are both ethically corrupt practices for scientists.

Overstating results, minimizing bad results, or "sweetening" them is never a good idea. There may be tempatation to do that sort of thing for short term gain but there will always be a point when the rubber meets the road. It happens with cars, tires, drugs, and is happening with vaccines. It is inevitable and what is known in some circles as the truth.

Benedetta Stilwell

Josh this is antcedotal but. My son reacted to a DPT shot passing out with a high fever. The doctor said that was okay. I was behind on the third one because of the reaction to his second one. The doctor said it had to be done today. So we got 'er done. I kept a close eye on him, Tylenol when it was suppose to be given. Six hours later, his tylenol was due. I picked him up with a bottle of apple juice with tylenol in it in my hand. He was sucking on it when he sit up out of my lap and pushed it out of his mouth. He froze in that position with his hands holding his bottle. He did not respond, he was like an unmoving doll not a moving, living human being. I took him to the kitchen and put him on top of our freezer lid because his temperature had shot up really high and quick . He still had not moved, his hands still being held up like he was holding his bottle. His pupils of his eyes began to grow bigger and bigger till no color could be seen. I can't tell the rest I am not ruining my day.

But the ped said it was not the vaccine, and he was fine, even though he was no longer walking. Six weeks later he ran a high rhuematoid like fever and had a grand mal seizure. Another six weeks went by and the same thing. It was similiar to Kawaskis. I know about that disease too because my daughter had it - six weeks after her fourth DPT shot.

It is not that these doctors did not see it because they have. It is not like they do not know because they do. I was amazed 26 years later I am still amazed. Josh it is just like we are living some where in a dictatorial third world country and not my United States.


Another point Josh, Vioxx and HRT are free-market drugs - meaning if someone believes they have been damaged by these drugs they can sue the pharmaceutical company directly...therefore, when enough people have experienced damage, it becomes public knowledge and the drug is sometimes pulled from the market - as with Vioxx. Or at least the public can become aware of the side-effects (maybe rare- but very real for some) and supply and demand will kick in and the drug will go away.
Not so with vaccines. Not only are the vaccine manufacturers protected from lawsuits by the government, they are required for school, so supply and demand doesn't even work (if it did, there would be no chicken pox vaccine - when it was developed, parents unilaterally refused it until it became mandated) Vaccines are a completely different process. Believe me, if parents who know their children have been damaged by the MMR could sue the vaccine maker directly - that vaccine would have been pulled for safety issues years ago.

Josh Harris

Stagmom- I agree w/ you. These ghost writing should result in criminal punishment (Jail). However, vaccines have been around for decades, most of these were discovered w/ in two or three years. Vioxx was on the market for only three years when a study published in NEJM showed a dramitcally increased risk of overall mortality. The Womens Health Initiative was published in 2002 showing the dangers of HRT, which were downplayed in previous studies. I get that your trying to say: that if this can happen, then we can assume that it might have happened with vaccines. However ( a big however), these ghost writings were almost always reviews, not actually research articles, like in the case of vaccines. This is a very big difference.

Teresa Conrick


You said

" I havn't seen many doctors who have said they've seen hundreds of their patients come back the day after vaccines w/ autism. Havn't seen any actually. Heard Dr. Jay say he's seen vaccinated and unvaccinated kids regress, but never immedialty following shots."

Just to clarify that regression does not necessarily happen in hours or a day. This is a problem as the Vacccine Injury Program gives a small window and for many kids, there was subtle then rapid regression depending on health, antibiotic use and what type(s) of vaccine they received.

Regression is kind of a nice word that signifies brain damage, gastrointestinal injury, and immune or mitochondria dysfunction. Also, many parents do call their doctors or even have taken their child to the ER for high fevers after vaccination and then they were dismissed as this is a "normal" side effect. What has been considered "normal" about autism is finally being questioned and that is what is imperative and yet scares many people as the ramifications are not only heartbreaking but smack of historical and present day malfeasance.


Josh, you (and others) are taking it too literally. It's simply another case where the public is informed that studies can be false, products can be sent to market without proper safety. The Times does a good job of outing pharma problems except in the case of vaccines - which are typically written up in a favorable light.

Josh Harris

I don't think this article helps your cause. Only a fraction of women were on HRT and there are 8700 lawsuits. More lawsuits w/ Vioxx. This is why I do not believe vaccines are the cause of the autism "epidemic". They might trigger it in few cases, but deffentily not the cause in the rise. When a drug actually does more harm than good, doctors notice. I havn't seen many doctors who have said they've seen hundreds of their patients come back the day after vaccines w/ autism. Havn't seen any actually. Heard Dr. Jay say he's seen vaccinated and unvaccinated kids regress, but never immedialty following shots.


Teresa and John-- I think the online marrauding is called "roach baiting", "stealth marketing", "buzz marketing" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stealth_marketing ), "astroturfing" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing ) or more officially, "Word of Mouth Marketing", for which there are associations and summits:


"...clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth..."


The title is ...not mis-leading...disorienting? It doesn't mesh with the content.

Birgit Calhoun

Paid propaganda works the other way around, too. A person writes a favorable article and then approaches companies to see if they are willing to pay. This is and has been done for quite a while.

Roger Kulp

Riddle of death of girl, 4, wrongly diagnosed with mumps despite having MMR jab

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1204755/Girl-4-dies-diagnosed-mumps-despite-having-MMR-jab.html#ixzz0NQp0AutC


Slightly OT, I went to the grocery store yesterday morning (Ralph's, in So. Cal), where amid ads for the specials of the day, the overhead speakers were playing scare-mongering ads for the shingles vaccine. Dulcet-toned lady, calmly urging ANYONE who has had the chicken pox to stop and think of how much they could suffer from shingles in the future, and anyone over 60 to rush out and ask their doctor about getting the shot. I heard this ad THREE TIMES in the span of 45 minutes. I half expected to see white-coated, needle-wielding kidnappers in the parking lot afterward. They've also got full-page ads in our newspaper. It's positively Orwellian. I'm sending a letter to the local store to explain why I won't be shopping there anymore.

John Stone

Also JABS Forum was targeted by a group that hung around on Ben Goldacre's 'Bad Science' site after I had submitted a post about Goldacre's patronage to BMJ (the first in this series):



Ed. Your link points to page two of the article rather than page 1. Here is the link to page 1:


Teresa Conrick

I remembered a blogger on one of David Kirby's HuffPo blogs post this -- it was after it became apparent that the Wackosphere had suddenly appeared and were like hungry piranha:

"On every discussion of autism, on the internet, there is a polarization of opinion: people who want more research, and posts that seek to shut down the discussion entirely. Here's a fact you may want to consider: the pharmacutical companies pay other firms (PR, Marketing, etc...) to monitor internet chats and weigh in on them. Marketing firms use internet subject filters, and whenever a chat on autism opens, their people are paid to write posts. Obviously their posts present a very specific point of view. Although some posts maybe more "soft-sell" than others, the general thrust of them is always the same: "there is no connection between vaccines and autism." So it's good to keep this in mind -- many posts that you read below are paid PR messages. > Many companies do it. It's a new internet tool -- and an effective one. In fact, if you take any seminar on marketing a small business, they suggest hiring a blogger to post for you on relevant websites, chat rooms etc.... But just imagine how many bloggers Big Pharma has on the payroll... Something to keep in mind. "

A. F.

With regard to a medical exemption, I had no problem getting one in Florida for my son. However, the public school insisted that was not sufficient; I had to supply a religious exemption. Go figure: religious trumps medical in my state!

Jack R.

This had me extra-riled up yesterday. There is a lot in this story but I think the key point is that this only came out in court. Just imagine what we'd learn in court if vaccine cases could actually go to court.


I hope they've gotten the vaccine exemption thing figured out. New York is the toughest state to get a religious exemption.

Perhaps, they've been lucky enough to find a doctor to sign off on a medical exemption?


I am reminded of how Merck created a fake “peer-reviewed” journal, the “Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine,” in which to publicize pro-Vioxx articles, the journal was “designed to resemble a peer-reviewed publication and reprinted previously published articles.”

When Merck and Vioxx came to trial in Australia the PR game ratcheted up a notch.

" … a hired crisis management team sits in court every day, under the guidance of Merck & Co’s media spokeswoman flown out from the US, watching what journalists write, who they talk to and where they go in the court breaks.

The team from prominent media relations firm Kreab & Gavin Anderson follow journalists out of court, ask them what they are writing, hand out daily press releases and send “background” emails they say should not be attributed to the company but which detail what they think are the “salient points” from the evidence presented in court.

The team rings reporters first thing in the morning, accuses them of “cherry-picking” the evidence and bombards newspapers with letters to the editor arguing their case in detail based on the day’s evidence - five were sent to The Australian in just seven days."


And now we have the "swine flu" making it's way for every crib and pregnant woman's body, this "deadly" "pandemic" requires an immediate development and implementation of an untested N1H1 vaccine that the government has granted full immunity.

God help us.

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