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National Autism Association Conference in Florida 11/12 - 15

Hyatt Managing Editor's Note: Fall is conference time! We told you about the DAN! Conference  in Dallas in early October. Here's info on the  National Autism Association Conference at the Hyatt Regency Bonaventure Conference Center and Spa in Weston, Florida. 

How do you choose a conference? Some folks start with the speakers. Perhaps there's a particular doc you want to hear. Others look at travel distance and hotel costs for financial reasons. Whether you choose DAN! or NAC or any of the other conferences coming this Fall, learning how to help your child with autism is always good for the mind, body and soul. And from what I hear, the Hyatt Bonaventure is particularly good at pampering all three.

From our friends at NAA:

Relaxing, informative, hopeful, casual, laid-back, rejuvenating, affordable, tropical, FUN...are we talking about a conference?  Absolutely!

If you're an autism parent, this conference is for YOU!  The NAC features the world's leading experts on autism in a relaxed, environmentally-friendly tropical resort setting.  The schedule is designed to keep you from running frantically from one presentation to another - take some time to dip your toes in the pool or do some shopping in the exhibit hall.  Sleep in! - There's nothing on your agenda before 9 am! 

The on-site Red Door Spa will give you a chance to pamper yourself - can you even remember what that's like?  The intimate atmosphere allows opportunities to network with speakers, community leaders, fellow parents and friends.  FREE food items and beverages will be available in our exhibit hall throughout the conference to help keep your expenses down.  Use the money you save to get a massage, or have cocktails by the pool waterfall!  This is YOUR conference, don't miss it!

New this year! 

When you register to attend the full conference, you can choose to purchase a companion pass for just $125!  Bring your spouse, your Mom, your best friend, your child's therapist - you get the picture!  And be sure to tell them to pack their flip-flops!
Full details HERE.



$65,000,000 for research ... how much in direct aid to parents... none ... marriage counseling ...none ... Project Lifesaver equipment to find wandering kids ...none...

Autism groups such as National Autism Association, ARI, Autism one, TACA, Generation Rescue, Safeminds, etc pour their heart and soul into helping AND educating parents with children w/ASD. Recovered children are the legacy of these charities.

Autism Speaks, God Bless them for their PR campaigns... but Geraldine Dawson earned $669,751 from AS (a non-profit charity, no less) in total compensation for 2008 in the worst economy since the Great Depression while families w/ASD kids guessed it Z-E-R-O.

I will support National Autism Association, ARI, etc ... anyday.

Just my 2 cents...


As the Swine Flu Vaccine trials have begun, is there a label for the multi-dose vials available anywhere ? Is there more than one manufacturer ?

Our news here showed a picture of Tamiflu stacked to the ceiling somewhere, I wonder what the cost of that program is.

I would guess the Tamiflu will expire before too long and much of it may be thrown out... paid for by the taxpayer of course.


Hi, A.F. I just retested the links - they are going to the conference info: Try again? Thanks for commenting. KIM

A. F.

The links don't seem to work on the Florida conference. Thanks.

Leslie P.

This is always such an awesome conference. It's smaller size lends it to greater access to speakers and vendors, and the venue is great! I highly recommend it to anyone who might be "on the fence". It's a great opportunity to be around adults who "get it", learn AND have fun!

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