Autism and the DSM: Time for a Change?
The Angel in the Engine: Reports of Restraint, Seclusion and “Special Treatment” in Special Ed

Live Webinar from "Rethink Autism" on At Home ABA Programming

Rethink autism Many biomed families also use ABA for their children. Rethink Autism offers a web-based platform for at home ABA. WPIX TV's Jim Watkins (who has a son with autism),  (HERE) Ch. 11 in NYC says: “In a small office in midtown Manhattan, a revolution is taking place in the field of autism education.” 
Live Webinar: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
Registration is required @ HERE.

Participants in this Live Webinar will learn how they can:

•Dramatically reduce the costs of your autism education program
•Start and manage an evidence-based approach to autism
•Monitor outcomes for students with autism

The mission of rethink autism is offering parents and professionals immediate access to effective and affordable Applied Behavior Analysis-based treatment tools for the growing population affected by autism spectrum disorders.  Our web-based platform includes a comprehensive curriculum that can be linked to your state standards, hundreds of dynamic instructional videos of teaching interactions, step-by-step training modules, and progress tracking features to measure student outcomes.  Our Senior Clinical Advisor, Dr. Bridget Taylor, personally reviews each of the lesson and training videos accompanying our curriculum, ensuring clinical integrity and the portrayal of research-based teaching strategies.  We have also engaged well-respected leaders in the field of autism to guide our future development through the Scientific Advisory Board (see full list HERE).

You can also check out a recent piece that aired on CBS News about Rethink Autism: HERE.



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