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Jenny McCarthy in Cookie Magazine

Jenny cookie By Kim Stagliano

Cookies for breakfast! Jenny McCarthy is on the cover of Cookie Magazine looking beautiful and sharing her honest thoughts about her personal autism journey with Evan. I'm going to pick up three of four copies so I can lend them to teachers and therapists and use them for display during Autism Awareness month, next Spring.

Click HERE to see the Cookie online article: "Find out what the model, mom, and autism activist is doing to empower parents to take charge of their kids' health."

You can find Jenny's best selling books on parenthood and autism at Amazon. To learn more about treating autism, please visit Jenny McCarthy's autism organization, our sponsor Generation Rescue.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



Maybe Cookie was trying to win back all of us who stopped our subscriptions after that Amanda Peet interview! I just read through all the comments and there were quite a number of people who all said the same thing. I think I'll pick up this issue to support Jenny, but I won't run out and reorder my subscription just yet!

Jenny Webster

It is so wonderful to see a beautiful, intelligent woman on the cover of cookie... instead of that other woman... old whats-her-name ;)

Thank you Jenny!


good for Cookie!! Conversely, O (Oprah magazine) has a joke of an article in the new issue (Sept.) that really is insulting to any of you who are using bio-medical treatments. The article talks about seriously quack treatments under the guise of bio-med approaches and really aims to discredit Jenny and GR. I've just responded via email that the writer (Cintra Wilson) really seemed ignorant of the issue.


I don't let comments on websites bother me anymore. Because they don't represent normal humans, just people who spend too much time on line (present company excepted of course). That said, good for Cookie! I used to snarl everytime I passed them in the store, but I'll be buying this issue.

Vicki Schwartz

I cancelled my subscription too Barb! Happy to see that COOKIE can be fair and glad that I can read their mag again!

Barbara Majeski

I cancelled my COOKIE subscription when Amanda Peet made the front cover. Looks like they just earned back a customer by featuring Jenny! Kudos for COOKIE for sharing both voices.

Julie Swenson

I forget how brain-draining it is to attempt to shed some light on the ever-present group of vaccines-are-safe-OMG-how-can-you-not-vaccinate-your-child-if-vaccines-cause-autism-why-aren't-all-kids-autistic-etc idiots who seem to live under the same rock of denial. I give up. You can point out facts all day long to these fools and get nowhere.

Yay for Jenny!

Benedetta Stilwell

I don't think ours are the weak ones. I think ours are probably the strong ones!

Think about it. Mine probably did not need anymore boosters after the first shot.

The WEAK ones are the ones that won't become immune to a disease untill they have every one of the boosters.

Ours would probably have come through these diseases without breaking a sweat.


I am so excited to see Jenny on the cover! I canceled my subscription after Amanda Peet made such awful comments about parents not vaccinating. I'll go out and pick up a copy now! Go Jenny!


That previous article on Cookie made me sick... and so do some of the letters below Jenny's article. The anonymous writers reveal much about their agendas, pathologies and ignorance. Sad, sad, sad.

A good Q&A from Jenny but I wish it could have been longer. The editors always slash articles down to the bone.


After the fiasco of the Amanda Peet story it's funny that they put Ms Jenny on their cover. After what happened on the hot topics boards there (especially a couple of real assholes named Autism Mom and Depressed Knick Fan **which I know is Kenny) I'm surprised that Jenny would even give their Rag Mag a second thought. I guess in a way it's gratifying to stick it in Amanda's face.
I'll pick up the mag only because I love Jenny and want to support her and her recovery of Evan. She does look gorgeous on that cover doesn't she? Then again, when doesn't she look gorgeous?
I don't think I'll be engaging (again) in the banter back and forth with the trolls that also hit Huffington Post. On Cookie, there isn't as much moderation and things get nasty REAL QUICK.
I'm glad that Jenny did this though. It shows that "we" will not go down...forget the "without a fight" thing. We won't go down PERIOD!


I'm glad they published a different perspective than Amanda Peet's. And I thought Jenny's response to that controversy was classy.

World Health Organization

Great interview. Since no one will think that their child is the "weak" one, parents will continue to vaccinate since vaccines are safe for all but the weak. Our plans of genocide and sterlization can continue. yeah!!


Reading some of the comments on the Cookie website makes me insane. How people can say that children don't recover, but instead are misdiagnosed is beyond me. One person can be in remission from cancer, yet another person might pass away from the same type of cancer. We don't say the person who is in remission was misdiagnosed or never had cancer to begin with. I am here to say that I have watched with my own two eyes a child continue to recover from autism. I've seen it, my neighbors have seen it, and my family has seen it. Way to go Cookie for putting Jenny Evan on the cover. Kind of redeems them from the ridiculous article that Amanda Peet had out earlier with them.

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