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Final Day to Comment on IACC Shortcomings

Iacc REVISION: There's a webform to use. Please click HERE, scroll down to "continue" and you'll get the form.  The webform has 6 questions - in question 3, "What caused this to happen and can this be prevented?" you can ask to have the vax/unvax study returned to the docket, for instance.

Tomorrow is the final day to provide public comment on the proceedings of the IACC. Let them know what you think of the progress and staffing of this committee.


Pamela Felice

Use Public Comment to Ask for Insel's Resignation - See Following Post for Link

Notice folks, I don't think it is a coincidence that AoA ran the public comment post and the Insel's family ties story right next to each other.

I answered the questions in the public comment link and asked for Insel's resignation. We should also ask for the two studies that Insel had removed to be reinstated which includes the feasibility study for a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study and that all autism related research recommended by NVAC be added.

We have every opportunity to let Insel and IACC know exactly how we feel about all of this.

Benedetta Stilwell

Okay, I went back and changed some thing that I filled out before. In ever box I said that Tom Insel should be made to resign because his brother made four million dollars for the Hib B vaccine. But this is his agency? Won't he be the one reading them or his secretary? What good is this suppose to do?

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