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Deirdre Imus on HuffPo: Could Endrocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Vaccines Trigger Autism?

Deirdre logo Managing Editor's Note: I apologize we missed this post earlier in the week from SafeMinds board member Deirdre Imus on HuffPo. Could Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Vaccines Cause Autism?

...Environmental "triggers," including endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), is an area in which autism organizations are seeking to encourage further research and it continues to be under-studied as a mechanism of autism causality.

So how should we study a potential link between EDCs and autism?

Perhaps this is too obvious, but why not examine what most normally developing children who are later diagnosed with autism have in common? Why not study the EDCs in childhood vaccines?

That's right, most vaccines contain aluminum adjuvants used to increase immune response, and aluminum is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. Like it or not, vaccines are likely the largest source of one-time exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in early infant development...

Deirdre Imus is Founder and President of the Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology , Co-founder, Co-Director of Imus Ranch, a working cattle ranch for kids with cancer, and a Board Member for Age of Autism's sponsor SafeMinds.



Kathy Blanco

Eliza your equation sounds just about right...I think the perfect storm/fire storm of over vaccinations, ICC, pitocins, MMR shots in moms, UNdiagnosed gluten sensitivity, low thyroid in moms, MSG, hidden MSG, fluoride, EMF's, Low Vit D etc, are driving this epidemic, and the gasoline with match is is vaccines.


Deirdre only has 3 (now 4) comments on Huffpo. Maybe some of you can send your comments over to her there to support her? Here's what I posted over there.

Excellent comments Deirdre! I will never understand why some believe environmental chemicals are involved in autism yet so heatedly debate that vaccines cannot be that source. I had a small back and forth with Karp on his posts and have to say at least he understands the environmental piece cannot be argued, however he has a brick wall of denial where vaccine adjuvants and additives are concerned.

Vaccines were the absolute trigger for my son physical medical regression and autism but his recent (1 year ago) reoccurrance of seizure activity started with that chemlawn truck constantly on my street keeping the neighbors lawns eternally green.

It is impossible to keep my son safe now that he is so immune compromised by vaccines from the constant onslaught of chemicals allowed in our air, water systems and food supply. I think people have to start taking a huge look at the current thoughts on preventative health. It's not vaccines, they are a medical tool not okay for all people there are many known devistating risks and adverse reactions; but cleaning our air, water and food is preventative health. Vaccines have to be an informed choice and decisions should be made on an individual basis.

Please keep up the fight for our children's health Deidre, you are a voice of reason, grace and dignity!


Hi Denise,

The are many natural supplements that will support thyroid function. You may want to talk with a naturopathic doctor. They can guide you on this. There are no bad side effects or adverse reactions to worry about.

My son is on supplement for adrenal support and it has helped a lot as far as reducing his hyperactivity and aggression. He's more calm and focused. He even behaved beautifully at the dentist the other day, (an appointment I dreaded) but I had given him his supps beforehand.

denise Smith

Hi All,
I am so greatful for all of your daily insight. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals have effected two of my children and i am desperate for guidance as to how to proceed. my oldest is NT with precocious puberty at 5 years 11 months. my 4 year old is diagnosed with PDD-NOS and has hypothyroidism. what are my options beside Lupron shots? I am beyond scared.
I would be incredibly thankful for any help.
Denise Smith


From "across the pond":- Aluminium pans were in use in the UK by World War II when they were donated by British housewives to be turned into aeroplanes, etc. My mother used that sort of pan from her marriage in the late 40s until she bought a set of stainless steel pans in the 80s(? precise date). From my childhood I remember her cleaning aluminium pans by boiling up a stick of rhubarb in them and how bright and shiny they were afterwards (I think it was oxalic acid in the rhubarb - can any biologist confirm that?).

One day I'll be able to work out an equation that adds up prenatal exposure from parents' mercury amalgam fillings, aluminium from anti-perspirants, organophosphates from pesticides, immediate cord-clamping, "too many, too soon" on vaccination (especially on premature babies) and undiagnosed gluten sensitivity (1 in a 100 in the "normal" population and much, much higher in the ASD population). There are other additions to a very long equation that ends up with "X = autism spectrum disorders".

Benedetta Stilwell

Years ago and I mean long ago, probably 25 years ago on "60 Minutes" it showed an elderly couple, and the husband had Alzheimer's. The medical people had recently discovered at that time, that aluminum was in dissected Alzheimer's brains, but nobody could figure out how it was getting into their brains. The poor little old lady was telling the newsman how she tried not to cook anything in an aluminum pans. I threw away my pans and also worried about the aluminum pop cans after that. I didn't know they were shootin it up in our veins!

Amy in Idaho

I learned this week that at my son's school, there are several women in their late 20's/early 30's who have had difficulties in getting pregnant and/or staying pregnant.

My gut is telling me that reproductive difficulties and autism are all part of a larger toxic problem. Two generations ago you rarely met a woman utilizing IVF to get pregnant, now it seems as common as - well, 1 in 100.


Thank you Deirdre, excellent article. This quote of yours says it all:

"So there you have it, aluminum and mercury are both endocrine disrupters, as well as neurotoxins, and both can be particularly toxic when exposed to testosterone."

And since aluminum and mercury are both metalloestrogens, the Susan B Komen Foundation should also be interested in studies regarding the use of these substances in vaccines.

"Metalloestrogens : an emerging class of inorganic xenoestrogens with potential to add to the oestrogenic burden of the human breast

This report highlights studies which show metalloestrogens to include aluminium, antimony, arsenite, barium, cadmium, chromium (Cr(II)), cobalt, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, selenite, tin and vanadate. The potential for these metal ions to add to the burden of aberrant oestrogen signalling within the human breast is discussed."

And then there's this article that explains the subject very well:

"Aluminum In Breast Tissue: A Possible Factor In The Cause Of Breast Cancer
The major constituent of antiperspirant is aluminium salts which have long been associated with cancer, as well as other human disease.
“However, we have no direct evidence that the aluminium measured in these breast biopsies originated from antiperspirant. An alternative explanation might be that tumourous tissue acts as a ‘sink’ for systemic aluminium”.
But it goes on to say that “aluminium in breast tissue might contribute” to breast cancer.
“Aluminium is a metalloestrogen, it is genotoxic, is bound by DNA and has been shown to be carcinogenic. It is also a pro-oxidant and this unusual property might provide a mechanistic basis for any putative carcinogenicity. The confirmed presence of aluminium in breast tissue biopsies highlights its potential as a possible factor in the aetiology of breast cancer”."

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