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CDC's 10 Public Engagement Meetings on H1N1 Swine Flu and Vaccination Occuring in August

Citizen power Thanks to Ginger Taylor of Adventures in Autism for this link to Flu Wiki. I don't know who runs this site, or who drd1106 is, but the info is worth sharing so you can attend a meeting in your area. KS.

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CDC's 10 Public Engagement Meetings Set
by: drd1106
Sat Aug 01, 2009 at 10:53:56 AM EDT
I first heard about these meetings on the NVAC conference call on Monday, but the meetings had not been set.  They are now and you can get more information at  YOU MUST REGISTER NOW TO ATTEND.  Go to the website to register.

The meeting schedule is:

Denver, Colorado, Saturday, August 8

Lincoln, Nebraska, Saturday, August 8

Vincennes, Indiana, Saturday, August 15

Birmingham, Alabama, Saturday, August 15

Sacramento, California, Saturday, August 15

El Paso, Texas, Saturday, August 22

El Paso, Texas, sábado 22 de agosto del 2009

Additional meetings are being planned in the following cities. Please check back frequently for registration information.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Saturday, August 22

New York, New York, Saturday, August 22

Somerville, Massachusetts, Saturday, August 29

Spokane, Washington, Saturday, August, 29  

This info was deeply buried, so I don't know how people will find out about these meetings.


Erika Roberg

I was in attendance at the Denver, CO meeting this last Saturday (8/8/09). As others posted, it was a HUGE success. The CDC was expecting sheeple, not well-informed and vocal citizens who want the TRUTH. Also, as someone else already mentioned, one of the CDC officials stormed out and never returned during the "public comment" section of the meeting. The CDC used the Delphi Technique ( Here is a brief account of the meeting, along with copies of all documents the CDC handed out:
I hope this information will serve to help others who will be attending future meetings. I'm positive the CDC was taking notes and "listening" to our concerns with the intent of coming up with rebuttles for them at the next meeting. We need to stay one step ahead of the game!


Also...we need people at all these events. There were many people there from vacccine truth/awareness groups & thats what we need at all 10 of these events. We will have a video & article about our experience posted soon so watch for it. Anyone who is planning on attending any more of these events or knows someone who is & would like literature & dvd's please contact us at We are going to be lucky to get this whole vaccination campaign shot down so lets step up & make our voices heard loud & clear to these people!!!!!
If having the military, CDC as well as public health officials there, along with their sad attempt to brain wash/ group think us into supporting mass vaccinations isnt enough the gentelman who was the organizer (Mike from the Keystone group) closed the presentation with a quote from literally gave me goose bumps. If you dont know much about Makaveli I would call him a fascist/Eugenicist who among other things promoted the idea that the most effective & socially acceptable way to have slaves is not to have to keep them in chains but to make them willfully believe they are slaves so you dont have to have them chained!



I am with We Are Change Colorado. We attended the CDC's meeting here in Denver. We brought about 30 people. We went as press, citizens, as well as had a small group of our people outside handing out flyers and dvd's. Anyone planning on attending these others events let me know we can supply you with DVD's & flyers. As for the meeting it was a joke. It was a feeble attempt to "group think/ brain wash the crowd by breaking us into groups & then bringing us all back together & using little electonic voting things )like on americas funniest home videos) to ask extemely leading questions. The people were not buying it though, people called them out on their attempts to sell us & lead us through their tactics. I would call it a complete success for truth & a totla failure for the CDC. Yes the CDC guy as well as a guy from Wash DC Dep of health in his military dress left shaking their heads discouraged.


El Paso? For real? Why not a more central location for Texans such as Austin. El Paso is a 14 hour drive from those of us in metropolitan areas like Dallas or Austin.

Benedetta Stilwell

Dawn - Good, about the meeting, it is time they know what happens when trust has been abused.


The Denver meeting was a huge success I've been told. One of the two CDC "experts" angrily left the room and didn't return. They were NOT prepared to handle the well-informed, angry public. The other meetings may be a huge success too, but we need to get the word out FAST!

Ben's Mom

Interestingly my child has been quite ill with a non-respiratory illness and when I took him into his "medical home" for diagnosis and treatment, I was treated like an idiot as if I was inappropriately jumping on the "Swine Flu Bandwagon". Give me a break! Can't these medical people just do their jobs and leave it alone for at least some part of every day! Meanwhile I have an acutely ill child and they couldn't care less, since it's not the new and sexy H1N1!

Angela S.

The swine flu is being misdiagnosed! Just a quick five minute google revealed the following:

UK Girl dies of meningitis after swine flu diagnosis
A two-year-old girl died of suspected meningitis hours after paramedics diagnosed her with swine flu and told her parents to keep her at home. (A grand example of Gov Health Care)

Girl with appendicitis misdiagnosed with swine flu in UK (Also a grand example of Gov Health Care)

UK girl died from complications arising from tonsillitis after being misdiagnosed with swine flu over the phone by a GP

Doctors Misdiagnosed Mexico's First Swine Flu Death,2933,518457,00.html?sPage=fnc/health/infectious

Swine flu being 'misdiagnosed'
Patients are being misdiagnosed with swine flu over the phone through the National Pandemic Flu Service, a doctor has claimed.
Mark Hainsworth, a GP at Bildeston Health Centre, says he has seen patients with pneu-monia, tonsillitis and even chicken pox at his surgery, who have all been diagnosed with swine flu over the phone.
He said: "People are being misdiagnosed.
"The criteria now seems to be everyone who has a raised temperature has swine flu.
"At this time of year, people have temperatures for all sorts of reasons but the Government has completely wiped out diagnosis with this hysteria and labelled everything as swine flu."

Almost nine out of 10 GPs fear people with serious conditions such as tonsillitis, bronchitis and meningitis could be wrongly diagnosed as having swine flu by the new telephone helpline.


I will willingly donate my vaccination...but I am over 40 and don't make it onto Ezekiel Emmanuel's priority list anyway.


Does anyone know what the CDC is really planning to do with the information from these meetings? Is this a public forum due to a legal mandate? (I read that on the flu wiki.)

Or, is this a big focus group, upon which the CDC will base their fall marketing push? The participants all get lunch and $50 so it seems like more of a focus group to me. (I spent a decade doing market research and strategy for Fortune 500 companies.)

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear All, Just heard from my daughter, who works in a hospital in San Jose, CA. She states that her area has a ten percent Mexican population and many of the ten percent went to Mexico in the summer. They have had thousands of flu cases, one person hospitalized and no deaths. Want to take a vaccine for that?
Unfortunately, here in New Delhi, the newspapers are playing up stories of swine flu deaths. Are they real swine flu deaths? We shall never know because in India, the truth is always a moving target. My personal guess is that Big Pharma is making sure that when their vaccines dont sell in the west, they have another market- and a very big one at that.


from the link below..... they are pretty impressed with themselves...

....So rewrite the script: An uncontrollable, deadly virus ravages the population, triggering martial law to protect a handful of survivors lucky enough to get a vaccination.,2933,538774,00.html

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