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Thimerosal: Questions Asked, Few Answered.

Fourteen By Julie Obradovic
Part 5 in the 14 Studies Series
I apologize. Originally this was going to be another nice, calmly written post like the others in this series, but given the recent H1N1 vaccine hysteria and imminent use of Thimerosal both there and in the seasonal flu shot (a total of 5 flu shots recommended for pregnant women and children), coupled with the US News and World Report article (HERE) with the AAP stating once again (yawn...) that there is no link between vaccines and Autism, that the science is qualitatively and quantitatively complete, and that it has been the most studied item regarding the cause of Autism, blah, blah, blah... I just had to write this angrily.
I have now presented the 14 studies on 3 occasions. Each and every time I do, I get more and more dismayed at the stupidity that is being called conclusive science. I used to be really polite, always professional, always giving the researchers and the nay-sayers the benefit of the doubt, but I just can't do that anymore. You have to willfully ignore and purposefully twist reality in so many directions to come to their conclusion, there's just no way to be nice about it.
So let's take a lookey, shall we? Let's copy and paste this to every yahoo group, every mommy blog, every facebook page. Let's look at what has actually been studied about Thimerosal and the context in which it has. Open the studies. Read them for yourselves. See what is being passed off as science these days.

Remember, each and every one of these studies was conducted and/or funded by someone who promotes, manufactures, endorses, profits from, patents, and/or defends in a court of law, vaccines. And also remember that we have only looked at 1 ingredient of dozens (HERE) and 1 vaccine of 36 recommended (including the prenatal flu shot) HERE.
Now, I'm no scientist, but I am quite logical, and one would think that if you were ethical and responsible and promoting or patenting vaccines you would realize your grave conflict of interest in conducting this science and step aside in the name of that science you so often tout your love for. It doesn't take a genius to realize that if you are under investigation for a crime, intended or not, YOU DON'T GET TO DO THE INVESTIGATING!
One would also think the same ethical and responsible people would acknowledge studying only 1 ingredient and 1 injection is thoroughly inadequate to make the sweeping statement vaccines don't cause Autism.
And one would certainly think that if one wanted to find out if vaccines and/or their ingredients were causing Autism, a few basic studies would be conducted immediately.
Like say, maybe you could start with a study of the vaccinated versus never vaccinated to see if there are any health outcome differences?
And then maybe, oh, I don't know, a study of kids who received none of the suspected ingredient compared to those who received different amounts of it, including the highest possible amount all the way through their childhood, including prenatally? That's what my son's 5th grade science book calls having a control group.
And hey, how about a study of the kids who actually regressed into Autism after their vaccines, examining the hypothesis that for at least some of them Thimerosal damages the immune system and mitochondria for months and then when the triple live virus vaccine (also given with the DTP and polio vaccines and sometimes more) is given at 15-18 months old, they can't process it and succumb to Autism?
Or, hey, hey, how about this? Actually study vaccines in the way they are administered in a real world setting? This whole "usually simultaneous vaccination is incompletely studied at the time of licensure" non-sense (page 33 HERE) just isn't cutting it anymore. We only give routine childhood vaccines simultaneously! How can you possibly say the combination of vaccines we are giving is not causing Autism when you have never studied it?! THIS...IS...NOT...GOOD...ENOUGH!
Or how about identifying kids who are hypersensitive to Thimerosal before injecting them with it, or at this point studying the kids who appear to have been? It says right HERE on the Material Safety Data Sheet you aren't supposed to get this stuff if you are hypersensitive to it. Who IS that? Are you hypersensitive to thimerosal? Am I? How do we know who those people are?!
Or maybe conduct a study explaining to parents how the same Material Safety Data Sheet says you can't flush Thimerosal down a toilet but you can inject it into a pregnant mom or a newborn? Not safe for the sewer system in trace amounts but safe for my baby? Explain this, please! I'd love to hear it, really.
Or what about another study explaining to parents why the same Material Safety Data sheet clearly says Thimerosal is highly reactive with Aluminum and should NEVER be mixed with it because of how toxic they become, yet on the Vaccine Excipient sheet (HERE) there are 5 vaccines given to children every day that do just that?
Or, here's an idea, produce the original data sets for the Verstraeten study (see first study below) so that independent scientists can reproduce your results? I thought good science was reproducible. Where is that data? Why have you hidden it? Locked it up? Destroyed it? Whatever you have done with it? I'm a taxpaying citizen who paid for it. He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. WHERE IS IT?!
Or, what about getting the participants of the secret Simpsonwood meeting of June 7-8, 2000 to discuss the locked up, destroyed, hidden or who-knows-what-happened-to-them original results of that study (transcript available at Put Children First) under oath to explain exactly what they meant when they made these incriminating comments those fateful days almost 10 years ago?
"The number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant." - Dr. William Weil, American Academy of Pediatrics. Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000

"The issue is that it is impossible, unethical to leave kids unimmunized, so you will never, ever resolve that issue [regarding the impact of mercury]." - Dr. Robert Chen, Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development, Centers For Disease Control, Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000

"Forgive this personal comment, but I got called out at eight o'clock for an emergency call and my daughter-in-law delivered a son by c-section. Our first male in the line of the next generation and I do not want that grandson to get a Thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on. It will probably take a long time. In the meantime, and I know there are probably implications for this internationally, but in the meanwhile I think I want that grandson to only be given Thimerosal-free vaccines." - Dr. Robert Johnson, Immunologist, University of Colorado, Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000

"But there is now the point at which the research results have to be handled, and even if this committee decides that there is no association and that information gets out, the work has been done and through the freedom of information that will be taken by others and will be used in other ways beyond the control of this group. And I am very concerned about that as I suspect that it is already too late to do anything regardless of any professional body and what they say…My mandate as I sit here in this group is to make sure at the end of the day that 100,000,000 are immunized with DTP, Hepatitis B and if possible Hib, this year, next year and for many years to come, and that will have to be with thimerosal containing vaccines unless a miracle occurs and an alternative is found quickly and is tried and found to be safe." - Dr. John Clements, World Health Organization, Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000
I'd love to hear them in sworn testimony with the penalty of perjury and jail time talk their way out of this. It would be quite helpful in getting our precious research dollars directed in the most useful way when they couldn't, don't ya think? Save us all a hell of a lot of time, no, not to mention our kids lives?
Oh, I don't know, these are just suggestions that seem to make the most sense if you actually do want to find out the role of vaccines in Autism and other health outcomes. These are just the studies that would seem to answer the question the quickliest and most accurately, but no, these are not the studies we have.
Instead, we have these gems (all of which are accessible at Fourteen Studies along with the post-publication criticism):
With regard to Thimerosal...
1.  Do US children receiving some Thimerosal in their vaccines only up to age 7 months (not including prenatal Thimerosal containing vaccines or flu shots) have different health outcomes than those children who received more?
Published answer: We have no idea, but it might cause tics and speech delay.(Verstraeten, Pediatrics, November 2003)
2.  Did the discontinuation of Thimerosal in vaccines in Denmark lead to a decrease in Autism?
Published answer: No, rates skyrocketed. Thimerosal must prevent Autism. (That or we changed the diagnostic criteria in 1995, half-way through the study period. Take your pick.)(Madsen, Pediatrics, September 2003)
3.  Has the rate of Autism in California decreased since thimerosal was removed from vaccines?
Published answer: No. Again, rates went up. (Too bad there was never a time during this study that thimerosal actually was removed from vaccines. Oops.)(Schecter, AGP, January 2008)
4.  Are the rates of Autism different for Italian children who received 62.5 micrograms of Thimerosal versus 137.5 micrograms?
Published answer: No. Shocking, I know. (Tozzi, Pediatrics, February 2009)
5.  Did the discontinuation of Thimerosal use in vaccines in Denmark, Sweden and the US lead to a decrease in Autism?
Published answer: No, rates went up, again. Still using faulty Denmark and California data, so study has no basis in reality. (Stehr-Green, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2003)
6.  Did children in the UK who all received Thimerosal containing DTP vaccine have different rates of developmental disorders based on when they got the shot (at 3, 4 or 6 months) and how much Thimerosal they contained? (Sorry, this is a personal comment, but WHAT THE HELL?!)
Published answer: No, higher mercury exposure was beneficial in 8 of 9 health outcomes. Seriously. Oh, and they quietly mention it was assoicated with those pesky tics again. (Heron, Pediatrics, September 2004)
7. Did exposure to Thimerosal only up until 7 months of age impact certain neurological outcomes, but not Autism?
Published answer: Yes, but positive and negative health outcomes were reported, like higher IQ performance, but speech delay and tics. (Mercury makes you smart! Who knew?! And now that 3 studies have identified speech delay and tics, do you think maybe that's enough reason to get rid of it?) (Thompson, New England Journal of Medicine, 2007).
8.  Did the discontinuation of Thimerosal use in vaccines in Denmark lead to a decrease in Autism? (Didn't we see this already?)
Published answer: No. Rate of Autism increased, again! (This is now 3 studies that show when Thimerosal is reduced, Autism rates go up. It's a freakin neurotoxin! It doesn't HELP prevent Autism! Duh!) It's worth mentioning a re-running of the numbers by SafeMinds indeed did show the rate of Autism went down from 1 in 500 to 1 in 1500. (Hviid, Journal of the American Medical Association, 2004).
9.  Do ethyl mercury containing vaccines administered to children raise blood mercury blood levels above safe standards for methyl mercury? (See, we don't know the safe level of ethyl mercury, so we're using methyl mercury standards hoping they're the same. Oops, again.)
Published answer: No, well, except for that 1 baby who got less Thimerosal injected into him and had a significantly high blood level of mercury, which seems to fit the hypothesis that not all babies metabolize mercury at the same rate. (Hey, maybe this could be a hypersensitive baby, eh?) (Pichichero, The Lancet, November 2002).
10.  Are Thimerosal and Autism related based on the available studies thus far?
Published answer: No, it appears there are subtle differences between ethyl mercury poisoning via ingestion and injection, so they can't be the same. Oh, but hey, we don't know what ethyl mercury poisoning looks like via injection. Huh. Well, time will tell. Gee, thanks. That's what we parents of children of Autism have a lot of, right? (Nelson, Pediatrics).
11.  Does the use of Rhogam shots during pregnancy have a correlation with Autism?
Published answer: No, but this study was funded by the maker of the Rhogam shot, Johnson and Johnson, and a recalculation of the data showed a 71% higher rate of Rh Immune globulin exposure in children with Autism. (Miles, American Journal of Mecial Genetics, April 2007)
And there you have it my friends. Those are the studies that supposedly prove Thimerosal doesn't cause Autism, none of which ever compared the total amount of Thimerosal that children are exposed to both prenatally and throughout their early childhood to those children who never received any. Only 4 of which used kids from the US exclusively, the most vaccinated kids in the world. 3 of which show even in their crappy methodology it is associated with tics and speech delay. 3 of which show the less you use, the higher the rate of Autism, and 2 of which show it's good for you a better IQ and better fine motor skills.
I said it before and I'll say it again. The science we have thus far is the equivalent of Phillip Morris studying if smoking causes lung cancer by looking only at people who smoke 1, 2 or 3 packs a day and then reporting the less you smoke the more likely you are to get cancer or that the more you smoke, the healthier you are, or better yet that as people stopped smoking altogether, lung cancer rates skyrocketed.
To call these studies pathetic is being too kind. They are fraudulant, and given the fact that they are the reason millions of swine flu and seasonal flu vaccines that will have Thimerosal are now going to be injected into millions of kids and pregnant moms around the world, they are criminal.
Enough is enough! Stop the lies!
Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Stephanie Riddell

These articles of truth should be printed out and put in every waiting room and grocery store in America!! Kudos to you Julie!!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Julie, Just one point that I hope you will elaborate on sometime- We are told that the state of California does not allow mercury in vaccines given to children. Then we were told that for one year they made an exemption for the flu vaccine- or maybe it was two years. Yet you seem to imply that the mercury was continued in flu vaccines- so can you give us some more info on this topic ?
I personally, have lost faith in the veracity of health authorities. If they say autism is still rising- well- maybe it is and maybe it is not and I would anyway like a greater discussion of other avenues of mercury exposure. I notice that no one seems to be talking about those.

Benedetta Stilwell

Thanks for explaining even better too me, but my leg cramps was caused by very, very low iron. If it works out that a third of the children can be saved, I am sure that God will throw open the gates of heaven all the way, and I will cheer.

Paul Sandy

Also, if you look at the MSDS, it specifically states:
Substances to be avoided: ALUMINUM
Uhhh, isn't that ALSO in vaccines?
Buzzword: Synergy!

Hans Raible


With iron, there is a great variety of situations. Some have too much, some have too little, and some do just have the right amount.

Dr. Walsh found that one third of autistic children have very high iron values, and these are quite susceptible to infection. I am a person with the tendency to high iron mmyself, and the reommendation for me is to wear shoes on a beach since if I step into a sharp object, it may cause blood poisoning and kill me within 24 hours.

The symptoms you describe are those of iron overload:
Leg cramps

Young women nowadays have menstruation quite early, and these may become iron deficient as teenagers. However, many docs use old values for iron which are far too high. I am a member of a group for people high in iron, and the women often report that they feel best when their serum ferritin is between 20 and 40 ng/mL which formerly was regarded as far too low.

One of the European kings was in psychiatric hospital from 1983 to 1999 because of depression. This was caused by iron overload (a good source of income for pharmaceutical industry) and could not be diagnosed by doctors in Switzerland nor in his home country. He died (at home) from kidney cancer, also one of the problems often caused by iron overload.

Based on the data of Dr. Walsh, children's iron values must be screened *before* vaccination, and the kids high in iron must get an exemption. This would reduce the number of new autistics by one third.

Hans Raible, Stuttgart, Germany

Benedetta Stilwell

I a mother of an autistic son damaged by a vaccine, and a daughter that had Kawaskis brought on by vaccination have always been low on iron because of things that happen to females once a month. Same for my mother. As a baby, my daughter was even anemic, which my peditrician (the liar on most stuff) said that it was common for babies that are changing over to solid foods, and growing fast to some times become low on iron.

Benedetta Stilwell

Hans, I know of people that have iron overloads. I don't see how but they do. I on other have had to struggle to maintain enough iron in my body to have good health. I can tell when I need iron because my legs ache, I feel so tired, and the strangest thing - I crave crushed ice! Same for my mother. My daughter when she was just a baby was low on it too. She was picky and wouldn't eat her meat. She would suck off her catsup and leave the meat. The ped said at that age it was common for baby to be anemic. He was such a liar though, he might have just said this to reassure me. I don't know if it is common for babies as they are getting on solid foods to be anemic or not, but I was told this? Anyway, as a young teenager my daughter has female problems and needs iron too.

Hans Raible

There is a specific American Problem: Iron Overload.
Because of its importance, iron, like copper, is inherited down the lineage, and we all have some iron left in us from our mother, our grandmother, our great grandmother and so on back to Eve.

This makes iron a special metal that accumulates over generations.

The US has iron fortification since 1940, and over all the years since 1940, iron in Americans has been going up slowly but steadily. This causes a beautiful array of diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes II, rusty joints that have to be replaced by mechanical devices, impotence in males, loss of libido in both sexes, much greater susceptibility to infection such as from a dogbite (capnocytophaga canimorsus) or from raw oysters (vibrio vulnificus), but also liver cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and the list is endless, particularly if iron is high.

The number of doctors who really know iron may be 200 in the whole US, mostly men, but the number of patients needing treatment is about 42 million. This relationship is the same the world round.

It is clear that you cannot inject a vaccine into a child with iron overload since the danger is far too great, and these children should be screened out, but pediatricians (mostly women) do not know their ways about iron, and so they do not care and do nothing.
Dr. Walsh:
"There is great public debate over the possible role of vaccinations or mercury preservatives in the vaccines. My personal opinion is that a wide variety of environmental stresses and toxins can contribute to the onset of autism. Your suggestion that circumcision and infant separation may be among them..... appears quite plausible. (June 9, 2003)
At the request of an autism parent group about 6 months ago, I checked out iron levels in our population of 3,000 autism patients. We found that autistic children exhibited higher serum iron levels than controls (non-autistic, healthy children). However, all of the differences occurred in about 1/3 of the autism population with the other 2/3 resembling the controls. The high iron kids were extremely high, the rest of the autistics were quite normal, and there was little or no "middle ground". It appears that a segment of the autism population has very abnormal iron metabolism (and abnormal ceruloplasmin).

My data essentially confirms the findings of the M.H. article. Iron "free radicals" (ions) represent the primary oxidative stress in the brain of most humans. Autism involves oxidative stress during early brain development. In theory, elevated iron in the brain could result in autism. A genetic inability to regulate iron might be causative in 1/3 of autism cases. (Sep 15, 2003)

[M.H. = Medical Hypotheses]

We are engaged in a foundation-funded study measuring estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and other hormones in autistic subjects and age/gender matched controls. We expect to have the first data in a few weeks.

This is an area of interest since (a) there have been several reliable reports of efficacy using progesterone cream for autistics, and (b) progesterone and estrogen promote synthesis of metallothionein & testosterone inhibits MT. If autistics exhibit consistently abnormal levels, we plan to develop a hormone-normalizing therapy. (Oct 29, 2003)

After studying 3,200 autism-spectrum children & adults at our clinic, I am convinced that autism is caused by a genetic inability to cope with oxidative stress, involving weak functioning of the neuroprotective metallothionein/glutathione system. This condition results in inability to regulate Cu and Zn, hypersensitivity to metal toxics, extremely poor immune function & hypersensitivity to vaccines, yeast overgrowth, inability to break down casein & gluten, and worst of all..... incomplete maturation of brain cells and synaptic connections.... especially in hippocampus, amygdala, Purkinje cells, inferior olives, and pineal gland."
A first step to reduce autism would be quite simple: Test serum iron before you vaccinate. If it is too high, do exclude from vaccination.

Hans Raible, Stuttgart, Germany

michael framson

"Enough was Enough" when Barbara Loe Fisher was leading the charge starting in 1980's. Enough was Enough with Simpsonwood.

Enough is Enough when enough of the bastards are held accountable.

"That's all I can stands and I can't stands no more." Popeye in Fists of Fury

Julie, keep eating your spinach.

jc capurso

The (wo)man of wisdom is never of two minds;
the (wo)man of benevolence never worries;
the (wo)man of courage is never afraid.
- Confucius

Thank you Julie - once again - you have the wisdom, benevolence and courage to speak the truth !! You inspire us all.

Jacey Capurso


I was given 3 rhogam shots while pregnant and my baby received 7 immunizations with mercury in them in 2004. We were in Africa at the time. He has had severe behavior problems and GI problems. We had his mercury levels tested in France...he was 731 and 0-200 is normal. It really tics me off that anyone would ever say that thimerosol is safe for any pregnant woman or child. My child is proof of this horrible man inflicted disease! Thank the Lord he is almost recovered now! He did have vocal tics too, which decreased after nystatin and removing food dyes.


Thanks. Great article!


Love your article. :)


Thanks for your hard work in doig this analysis. There is an article today in the Washington Post about the CDC lying about lead in the water in Washington, DC. They are collapsing under their own lies. Nobody trusts a word out of any federal agency.


Do they still have to provide the actual Thimerosal content on the multi-dose vial?

or have they changed the rules so they can call it a "trace," and then not have to list trace items ?

Again, it would be nice to locate "the H1N1 response plan" nation by nation...

this nation is a bit confused at the moment.

Carolyn M

Julie, thank you for this informative and timely post. I say timely due to the unpleasant surprise that I discovered in yesterday's newspaper: a twelve page piece of propaganda that was labeled "National Immunization Awareness Month". There were several pieces that tried to make our position - that vaccines have been inadequately studied and that they can cause autism - look ridiculous. They even had an interview with Amanda Peet. I found 2 of her responses particularly objectionable: she referred to the "RUMOR that some babies are born with a genetic vulnerability to the so-called toxins in vaccines and that they can't handle today's recommended vaccine schedule." (emphasis mine). She also stated that "I think vaccine opponents don't want to talk about the data because they're hard to dispute...It's hard to argue that reproducible, transparent data are biased - they're inherently unbiased. All people want to do is talk about this person's conflict of interest..." Your articles are just the ammunition needed in order to fight misconceptions generated by this garbage. I just wish our side could get this kind of advertising in the media in order to counter their attempt to indoctrinate the public while smearing us at the same time.


Hello, hello MCFLY!!!!!

Dr. Brett J. Blitzstein

There is ONE book on RhoGam. Good luck finding it!! RhoGam is called "Anti-D" in England. (RhoGam is a brand name.)
It's called "Anti-D in Midwifery: Panacea or Paradox?" It reads pretty much like any other book on vaccinations - conflicts of interest, flawed studies, twisted stats, etc.
Here's a link to it

Mayer Eisenstein MD,JD,MPH

Last night Anne Dachel presented an outstanding Vaccine Webinar,
"The Earth is Flat and Vaccines do not Cause Autism".

You can listen to it here:

Teresa Conrick

Thank you Julie for continuing to beat the drum of sanity with common sense and real facts.

Here is my favorite study that shows the mercury - tics connection:

Archives of Disease in Childhood 2000;83:174-175; doi:10.1136/adc.83.2.174
Arch Dis Child 2000;83:174-175 ( August )
Short report

Mercury intoxication presenting with tics
Albert M Lia, Michael H M Chanb, T F Leunga, Robert C K Cheungb, Christopher W K Lamb, T F Foka
a Department of Paediatrics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 6th Floor, Clinical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, Hong Kong SAR, China, b Department of Chemical Pathology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Accepted 22 March 2000

A 5 year old Chinese boy presented with recurrent oral ulceration followed by motor and vocal tics. The Chinese herbal spray he used for his mouth ulcers was found to have a high mercury content. His blood mercury concentration was raised. Isolated tics as the sole presentation of mercury intoxication has not previously been reported.

How many of our kids present with motor and vocal (verbal) tics ? Also maybe the perseveration that our kids are entrenched in behaviorally is in this same repetitive area of the brain?

We need research and case studies examining these behaviors as they relate to biological abnormalities most likely brought on by mercury/thimerosal exposure.



Very nice... I little purple American fury is a good thing in certain situations -- this is one of them.


Some of them really believe their own propaganda. "impossible" to leave kids unvaccinated? My siblings and I were never vaccinated due to my parents religion. We had chickenpox, had measles (not a big deal) no allergies, we were the healthiest kids in school. Wish I had done the same.

Kathy Blanco

I think even one shot causes autism, have seen it with my own eyes. So any who think a modified schedule works, hasn't begun to realize every ingredient, including the viruses, are harmful. I am totally convinced this propoganda will start a new upsurge of autism.


Isn't it amazing how parents who don't vaccinate (on schdule or at all) younger siblings of kiddos of ASD aren't being diagnosed with ASD. Hmm, where's those genes? I personally know of many (even younger boys) that are perfectly normal (what a joy)!


Ooh! Ooh! New ad campaign for Pharma to give to doctors offices! Photo of nurse holding vial with "Shake It!" next to photo of smile child about to get Thimerosal filled shot with "Don't Break it!" under him.

Deb O.

I just read on that the adjuvant being used for the H1N1 vaccine is Squalene. The same adjuvant used in the Anthrax vaccine given to Gulf War Troops. Gulf War Syndrome anyone?

Penny, I have never seen anyone shake a vial in my Pediatrician's office. We have been "dismissed" from the practice for refusing further vaccination. My son had a post vaccine reaction at which resulted in regressive autism.

Julie Obradovic

My husband said the funniest and truest thing this morning.

"If the Material Safety Data Sheet says Thimerosal can't go in the sewer system, isn't that where it ends up when it leaves our bodies, according to their own studies?"

I never thought of that! It IS ending up in the sewer system!

Just when I thought thinks couldn't get stupider....

Anne Dachel

Thank you Julie. Keep on saying it. Whenever we have to read the phrase "Studies show no link..." we need to demand to know, "WHAT STUDIES?"

The flawed, manipulated, pharma-funded, conflicted studies? Of course they don't show a link.

How long will we pretend that a deadly neurotoxin is safe to inject into babies, children, or any living being?

No one can point to the exhaustive studies done on thimerosal BEFORE it was ever allowed in children's vaccines. Instead, we let the people with everything at stake in this to produce the science that somehow shows that they haven't been poisoning children.

For years, we read the insane phrase in the press, "SAFE MERCURY." Yes, there's mercury in kids' shots, but it's the SAFE KIND. Trying to rewrite science to pretend that a toxin is safe should have been a scandal to the medical community but it wasn't.
"Safe mercury" was replaced by "Studies show no link" in another attempt to make mercury somehow good for kids.

The lies have to stop. We're destroying our children. So keep on saying it Julie. Yours are the words of truth.
Anne Dachel

Donna Alvado

Great post and I will definitely pass along. I'm another mom convinced that Thimerosal played a role my son's regressive autism. I have 0-neg blood, so I received the Rhogam shot during pregnancy. And stupidly and regrettably, I (who had never before believed in the flu shot), let my pediatrician talk me into giving my son the flu shot at age 1 & 2- because he was sick all the time. Little did I know that he was sick because of his injured immune system and severe allergy to milk. Oh, and by the way, not only did they convince me to give him the flu shot, they gave it at his 1 year check-up along with his MMR, Varicella and IPV! To make matters worse, I diligently gave him Tylenol before his shots as instructed. When I look at the pictures of my son before and after his 1-year check-up, the signs are obvious. Pre-shots, he looked directly at the camera with his big bright eyes. Post-shots, he does not look directly toward the camera in a single picture, and he has huge dark circles under his eyes. If only I knew then, what I know now! We definitely need the types of research studies that you are recommending, that look at the possible links between autism rates the amount of Thimerosal given since conception (not birth), and if it was given along with other vaccines and other toxic ingredients. I truly believe that many cases of autism can be prevented by modifying the vaccine schedule and by screening for possbile indicators of "hyper-sensitivity". THANKS AGAIN FOR GREAT SERIES OF POSTS!

Robin Nemeth

"The issue is that it is impossible, unethical to leave kids unimmunized, so you will never, ever resolve that issue [regarding the impact of mercury]." - Dr. Robert Chen, Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development, Centers For Disease Control, Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000

I’ve heard this idea that it’s unethical to leave children unvaccinated voiced again on a recent television news spot. I remember that most people who believe that there is a link between vaccines and autism felt that this particular story was done fairly. I thought that that was kind of ironic. I suppose it was, relatively speaking. Compared to most of the television coverage that this issue gets.

Here is a man who I presume considers himself a scientist, who calls himself Chief of Vaccine Safety, and he is basically stating that the safety of vaccines is a premise which should not even be questioned. It must be presumed that more harm is done by not vaccinating than is done by the vaccines themselves. To even suggest that the situation might be otherwise is unethical, according to this man. Is therefore unthinkable.

In other words, we are to consider these people who vaccinate our children Gods. They cannot be questioned, because to even think to question Them is unethical, is, in fact, heresy.

Whatever happened to real scientists, to real journalists?

Julie wrote: You have to willfully ignore and purposefully twist reality in so many directions to come to their conclusion, there's just no way to be nice about it.

Then what you have to do, when that doesn’t work and there are people who might notice that you’ve twisted yourself into knots trying to deceive the public, is you have to forcibly silence the heretics.


I want to know which dose of a 10 dose vial my daughter (w/ ASD) got each time, and if the vial was shaken properly. That information is not recorded in her chart at the pediatrician's office! And my Rho-gams -- did I get the first dose or the 10th of a poorly shaken vial? There are factors that simply cannot be studied in this crime scene.


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