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Before Back to School Checkups: CBS and ABC Report Call Merck's Gardasil Vaccine Safety into Question

One less Managing Editor's note: That Jeep belongs to a Mom in NY State whose daughter died following her Gardasil shots. The Merck tagline is, "One Less."  Indeed.

By Anne Dachel
An article in the Journal of the American Medical Assoc. on the side effects of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, was published today and it received immediate coverage on both CBS and ABC News.
CBS News: Is the HPV Vaccine Safe?

In the CBS report, we were told about side effects resulting in hospitalizations, permanent disabilities, blood clots, and even death.  Dr. Barbara Slade from the CDC wasn't really concerned and said that despite these reports, "it really isn't increased over what we've seen in other vaccines for that age group and what is seen generally in people of that age group."
Choosing her words carefully, Slade added that "the reporting on blood clots was concerning to CDC. Concerning in the way that it needs further investigation."

CBS noted that critics question the manufacturer's aggressive marketing with TV ads that downplayed side effectsand they pointed out the fact that Merck paid medical societies to promote the vaccine.  CBS doctor Jon LaPook sidestepped the issue by advising that routine pap smears are also a way to prevent cervical cancer. 
Merck announced that after reviewing the adverse events, they "continue to be confident in the safety of the vaccine."  And the CDC and the FDA will continue to recommend its use.  It looks like doctors are left in a very difficult position.  Officials continue to back a vaccine that has recognized severe and possibly fatal side effects.
ABC NEWS: CDC Report Stirs Controversy For Merck's Gardasil Vaccine
ABC talked about the same problems CBS did.  The included doctors who are reluctant to advise patient to receive this vaccine and ABC did mention that medical associations have been "too quick" to back the vaccine.  We were told to go HERE to their website for the opinion of ABC's Dr. Timothy Johnson. Part of his commentary reads:

"For the first time in my career, I cannot recommend a vaccine for its intended population -- in this case, young girls For the first time in my career, I cannot recommend a vaccine for its intended population -- in this case, young girls."
Actually, Johnson has been leery of this vaccine for a while and a search revealed his fears being published by ABC News last August. 
On their website, ABC features the story of Christina Tarsell, 21, who died 18 days after receiving her third Gardasil injection.  The cause of her death was listed as "undetermined," but her mother believes it was the result of the HPV vaccine. 
It's hard to understand how ABC can recognize that the HPV vaccine has damaging side effects, yet they adamantly back the CDC claim that vaccines are not linked to autism.

It's hard to understand how ABC can recognize that the HPV vaccine has damaging side effects, yet they adamantly back the CDC claim that vaccines are not linked to autism.
Finally, it should be pointed out that the incidence of Gardasil damage is grossly under-reported. The following is from a post on (HERE):

An Analysis by the National Vaccine Information Center of Gardasil & Menactra Adverse Event Reports to theVaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) February 2009
"It is estimated that only between 1 and 10 percent of all adverse health outcomes which occur following vaccination are reported to VAERS."

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism. 



Sad to see the passing of Don Hewlett of 60 Minutes.

Should CBS still be looking for a few new segments, I would suggest a 30-60 minute segment on the Simpsonwood meetings.

michael framson

National Pharma Radio (NPR) covered the story yesterday as well. They gave the last word to Neal Halsey for his "view". Why didn't NPR invite Barbara Loe Fisher to offer her view. Because if they did that, Barbara would provide too much truth and validate NVIC findings. The bottom line: Merck's HPV vaccine is overtly reactive.

NPR continues to be a great shill for Merck and their ilk.

Barbara also pointed in her book "Shot in the Dark: Giving reactions based on doses is deliberately misleading. "Doses don't react", people do.

Its always about presenting the numbers in the best way to maintain the illusion of safety or efficacy.

It's a damn racket.


Lin - you are absolutely right on! the number of 25 million doses is the number distributed by Merck. look here:

one of the Gardasil researchers criticizes this statistic - said 1/3 of the doses may still be in warehouses and at the very least, it should be taken into account that its a 3-series shot.

"Should the denominator in Dr. Slade's work be adjusted to account for this, and then divided by three for the number of women who would receive all three doses, the incidence rate of serious adverse events increases up to five fold. How does a parent value that information," said Harper."

Erica in Alabama

My daughter is 13 and her pediatrician has been pushing this vaccine on her for 2 years. Of course I refuse. Even before I read about the dangers I knew something was up with this vaccine. I had dysplasia but did NOT test positive for the HPV virus. When I told our pediatrician that I didn't have HPV he replied, " Yes you did. If you had cervical dysplasia you did because the HPV virus is the only way you can have that." Right then I knew he wasn't educated on the subject and I wasn't about to let him administer a vaccine for something that he was absolutely WRONG about.
I asked a mother the other day, "Why did you choose to have your daughter vaccinated?" She replied, "Her pediatrician said to and I read Merck's pamphlet and it will make certain that she will not get cervical cancer." I looked at her and said..."my, my, my what a little bit of research would do for you."
Parents have got to start getting educated on these types of things instead of just accepting what a doctor says as LAW.

Kathy Blanco

If this vaccine can cause autoimmune disorders, excuse me to think that any other vaccine can, such as autoimmune autism, enough said...

ct teacher

Yes this is all really stupid. The swine flu vaccine debacle that we are all predicting, coupled with the Gardisil fiasco might just be the straw that breaks the camel's back and wakes the public up to the dangers of vaccines. Unfortunately innocent people are going to get hurt. Too bad the CDC,FDA,NIH,AAP,AMA etc,etc can't be forced to be injected first with this garbage to demonstrate its safety & effectiveness. They are most certainly fools but they are not that foolhardy.


Think they'll be giving aluminum-laden Gardasil shots along with the mercury-laden swine flu and regular flu shots? Their utter lack of desire to learn from their mistakes is stunning to me. The stupidity of all this is truly shocking.


This is the way I think of the Gardasil shot and all the problems with it. The CDC will never admit fault with this vaccine...period. If they admit fault that would mean that ALL vaccines could be made subject to the problems seen with Gardasil. They would find more people say, "wait a minute, if there's a problem with this vaccine, then how can you tell me that can't happen with ANY vaccine?" They will keep it on the market and leave it on the shelves for as long as possible just to keep from admitting defeat.
Another thing I notice in both reports from the news...Dr. Slade said that 12,000 reactions were reported to vears...however, no mention was made that it's estimated that only 10% of all reactions are ever reported to vears. The would mean that the reactions would be closer to 120,000. Right?


the editorial in JAMA puts the matter straight - “But you are giving this to perfectly healthy young girls, so even a rare thing may be too much of a risk."

thank you, Dr. Charlotte Haug!

Lynne M. George

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Jack R.

Interesting points. It is probably impossible for Merck, or anybody else, to really know how many injections and in how many patients this has been given versus how much is in a doctors stockroom.

The adverse event rate for an actual person recieving the course must be somewhere 3-5 times higher than what they are reporting then.


To clarify - even if 23 million doses were actually given - not merely distributed - it is a misleading number since the vaccine requires 3 DOSES. They make it sound like that many people got the vaccine - but it is really probably only a third of those adverse events are much more significant than made out to be...


Dr. Tim Johnson (ABC) saying,"I'm taking a pass on this one." Priceless. God bless some of these doctors' integrity. Hey, I think this is a great start and when the push comes to get boys vacced with this too, the shit may hit the fan full force. I may be naive but I do really hold hope that more and more scrutiny of these adult vaccines with their undeniable side effects (including death and serious disability) and too many vaccines in general(especially hep b for babies) are going to spell their demise.

Bob Moffitt

CBS reports: "More than 23 MILLION doses of the vaccine have been DISTRIBUTED since it was approved for females ages 9 - 26."

ABC reports: "As of June 1, 2009, the CDC reported over 25 MILLION doses of Gardasil..have been DISTRIBUTED in the U.S. and there was an average 53.9% VAERS reports per 100,000 vaccine doses."

What do BOTH news organizations...theCDC and Merck...mean by the word "DISTRIBUTED"?

Are they saying the 25 MILLION doses DISTRIBUTED have actually been injected into (approximately)8 million young women..or..does that number include MILLIONS of distributed doses sitting on shelves or stored in warehouses all over the globe...that have not yet been used?

I know it seems "picky" to quibble about their use of the word distributed, but, the numbers of adverse reactions ought to be based strictly upon the numbers of doses actually administered...not...distributed.

And why should I even have to ask this question?


What if babies could talk and tell their Moms and Dads and Peds how they feel after an adverse reaction? Oh, they do - inconsolable crying, fever, listless, and loss of milestones. The teen girls can speak and share their feelings - so docs listen to them. Babies? Ignored by their docs, their Moms brushed off.

Erik Nanstiel

Anne, it's not THAT hard to understand ABC's stubborn support of the pediatric vaccines... they get advertising dollars for playing ball.

Jack R.

I still think this whole Gardisil business is an important kink in the armor. The CDC relies on the belief that all vaccines are unquestionably safe. Once one falls I would think people would question more of them. Especially in light of the shameful marketing practices being exposed.

Then again it seems a marjority of the stories on-line (including CNN) are reporting that the new studies show Gardisil to be safe. The CNN story actually says, "as safe as other vaccines." HA. Exactly our point, I'd say.

Benedetta Stilwell

Vaccine for adults has always been more politically dangerous for CDC than vaccinating infants. It is harder to explain away why a 21 year old falls dead, or a 12 year old suddenly regresses. I hate to think like this - but - Ms. actress what's her name, and the whooping cough vaccine for adult mothers will end up opening the eyes of the public. That alone makes me think they are FOOLS at CDC, and really DON'T KNOW! And here I was, just thinking it was a purposfully evil sweep it under the rug and hide it deal.

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