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Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC on Gardasil and H1N1 Vaccines

Barb loe fisher Gardasil & Swine Flu Vaccines: Inconvenient Truths
By Barbara Loe Fisher

The summer of 2009 revealed two inconvenient truths about vaccination: first, the Gardasil vaccine is not as safe for girls as the government, medical organizations and Merck have said it is; and second, the H1N1 influenza pandemic is not as serious as health officials are telling us it is. Which means that fast tracked swine flu vaccines children will get in schools this fall may end up being more risky than getting the flu.

Doctors Question Benefits & Merck Marketing Tactics

On August 19, the Journal of the American Medical Association published two important articles written by doctors questioning whether HPV vaccine benefits outweigh the risks of recommending it for all young girls. The intellectually honest doctors publicly criticized the aggressive marketing of Gardasil vaccine by Merck and certain Merck-funded U.S. medical organizations and asked for more scientific evidence that universal HPV vaccination is necessary, safe and effective.

Bad Outcome Report After 1 in Every 1,855 Gardasil Shots

In the third article, written by government health officials, it was revealed that 1 in every 1,855 Gardasil shots is followed by a bad health outcome report to the government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

These bad health outcomes reported after Gardasil shots include lots of girls suddenly passing out and having seizures within minutes or hours of getting vaccinated and suffering head injuries and broken bones when they hit the floor. In fact, there is a larger than expected rate of girls passing out after getting Gardasil vaccine.

Girls Passing Out & Having Car Accidents

Back in 2007, the National Vaccine Information Center warned that many girls given Gardasil shots were losing consciousness within minutes or hours. Some girls have left doctors offices and fallen unconscious while driving and had car accidents......

To read more with live links to references and to watch a video, click


Frank for Aidan

I didn't know what VAERS was three years ago when my son was vaccine injured. The doctor certainly didn't tell me about it either - I learned about VAERS on the web. Don't wait for your doctor to file a report because anyone can file a VAERS. See this URL for more information:


You will need to gather some information from the doctor's office including, among others, the vaccine name, manufacturer, lot number and the name of the person who administered the shot (not the doctor but the person who stuck the needle into your child). You can even file on-line, just review the form first then gather all the information.

The VAERS web site says that only 7% of reports come from vaccinated persons or their parents/guardians. If your child has been vaccine injured make sure that you file a report. There is NO TIME LIMIT on filing a report.

Just be aware that when you call the doctor's office you'll be subjected to some questions and resistance. Remember that if they cared that much they would have already filed the report.

Leslie Prichard

My daughter was 18 when she received her first Gardasil vaccine at the recommendation of her doctor. What followed has been nothing short of a nightmare. She suffered from fatigue, migraines, body aches and pains, hair loss, vision problems, UTIs, severe stomachaches, bleeding gums, tremors and seizures. She has spent the past 18 months trying to get her health and life back. Thankfully she only had 2 shots or I'm sure she would not have survived. It is a parent's worst nightmare to watch your perfectly healthy child become ill overnight and know that the doctor, the CDC and the FDA put the poison in her body. My children will not have any vaccines. Educate Before You Vaccinate . . .I wish I had.


My nephew was diagnosed with swine flu earlier this summer. He had very mild symptoms, and a test was done to see if he had a flu virus. When that came back positive, it was ASSUMED that he had swine flu, because summer is not when we usually see seasonal flu. Sounds pretty weird to me -assuming swine flu - but in any event, he got over it in a matter of days and it was NO BIG DEAL.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Listen to the words of Dr. Shiv Chopra who resigned from the Canadian health service (in disgust and disappointment ?) He says that the CDC has been using the figure of 36,000 deaths from flu each year- for over two decades and the numbers never change !!!! He states that the real number is closer to a few hundred. Why should we believe anything that they say?


Flu season is right around the corner, and the H1N1 virus remains a looming threat. The CDC insists, "The vaccine is the most important thing the parents can do to protect their children." The U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, is encouraging schools to prepare packets and online lessons in anticipation of potentially large absences, according to the AP. Federal officials are urging businesses to stress to their employees the importance of rigorous cleaning, washing hands, and staying home at the first sign of symptoms.

From the internet: source Yahoo Finance!

Greetings Milco
MD from Sweden

Please do not let yourself be pushed in as a parent. Read the comments about the vaccin and children and testing ans so on on your preferent websites.


Has anyone seen anyone interviewed who has actually HAD the Swine flu ??? I have yet to see an actual person, or a real name of anyone who has died from the H1N1...

What is the actual cost of the actual TEST they use to confirm someone has had H1N1 ??
I would guess this test would be somewhat expensive. The better guess is they are just making up the numbers as they go along.

Looking forward to all the tv vaccine info gals getting their shots on NBC...

Craig Willoughby

What I find truly sad is that perhaps it will take more children getting disabled or killed by Gardasil to get the attention of the people. It is so understated how dangerous this vaccine is, and how many people out there implicitly trust their doctors? We've all learned from a young age that doctors wouldn't hurt us.

The same goes for H1N1. Sadly, I think that in the next 2 years, we are going to see an explosion of autism and other Neurological disorders unlike anything we have seen since the 90's. 1 in 100 kids? Nope, looks like it'll be 1 in 50 or less. But, as the Oraccolytes will whine, "It's just better diagnosis."

And then, they will all wonder why there was a sudden explosion.

Deb O.

Ahh, they wouldn't pull the 1976 stuff, would they? Dr. Nancy was on MSNBC this morning, fresh from the International Swine Flu conference which went on in DC last week. There are tapes on C-Span. She was telling everyone to get Tamiflu and have both the standard flu shot and then the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available. She was using numbers like 90,000 H1N1 deaths and 36,000 regular flu deaths.

I am not a statistics type. Perhaps, some of you more able could put these numbers in perspective as compared with autism and other neuro-biological results of vaccine damage?

Do any of you think DAN protocol could help Rosemary's daughter?


And the biggest question this parent has -


"Vaccine makers and federal officials will be immune from lawsuits that result from any new swine flu vaccine, under a document signed by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, government health officials said Friday."



Go Barbara!! I'm really feeling this is a tipping point in public trust. Many are actually researching about whether to get swine flu vaccine and I'm sure they're not liking what they see when they do.


Though I despise Gardasil, its injuries, and the way it has been marketed - perhaps one good thing that will come out of it will be that more people will question whether we should be vaccinating mainly for social utility with little regard to potential harm to individuals (especially for disease/conditions which could be prevented in other ways).

It is an important public policy question that should not be decided in bureaucratic circles, but rather by the populace whom it affects (i.e., the electorate).

IMHO it is not the general populace who is threatening the "public health" by questioning vaccines - it is the obvious greed exhibited by pharma and their never-ending quest to profit from new products (further fueled by de facto limitation on liability).

After all, most parents DO want to protect their children. Big pharma wants to protect its shareholders and its bottom line. The conflict of interest is so blatant - yet the argument is always turned against the "hysterical" parents. It amazes me. At least now maybe more people will think about it.

Benedetta Stilwell

Doctors do know about VAERS, they just think it is silly because it was an idea that was put forth by parents and backed up by Congress. Instead they have these cae study reports put out by CDC and they are suppose to circulate around the hospitals and doctor's offices. These are usually cases about bites from bats that brought on rabies, or what ever. BUT VAERS is beneath them.


I just watched the _60 Minutes_ report on the 1976 swine flu "pandemic" and cases of neurological damage from swine flu vaccine. The government concealed possible side effects while urging everyone to get vaccinated.

They wouldn't do that again, would they?


Rosemary Mathis

My 13 year old daughter was injured by Gardasil and completely disabled for the past year. Merck got it right when they used the slogan "One Less" for Gardasil. Because of Gardasil, my daughter was "One Less". She was "One Less Student", "One Less Active Child", "One Less in every aspect of her life". Take it from a mother who has spent the past year sitting by my child's beside wondering if she would die in her sleep. INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE. DO NOT trust your doctor to make this decision. If you want to understand Merck's role in the medical community, investigate some of their former wonderdrugs such as VIOXX and then marvel at how many people died from it before it was pulled off the market. The CDC AND FDA need to do their job and get this off the market before more children are harmed. The public is not aware of VAERS and the #'s are grossly understated. I have had to tell my child's doctors about VAERS and make them file reports or she would not be one of the current statistics in VAERS. Even then, her information has not been entered correctly so I know that VAERS is not what it should be.Please do not let this happen to your child.

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