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And the Band Plays On - Autism is Now 1 in 100

Too-Many-Babies-Too-Much-Carbon By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

In 2007 the National Survey of Children's Health conducted a study on the rate of autism.  The results have now been released.  Of the 80,496 children surveyed, 921 were said by their parent to currently have autism or Asperger's syndrome.  That makes the rate of autism in the children surveyed approximately 1%, or 1 in every 100.  The rates generated from data in 2002 and 2003 suggested a rate of 1 in every 150.

A curious finding of the study was that 459 of the parents told the researchers that their child was previously told their child had autism or Asperger's Syndrome, but that they do not have it currently.  This result is in accord with what has been reported by many parents that their children can improve, especially through bio-medical interventions, although many also report success through therapeutic interventions.

When you add the two numbers together, you find that of the 80,496 children surveyed, 1380 either currently have autism or Asperger's Syndrome, or did at some point in the past.  That works out to 1.7% or 1 in every 58 children.  Think about that.  1 in every 58 children is now getting a diagnosis of autism or Asperger's Syndrome in their lives.  If you have two children that means the chance one of your children will be diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder is 1 in 29.  If you have three children the chance is 1 in 19.  If you're Jon and Kate plus Eight that's a little more than 1 in 7.

In commenting on this finding, Dr. Steve M. Edelson of the Autism Research Institute noted, "What we are discovering is that those with autism oftentimes have underlying medical disorders that impair gastro-intestinal, metabolic, and immune systems, and that when these problems are accurately diagnosed and treated, the symptoms of autism improve, sometimes to the point that the child is no longer classified as autistic."

As I was driving home today I heard a local doctor talking on the radio about those crazy people who think vaccines are linked to autism.  The rate has gone from 1 in 10,000 twenty-five years ago to 1 in 100 today.  Something is happening to our children that did not happen in the past.  If not vaccines, then please find what is causing this problem.  A generation of children and their parents deserve an answer.

You can read the full report HERE.

Kent Heckenlively is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



Have you ever thought about possible connection between ASD and rising mobile technology

Cynthia Cournoyer

If kids had 1 in 100 tuberculosis or 1 in 100 AIDS, they would wake up and look for a cause simply BECAUSE there are no mandated vaccines for these. The fact that these statistics of 1 in 100 and 1 in 58 does NOT alarm anyone enough to find the "real" cause, shows a motivation to support their future position that autism spectrum disorders are all just normal. And 1 in 7 is about as normal as freckles.

Is there a better way to make a problem disappear than to blend it in with the entire child population and call it normal?

What is the loss of potential? What are the lost IQ points in "typical" kids, not quite on the spectrum? Prepare for the NEW normal. It is the next step in vaccine-damage-denial.

Cynthia Cournoyer

John Fryer Chemist


The why's and wherefore's of this disease are difficult for me to fathom out.

The illness came from nowhere and may be linked to vaccines or environmental pollution. No one really knows or wants to say maybe?

Polio for most people can be so slight that many get protection from illness they don't realise they have.

Today, paralysis after vaccines is accepted and years ago may have been called polio.

Did Roosevelt for example get his polio after flu vaccines in 1918 while in the armed forces?

Why does polio given to animals not do much today?

And as you say why has its potency decreased in recent times?

Possibly because we get less organochlorine exposure now?

But there were vaccines before the 1961 date mentioned above. I got my vaccine in the 1950's for sure and certainly before 1955 if my memory is correct.

The polio vaccine does go down as one of the more successful vaccines but even here does modern cancer derive from it? Did AIDS get here from this vaccine or another vaccine or where? Again, no one is saying, even if they know.

Vaccines are part of modern medicine - like it or not but many vaccines given to people not old enough to know the consequences:

To me its more than UNETHICAL; it's CRIMINAL.

Most vaccine preventable illnesses can be treated for a few dollars, not all, true but enough to avoid the MADNESS of 250 000 000 doses of vaccine to stop 30 or less getting ill.

With the medical industry admitting openly to more than 250 000 deaths to patients in USA alone - they would do more good and save more lives if they just went out of business.

And the saving would be ASTRONOMICAL.

We need an in between solution and for me a 90 per cent cut in medical budgets would have a very positive effect on health especially to the 1 in 500 that don't make it to 5 years of age.


John Fryer Chemist

The information that recovery from autism is now hitting 33 per cent is GREAT news.

When autism was first around, the recovery was close to zero.

Only recently figures of 10 per cent were lifted gently to 20 per cent. AMAZING and making idiots of every autism expert with more than 10 years interest in the illness.

This filip shows something more than amazing is going on.

Most recoveries though occur when the vaccine rush to the afflicted is over and the body gets chance to recover when left to its own devices. GROWTH and REPAIR.

Looking at darker reasons: How about vaccine industry, government and regulators putting in mild cases to disprove that the law of chemistry for chemical properties is still true?

50 years ago or 2 000 years ago, mercury compounds were known to take away your mind.

In the 21st century for a fat fee even chemists who did research in my time from where I learned about the harm of mercury compounds could be seen showing that now organomercury had changed from destroying brain cells to actually improving them.

Those that still held to the Laws of Science could be seen getting harried, demoted and pushed out of universities in a 500 year repeat of what the Church did to Galileo.

I call it a religious belief in vaccine safety.

But it seems those 'fools' that believe vaccines do cause harm seem to get the best chances of avoiding autism or recovering their child when the penny drops or should that be the almighty dollar?

John Fryer Chemist


Perhaps they should stop counting SIDS out of vaccine safety tests?

11 out of 12 clinical signs for SIDS and vaccine adverse effects and they (vaccine companies, government and regulators) can't see the connection when a dozen and more die, drop dead, stop breathing in any vaccine trial.

A 1 in 500 death rate of SIDS in any vaccine trial means the vaccine passes with flying colours.

It's 1 in 100 for autism now, so that means the flu vaccine repeated to get up to three shots will be just fine for the next rise in Alzheimer's too?

I think a prophet called Paul said flu vaccines or any vaccine is completely safe and epidemiology will pick up autism rates down to 1 in 1500.

Don't know how he explains away 1 in 500 dead participants after child vaccines though?

Also I seem to remember a 6 per cent death rate last year in one flu trial in Europe.

1918 here we come again?

I did note that pregnant mums were going to be first up for the flu vaccine but someone in the industry, government or regulation suddenly realised it was a vaccinated versus unvaccinated that could show up the 50 fold link of vaccines to autism.

Of course if they (industry, government and regulators) just said we are trying to kill 1 in 500 and maim for life 1 in 100 then we would have no argument with them.

If you read the small print in vaccine boxes you see they more or less admit most of this already but don't shout too loudly in case more than 20 per cent of the country start using their brain cells before they get shot up.

I read somewhere that man has a free will and control over his own destiny. Wish someone would give those 1 in 500, 1 in 100 or 6 per cent control over there destiny.

Its hard to imagine a 1 day baby thumping his doctor or nurse when injected with GMO fragments banned in his parents food in most countries.


But in vaccine circles more like


if you get on the wrong end of the sharp end of a needle.

Perhaps we should do a body count on doctors and how many autism and SIDS they dish out to their patients?

Kathy Blanco

Vaccines are the number one trigger, but what could be two and three or four, or can you really seperate the causes like that. How about calling out the food corporations which routinely spike your childrne's and our foods with MSG/Aspartame/Additives/Preservatives and God forbid genetic/modified. Then how about that fact that we lowered the timing of cord clamping, which asphyxiates monkeys into autism, which by the way, changed from minutes to SECONDS within the last three decades (check ACOG). How about the fact, that we are more toxic than ever, that we have laboratory produced vectors like borrelia rampant in most people, giving it to their children, or the fact we started using tylenol to reduce vaccine fevers which lowers glutathione and messes with fever metabolism and reduces the chance for the body to normally expose viruses? How about that we have changed our homes into vaccums of death, like formaldehyde and other noxioous outgassings? What about all the EMF's increasing with computers, TV's, and cell towers? I am not sure of the first, the second or the third hits, but I am sure that there has never been a study of what these combinations are doing. Or, the fact that any neurological disease, the first thing that gets damaged is the blood brain barrier, allowing noxious substances, and normally barred viruses from entering? Can not most of these things damage that? You bet...but still, I think vaccines are the giant PULL of the trigger. Not to mention or insecent need to be thoroughly bathed in pollutants from utero to baby when the brain is TRYING to form correctly. Forget about genetics, forget about synapses, they don't have a chance to be normal.


Just to add a note of alarm: 8/12/09 on the noon news they showed a prolonged view of the vial for the H1N1 flfu vaccine: Tho?merisal is clearly listed as an ingredient!
My questions:
1)Is this a misspelling or a new form of mercury (Thimerosal)?
2)If we are now asked to vaccinate all children, prenatally to 24 years old, with 2 doses, then we will never have a mercury free baseline for research in this country again!
They may have taken mercury out of one or two vaccines since 1997 but they keep adding it back into ohter vaccines such as the seasonal and H1N1 vaccines!
Parents: Please read the exact label that fills the syringe they use on your child. You have a right to see and approve of the WHOLE process. Don't take anyones words for it.....Don't be shushed!

Autism Grandma

"That works out to 1.7% or 1 in every 58 children. Think about that. 1 in every 58 children is now getting a diagnosis of autism or Asperger's Syndrome"

When 1 in 150 is really 1 in 67

By Raymond W. Gallup & F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

"On February 8, 2007 the CDC released 'New Data on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) from Multiple Communities in the United States.' (1)

Since then, most people and the press have been under the impression that in the United States, the “new” CDC- reported ASD prevalence rate of 1 in 150 was a recent discovery that was current for 2007 when indeed it was not at all. The study did not document a prevalence of 1 in 150 among children born now or five years ago. The study revealed that among U.S. children born in 1994, thirteen years ago, 1 in 150 on average had a spectral disorder."

"Something is happening to our children that did not happen in the past. If not vaccines, then please find what is causing this problem."

What ELSE happened besides the vaccine schedule quadrupling???!!! The Autism Epidemic appeared coincidentally at this exact same time??? For the many thousands of parents who have witnessed their child's autism regression as an obvious result of vaccines, there is no doubt. For the rest of the parents who have not "connected the dots" due to delayed autism regression symptoms, or due to simply accepting their doctor's assurance that "vaccines do not cause autism", perhaps they should at least do heavy metals/porphyrin
testing ....SURPRISE!!! Now WHERE did all those heavy metals come from???

Jen Sharp

"What we are discovering is that those with autism oftentimes have underlying medical disorders that impair gastro-intestinal, metabolic, and immune systems, and that when these problems are accurately diagnosed and treated, the symptoms of autism improve, sometimes to the point that the child is no longer classified as autistic."

I wonder which medical conditions can mimic features of autism.



Thanks for your response to my question and your hard work! I saw your post earlier in the year, and was hoping to maybe look at this study at least informally in a similar way.

My child was born in '97, a little more than a year before the "some children may have received Hg in excess of one government safety reg" announcement, and we were seeing a pediatrician thoroughly acting in the realm of vaccine progressive purgatory (and yes, my child had a very stupid mom): Heb B right on the day of birth, HMO favored multi-dose vials, threw in a flu shot announced on the fly in the 2 month check-up, had a discussion with an inadequately trained aid about the need to thoroughly shake vials she had already been administering (but had to leave the office to fully explain it outside of my hearing), gave my child an injection from that vial anyway, had my child scheduled to come in almost a month early for many of the well-baby visits, "Your child has a fever? Come on in, we can check that and no problem with vaccinating ...", "OK, now we'll give your not quite one-year-old child both the MMR and Varicella vax" (because the more live viruses together the merrier, I guess), probably received every possible thimerosal containing vaccine on the schedule...

Anyway, I've been wondering if a comprehensive look at the health of children born just prior to the move to "remove" thimerosal, before officials temporarily delayed the HepB vaccination, etc. would give more useful prevalence numbers to demonstrate the environmental assault our children our living under, and maybe wake some people up who don't really see children on a daily basis (and some who do). But maybe that's just wishful thinking?

Jeanne Klonr

While I don't think there is a cure, just ways to be more comfortable in our society, Autism is on the rise. I have 2 young grandsons, 6 1/2 and 5 who are both dx'd with PDD_NOS. We are almost sure the youngers one will be changed with Aspbegeres at a later date.Living with them and being their daily caregiver. We need to spend more time and money on therapies that can help our kids cope with a world they cannot understand.

I think that their brains function differently than ours "normal" ones. And we need to be seeking out modalities to help our kids survive and flourish in this world.
I think most of the meds given is to placate teachers, parents etc. no other reason.


Speaking of eight, I've heard that Natalie Schulman, the Octo-mom, already has at least one autistic child among her 6 other kids.. the octuplets are still too young to tell but god help this woman if any of those eight babies develop autism. yikes!

Jon and Kate comment

I happened to catch the episode last night where Kate takes the kids to the beach while Jon is installing a new kitchen. Her son Colin repeatedly went to the ocean and poured buckets of water on top of his head...over and over again. At one point, he got excited and flapped his arms. This gave me chills, because it is what my son used to do. I wonder if this poor woman would recognize the signs of autism (she was a nurse at one time). This is the last thing she needs to be a single mom with 8 kids and even one child on the spectrum...


Below is a table from the WHO web site that shows the incidence of varous infectious diseases (polio, Measles, Rubella etc..) in the US since things for sure, Pharma and the CDC do a bang up job hyping the threat of disease when the reality is there is no threat... see the numbers.

(note: if the table doesn't show, just click on the link)

Table showing Infectious Disease cases in the US 1980-2008 (Source: WHO)

Benedetta Stilwell

These town meetings are not about just one thing but very many things, and the head of the list is lose of trust! We might bring our complaints along with all the other to these town meetings.

Trust is the problem, in out case too much of it!

I been over at the Kawasakis Foundation and looking at their blogs.

26 years ago when my daughter was dignosed with Kawaskis, a young resident said that a very long survey was taken; asking all kinds of questions of parents in Oregan whose children was recently dignosed with Kawasakis. They came up with cleaning carpets. If not the family, it was neighbors, grandparents, church and on and on.

26 years later on this blog site they are still discussing what would be the safest carpet cleaner, and how long children should be kept off of it.

There are a few here and there that ask could it have been this vaccine or that, and they are unanswered.

Julie Obradovic

Can't help feeling dismayed this morning. Outrage in Town Hall meetings over health care. Screaming. Yelling. Demanding answers.

Autism is now 1 in 100 American children?



the goldern rule of vaccines is only produce one when the desease is in decline

jc capurso

Unfortunately the numbers are going to have to hit one in every two kids for these "representatives" in our state's capitol and DC to get it.
I mean seriously, what is this country going to look like in 25 years when all these kids are grown? People are so worried about the recession now.....they have no idea what we are going to have to deal with in not the too distant future. It honestly terrifies me.

There is hope people! There is recovery. (That is your own definition ... so don't jump all over me.) There is treatment now!! Edelson is right ... and the time is now.

When my son was diagnosed, it was 1 in 250. How old do you think he is...(how long ago was that statistic?)........

15 years old? 10 years old? Wrong. He is only 7 years old. Now start doing the math.....when is this going to be completely out of hand? When is all this insanity going to come to a head? When is everyone going to be on the same page? Never I suspect.

But no matter. I know what I have witnessed with my son over the past 5 years and I have seen his transformation with my own eyes with traditional and biomedical treatments. I have seen all the test results and have spent thousands of hours researching. And what scares me most is that there is never going to be a cure. (different than recovery.....). There are treatments ... but not a cure since there is no one size fits all....or even close.

This is too big, too vast, too many issues going wrong, too much, too hard ... on these vulnerable little bodies.

How are we going to stop it?



I was just reading Polio Vaccine insert it says:

The annual rate of paralytic Polio disease was 11.4 in 100,000 in 1955. It has declined to 0.5 cases per 100,000 in 1961 by the time Oral Polio vaccine was introduced.

So what was responsible for huge decline since vaccine was not available.

Maurine Meleck

It is just incredible how governments can ignore this. Is the whole world insane???
It also couldn't come at a worse time when the education system is doing an overhaul due to incredibly shrinking budgets with larger classes and fewer aides and teachers for all of our special needs children.


Very true about the "rasputins" Gatagorra, now that I know what to look for I see so many kids with what I call near-miss autism. Odd movements, speech, bowel problems, athsma. I don't think any kids vaccinated according to the currently mandated schedule are getting away unscathed.

moon batchelder

when my son got his first set of these poisonous injections, he began to suffer violent tonic/clonic seizures (or maybe infantile spasms...the neurologist couldn't say because i hadn't video taped the episodes...tho he claimed to believe me)
these died out after about 9 or so months, being replaced by febrile seizures whenever he has a 99.0 or above fever...and absence seizures, which in a child diagnosed with autism are hard to discern from some of his usual behaviors.
i never allowed another vaccine, despite the protestations of doctors, neurologists, nurses and judgments of other moms (whose children didn't have the same reaction to the shots...had they, i'm sure these moms would've been on my side of the line)
now, every time i hear someone 'debate' whether or not there exists a relationship between the rate of vaccinations given children today and the number of children being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, i am reminded of the fable about the emperor's new clothes!
heaven help us when people begin to mass vaccinate against the h1n1 scourge!
my self and my son will take our chances from now on.
he is six now, and after much desensitization he can bear to go to the grocery store without melting down, he is high functioning so he can talk and is even learning to read...altho he still wears a diaper and has frequent tantrums.
i am convinced that had i not put the kaibosh on further injections, he'd have been more affected.
we take herbals instead of the new neurologist's suggestion of risperdol...
wonder what's gonna become of society when 1 in 80 grown ups are living with autism!

Tim Kasemodel


It is possible to look at birth cohorts, but don't look to any government org. to do it for you - they already know what the numbers are. They simply clutter it up by grouping ages together - to hide any obvious differences in rates that might "jump out at you".

My wife has been keeping track of Minnesota's birth cohorts for over 6 years now. The rate for BOYS ages 7 to 13 who qualify for educational ASD services in Minnesota averages 1 in 42.

Read my earlier post on AoA:

Thimerosal and Autism Rates: A Minnesota Perspective.

It may seem hard to decipher the graph but give it a good long look. There are distinct sharp increases that correspond with the 1990' kids. Look into the introduction dates of certain vaccines and schedules and look at the rates of those kids as teenagers.

Tim Kasemodel

Benedetta Stilwell

I went to the lawyer today. We looked over what the government evaulation said. She said that he was not qualified according to this even though it said sheltered workshop. That is if the area we live in has sheltered workshops.
She asked "How long did the test take?"
"No more than 30 minutes," I said.
Anyway we are going to get our own evualation.
My poor 80 year old mother asked me when I came home about it and I told her. Then I got to hear for the next hour how they had lived up on the creek with out a pot to pee in, and they didn't have any help from the federal government.
I told her he needed help, but more than that somebody should at least acknowledge that he has been hurt!
My own mother asked me if I was sure about that?
A quarter of a century and I can't even convince my own mother.


In NH (and probably most of New England), young children affected are 1 in 10 (severely Autistic). I just received this information from a Pediatric Dental Practice that serves NH, ME and MA. Ha! They wanted to know what was causing it. I said, "The Vaccines!!"


Is it possible look at ASD rates according to birth year? I can't tell from the link if this info is available.

Anne Dachel

When Britain announced an autism rate of one in 100 several years ago, it was due to "better diagnosing." This year they updated it to one in 60 (almost exactly the figure you gave us of one in 58).

One in 60 still causes no concern on the part of the British government or the medical establishment there.

I'm sure doctors here will continue to congratulate themselves on a job well done.

Anne Dachel


ginnie-- ouch, lol.

Benedetta Stilwell

Diane, we just have to keep trying to push the door open! One more doctor, left with something to think on, and he will!

Jack R.

And in the report:

1 in 38 in boys 2-17.

1 in 48 in all 6-11 year olds.


I've seen children who were on their way to developing autism spontaneously have it go into remission without either diet or behavioral interventions, leaving the child indistinguishable from peers for the most part but not *quite* who they would have been without the toxic assault. One little girl still shows the remnants of a distorted skull from when she developed encephalopathy, toe walking and other unambigious symptoms. She's now "NT", even a kind of gang leader in her gradeschool, but just a little cold. Another kid I know has terrible trouble reading but is now NT. I call these kids "Rasputins". I imagine it's pretty rare for the condition to reverse without intervention, but I also suspect this "teetering on the brink" only proves that autism is an acquired condition. The difference in them might have been one flu shot less or a missed well-child visit.


After recently having yet another "dr" flee the examination room in a nervous red-faced huff having been unable to defend the autism/vaccine link, and "vaccine safety," it amazes me, (a SAHM) to realize how weak the the "argument" really is!

This was "dr" number 8 on my list, a prominent Ped. neurologist with a 30 year career. In the beginning of our "discussion" siteing epi study after epi study establishing how "important" all the science and "studies" are to him, yet when confronted with the fact that the package inserts indicate enormous areas of vaccines haven't even been studied, he became shifty and no longer would engage eye contact with me.

He became even more obviuosly uncomfortable when I listed all the flaws in the "Scandanavian" epi junk science from Denmark and Finland that he uses to shield himself from the awful reality that is very clear, even to this "crazy stay at home mom."

He abruptly stood up and told me that we could "debate" vaccines all day and that he wasn't going to do that. To which I shrugged my shoulders and responded that there really is no "debate" since you can't debate science that has not been done can you?

And then he left the room without having given me the follow up information or instructions for my son. Fortunately the young lady at the desk was able to help us with that.

I left his office wondering if I'll ever speak to a "dr" who can adequately defend "vaccine safety" or the vaccine/autism link with anything other than empty words.


What scares me is the denial and how that prevents anything from being done about this crisis.. the medical community is so hung up on defending vaccines they neglect the children. Vaccines are like a sacred cow. How horrific that they put some much energy into defending what are nothing more than viruses in a vial when so many children need their help. 1 in 100 and climbing.

To members of the medical community, if you're reading this: For God sakes do something!


The National Survey of Children's Health is an organization called the Data Resource Center which is a project of the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI), housed at the Oregon Health & Science University. It is supported through a cooperative agreement from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services 1-U59-MC06980-01 and periodically enjoys support from other entities for project-specific work.

The DRC functions as a partnership with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau a bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

What's AS still saying about the numbers?

Autism Speaks has been a huge disappointment to the autism community, but they could at least gain a little bit of credibility by using these more current ASD numbers.


I am filled to the brim with gratitude and pride for our mainstream medical community. I guess the "difference" (not increase of course) in prevalence reflects yet another giant leap forward in diagnostic skill. How fortunate are those additional children and parents that are now in the category of the diagnosed to hear from their pediatricians that there is no cure, to stay away from the internet, and to ask their school for services.

Tanners Dad

Scary... where is the bailout for families dealing with Autism. Real Estate, Bankers, Wall Street, and Auto Mfg are back in the black. Back to paying out multi million dollar bonuses. Those dealing with Autism are still in the red and going further in debt.

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