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A Mother's Love as Child Battles Cancer

Ethan[1] From Central Penn Parent,a poignant story of a Lisa Crognale's love for her child with autism who is battling cancer. A little perspective on a Sunday morning. Lisa, we wish you and your family health and happiness.  KS

I desperately long to have a conversation with him — to listen to all his feelings and fears he has as he faces cancer. Yet I cannot have this, or any conversation with him for that matter. You see, my brave young son has not only cancer to contend with, but severe autism as well. You might think this young man, having faced so many obstacles in his short life, would have almost no fight left in him. Quite the opposite is true. His spirit is unbreakable. His laughter as infectious as ever...


Kathy Blanco

Just want to say Autism Grandma, YOU ROCK! I too am a grandmother, and conquer with your statements. I have a friend who's child is dying of Ewings Sarcoma. He has a month to live. I believe this is because our city began to fluoridate four years ago. Look up on google OSTEOSARCOME, PUBERTY, BOYS and FLUORIDE. I believe also vaccines cause an immune shock. Surveillance for non obvious things are screwed, such as cancer cells. I also believe these kids are getting lots of MSG/ASPARTAME, and are vaccinated WAY TOO MUCh (personally, one vaccine damages).

Oxidate stress, toxins, pollution, overvaccinations, are causing problems in our kids, wake up america.

Autism Grandma

In reading this sad story I have gone from tears to anger. Why is the childhood cancer rates rising right along with autism? Because they are both a result of poisoning and immune damages produced by vaccines. Even the American Cancer Society admits that 85% of cancer is caused by toxic environmental exposures. When my daughter was born 37 years ago, as she was growing up we knew not of any young children with cancer just as we knew not of any children with autism.

Why are we trusting the same medical system that poisoned our children with vaccines to further poison them with chemotherapy, the most highly toxic and damaging drug treatment in the world? Why is the USA the only country in the world where children are removed by Child Protective Services from the parents if they chose to treat thier beloved children with natural cancer therapies? Why is the "Land of Freedom" the country that is in a strangle hold by Big Pharma to the extent that so many doctors who have successfully treated cancer with natural therapies have been persecuted, prosecuted, thrown in jail, driven to financial ruin and finally driven out of our country. The other countries in the world allow these physicians to practice natural cancer treatments, but why is this impossible here?

I met a naturapathic doctor 8 years ago who told me that his own experience as a pharmaceutical research scientist drove him to natural therapies. His research revealed to him that the pharmaceutical industry is totally aware that natural therapies and nutritional cures for cancer are far superior to their manmade toxic concoctions, but they refuse to recognize the extensive science that proves this and they continue to spew forth the propaganda that their toxic drugs are "the only answer" for the sake of the Almighty Dollar. This good man gave up a big salary to leave his position in order to become a naturapathic doctor because he wanted to improve people's health, not destroy it.

I have reversed cancer twice with nutritional and herbal therapies and no chemo, toxic drugs or radiation. My daughter has reversed cervical cancer by the same means and so have many thousands of others. Since America leads the world in Autism, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and so many other major diseases, while we also are 34th in infant mortality, WHY should we trust our beloved children to the only Profit Driven medical system in the world??!!!

All of these diseases that are now appearing in our precious children are exactly the same as Autism in that the only children whose health is being improved instead of further damaged are those who are receiving nutritional and other natural therapies, which God provided for us through his creation. God has not created toxic ingredients that poison us and further harm us-- that is man's creation for the Profit Motive. God has provided so many wonderful food and plant ingredients for our benefit and healing. Many good doctors and scientists have used their knowledge and skills to bring God's medicine chest to us. The healing path in Autism is the same as Cancer---It comes from God's Creation, not man's. We must fight for our children's recovery from cancer or any other disease the same way we fight for their recovery from autism. We have taken "the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference"...

As the Bible states: "For lack of knowledge the people perish". I have found that Prayer for Divine Guidance is the most important aspect of all healing therapies:

"Trust in God with all of your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of Him and He will make your path straight."

Lisa, I pray that God sends his angels to bring the path of healing to your precious beloved son. Our Heavenly Father also had a son who suffered greatly and He knows the Sorrow that we experience in our travels upon this troubled earth, just as His Son does. "Surely surely He hath borne our griefs and carried our sorrows."

Benedetta Stilwell

Cancer may be a very real danger for all of our children here at the Age of Autism. After all it is all about vaccines and the damage they have done to our loved ones' immune system. Cancer is an immune or an autoimmune disorder too!!

Lisa he is beautiful, all I can offer is my promise that every night I will remember him in my prayers.

Brenda Lumsden Johanson

Dear Lisa,
My heart goes out to you and your son. I can only imagine what you are going through.My son was diagnosed with autism at age 3, leukemia at age 6 and when he finished chemo the high blood pressure attributed to steroids and anxiety was finally diagnosed to be due to 2 heart defects. But that was 6 years ago now. My son is now 15 and just graduated from grade 8 with honours, is 5ft 10 and growing and has his red belt in Tae Kwan doh. He went camping with a group of guys last weekend and he and I watch movies together and look after our cats. I can hardly remember those terrible days now. A friend and I wrote 22 social stories for my son with pictures to help him deal with his treatments and side effects. Also for every 5 happy faces he got for putting up with needles and yucky meds and endless hospital visits he got his favourite superhero figurines which are still on display in his room (and I know he takes them down every now and then just to look at them). So keep up the good work. I pray your struggle will be over soon and your son will be healthy and thriving as mine is. It can happen! Also my son's first full sentence came the same month he started chemo and I continued therapy in play form even in the hospital.
Brenda and my superhero, Leif


Dear Lisa,

I thought I had it tough having twin boys with autism. I have a different appreciation for my situation now. You and Ethan are in my thoughts and prayers. Never give up hope...miracles happen every day!



At least there is research going on with regards to Cancer. What of those children with Autism who are also diagnosed with a debilitating rare complex neuromuscular autoimmune disorder (1 child in 500,000) that has no cure and where little to no research is being done to find a cure?

Those parents are the ones who suffer the most and yet they are the ones who are most often discounted and marginalized by parents who are raising children with Autism or children Autism and a disease that has billions of dollars being dumped into research searching for a cure.

I look into my child's future and I can only work hard at giving him the best life possible in the next few months as I wait for his disease to take him from me.

If only his disease wasn't so rare ... then there would be research and maybe they would find a cure or at least a treatment that would give him some of his life back.



Thank you for sharing this story. God bless you and Ethan. You, Ethan, and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Donna Vanderdonck

As a grandmother of two grandchildren with Autism I know the nightmare. Cannot even imagine Autism along with Cancer. I will include you and your family in my prayers.
I know you will get thru this. We are all
praying for your strength and courage. You
truly are a Mother warrior.

Donna Vanderdonck
Rancho Mirage, California


What a sweet, adorable face! Prayers and best wishes from us, Lisa, for his speedy recovery.


Big hugs to Lisa and Ethan; we wish you both the best.



My heart goes out to you. My daughter was on chemo for over five years for a rare immune disorder. We continued biomed throughout that time and I know that is the reason why she has been free from her disease for over four years. It was so difficult on everyone. I remember trying to book a speech therapy appointment for my son and realizing, "Oh crap, no, that day won't work, my daughter has chemo that day". Life is pretty messed up when chemo is an overlooked detail of everyday life!

Sadly, I also know of two other families who have had similar experiences. Coincidence? Yeah, right.
Your strength will get you and your beautiful son through this!

One thing I find amazing now looking back is that it was somehow easier then, when we just did what had to be done. At the time, life just continued day to day with no time for much thought about any of it. People always commented, "I don't know how you do it!", and I would reply, "You just do!". But if I take even one minute today, with two healthy children to go back there to that time, the wounds open right back up and I literally can't breathe.

Keep fighting with that tremendous strength and love and know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Teresa Conrick

Dear Lisa,

Your writing and outlook on your very difficult situation is inspiring. Autism, with all of its health and behavioral issues, is so challenging and your son's cancer magnifies our mantra of life, love, and hope. You are one MIGHTY warrior mom.

All my best on your journey and blessings to your most precious son.

Deborah (www.debstake.wordpress.com)

I know Lisa and Ethan personally. Ethan is a student at JR's school. I thank God every day that Ethan is getting better. I also thank God every day that this hasn't happened to JR. I don't know if I could handle that too. Ethan and his family are new heroes for me....actually any kid dealing with just plain old autism is a hero; let alone fighting for their very lives...

I can't help but wonder though if Ethan's cancer can be contributed to the same "cause" as his autism.

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