On H1N1 Vaccine Adjuvant Safety Concerns
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Will H1N1 Vax Contain Thimerosal (Mercury)? ABC News Answers.

This is a still shot from an ABC News story: Study: Pregnant Women Hospitalized More Often For Swine Flu of Panavax, an H1N1 vaccine currently in testing (there are several.) The label indicates that this is a multi-dose vial containing Thimerosal used as a preservative.  Click the photo to enlarge it. I have Googled Panavax and can not find any info, other than domain name registration to Sanofi Aventis. We present this to you as an "FYI" as info about H1N1 and vaccination options come in, so that you can make informed healthcare choices for yourself and your family.

H1N1 Thimerosal - ABC image c1 j



I am a little freaked out right now.. My son is 11 months old and had his H1N1 shot today. I was originally told that he would received the Thimerosal-Free vaccine. My husband took him and as I couldn't get off work and informed me after the fact that he received the one with the Thimerosal. I was so upset and called the office. Of course, I was assured that everything would be fine. I don't know what to do at this point. Any suggestions?


My concern is I have twins who are in Sr kindergarten my kids are in school one day and daycare the next. What are they getting from the other kids..bc autism effects you’re immune system so does the swineflu?? should we be sending them to school or keeping them at home. I am against any needles I agree money grab... they don’t tell u what they r for just set up the next appointment.

JenB for Sandra

"Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide" by Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

This is another book I've read. It spells out the reasoning behind some interventions on a fairly fast-read level.


Thank you, I think I've seen that book at our library, I'm willing to try anything at this point, as his doctor is trying to push medication. And speaking from experience the ones she's listed (antidepressants), the side effects can be far devestating the the original condition!

more for Sandra from JenB

From a dietary/biomedical intervention approach, Dr. Kenneth Bock's book "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics..." has been helpful for me and my child.



There are parents on posting/commenting here that could probably help you far better than me, but this thread is far down on the blog and I'm not sure how many are seeing your comments. Ughh!!! I'm tempted to point out to your doctor, at least it sounds like to me from your other comments, that your son's regression did start immediately following his vaccination! Also, my understanding is that 2 1/2 weeks is well within a time frame that adverse effects from a vaccination may become apparent. Did you get a thimerosal (mercury) containing version of the flu shot? You might want to check on that if you aren't sure, or maybe even if you are. Maybe you can ask to see the package insert of the shot he was given?


Okay, I'm alittle frantic now! Not only has my son started stimming more but he's become more emotional, having outbursts he's never had before! Self injurious bahaviour has started, and was not much of an issue before, withdrawing more, his doctor says these new behaviours has nothing to do with vaccine, because the vaccine was about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have no other explanation. She also suggested possible depression?! How do you gauge that in a child whose only real facial expression is smiling, other than when he's having his fits?!


I am mother of a five year old child with autism. I strongly believe that if we keep our children healthy by giving them the right amount of nutrition they should be fine. My son is on probiotics and takes vitamin c every day. He has not got sick once. I will not give him the flu shot or the H1 N1 shot either. He is also on the Gluten free, Casein Free, and soy free diet. He is strong and healthy. I am afraid of him regressing and that is why I chose not to give him the shots. It is a nightmare to see our children regress and ever since I started the diet and put him on probiotics I have seen a change, especially in his stool. To all parents, "keep up the great work with our kids" and don't ever give up.

JenB, more for Sandra


I'm not sure what version of the flu vaccine your son was given, but it is highly likely that it was adjuvanted as well. The adjuvant we mainly hear about in some H1N1 vaccines is squalene, which had been forced on the highly vaccinated military in an experimental state. I understand that animal testing of this adjuvant has shown high risk for autoimmune reactions.

Thimerosal, the mercury based "preservative" in most H1N1 formulations, also affects the immune response, but it is not officially labeled as an adjuvant.

The "old" adjuvants, aluminum salts and probably thimerosal, like squalene are also hazardous IMHO, but never had to undergo any of the "required" testing we now expect of new drugs. My opinion is that these traditional vaccine components are beginning to be recognized as one probable cause of some immune and neurological disorders so that "testing" new adjuvants and combinations is at least one incentive to try to generate a happy-to-volunteer test populations with the H1N1 virus scare.

A Canadian study (the only one I've heard of to test aluminum) on mice actually found more nerve damage from the traditional aluminum salts than squalene if I understand the results correctly, but the greatest damage occured in animals exposed to both.

A lot of details in this article have helped me feel like I'm better informed about H1N1 than what mainstream officials and media are giving us (but of course, everyone has to make their own decision of what to do for themselves and their children):


Thanks to everyone's reply, My son also has asthma, brought on by any kind of viral infection, and we've made more ER trips in the middle of the night then I can count.I guess my worry was that as a parent of children with asthma, nothing is more frightening then watching your child struggle to breathe. I did get both my children vaccinated with just the regular seasonal flu shot, and yes there was a slight change in my autistic son. For the first day he was really zoned out, and spacey, and did alot of stimming! By the next morning the spacey looked disappeared, but the stimming that we had under control before has since reared it's nasty head again. Don't know if some of this is even related to the vaccine, but we've also been going through quite abit of behavioral problems as well.
Their Dad wants them to get the h1n1 shot as well, by the initial reaction my son had with just the regular seasonal flu shot (with no adjuvants in), this other one scares the heck out of me! It's kind of like a catch 22. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't!

Karen Dan-Dan's mom

As a mother of a 3 year old boy with Autism I think the biggest fear that all parents of autistic children have is the risk of regression. My concerns with the H1N1 vax is the speed to which it was manufactured As in the previous post it takes roughly a year or more to develope the vaccine for the current strain of flu. Many Infectious Disease physicians have a problem with this too. The speed to which it was manufactured and the lack of testing. Also the current injectable of H1N1 has double the thimerasol and squalene. With all tat aside who should get the flu shot? Well I think if you have a compromised immune system you should definitely think about it. For myself, my husband and my child the decision is clear. No H1N1 vaccine and no flu shot. If he is exposed to it and comes down with the virus then that means I have to be diligent as a parent. No questioning in my head, is this the flu or not, just take him to the Doc and start tamiflu. In my son's school which is a specialized school for children with autism we already had one child come down with H1N1. The mom and Dad had him started on Tamiflu as soon as he started with symptoms and he is fine today. If my son had asthma or suffered from frequent upper respiratory infections what I would do then is talk with a DAN doctor (A Defeat Autism Now Doctor) and even a pulmonologist and then make my decision. From what I have read there is no clear cut affects of the vac only what parents have seen and for me that is a good as any research trial. To answer Jane doe, what the fear is with the vaccination is regression, and that makes the autism worse. Any parent who has gone through regression knows the devastation. My own personal experience I would rather have my skin ripped off with a pair of dirty pliers than go through regression again. That for me is enough incesntive not to get thevaccination. On the other vaccines this is the way I look at it. They are necessary. Watch a child go through Diptheria or Tetanus and you will change your mind. What needs to be changed is the schedule. There is no reason on God's green earth why a child being hours old needs a hepatitis shot. NO WAY. The schedule needs to be changed. Doctors need to sit down with parents and parents need to have the information on each vaccine. None of this walk in the room with the shot and announce this shot has this this and this in it. Just like you have an appointment set for 3 6 9 months of age there should be an appointment for physicians to sit with parents and discuss the schedule, the vaccination, what does the illness do, who is more at risk, and where can we put this on the schedule? Can we do it later when my childs immune system is hardier? They should also eliminate the injections with multiple vaccines. I know that for almost all for the exception of one vaccine you can request that they be given seperately. We don't just have to sit and take it. We can educate ourselves and help eachother as parents. We can make the medical community listen to our concerns and have them come up with a better way. There is no law stronger than the responsibility and bond you have with your child. You know your child best, you are the biggest advocate for them so as parents our words have weight. I think slowly but surely the medical community is starting to take notice.

Terri Lewis


For what it's worth, I've heard of kids becoming more autistic after additional vaccinations.

Makes sense to me, since "autism" (brain damage and all the rest) can be made worse, or get better, over time.

I wouldn't give this shot to my child. I'd rather take my chances with natural exposure. I know how to treat the flu, and that's all the swine flu has turned out to be.

JenB for Sandra


I can’t really tell you what may happen to your child if he receives the swine flu vax. I’ll tell you what I’ve seen in mine. Sorry this is not short and possibly not in time.

My affected child never had a one-time clear-cut regression that I connected with vaccination, except in hind-sight. She was beginning to sit upright on her own nearing six-months, but for some reason (following her 6 month shot from an previously unshaken vial) she failed to actually sit up until about 9 or 10 months. She was babbling and sometimes I thought even trying to use words up until her 9 month check-up (“Your child has had a fever? No, problem vaccinating.”) and vaccination. Then she stopped for 2-3 months (no sounds anymore) and I didn’t know what to make of it. She then began trying to speak again, but could not use her lips correctly to form consonants. I had to learn to understand her vowel sounds. I had no idea what this was. I think she might have been diagnosed PDD-NOS as a toddler. She became increasingly sensitive to how things felt, prone to tantrum over “small” things. I don’t know if this started before or after her 12 month shots of MMR & varicella, but I do remember her first pediatrician asking me what was wrong with her at her last visit before moving, 15 months, because she screamed through every part of the examination. Her pediatrician then hastily left the room and shortly after, enters the nurse to administer her next shots. I mostly assumed she was “wired” differently and that I should give her time to develop at her own pace. She didn’t develop quickly. Every small gain took months. She slowly added some consonants to her speech. She began answering yes or no, instead of just no to every question. She even would use a couple of complete sentences. She seemed to better understand us. She toilet trained for #1, and #2 almost, and I began thinking that maybe, after a fashion, she would handle starting Kindergarten next year. Her pediatrician then talked me into giving her Kindergarten boosters at age 4. Approximately 10 days later she began a downward slide, over the course of 2-3 months she lost any developments she had made over the past two and a half years, she couldn’t use the toilet again, she reverted to using only “No” for an answer to everything, and she added new symptoms, stimming, signs of precocious puberty. Now things were really beginning to look like “autism.” Every gain after that seemed to take even more time, like 1 step forward, ¾ a step backward all the time, and occasionally a two or three frustrating steps backwards (like after 1 bout of dental work).

Changing her diet (eliminating gluten, casein, corn, peanuts, eggs, lowering sugars, soy) and adding nutritional supplements and eliminating known sources of toxins have ended her significant regressions, made her more aware of what is happening around her. Now she goes forward, although it is not at a “typical” pace. I now know that her immune system has been scrambled. I can’t even assume she developed any protective effect from her childhood vaccinations. That’s where I’m at right now. I won’t let anymore injections near her.

JenB for Margo Mandichak


My affected child does not, as far as I can tell, have asthma, although she has many food sensitivities. Everyone’s situation is different, but I’m personally not comfortable giving my affected child (who seems to handle flu/colds as well as my neurotypical child) any adjuvant.

Even thimerosal free vaccines, I believe, will not be free of substances that are intended to artificially stimulate immune response (often aluminum, another neurotoxin, and some swine flu vax will contain squalene which is linked to serious health damage in some members of the military) and may be responsible in part for the epidemics of auto-immunity, immune dysfunction, neurological damage we are seeing in our children.

Here are a couple of links that may give you information you don‘t have:

Margo Mandichak

My 6 year old grandson has autism and severe Asthma. Because of the asthma I would like him to get the H1N1 single dose vacination without thimerosal. My daughter is against giving him the Vacination. He never had Vacinations as a baby so his autism is not thimerosal related. He is in public school so I think the severe ashtma he has warrants the vacination. Thoughts?

Jane Doe

My husband got sterilized from the forced military anthrax vaccine. My son has autism. He is nonverbal. I fight everyday in Colorado trying to keep him in school. I personally feel vaccines are a scam for $$$. If given the choice I rather my son die of the H1N1 virus then to have the horrible life he has now. I refuse to vaccinate period!


Is anybody going to comment on my previous query? If a child already has autism, how may the vaccine effect them? My son can't become autistic, he already is! Would it exaggerate his autistic symptoms? Or is it likely that no ill adverse effect would occur? Anybody?!


I am curious to know what the effects of the swine flu vaccine would have on a person with autism. I have a son with autism, and although Alison's comment came through as 'silly', she does have a point. I would rather my son be alive, then to have his body overwhelmed with this potentially deadly virus!

Benedetta Stilwell

yes, it is! And like to know if she thinks we have to make an either or choice here?

Managing Editor

Dear "Alison,"

What a silly comment. It's amusing to let you through from time to time.


I would rather my child be alive with autism than die of the swine flu you idiots.


Never had a flu shot, ever. Never will. These vaccines are a $cam.

Dennis Rhodes

Hey dont forget to get those mercury amalgam fillings out of your teeth as well if you want to stay away from mercury!


squalene adjuvant will not be in the Vaccine given, unless it is an emergency.


In Illinois, the immunization board is preparing for the rollout of seasonal flu vaccines and novel h1n1 vaccines, and there is concern that without multidose injections people will be reluctant to bring their children in to doctors repeatedly for the four necessary doses this year.

There is also interest in changing the existing rule that affects most kids when they enter high school since ten years has elapsed since their last Tdap. There is discussion about moving the requirement to our 11- and 12-year-old children, which would link also with the physical exam requirement that has already changed in the sixth grade. It's funded by the VFC Plus program in Illinois, which covers all underinsured children, Medicaid-eligible children, uninsured children, and American Indian or Alaska Native children ( No mention of mercury content or manufacturer.



I would LOVE to know exactly how many adverse events it will take, in either clinical trials or "post-marketing surveillance", for them to actually pull the vaccines. Especially considering they've done exactly nothing to pull Gardasil or RotaTeq, despite deaths. Surely there must have been some discussion of this. Surely it must be part of this planned national roll-out of untested toxins. How are they going to measure adverse events? How and when will those events be communicated to the public? What's the magic number? 100? 500? 5000? Is there ANY number that will make them pull the vaccines?

Heidi R

We haven't even addressed the squalene adjuvant yet..........

Roger Kulp

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

Ben's Mom

Thinking of all those unsuspecting pregnant women and babies being given these vaccines is like watching the burning and then falling of the Hindenburg. "oh, the humanity"

Kara Zor-El

just an fyi: the CDC is holding a public input session regarding the swine flu vaccination program:

Philip Lockerman

Supposedly and federally mandated all drug companies are supposed to run "trials" on any drug. This could take in the shortest form a year or more.Yet companies like Baxter International are pumping the h1n1 vaccinations out like wildfire. I have search everywhere for their "trials" results...but to no avail.Does anyone have any test results from Baxter or any h1n1 drug manufacturer?? Does anyone have a federally mandated list (complete) of ingredients contained in the h1n1 vaccinations?To quote from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind "WHATS GOING ON HERE....WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?"Just thought I'd ask.....thanks!


Ha Ha very funny Kim!!! Still smells like shit to me tho!
Kevin I did see that. Post marking???? WTF is that? It means, once it's an adverse reaction we'll mark it down and figure it was a sacrifice for the herd. Anything to save the herd. They are, after all, looking out for the greater good and some will just need to be sacrificed.


Thank god, my autistic son just turned 11. He'll be safely on the disability benefit rolls and secured in his vocational program long before the new wave of H1N1 autistic young adults show up, competing for the few dollars and spots left.

Mayer Eisenstein MD,JD,MPH

Just say no:
to the Swine Flu Vaccine

I have been blessed with an incredable wife Karen, 6 children, 10 granchildren and a medical career helping thousands of women to have babies at home (15 of my children and grandchildren have been born at home).

I have also offered vaccine choice to over 20,000 families. This has led to my practice( that has virtually no asthma, allergy, diabetes, or autism.

The idea of giving any vaccine to pregnant women is overt malpractice and borders on criminal intent. Flu vaccines have never worked in any age group. There is limited or no data on the safety and effectiveness of the swine flu vaccine especially with the new untested adjuvants(formulated compounds, which when combined with vaccine antigens intensify the body's immune response. Let us not be like sheep being taken to be slaughtered.

Give the right to make medical decisions back to the Patients and their Doctors! The notion of mandating an unsubstantiated injection with no clear evidence of efficacy is outrageous.

But the Swine flu vaccine is only a start. I want the public to be able to decide on every single vaccine that is being mandated. I have greater faith in the public's decision than I do with the CDC, FDA, AMA, AAP or any other initial pseudoscientific medical organizations.

Vaccine choice is what it is all about. An informed and aware public both physically and intellectually is what is best for us.

To become better informed please go to Medical Voices Vaccine Information Center, We need Big Pharma and Big Government to stay out of our lives.

Become active in the battle against swine flu vaccine. Go to and get your community tool box.

I am so looking forward to having Anne Dachel as my special guest this Monday night as part of my Complementary Vaccine Webinar Series(to register go to Her topic is awesome, "The Earth is Flat and Vaccines Don't Cause Autism".

Anne, I am looking forward to Monday,



Seriously, does the government want more autism?


What is Denmark, Sweeden, Norway and some other countries doing in regards to their H1N1 vaccine program ??? I have family in Norway from about 200 years ago and would want to be on their program....

I would assume many countries are not using the wisdom of our CDC.


What I want to know is what happens when they decide at the last minute to add adjuvants into the vaccines that will be in the multi-dose vials, as they are discussing doing in order to stretch the supply. Aluminum & thimerosal are not supposed to be combined due to synergistic toxicity. Or when the multi-dose flu vaccine, multi-dose H1N1 vaccine, and the regular adjuvented childhood vaccines are given at the same visit. Heaven forbid they actually test this stuff before they inject it into babies. In order to maintain their immunity from liability, can't do any testing that might show harm. Must maintain plausible deniability at all costs. What a nightmare. And riddle me this -- why is it that during the LAST swine flu "epidemic", children were specifically excluded from getting the vaccine? I suppose it's the only lesson CDC learned from that debacle: It's harder to hide adverse events in adults.

Kevin D

Interesting. Did you read the section on 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 of that article?

My favorite line is at the end of 2.6.3, "Post-marketing surveillance will be essential for that matter."

And what will they do if they find an 'adverse event'? ANSWER: NOTHING. Like they do for all the other vaccines with 'adjuvants' in them.

Tim Leahy

Protect Yourself & Your Family from the Flu Virus!
H1N1 PANDEMIC: You need not worry about yourself or your family getting sick with the Flu, because there is available a safe, natural, inexpensive, FDA approved food supplement which kills ALL flu viruses which it comes into contact with in six hours or less. It is called Silvacin. For info see: or email:


Add a mercury-laced swine flu vaccine to the regular flu vax in pregnancy and early infancy and the autism rates for children born in 2010 could be Somaliesque.


Every day I search for "autism" in Google News. Up popped this article which claims that maternal flu infection causes not only schizophrenia, but also autism:

The paper I found about this was published in 2003, but I guess it's being dusted off for the coming flu season:

Teresa Conrick- The NYT is in my kittly litter box

This article sounds like the company is able to show how they made 8 million doses of thimerosal-free influenza vaccines and this quote sure sounds like they could have H1N1 also without thimerosal - the question being is the United States giving priority to a mercury-free version?:

"CSL Biotherapies' early delivery of seasonal influenza vaccine to the U.S. clearly demonstrates our ability to rapidly optimize vaccine production in order to meet evolving public health needs," said Paul Perreault, President of CSL Biotherapies.

CSL Biotherapies Starts Shipment Of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine For The 2009-2010 Flu Season
29 Jul 2009

CSL Biotherapies, a subsidiary of one of the world's leading manufacturers of thimerosal-free seasonal influenza vaccine, announced that it has begun shipment of its seasonal influenza virus vaccine to a national network of U.S. distributors for the 2009-2010 season. CSL Biotherapies plans to deliver more than eight million doses of the vaccine, the majority of which will be in single-dose, thimerosal-free, pre-filled syringes.

CSL Biotherapies' seasonal flu vaccine is indicated for the active immunization of persons age 18 years and older against influenza disease (commonly referred to as the "flu") caused by influenza virus subtypes A and type B present in the vaccine.

"CSL Biotherapies' early delivery of seasonal influenza vaccine to the U.S. clearly demonstrates our ability to rapidly optimize vaccine production in order to meet evolving public health needs," said Paul Perreault, President of CSL Biotherapies. "Working with the U.S. government, we are also moving quickly to develop a vaccine to address the H1N1 pandemic. Together, these efforts illustrate the expertise in influenza vaccine development and manufacturing that CSL has so successfully accumulated over the past 40 years."

CSL Limited, the parent company of CSL Biotherapies, is the first vaccine manufacturer to initiate human clinical trials of the H1N1 influenza vaccine. First administration in healthy volunteers of CSL's experimental H1N1 pandemic vaccine began on July 22 , 2009 in Australia. U.S. clinical studies are expected to commence in mid-August.

CSL Biotherapies

Article URL:

Anne Dachel

I remember from RFK Jr's Deadly Immunity in 2005 Offit mentioned using thimerosal in the vaccine for a flu pandemic.

RFK wrote, "Dr. Paul Offit, one of CDC's top vaccine advisers, told me, 'I think if we really have an influenza pandemic -- and certainly we will in the next twenty years, because we always do -- there's no way on God's earth that we immunize 280 million people with single-dose vials. There has to be multidose vials.' "

So we all just bite the bullet and line up for our dose of mercury and hope it doesn't destroy us.

Anne Dachel


It's not meant to make people better!

How else would they sell more medicines?

Anne Dachel

The article, ACIP targets up to 159 million Americans for H1N1 vaccination reported that Anne Shuchat, MD, Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC acknowledged that mercury will be in the Swine Flu shot.

"[Schuchat] said HHS has ordered some thimerosal-free vaccine, both injectable and the nasal spray, but she did not specify quantities. Thimerosal is a mercury-containing compound still used as a preservative in some flu vaccines.:

Anne Dachel

Jack R.

For me, this pending disaster sits on the FDA. Industry has made far more painful and costly changes to appease FDA than changing the preservative and would gladly make this one (it would save them a lot of grief). But the FDA makes the change so impossible to make (even if it is one that is so clearly an improvement) that we're left in the disasterous situation where the manufacturers can't physically make enough vaccine (provided it was actually warranted which is a different issue) without using multi-dose vials and their only option is using thimerasol. All it would have taken was one word from FDA ten years ago and we wouldn't be caught in this trap today.


The spelling is a UK version I believe. And a rose by any other name... :)


You may have already gotten this website but I punched in panvax+contains+thimerosal and this popped up.
Also if you look closely at the pic of the bottle it's typo'd, they didn't spell thimerosal correctly.

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