An Overview of the Fourteen Vaccine Studies
UPDATE House & Senate RSVP List for Maloney Smith Autism Research Briefing


assisted living mn

Thank you.What an excellent piece.


Thanks, Benedetta. Do you mind that I always picture a nun in a black habit when I see your name? I saw a nun in full black habit, with the starched white piece across the forehead at Home Depot yesterday - I wanted to ask if she was a Dominican Nun or what, but I chickened out.

And I am an equal opportunity political basher - trust me!

Benedetta Stilwell

More than understood, it was a good article.


Sigh.. If you'll note, I did not slam Sarah Palin - the press excoriated her for bringing her family on state at the convention, including her infant son Trig. I was making a comparison that Pelosi TOO wanted her family around her, including an infant grandchild, for her big moment. Sarah Palin is in the headlines still - and she draws clicks - the headline was a marketing tool, as was the comparison. That piece was a slam of Pelosi, not Palin. Okey dokes?

Benedetta Stilwell

A lot of people especially women do not like Sarah Palin. I have to admit I had some mix feelings when I first saw her.

She is a mother like me, with a small child with special needs, she has two pre-teen daughters cute as can be, a older teenager that like so many teenagers now a days made a mistake in her relationship and find herself mixed up in a social issue that has been around since the beginning of human history. ( I found out that some people have a strange idea of what a hypocrite is, but it is not a pregnant teenager?)

Sarah Palin has a husband that is a stable, decent man and is there for her, Sarah has a sister that has a child with autism that was abused by his step father with a stun gun! (We all have some of these things in our family.

Maybe I identified myself too much with her. BUT I know for a fact I could not run the United States or do what ever the vice president does, or even run a state as a governor, I would hide in the deepest cave if I found I was even asked! I may identify with Sarah Palin but she really is nothing like me. She is smart, politically savey, she can speak in front of crowds (not me!) she has high energy (I want a few minutes to myself to nap and to blog. My special needs child took a lot of time and energy, but she is not like me she probably has other pathways to help her.

She would have been just a good of vice president as Mr. Bidden. I do like him by the way. I feel that she would certianly be a better leader than Peloski who is third in line to rule the country.

But that is just me. I also like Kim the Stag too. I like her writings and she was just aggravated at Peloski. And well she should be. I think Americans all need to take a breather and step back from democats and republicans partys that both want to rule us. we can not chose a person just because they are a dem or a repub. We have to be willing to look at that person and what they believe in and compare it to what we believe in.

What I believe is that Sarah Palin quite. Her family was having to take to much for her involement in politics. We have probaly lost the BIG politician with fire in her belly.

Carolyn M

I also hope that all of Nancy Pelosi's granchildren have nice normal poops - not just avoiding explosive diarrhea, but also not having severe constipation. As in constipation wherein the child only has 1 BM every 7 - 10 days and has to strain to have one at all. Neither of these alternatives is anything a child should have to deal with.

Regarding pharma, if they can find a condition or invent a disorder that they can market a drug for, they will do it - and at lightspeed at that. Social anxiety disorder, for example - formerly known as severe shyness. A drug is not necessary in order to deal with or overcome shyness. This becomes even more evident when you consider drug side-effects.

Kim, I thought this was an excellent piece.


What an excellent piece. Thank you.


Great post, Kim. Thanks for continuing to speak the ugly truth for the sake of all of our kids. I honestly don't know of any other diagnosis where (as if the dianosis itself isn't bad enough) you get screwed at every turn. It's just insane...

Roger Kulp

"Now imagine you're turning 65 with a 40 year old adult with autism to care for all by your lonesome."

Welcome to my world.It's not a pretty place.


It's sickening. Just easier to turn and look the other way than to actually DO something. Like my husband says, "It just takes a little 'give a shit'". Our little man will go through $36,000 of ABA therapy this year. Then there's speech therapy, occupational therapy, and of course, his biomedical therapy. We're easily topping $55,000 per year in therapy and treatments for our little man. And we're one of the very few lucky ones--we have insurance coverage for SOME of the interventions. But we're in the minority-- the very small minority. What about those families that aren't covered (the vast majority), or don't have the $36,000 + to toss at their precious child's therapy? Just the usual answer... "Your child has autism. There's nothing you can do. There's no cure. Take money out of his college fund and plan for adult care." Yeah... Sounds familiar. My answer? Kiss my ass. My kid's coming back. And he's going to Harvard... asshole!

Denise McQuade

Your post was so inspirational and awesome that I couldn't help but take most of your words and proudly send it to Speaker Pelosi and yes I proudly gave my name.


BTW, your post was awesome Kim.


I don't read the comments on autism-related posts on HuffPo any more, because the ignorance and haterade cause me to waste precious energy needed for more important work. Like I said on another post, fed up with government and conventional medicine pretending me and my child don't exist. Fed up with being told, fall in a hole and disappear.

Honestly, how long do they think they can keep it up?

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