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Autism Vaccine Complaint Movie: "Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and the GMC"

By Mark Hawking

In light of the PCC ordering the Times Newspaper to remove Brian Deer's latest material from its website (HERE), I thought it would be a good time to write about the film “Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and the GMC”  and my involvement in its making.... The video is  below, if it doesn't download, you can click HERE.

The film has been igored by the UK press despite a copy being sent to every major news editor.

To set the scene we need to go back two years to the opening day of the GMC. I was there with my wife Lara and members of the UK Treating Autism Charity, supporting the doctors and also (in my mind at the time the more important task) talking to the press about how recovery is possible.

We had our first encounter with Brain on his return from lunch with the MP Dr Evan Harris. Brian had trouble with the front door at the GMC, he pushed the wrong door and rather comically bumped his whole body into it. There was a large cheer from the crowd as Brian skulked inside a bit red faced.

My mother had a saying, when as a naughty child I would trip or fall whilst up to no good  "THE DEVIL DID THAT" she would say. This lit up in my head like a neon sign.

A year passed, and the time came for Andy to answer the prosecution.  I had been busy on eBay buying a second  hand camcorder (a model with 3CCDs and an external mike input and a Rode mike.) This was the best I could afford that looked amateurish but gave broadcast quality pictures.

The night before Lara and I set about making some placards starting with "1 in 100: Why?" and "HONK" (to be held  up to passing traffic.)
As it got late and the red wine started to "inspire" the more cerebral offering of "Carrey funnier that Baron Cohen. FACT!" And a rather fetching marionette with a Brian head pasted on, captioned with "who's pullin your strings, Brian ?" 
On the day there were several hundred of us outside speaking to the press and protesting cheerfully. Brian took lunch but on his return we were waiting !!!
The resulting footage was donated to Cryshame. The independent film maker Alan Golding has used it along with interviews with Carmel Wakefield and parents of the lancet children to make a superb film which exposes Brain Deer and the bogus case against the three doctors.

Please set aside an hour to watch it and encourage others to watch it too. If you are a TV channel  and would like to broadcast it please contact us through the editors of Age of Autism at [email protected].
Please visit to see the full uncut "Deercam" footage.
Mark Hawkings lives in Kent in the UK,  is Edwards dad and is married to the warrior mom Lara. He amuses himself by saying “I wonder if Jim Carrey has seen my film?”



Benedetta Stilwell

Do you think Wakefield and the parents of the Lancet kids were wrong?
I took my dog for his rabies vaccine to the vet a month back. My son usually takes him. My son had a stroke from a DPT shot only hours after his third shot, he talks in a monotone that indicates to many he is slow. The vet know this, he told me that his beautiful 14 year old daughter has Crohn's disease, he is sure it is the MMR vaccine. He Sees lots of reactions in vaccinating animals. So no won't believe it, this is the biggest conspiracy in the entire history of the world!


Actually, this was just a gentelmen's agreement to take the article off the website until the PCC could rule, in one month. But after Wakefield violated the agreement with his press release, the PCC agreed that the article could go back up. Just go to the Times website, it's right there.

If the GMC and PCC rule against Wakefield, will people finally realize his research is wrong?

Jill Fenech

Wow! This video was amazing and horrible at the same time. The worst part for me was listening to the parents who were told by Deer that he was interviewing/filming their children in order to get help for them. He was so annoying in this video, kind of like a really good (actor) super-villain. I think you should re-do it and instead of Brian's actual body, you should substitute a cartoon cockroach with Brian Deer's voice. Maybe that would draw more people's attention. I hope that because of his overbearing, arrogant and condescending attitude toward the parents who live this nightmare night and day, more parents will be galvanized into action. Legislation is being introduced in the U.S. right now - H.R. 2596 No Child Left Unimmunized Act Against Influenza Act of 2009, sponsored by Rep.Raymond Green (D-TX). We must stand together for our children. Thank you for your hard work. What is the status of the 12 Lancet children?

K Fuller Yuba City

I finally had time to watch this all of the way through.
I do not know how anyone could watch this and not be very concerned. We need a new word. People dont believe in *conspiracy* This is worse than a conspiracy. Our world has gone mad.

Deborah Heather

this film is remarkable in the fact that it shows the inexperiance of the journalist , after watching the film i had noticed that Mr Deer had said that the gmc came to him for information regarding Dr Wakefield , but a letter shown on the film is in fact a letter that offers information from Mr Deer to the GMC so i am afraid it appears that Mr Deer has lied , so what else has he lied about


Big thank you for making this video. Well worth watching. The truth will prevail, and the truth will come out.
I was one of the parents who had legal aid stopped.
The ending says it all Mark, "What happened to these Children - what exactly happened to these Children"..... this is all we want to know, and it is the least we deserve.
Thanks again, and I hope others will take time to watch this video.
I feel deeply concerned that as parents we feel we are Scaremongering if we as much as suggest there is a link, when we know we were there and we saw what happened to our children. Something happened - something very serious happened to severely damage our children, we deserve this to be investigated and to stop it happening to others.

Benedetta Stilwell

I was up till three last night trying to pause and then load. I saw most of it but not the very end. I am going to try again though.

At first I thought Deer was just a buffoon that was just innocently looking at stats. on paper and writing from research done by others. Then I saw he had actually interview these parents and I saw look of hurt on their faces about their children that would have cut through a heart of stone. However, Deer apparently does not have heart to be cut. Even the police officier in the back was looking at Deer with a pure disain, to the point of biting his upper lip!

How is Brian Deer Connected to Freud?

More about the Brian Deer, Murdoch, and Freud connection..... I failed to mention in my comment below, that Elisabeth Murdoch (Brian Deer's boss's sister) is CEO of Shine Limited. Shine Limited is also a supplier of franchise television to broadcasters across the globe including the BBC, Channel 4, HBO and the RTL Group. In 2006 they acquired Kudos Film and Television, Princess Productions and Firefly to create the Shine Group, although they still operate as four separate entities. So you can see how when David Kirby goes to UK and can't get any press, it is because all these people are related and have similar business interests. Also, 15% of Shine Limited is owned by Lord Alli who is one of Tony's Cronies and a Politician, 5% of Shine is owned by BSKYB which is owned by Newscorp which her father, Rupert, heads. Again.... She is married to Matthew Freud who is the son of another politician, Sir Clement Freud. It must be nice for Glaxo to have all these convenient connections at their disposal when they need to defend themselves from possibly hurting children. No one has ever proven they have hurt children, and no one will as long as there is crowd control as mentioned below. I hope the makers of this fabulous movie someday do a documentary that follows the money and friends of those who are possibly hurting the children. If word got out, there may be less "crowd control" and the unseen ruling force that Ed Bernays, "the father of public relations", described below would be forced to repent or just go away.

mark hawkings

Thank you for all the positive comments and thank you all for sharing and posting this around, I have received lots of emails Urging me to watch it!!!

Please keep sharing this to ALL your contacts via facebook email and twitter , If have a blog please post it !
the code for embedding it can be found on this page.
(I can also be download from here too)

there are no plans at present to sell this as a DVD but if you would like copy to show perhaps at an event or conference I am sure we can work something out.

I must thank Alan for working so hard to produce this film and of course all the brave parents for taking part.

Mark Hawkings

Robert Krakow

This film is a powerful statement by parents of vaccine injured children.

Broadcast it to the four corners of the world.

Bob Krakow

Maurine Meleck

Thanks. This is terrific. I was glad to see David Thrower on this. I've had so much of what he has written for a long time and never saw him on a video before. As I watched Deer speak here, I can see how he really annoys and frustrates people. He talks right thru them and simply has his own agenda. To me he really uses a type of psycho babble in his attempt to put others on the spot at all times and take it off of himself. Anyhow, great video.

deer punter

The film is phenomenal and courageous on the part of everyone who participated. The moments with parents were so important because they've been shut away from view and, seeing them, there's no question about which side truth can be found on.

Deer is something out of Dickens. He looks like the kind of person who taught himself how to break someone's trachea and often thinks about doing it.

John Mc

It took me hours to watch this, it's taking me much longer to calm down

Maybe Deer should work for the Washington Post


As always in UK media, it seems to be a case of ‘do nothing, say nothing, and maybe the bogie man will go away’. Not this time.

Congratulations you guys on putting together such a splendid film.

Maureen Fischer

Thank you for this informative documentary. The movie quoted Dr. Peter Fletcher who said there are very powerful people in authority who are protecting themslves. Do we have any names? We should shed the light on them. Worms like Brian Deer will always be willing do do or say anything publicly for cash. We need to expose the people behind the curtain. If or when the truth breaks through Mr.Deer will crawl away saying he is just a journalist.

Teresa Conrick

WOW! This is excellent yet eerie. Watching Deer attempt to dismiss real facts, real data, and real BOWEL DISEASE is sick. It takes a true sociopath to be able to muster up that much bravado and bullshit, while a bank account awaits somewhere.

He has an American act-a-like here, Paul Offit, who pulls similar techniques, with drama, blatant lies, and the sickeningly familiar -- "I care about the children."

The only thing the puppets and the puppeteers care about now are ego, money, and saving their asses. Vaccine safety and damaged children are not even on their radar.

Thank you for sharing this. It needs to be all over the internet.

Deer's connection to Freud and Family

Brian Deer's boss is James Murdoch. You know... Rupert's son. Rupert is the global media mogul who owns FOX and other TV, radio, and newspapers round the world. Rupert's daughter (James Murdoch's Sister) is married to Matthew Freud, a grandson to Sigmund. Matthew is head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm in the UK. Matthew is also the nephew to Ed Bernays who is the "father of public relations".. the first guy to attempt to manipulate public opinion using the subconscious. He did this by combining crowd control ideas from LeBon and Trotter and the psychoanalitical ideas of his Uncle Sigmund... He was also into Pavlov's dog theories. Bernays and friends make for very interesting reading in all their "public relations work" that include a wide spectrum from helping the tobacco companies to overthrowing governments to help corporations control natural resources and pollute native lands.

In Propaganda (1928), his most important book, Bernays argued that the manipulation of public opinion was a necessary part of democracy:

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country..."
I keep overhearing conversations and reading about these public relations connections in world politics. Wherever there is a scandal or coup, these public relation and media firms are deeply rooted. I've heard on more than one occasion that these people were related to the drug companies too. And now....we can see one such connection in that James Murdoch, Brian Deer's boss, is now working for Glaxosmith...

It is easy to see that Brian Deer is happy to "play his part" to arouse "the crowd" and thus "control" them and do his best to make them look silly and desperate in the public eye. My friends would say that Brian is not the puppet. He is instead an arm of the puppet master. The crowd are the ones that are really on the strings dancing. Perhaps parents should be aware of these connections and tactics so they can ponder the best approach to helping the children.

I wonder what Uncle Sigmund would say about all his extended family.

Joan Campbell

Excellent film
Thanks to all involved for their input. Brian Deer is not a nice man and I'm delighted that he has got his comeuppance.

Lisa @ TACA

This video brought me to tears. How many children and their families must continue to suffer?

Well done in compling over a decade of issues and summarizing enough for the general public to understand. Brilliant. Thank you.

August 9th will be a good day for the history books on this saga.

Managing Editor

Steve, I checked the link - try it now. PCC is the UKs Press Complaints Commission - I've editing Mark's post. GMC is the General Medical Council in the UK. Thanks. KIM


I click the here and get page not found.

.. The video is below, if it doesn't download, you can click HERE.


what is the abbreviation PPC, what is the abbreviation GMC. I am somewhat new and it is frustraing for this wonderful info source not to follow standard protocol of expanding out the abbreviation on first use. Thanks.

curt linderman sr

Great article Mark! You are truly a warrior! Keep up the good fight brother!!!!


Isn't it possible to find out how money is being funneled to Brian Deer, if it is?

Is it fair for Chris Mooney to characterize David Gorski as a cancer surgeon with a blog if Gorski runs a lab at Wayne State whose stated purpose is drug development? If he's researching the effects of a particular drug on breast cancer? Which company will benefit from a positive result? How is Gorski's lab funded? Of course, Mooney may not have known to include any of this because he probably didn't write the article himself.

These ham-handed disinformation and harassment campaigns on the part of industry are as old as the (polluted) hills, from air pollution to tobacco to environmental lead to mercury. How long is it going to go on?


Can a DVD of this film be ordered from somewhere?

Deer Stalker

You have to remember the entire British establishment is hiding behind Brian Deer. When Deer first made his now collapsing allegations against Andrew Wakefield not a single British politician expressed a word of concern - yet the fragility ought to have been obvious to any competent observer. They just walked by on the other side of the road.

dan olmsted

to my mind this is the single best video ever made about the autism epidemic. watch it! -- dan


"THE DEVIL DID THAT" That's just too good Mark! LOL

I thought the movie was awesome (as you know), very well done by all involved.

Putting this up on my blog now. Give Edward a hello from Charlie (who is mightily impressed by those FB game scores!). :-)

mark h

the Video can be found here

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