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Generation Rescue and Autism One Join Forces to Help Children

Astaire and rogers Managing Editor's Note: Ed and Stan, you can decide who's Astaire and who's Rogers. I think GR and AO makes for a great dance. KS


Generation Rescue and Autism One are delighted to announce their partnership to better meet the needs of the autism community in order to help children and educate parents and medical professionals. Based on shared values and each organization’s expertise the alliance will provide creative and innovative solutions to many of the autism, ADHD and chronic illness community’s most pressing problems.
Ed Arranga, executive director of AutismOne said “The possibilities are endless. We need a dream team to win and Generation Rescue’s crucial mix of education, analysis, outreach and inspiration immediately impacts the debate. Their commitment and passion provides the critical mass to help change everything.”
Stan Kurtz, president of Generation Rescue, echoes the sentiment. “I have always admired AutismOne.  We both advocate for child safety and share a common vision of care, treatment, recovery, and prevention. Together we will arm parents and professionals with the latest techniques on living a healthy lifestyle and educate how autism, ADHD and chronic illness are preventable and reversible.” 

Two initiatives from the combined efforts are an expanded AutismOne conference and a Stay at Home Moms March. “We know how difficult it is for moms to get involved in advocacy efforts,” says Teri Arranga, “so we’ve created a national neighborhood campaign that recognizes moms need to be at home but still want to be involved.” The Stay at Home Moms March realizes a mother’s role in the recovery process of a child and will be the largest autism advocacy initiative ever undertaken. “We are proud to be spearheading with AutismOne a game-changing event of this magnitude,” stated Candace McDonald of Generation Rescue. “It’s time we developed a national network that gives moms a voice and I believe the community is more than ready to be mobilized.” 
Look for the AutismOne/Generation Rescue conference to embrace greater concerns of the autism community and include world renowned professionals who are new to the cause. Cross pollination among individuals and disciplines is the “engine” of scientific progress. “Jenny McCarthy has played a vital part in the last two AutismOne conferences,” says Laura Rowley, associate director of AutismOne. “We could not be more thrilled to be working more closely with Generation Rescue. Personally, I can’t wait to get started.” Generation Rescue’s partnership with AutismOne accelerates the process forward.
Over the coming weeks more details about the AutismOne/Generation Rescue conference, the Stay at Home Moms March, and other initiatives will be made available. Join us and be part of the generation that ends autism.  

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Dana Read

I am proud and excited to be a Rescue Angel. This is a great union of organizations!


I love this, but don't forget about the Stay at Home Dads too!


Couldn't be a finer union! Thank you all so much for your dedication to our cause.

david troutman

ED,STAN, you can sign me up. I have worked with both of you and am willing to step it up. There is alot that both orgs., with the dedicated people, already in place that can accomplish what most peolpe would consider impossible. GO GO GO

Deb in IL

Peanut butter and jelly.
Cagney and Lacey.
Mulder and Fox.
AO and GR. Yup, works for me!

Tanners Dad

I have long been an advocate of synergy and unification. It is nice to see org working together rather than tearing themselves apart Like Autism Speaks. I think it is a sin that we layer on another level of overhead during a recession. The Autism Science Foundation should hang their head in shame. Less than 2% of Autism Speaks budget was going to research that answers the Vaccine / Autism Question. It was not a reason to form a whole new organization

Benedetta Stilwell

I think they are a good fit for one another! If it works out maybe they can join and form a new more powerful organization. One that can not be denied. Please help all of here (me) keep up on the latest news of what goes on with these two organizations.

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