First Swine Flu Shots Will Not Be Safety Tested
Autism Families Shut Out at IACC

From Autism File Magazine

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Are Federal Research Dollars Being Spent Wisely? by Theresa Wrangham and Vicky Debold, PhD, RN

With regard to how research impacts legislation, the Autism Treatment Acceleration Act of 2009 (ATAA) is a current attempt by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) to require insurance coverage for autism treatment, create autism treatment centers, and create a voluntary registry to track trends and assist in understanding causes and rates of autism. The intent of this bill is laudable. However, the autism community has learned to be cautious of even the best of intentions. The resistance by IACC, specifically, and NIH, generally, to shift research objectives and monies away from investigation of autism’s biological underpinnings, to account for private research investments, and to more thoroughly investigate the role of the environment impedes legislative efforts to be more inclusive of successful treatments used by many families.  READ MORE HERE.

The Importance of Nutritional Treatment
by Nancy Mullan, MD

Hoffer considers the patient well “When they are free of symptoms and signs, and getting on well with their family and community. They are doing what they would have done had they not become ill, and they are…working and paying income tax. Few orthodox tranquilized patients can earn enough money to owe income tax.” He further states that, “Each new schizophrenic patient, whether left untreated or treated by drugs alone, will cost society two million dollars over their lifetime. A patient who has recovered will cost society nothing and will, on the contrary, be a contributor. The savings can be enormous.”

The savings in human suffering are even greater. The patient with a thought, mood, or behavior disorder has an intense longing to function normally. The disorder can totally destroy their lives as they have known it. Parents of children affected with autism and ADD/ADHD also experience this longing, and some have sacrificed a great deal in order to bring normal function about. Autism is considered a childhood psychosis. The major tranquilizer, Risperdal, a later version of the early anti-psychotics with fewer side effects, is the only FDA approved medication for autism, although many antidepressants and other medications have also been used. In the hope of finding a more acceptable solution to the problems of autism and ADD/ADHD than medications— which are not satisfactory as they do not make the patient really normal—parents are using biomedical approaches that are directly derived from Hoffer’s recommendations.  READ MORE HERE.

The July issue of The Autism File USA contains many excellent articles that you will want to read and share.  Here are just a few:

• Gastrointestinal Pathology in Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Venezuelan Experience
• by Lenny G. Gonzalez, MD

• Integrating Biomedical and Behavioral Science: The Happy Future Ahead
• by Edward G. Carr, PhD, BCBA and Stephen M. Edelson, PhD

• Minnesota Department of Health: Closing the Door to Truth for Somali Children with Autism
• by Patti Carroll

• Sam’s Journey: Four Perspectives on a Musical Route through Autism
• by Vicky Debold, PhD, RN; Andrew Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, FRCPath; Leah Kmetz, MT-BC; & Sam Debold 

• Asking Medicaid to Pay
• by Steven Kossor

• Autism Grandparents: Rising to the Occasion
• by Shannon Johnson

• EEG Assessment & Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Robert Coben, PhD and Kevin McKeon, MA



Dr. Mullan is our biomedical doctor. She is fabulous!!!

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