A Clear Biomarker for Autism? – The Question of Alterations in Lipid Metabolism.
Will H1N1 Vax Contain Thimerosal (Mercury)? ABC News Answers.

Bloomberg.com On H1N1 Vaccine Adjuvant Safety Concerns

Power Managing Editor's Note: As the info on H1N1, both the virus and the vaccines, becomes available, we'll post about it. We need as much info as we can get so we can make informed healthcare choices for our families. Bloomberg.com HERE raises questions about the safety of proposed adjuvants. Vicki Debold is quoted.

...The U.S. Health and Human Services Department declared a public health emergency over swine flu in April, and the Food and Drug Administration has the power to allow the use of unapproved medical products during such a crisis. The U.S. has been slow to approve the use of adjuvants because of safety concerns, and for fear of giving Americans an excuse to avoid getting the shots, said John Treanor, a University of Rochester researcher.

“The question is, do you really feel comfortable throwing this new thing into the mix and do you really need to?” said Treanor, a professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology at the school in Rochester, New York. “I myself, if I had to do it, would really wrestle with that decision.”

The CDC agreed to pay London-based Glaxo and Novartis, based in Basel, Switzerland, more than $415 million for adjuvants that could be added to the swine flu vaccines, according to a July 13 statement.



Michael Rose

The real reason that they've stopped testing for swine flu is that a very large proportion of tests of flu-like symptoms proved not to be H1N1.

In fact in 80% of tests there was no flu ANY strain whatsoever. Rhinovirus gets some bad press of late.

So why would any sensible person risk being jabbed with stuff which the manufacturer admits in print on the packet has a 1 in 10,000 chance of inducing Guillain-Barre. G-B results in death-like symptoms including a fairly comprehensive total-paralysis

Trust me, I'm an architect. Joking aside, a naturopath-minded architect's advice might be a whole lot better for your health than the misleading info you often risk from your Board-certified MD...

...unless she is one of those rare allopaths who actually read and translate the horrendous warnings on your product insert... AND has the wisdom to bin the batch.

No need to ask her to prescribe nanosilver and garlic. You can buy both online without leaving home.

Carolyn Foley

I spoke with the HHS Zone 1 Director a few days ago. Here are the H1N1 vaccine details:

(1) HHS has signed a blanket protection clause for the makers of the vaccine, so citizens will have zero legal recourse, should harm or death come to any individual. The only exception is if the filing party can prove that the manufacturer is guilty of criminal intent to do harm.

(2) The H1N1 vaccine DOES contain thimerosal.

(3) The H1N1 vaccine will also contain the adjuvant squalene. Squalene was used in the anthrax vaccines which produced "Gulf War Syndrome".

The human body naturally produces squalene, which is heavily utilized by the central nervous system, as well as other body processes. When squalene is injected with an antigen, the body recognizes both the squalene and the antigen as invaders and, thus, begins to produce antibodies against both. The immune system cannot differentiate between injected and naturally-occuring squalene, so it attacks ALL squalene, thereby causing autoimmune disorders, such as MS, ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Squalene also attacks male sperm production, resulting in either sterility or offspring birth defects (most frequently in the form of missing limbs, as evidenced in the offspring of Gulf War veterans.)

(4) The company, Baxter, which will be the main producer of the H1N1 vaccine, is the same company that produced the 1976 swine vaccine that killed 25 people and injured several hundred more during its trial phase. That vaccine also used squalene.

(5) H1N1 is currently no more dangerous than the usual, seasonal flu. Tamiflu is still effective against this strain. Rountine hand washing and 5,000 IUs/day of vitamin D3 are currently more effective, and vastly safer, than the untested H1N1 vaccines.

(6) The H1N1 vaccine will also contain LIVE H5N1 virus. This has some scientists worried, as they fear that those inoculated (infected with) the H5N1 virus may come into contact with someone who has not been inoculated and is infected with the H1N1 virus, thereby creating a hybrid for which there exists no vaccine, and which can infect the inoculated. This is similar to what occured during the 1918 influenza pandemic, which was the product of the scientific community's efforts to fight lesser viruses with a myriad of vaccines in combination. Thus, unecessary inoculation with live H5N1 virus is not only unecessary, it is biologically dangerous, for both the inoculated and the unvaccinated.

Philip Lockerman

My son David received a series of shots one day when he was three...that evening while David was being fed in his highchair he had a seizure ...epileptic!!He was a normal kid up to that point fun and playful and curious about the world around him.That night his little world changed. David was diagnosed as having adhd and Asperger's syndrom....all caused by those horrible shots...one of which contained thimerosal! The health officials that Ive talked to cannot guarantee that the adjuvants used in the h1n1 vaccinations would not be harmful or have any side affects,nor could they give me a list of what ingredients would be in the shots...or who the manufacture was(is).David is 14 now and smart and healthy. For five years he's been on a glyconutrition (glycoscience) diet. He was special ed in school up until mid year in the eighth grade. I pulled him out and main streamed him into the regular classes. His last report card was "A's" "B's" and one "C".Today he got his first job at our local grocery store, and is off to high school this next year.As a parent who has gone through a nightmare world trying to get their child back normality ,I'm refusing any drug that is manufactured by "BIG PHARM" weather it's federally mandated or not...my child and myself will do just fine thank you. By The way...under a federally declared pandemic...any side effects you or your loved one(s) might incur from any vaccination(s),permanent,or temporary, no matter how bad....federal laws prevent you from suing them or the drug companies!Be careful...be aware...please read the case involving JANE BURGERMEISTER and pass this info along to everyone you know. thank you.


My littlest boy who is 17 months old had swine flu just a few weeks ago and is fine... in fact it was no different than if he would have had the regular flu virus. Sure he felt miserable but he recovered 4-5 days later. They gave him Tama flu. It concerns me that they may try to force us to be vaccinated and I still have NOT vaccinated my youngest son (one that got swine flu) and stopped vaccinating my oldest (who has autism) at 2 1/2. The media has really HYPED this whole thing out of proportion. Some of my fmaily memebers were so freaked out by it I was really suprised by it, its silly. His doctor even said, treat it like you would any other flu, be wise, wash your hands don't kiss him and you'll be ok. If you notice any new symptoms for you, him or anyone else come in and get checked don't wait. Its that simple...

Jenna Smith

Did any of you just see Anthony Fauci on "Dr. Nancy" saying the vaccine will not be mandatory and will be "unadjuvanted"? WTF?


My question is that Obama's administration sent an e-mail from the White House indicating that it was a voluntary vaccine...which is the true case?? Is it mandatory or voluntary?


Another comment:

Today in my local newspaper in Sweden is the first call for information by the official authorities in our state in sweden about the upcoming vaccination of H1N1
Today coincedently also the AstraZeneca(pharmagiant) financialnumbers are rolling in and they expect a positive impact in their numbers of the vaccination of H1N1 in the second half of 2009.

Sweden has bought already the vaccins.
Sweden is upfront, so hopefully Sweden also
stays democratic and is it voluntarily.

That means with a lot off uncertainty and questions and rush and especially WHY, WHY NOW, WHY CHANGE DEFINITION OF PANDEMICS?? WHY? The answers I let you all decide for yourself.

But if it is voluntarely, what can we expect from vaccinationpercentage.....it is always better to have a non vaccinated child in a community with 96% vaccinated then a non vaccinated child in a 60% vaccinated community. Look at religious area's in Holland for example.

What can we expect NOT from the vaccin but from the adjuvants, vaccinfluids, call it one of the most controversial things in the development of autism: whats in it, what does it with healthy immunesystems and what with already damaged immunesystems?
Age of autism has published may articles about that. We do not know now!

Who are to be vaccinated, in Sweden we soon will know and see. The risks groups is to be expected, but also healthy individuals?

Children from what age? until 18?
And how about the dosage!!! Are there bodyweight related vaccins??
Or is it just: ALL IN( what a double meaning these two words!)

Please dear fellowreaders of AofA see at least both sides,
the fact you read age of autism makes already a selection.....

Expect a lot of problems with this vaccin!

Remember the Ford experiment in the 70ties.
It looks like it. But for conspiracies go to the web. For economic things go to the web.

Can you imagine what a revenue growth and pharmaceutical benefit it will give, if with a lowered WHO definition, the next 10to20 years every blip-flu(with so much media attention( and content!!! sells, remember the more hysteria the more value in the search engines)it will give.

A vaccin for the worldpopulation( and I am now exaggerating,...because so many countries have no money for this vaccin so already there is some selection, poor people at the end of the line!).

Am I going to vaccinate my children? The answer is NO.
Do I take the shot myself: NO.

If this has consequences....I made the discision in free will, in a free country)

The fact that today at least more children have died from starvation or diarrhea then the whole flu together is no comfort to me....but it says something about our world, risks and how we look at health.

I wished that all the lost credit crisis money in the big gambling of the big EGO boys at the BIG Wall Street firms....would have been vaccinated in parts of the world for toilets, washing hands,fresh water, sanitation, preventive medicin of all the children who in the future will pay the bill.
The total mortalityrate and morbidity rate of vaccinationprograms in Holland is NOT going down more since a lot off years,,,,even some people think it rises....
and they vaccinate already 50 years.....
The biggest fall in those rates was sanitation, fresh water, hygiene and preventive non invasive measures.....

So wash your hands, especially when your children come from school, let them sleep and rest, eat well, love them, avoid big unnessecary crowds, minimum shake hands if in areas with proven flu...
Thats the best you can give!
But giving a healthy child or developmental disordered child a vaccination with no proven trackrecord! is asking for trouble.

As always: above written is my personal opinion,as a father of an autistic child and a dokter, I am not connected to any medical company, but I support the Age of Autism.

MD from Sweden


I hope I can be very clear:
Vaccinating against a seasonal virus where we do not know exactly our controlgroups and the rush( for example Sweden in september) and taking descisions for other people( like children and developmental disorderded children, elderly and people who cannot decide themselves very good)has a lot off dangers in it.
Remember the WHO has changed the definition of a pandemic, so the treshhold is lower and this swin flu(wrong name)has a low mortality and morbidity is even all numbers a correct.
Conspiracy themes are saying this is an experiment of the New World Order. Me
as a dokter stay away from this but my task is to warn in vaccinations in children.
If people do not want it....the vaccinationpercentage is also important of the group, what about the other fluestrains and their vaccinationcapacity in the fall on the northern hemisfere.
Please dear readers of age of autism:
See both sides and protect our autistic children against something which can have huge consequences.
I do not downplay any diseases or pandemics.
But I know the effects on autistic children.
Grt. Milco
MD from Sweden


The National Vaccine Information Center has posted the following on H1N1. Please share this information with your families, communities, physicians and school administrators.



"A safety concern was raised in 2004 when researchers... reported that mice injected with oils used in the adjuvants developed *conditions of the type that occur when the body’s immune system produces an excessive protective reaction*".

Why didn't they just say "autoimmunity"?

Roger Kulp

Government virus expert paid £116k by swine flu vaccine manufacturers


GlaxoSmithKline: A Swine Flu Windfall?


please be sure to go to www.PandemicFluOnline.com for info on the swine flu/vaccine. At this time, this is the most up to date info.

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