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Barbara Loe Fisher on Swine Flu Vaccines

Summer By Barb Loe Fisher, Read more and watch a video at the National Vaccine Injury Center site HERE. 

The summer will be over before we know it and it will be time for the school year to begin. This fall, many parents are wondering what will happen to their children when they enter the schools. Some public health doctors want to turn schools into vaccination clinics where children will be the first to be injected with experimental swine flu vaccines.

Every day, we are being warned by doctors at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) to worry a lot about the H1N1 influenza A virus, which was first identified in Mexico in April 2009 and is being called the new swine flu. As of June 15, 2009, the WHO stated that 76 countries have reported more than 35,000 cases, including 163 deaths. 108 of those deaths have occurred in Mexico. We are being told that nearly 18,000 AMericans have gotten sick from the new swine flu virus, with about five percent being hospitalized and 45 dying.....


Tammy Fisher

I am so glad I found Barbs video on swine flu vaccine. My son started having seizures after his firast immunizations. He had a reaction to the pertussis. Next came seizures, asthma, cronic ear infections, ect.. I do not want to get him vaccinated as I live in NY and they want the children in schools vaccinated. He has had countless seizures, we almost lost him 3 times due to hospital emergency rooms overdosing him on seizure meds. What next?? Where do we go from here. He is just 6 and he has no choice. What are my options as a parent??

jill r

i have been worried sick over this. losing sleep over this. even thinking of not sending my son to school. but i will be getting a medical note from my DAN doc in august and getting it glued to his body. well i will make many copies. or maybe i will just move to another country. can they really stick our kids in the middle of the school day with out us knowing? is that really leagal? my son is 3, he goes to public prschool per his IEP. can they really do this? to a 3 year old?

Jill Fenech

Wow! Please write your congressmen/congresswomen and state reps. Legislation is being introduced in the U.S. right now - H.R. 2596 No Child Left Unimmunized Act Against Influenza Act of 2009, sponsored by Rep.Raymond Green (D-TX). We must stand together for our children. Those in politics need to hear us. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves. All that hard won freedom flushed down the drain because of the pharma cartel. The autism community gains more members each day. Let them hear our voices before our schools become immunization centers!

Not an MD

There is a petition for all who are interested to sign at www.healthfreedomusa.org (the website of Dr. Rima Laibow) that proposes the option of self-shielding during the H1N1 pandemic for American citizens, as an alternative to forced vaccination. I have just read today that China is not mandating the H1N1 vaccine for its citizens. It is hard to believe that more options exist for the citizens of a Communist nation, than for us, presently, in the World's greatest democracy. Let's make this happen, everyone. Let us protect our right to self-shield.

Isaac's Grandma

This is something that I worried about as soon as I heard the word"epidemic." I told my daughter that I was afraid it was a scare tactic, and that a new vaccine would be coming out soon to control this horrible flu. She laughed and told me that she felt the same way. The next thing we knew, there it was. They were saying that they were working on a new vaccine. They might not have it ready for the first outbreak...but they were certain that there would be another outbreak of the worst kind sometime in October or so. So, of course they would be ready then. They can get it all ready with a month or so. HOW? How can they just decide that this vaccine is "ready for pulic comsumption" in "a month or so?" This is just unreal to me.
It is a scary place that we live in today when we are afraid of our own Drs and have to be so scared for our children and grandchildren.
To be forced to give these kids something that we all know could be more harmful than this flu virus, is beyond anything that I can comprehend.
I remember when my children were little, and, They would get something like the chicken pox. I asked my kids Dr. for the new meds for that then. Guess what? He said no! I didn't understand it at the time. I thought he was a quack. I now know that he was one of the best Drs ever. I think he saw all of this coming. That was 25 years ago.


It would be interesting to find out how many of the places where "swine flu" outbreaks have occurred, are close to large hog operations or CAFOs (concentrated/contained animal feeding operations). I cannot help but wonder whether swine influenza vaccines given to the hogs can be shed into their vast manure lagoons, creating problems for other creatures, including humans, who live nearby.

michael framson

Oregon began identifying swine flu vs. seasonal flu over the last several months. The majority were seasonal flu illnesses perhaps some being ILIs. You would think that public health officials collecting this data would also be collecting who had been vaccinated for this season's flu so they could shout from the roof tops in the state how truly effective vaccination for flu is.

So it leads me to wonder: Did they actually collect this data (?) and if so, were the results so poor on effectiveness that there's no mentioning of this information. Or did they not collect the data because they already know that the flu vaccine really doesn't work that well after all?

What better way to build trust than share the data with public that you repeatedly push to vaccinate even with drive through vaccination clinics at the ballot box.

I suppose the data could be going through the CDC's Simpsonwood data processing center, and we just have to wait for the data sets thru FOIA.

Vaccinations: More questions than answers.


My blood ran cold with the first mention of the swine flu. Not for fear of an epidemic but because i knew it was a straight shot to forced large number vaccines. This is a deep fear carried every day in my heart. Can you refuse to vaccinate anyway? Does it mean home schooling? Or does it mean child services can take my child away an vaccinate them anyway?

Tired of Spunk

Just make sure you plan to be among those who will be vaccinated in phase 2 or 3 of the vax campaign. Pronounce to everyone how you want to hold off and let the sick weakly and fearful go first - out of the kindness of your heart.

Then rest assured that the program will never even get to phase 2 due to the incredibly high rate of death and disability resulting from the vaccine. This happened with the 1st swine flu vaccine, and let's face it, the almighty white coat wearin' researchers have not figured out how to make a safe vaccine yet.

All the "novel" vaccines that are relatively new on the scene are based on very shoddy work and a very limited understanding of genetic engineering. The swine flu vaccine also is built on a GMO house of cards - it will also be very reactive.

Just look at the carnage in the wake of Gardisil and know that the swine flu vaccine too will leave a trail of tears and pretty quickly even the most devout vaccine worshipping public will step out of the long lines for this false and potentially life derailing "protection."


Does anyone know of anyone who has had a confirmed case of Swine Flu ?????

or died???

Please start a list as such...

Mr. RTJ of ZZZ, FL zip
sick 06 15 09
died 06 29 09

We may have to set up a separate site for the list.

Zip codes will help so we know when
to run for our lives....

Let's reconsider this

I think that if this should happen, there would be a lot more kids qualifying for ASD, a lot more adults with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and a lot more seniors with Alzheimer's. But do not fear, Big Pharma will make its profits anyway. That's what its all about anyhow.

Managing Editor

My kids have a history of seizures and are under treatment for mitochondrial disorder. Medical Exemptions. I need them paralyzed wirth GBS on top of autism? I think not.


Our DAN doctor gave us exemptions for any further shots containing thimerosal as well as for a few other vaccines (not all). Does anyone know if the swine flu shot will contain thimerosal? Even if it doesn't, I don't want to risk any more vaccine injuries for my child.


Sarah, you are right. We all need to call our state health departments and see what, if any, rights we have considering the Model State Emergency Health Powers Acts passed in most states. In New Jersey, it is Senate Bill 2085. Very scary stuff.


This is a serious issue for those of us with kids in public schools. The news yesterday told of the CDC meeting where they are hoping to stockpile 600 million doses of swine flu vaccine (2 for every American 2-50) at a cost of 7.5 billion dollars (already spent). No matter what the progression of swine flu - you don't think they are going to let those vials just sit there do you? States are already enacting 'state of emergency' clauses that supercede usual state health laws. Those of us with vaccine exemptions MUST check state laws and see if the exemptions are nullified under emergency and pandemic situations. Like Barbara mentions - massachusettes has already passed emergency legislation allowing health officials to enter businesses and homes without warning and evaluate and quarantine (and vaccinate?). This is paving the way for surprise vaccine-clinics in the schools.

Tanners Dad

Thank you Barbara. I am trying to promote the 4th International Conference on Vaccination with the promotion of Angela Warner Meeting with President Obama's Wife during the Oct. 2nd to Oct 4th time period. This is the event listing on twitter...

Campaign to encourage Michelle Obama to meet with Autism Community Angela Warner Military Mom & voice to voiceless http://tinyurl.com/mwc3eb

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