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A "Refrigerator Mother" Adult with Autism Speaks Out

Open refrigerator Managing Editor's Note: It has been my pleasure to get to know Roger Kulp, an adult with autism. Here he tell us in his own words what autism has meant and done to him. If you can offer a referral to a primary care physician (Albuquerque area) who would assist him, one who understands that autism is not simply a behavioral diagnosis and can manage his care and help him get to The Cleveland Clinic, please do so in the comments.  Thank you readers. And thank you, Roger. 

By Roger Kulp


I have been interested in trying to contact you for quite a while. If you want to  publish this email at AoA I give you permission to do so.Actually this is more of a cry for help than anything else.

There is a lot that I don't like about AoA,but what bugs me the most is the fact you concentrate exclusively on children.There is this whole mindset that there were no autistic children who ever had severe biomedical issues, mitochondrial disease, inflammatory disease,what have you before there was thimerosol,or the current vaccine schedule in the late 1980s.When there were always autistics who had these problems, we just didn't recognize them.

As we have discovered that these diseases exist alongside autism,and may even cause it,the response should have been "Yes,let's take care of the children,but let's try to find out how many  AUTISTIC ADULTS  are out there,who have been suffering with these diseases for years,but have never been diagnosed."

Especially ,since we now know,that in many cases,it isn't so much what is  in  the vaccines,but what the shock of receiving so many vaccines so early does to the children,and that the same sort of shock can occur in unvaccinated children,who have suffered acute infection,as infants or toddlers.

This is vaccines,but it is a universe removed from mercury and thimerosol.Babies were always getting acute infections,and a lot of those who did not die developed autism.Only now do we know this.

I had acute bacterial meningitis with pulmonary complications,at five months of age.

According to my mother,I came out a  different baby than when I went into the hospital. My autism has always been difficult to pin down (Sound familiar ?),but basically it was/is like severe autistic disorder but without MR/intellectual disability.Although I did not officially  get diagnosed with autism until fairly recently,I am not like some neurodiversity ideologues I could name.I was diagnosed early with multiple learning disabilities,had developmental delay noted by teachers,as well as the old standby "childhood schizophrenia", a diagnosis that stuck into my early 20s.

Infection has always led to regression,and flareups of medical problems make my autism worse.My last major regression was in 2007,during another acute bout of meningitis.This period of regression lasted a year and a half.By regression,I mean the severity of my autism reverted to where it was when I was about six years old,and my adult intelligence remained intact.After this meningitis,and regression,I developed electrical seizures and stroke like episodes.

In addition to autism,I have lifelong failure to thrive,with hypermetabolism.and bowel disease,as well as a  long history of idiopathic lung disease,a cardiomyopathy,conduction defect, and "myocardial angina".All of my heart and lung problems began as a teenager, none of which any of my doctors thought they were anything important,in spite of nearly dying of acute heart failure in my 20s.

I have had mysterious recurring high fevers since I was about six,and severe non-degenerative joint pain since age ten.I have been tested for cystic fibrosis,alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency,every type of autoimmune disease,and primary immune deficiency.I don't have any of them.

I did not complete puberty,in spite of "normal" hormone levels.I also have a lack of muscle development in the upper half of my body,and was born with no abdominal muscles at all.

My last primary physician agreed I probably do have mitochondrial disease,but refused to go ahead with a workup for it.saying I ought to worry about "stuff I could control,like making sure I don't develop high cholesterol."Personally,I think I have mixed mitochondrial and autoinflammatory disease,something that you could well understand.

I walked out on my doctor after he told me this.I have a guarantee that Dr.Bruce Cohen, in Cleveland wants to see me.What I don't have is another primary physician.I have spent months trying to locate another one.Every doctor that is recommended to me has turned me down because they say they only see children.If you could help find me one here in Albuquerque,I would be forever grateful.

I belong to the Noah Greenberg/"Refrigerator Mother" generation of autistics.As children,we were untreated,warehoused,or if we were verbal,dumped in mainstream classrooms to fend for ourselves.The time has long overdue for a formal public apology, to admit we were wrong on how we saw and treated autism.What's more,now that we know causes like mitochondrial disease,that these autistics could not have been tested for as children,those who have serious medical problems should be tested for it.

There are also enough purely neurodevelopmental reasons to autism delisted as a mental illness.AoA needs to take this up as a serious cause..

For far too long nondisabled (Yes I'll say it people with Aspergers are NOT truly disabled.) neurodiversity types have been the only voice of autistic adults out there. Neurodiversity ideologues like Laurent Mottron are hijacking serious autism research and threaten to take it over.The neurodiversity movement represents the single greatest threat to the well being of all autistics,just as Bruno Bettelheim and his followers did when I was a child.Both are based on a dangerously unrealistic and limited picture of what autism is.

I AM a puzzle.

Neurodiversity does not speak for me.

Roger Kulp is an adult with autism and lives in New Mexico.


jennifer johnson

i have a family member who has been a highly functioning autistic soul for 40 years...now, it seems over night he has regressed to that of a low functioning 5 year old...it has become a true mystery and has taxed his aging parents with his new care he needs....anyone?..we need any help you can offer...thanks!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Rodger, A few more thoughts about mercury being the actual cause of your autism: You would have imagined that you were a relatively normal infant at the time of your illness. Not so- You would have had either one or two doses of DPT with high levels of mercury at the time of the meningitis . Mercury causes terrible damage to the immune system. Without the mercury it is likely that you would never have been sick and never gone to the hospital. You can read about the effect on the immune system in the research done at U.Cal. Davis, by Dr. Isaac Pessah. Your mother was probably not breast feeding you, so you had no maternal antibodies against infection. Then you went to the hospital, where I would guess you were given more mercury in injections such as Gammaglobulin.
Even today, your body can very slowly excrete mercury , if you protect yourself from further exposure:
Avoid fish / Refuse flu vaccines and hep B vaccines that contain thimerosal/ dont use products that contain High fructose corn syrup / Avoid dental work in which "silver" fillings are taken out or replaced, except by a biological dentist who can help you do this with less mercury affect on your body/ If you live near factories such as power plants that burn coal, try to move further away. You can also do biomedical treatments for removing mercury from your body . All the best!

Carolyn M for Benedetta


I may be wrong, but I believe that "BTW" is "by the way", and that "nebulized ALA" is nebulized alpha lipoic acid. You can also get alpha lipoic acid in transdermal form for those children for whom candida is a problem; alpha lipoic acid can increase yeast if taken orally (and may also increase it if inhaled). I hope this is helpful.

Benedetta Stilwell

What is BTW and nebulizer ALA
Thanks if you answer.


Beautifully said!

Nebulized ALA
and ALCarnitine
Have done wonders for my son who bore 18 of the mito symptoms and severe hypotonia.

Benedetta Stilwell

P.S. from last blog. Both my husband and daughter also takes a drug called Ultram or the other new name Tramadol. It helps their muscle aches, yet is NOT adictive. Yet, this past year it has been put on the controlled drug list because as usually some FOOL found a way to abuse it. They crushing them and snorting or some foof thing.

Benedetta Stilwell

So your doctor commented on cholesterol and you did not even have high cholesterol. Well that figures.

You say you want the muscle biospy to prove you have mitochondria disorder? Or you hope they can treat for this disorder if the doctors only knew. This is not the case with my family, and you may well find it is not the case for you either (but I hope not). They can give you a dignoisis but no treatment is really available, unless it is asprin or ibuophorpene, or something stronger that is also dangerous like steroids or quionine (the same stuff they use for malaria). That is the case for my entire family: My husband, My daughter (we just got the results last Friday from a rheumotogolist, it is an inflamation not specified, and I was happy because we were thinking it was schelerdema - She had a HEP B a year ago, her first one, she went into nursing and had to have it, she had Kawaskis when she was two - six weeks after her DPT shot) and my austistic son, of course ran rhemutoid like fevers for years.

Jill Rubolino

Hi Roger,
What can I do to help you get to Cleveland Clinic? It seems that's where you need to be for sure. My son was seen by Dr. Natowicz, who has seen many of my friend's children as well. I am humbled by the fact that we ARE always talking about the "kids". I apologize for my own thoughtless omission of the many adults who have been suffering for many years, from the same chronic health issues as our kids do. Thank you for reminding me to keep my view a little wider next time.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Dear Rodger, Thankyou very much for sharing your story. I think I speak for many people at AOA, in saying that it is almost painful to hear how you have suffered. Please keep writing in to AOA. This is a site where everyone can speak the truth as they see it and we listen with respect to anyone who speaks in sincerity.
I have one comment for you. It is possible that you think that your childhood infection was the cause of your autism, but in fact, (in my humble opinion) it is equally likely that your autism was caused by the treatments given to you at the time. I will give an example of what happened to me at age 2 or 3 , which I now think has changed me forever: I had played with a child who had measles and my mother went to a doctor who suggested to her that to prevent my getting measles, I should be given a series of injections. I was given a series of injections- at least 3, but probably more- perhaps 5 or 6. I now realize that the one type of injection that was used to prevent disease was gamma globulin, which contains high level of mercury. I lived through my childhood with a number of symptoms which troubled me a lot in various ways, and thankfully many of them finally waned after many years: Extreme shyness, blushing easily, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, head banging, night terrors (not nightmares), a facial tic, sudden laughing when another child got hurt , skin peeling off the hand as a young child. I realise that many parents of an autistic child would just love it if all their child had for symptoms were the above, but for me, it wasnt fun being this kind of person. I, today, believe that this personality that I carry with me even today, has been caused by mercury, and I cannot express how fervently I wish that all exposures to mercury should stop, or at least people should be warned so that they can protect themselves, if our governments and our doctors are not going to do it for us.I want suffering of all kinds to stop and I believe that autism related suffering is often worse because so many people do not understand and blame one for ones behavior. All the best to you Rodger, I am sure that you may find some answers and guidance here at AOA.
By the way, do you realize that your severe heart problems would probably be accounted for by the mercury theory of autism.?


Dear Roger,

Thank you for your letter. You are a true hero. God Bless.

Natalie G


Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. I just wanted to add my two cents regarding your symptoms of cyclic fevers and joint pain. This autoinflammatory process can also be triggered by exposure to tick borne infections, such as Lyme Disease and its coinfections. Take a look at the ILADS website and The Lyme Induced Autism website for more information . It's important to perform diagnostic testing via a trusted lab like Igenex and to treat it properly if it is in fact an issue for you.

Good luck on your journey and thanks again for sharing!

StagMOM RE: comments here

Here's a comment from the MOM in StagMom - that would be me, Kim. Roger had a lot of guts to send me this email. And more to allow me to publish them. I see no need to rip into him - educate him? Sure. Share why you feel Asperger's is indeed a disability (I agree w/ you) - by all means. But to call him names and/or accuse A of A of running his post improperly bothers me. We need voices from adults with autism. Roger has not had the benefit of a Warrior Mom with our knowledge base because of his age, unlike our kids. He is reaching out, and I'm happy to extend a hand, not slap it.

Lecture over. Now go clean your rooms before dinner.



Yes I'll say it people with Asperger's are NOT truly disabled.

I read and enjoyed most of your post. I am troubled by your bitter statement about all people with Asperger's Syndrome. When my son was diagnosed the doctor explained that he met the criteria for classic Autism but because he could speak, she felt Asperger's Syndrome was more appropriate. One label, one doctor's opinion, is that the difference between being disabled and not disabled? If she had chosen to use the word Autism instead would he be a different, more disabled person today? That one word had a huge impact on his life. His school district used it for years to deny him services because Asperger's was not really Autism, in their opinion and did not qualify him for services or an IEP. I could write volumes about the way he suffered because of their ignorance. I could write volumes about what it took to eventually get them to recognize that Asperger's is indeed a disability and to get to state Board of Education to agree with me in the complaint I filed against them. If the doctor had simply chosen one word over the other he would have been sparred a great deal of suffering; but she didn't. I don't disagree with her decision but I strongly disagree with your comment. Generalizing about an entire group of people is dogmatic or ideological, which makes the person who does it an ideologue. I am truly sorry for you if you have been hurt by the comments of some of the neurodiversity crowd. Please try to remember that my son is just a guy with Asperger's Syndrome trying to get through high school. His disability makes that a challenge everyday. He has struggled in ways you have not bothered to consider. He is now an honor roll student who needs only minimal support. He has achieved that in some part because of the help he received in his IEP. Help he would not have received it without the label of "disabled". He has made great strides using bio-medical interventions and I look forward to the day when we can honestly say he no longer qualifies as disabled. That day may never come and that is okay because he is an amazing person but I will keep looking for answers because I do not wish to see him suffer. If the day comes when he is no longer disabled it will be because that is the truth in his life, not because you made a judgement about him.

Roger Kulp

I just lost a long post here.I will try to redo it.The page times out and refreshes.I type slowly.

I decided to wait until there was a large number of comments,to see what was posted.I wasn't sure how much of this would be posted here.I am a little sorry I used some of the strong language I use here.Not because I didn't mean it,but I wasn't quite ready for what might happen if I get ripped to shreds at the ND blogs.Oh well,I'm in good company.So let me address some of these points.

To Gatogorra,and the others who seem to think that thimerosol and mercury is the only cause of autism,I say you are wrong.It may be a the cause of some cases of autism, but not all of them.One of the most difficult facts those that propose biomedical treatment for autism needs to face,is there is no one single cause of autism,any more than there is one single cause of mental retardation.The person with Down Syndrome can be just as disabled as the person with fetal alcohol syndrome,but neither have the same cause for their disability.

They also need to separate the issues of vaccines and thimerosol.They are not always the same.As David Kirby said at this year's Autism One Conference:

"And this is a wonderful study done by scientists at Cleveland Clinic, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. They said there might be no difference between the inflammatory or catabolic stress of vaccinations and that of common childhood disease. Hannah’s stress was caused by her vaccines; there’s no question. But other kids could just get a regular childhood infection, and have mitochondrial dysfunction, and that could cause regression. And these scientists are saying maybe it’s the same thing – whether it’s a natural fever, or some type of immune stress caused by over-vaccination. If you have the mitochondrial dysfunction, you might find yourself in trouble."

There you have it .I can pinpoint the exact infection that set my autism off.What's more,I have had multiple regressions since,two as an adult,one two years ago. Each during an acute infection.

Benedetta,I do not have high cholesterol.I am 5' 8" and weigh about 100 lbs.I am so hypermetabolic,if I were a child I would be considered as having failure to thrive.I know what the mito cocktail is. I know how to modify it.I know where I can get a 60 tablet bottle of 600 mg Tischcon CoQ10 for under $200.00.But getting a biopsy is more important to me than anything else in the world.I know how these supplements can normalize tissue to make biopsy results worthless,I don't know how long to stay off them in case I ever get someone willing to do a biopsy .

Are there DAN! doctors that can diagnose mito?If one says they specialize in HBOT is that all they do?

Natasa ,I think I recognize you from that Yahoo! group,amazing considering what I have been through since.I was always impressed by Steve.Do you know if he is a doctor or researcher?What happened to him ?

I was not at Rosewood myself,but I grew up right down the road from there.I came very close to being locked up there three times.Twice by schools,once by the police,during one of the many times I was arrested while eloping.I would still be there were it not for my mother.Thankfully we now live in a more enlightened time.


Dear Roger,

Thank you for speaking up. I am so sorry how long it has taken for science to begin to catch up with the disorder known as autism. You are very eloquent with your words.

I have only one critique, meant to be constructive, and that is that people with Asperger's are truely disabled. Not in the same way you are, perhaps, but disabled none the less. My son with Asperger's suffers trying to fit in with his peers daily. He does not understand why they do what they do and why he gets ostracized for his behaviors. He also has many of the physical symptoms you describe, immune, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, etc...He is very intelligent as well.

If some neurodiverse Asperger/Autistic adults like the way they are, then that is fine. My only objection with them is their vocal opposition to my helping my son overcome his life threatening health problems which are most likely causing the Asperger behavior. Neither should you suffer seizures, heart attacks, and so much more to further their desire for uniqueness.

Keep on writing. We would like to hear about your journey to resolve your many health problems.



Hi Roger,

Thank you so much for your thoughts.

You may be able to contact Professor Jim B. Adams at Arizona State University in Tempe. He's the one who did testing on dessiduous baby teeth for mercury content and has interacted with our community. He may know of resources for adults in the state or surrounding areas.

I think this movement is catching up to itself these days and you're finding yourself as a point man in informing people about the plight of adults with autism from the standpoint of toxic injury. But no one can deny that your interests are our interests and your concerns will be integrated because this was always inevitable. I just feel we're lucky that the blog hosts such extraordinarily insightful members of the adult autism community.

I do think that autism is slightly less about specific substances than about pathways of damage. Still, it seems the same substances-- all of which may mimic each other closely in terms of specific, almost surgical damage to certain areas of the brain and body-- come up again and again. Some substances "travel" those pathways more easily than others and some may facilitate each other. It's interesting to note that Depakote-- a recently recognized cause of autism-- overlaps thimerosal's damage to the brain in more than half a dozen ways. This may also be true of a few pesticides as well, though it's unclear.

The viral/metal connection in autism might have had a bit of an indirect breakthrough in the recent Dartmouth study on arsenic toxicity and swine flu which was posted at AOA. Mice with arsenic body burden had a delayed and then lethally exaggerated immune response to swine flu. Arsenic-tainted drinking water and the environment in certain parts of Mexico might explain the numbers of deaths from swine flu there. This study may represent a key to understanding the interaction of viruses and metals in autism. As Dan Olmsted noted in the Age of Autism series, one of Kanner's early cases was significant for viral exposure.

There has always been mercury in the environment and it's been in medicine for centuries. It's just that, prior to the creation of thimerosal in 1929, the types of mercury that people were typically exposed to and the amounts were not as potently neurotoxic, so those who succumbed prior to the advent of thimerosal may have been a rare fraction of the population with ultra mega hypersensitivity for whatever reason (high IQ, otherwise benign underlying mito disorder, etc). Because no one will pay for the independent research into these historical questions, it's unclear, though a lot of Dan Olmsted's investigations have highlighted this premise.

Long before the 1980s, mothers got thimerosal-laden travel shots and tetanus shots when pregnant, or used thimerosal-laden eye drops and other mercury medicines. Pregnant women and mothers to be were given thimerosal nose drops for sinus infections and this may have extended to infants. Even in times when children didn't start receiving vaccinations before three, infants would receive travel shots in case of overseas travel as well. Older siblings who'd been vaccinated with live-virus vaccines could potentially "shed" the vaccine-strain viruses onto infants in their families as is warned of in vaccine inserts. Infants were swathed in Mercurachrome. Though this wasn't common in the US, infants were given mercury laced teething powder and rash ointment. And living next to coal-fired facilities or eating tainted fish in any era would increase risk as well.

In other words, there were many ways for an infant to get exposure to similar combinations of toxins and viruses as today, it's just that only in the 80s was the exposure deliberately intensified enough to start claiming victims among less than ultra hypersensitive individuals, increasing the rates.

At least this is what makes sense so far, though discussion of the finer points continues.

Kelly L

Great work Roger! Courageous to step up and share history for all to see. Amazing (and SAD) that THIS is what it took to open more doors for you to get appropriate diagnostic services.

Wendy Frye


One rainy afternoon, in 2001, I struggled with my young boys (both very young and one ASD) into a local movie and book store here where I live, in Spokane, Washington. This store regularly invites local authors in to sign and sell their books.

That afternoon I had the privilege to meet Mrs. Doris Wilson Adams. She had just had published a book called "The Singin' Pole". It was her "Mother" story about her son and family and how they managed to cope with her beautiful, healthy son getting very ill and eventually being diagnosed "retarded". (Please, forgive the retarded reference, the story timeline is from around the 1930's.)

We looked up and instantly understood each other and our children. We shared knowing that our kids were well and then not - being damaged by things we never saw coming. Neither of us had Frigidaire tattooed across our forehead.

My family went "off the grid" when my son was diagnosed in 1998 at the age of 3. We knew his vaccinations had everything to do with his very real, poor physical health. We dumped the vaccine talk in front of medical professionals. I was intense, had cumulatively done a lot of research with med books that were available (another self-studied physician here), and persuasive. BUT the difference for us was looking at the doctors, tests and services (without their knowledge) as tools in our pockets. Period. I would not acknowledge "the whole thing going on" with them. I only wanted (needed) my son physically healthy so then we could tackle developmental issues.

My son has regained a good part of health. He's not 100%, yet. We're doing Dr. Amy Yasko's protocol. It makes sense for my son’s health recovery and I am forever grateful that the science is finally beginning to catch up with the intention - treating my son for his inflammatory, infection and immune system issues. We have always believed in recovery, which to us is a healthy boy who can be the best James he can be.

Roger - you posted at the right place. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and story. It matters.



You can also email me directly - there may be other resources I can help with.

[email protected]


Roger, Please contact the Hyperbaric Medical Center of NM:

Dr Stoller is located in Santa Fe.

I am down in Silver City - Dr Stoller is very MUCH worth contacting!



My daughter and I both have mito. After various treatments, our mito is reversing. Hers is certain - per medical testing. Mine is assumed due to symptoms disappearing.

After finding little help from mainstream doctors for my ASD daughter's serious health problems (many similar to yours), I became a clinical herbalist and the only treatments she now gets are herbs. She is doing very well. I have successfully treated clients with severe lung problems, bowel disfunction, neuralgia, allergies, etc.

I know how frustrating it can be to not get the medical attention you deserve. If I can be of any help to you, please feel free to contact me. [email protected]


Hi Roger, good post, congrats to you and to AoA for having the good sense to publish your POV.


Teresa Conrick

Hi Roger.

Your story breaks my heart for you and all your peers who were treated so unfairly. Pictures of Rosewood should symbolize the archaic and horrific history of autism.

You have commented on my posts recently about the need to change autism from its historical, wrong, mental illness classification to one of medical issues, including mitochondria, gastrointestinal, and immune. Thanks for your support and I hope we can do the same for you now. I do want to point out that thimerosal has a long history and the increase of autism we see in the kids these past 20 years does not exclude the fact that it was around prior to then and so was autism, as well as vaccines (viruses)in general so your past has possible connections to our children today. I know that you are saying that you went into the hospital as you but then came out "different" -- I don't know what year that was or the medical interventions that you received but all of this is helpful not only for you but in our understanding of the biological mechanisms of an autism diagnosis.

I posted your request on my autism yahoo group and hope to see if there are any referrals in your area.

I hope you don't mind and if you do not want to post this publicly, you are welcome to email me privately but I had a couple of questions. I am always interested in autism history and so I am wondering about your parents and your early years:

- what years you are discussing, especially birth.
- do you have a history of your vaccinations?
- what occupations your parents had?

- Were you at Rosewood or do you know any adults who were there and in what years?

Welcome to AoA and I hope we can help you out.



[email protected]

N Walker

Vaccine, plastics, television. They used to blame comic books for everything. I'm 60 and Aspergers. Medical science, world religion, and cigarettes kept me alive so far. But the thing with Aspies, it seems, is that we have this insatiable thirst to learn. When we "obey that thirst" we acquire knowledge that enables us to make progressively better connections with people and information. Through meditation we discover more and more how we connect with others. Life gets better, more satisfying. Hooray for you for following the path so very far, for acquiring the knowledge to make those connections. They will not fail you; they are a foundation. Keep learning, keep loving. Love's the energy that keeps us learning. Love never lets go.

Holly M.

Many many thanks. Your post is eye-opening.

Benedetta Stilwell

Roger; My husband has a dignosis of mitochondrial disorder. Emory clinic, Dr. shoffner did it, who did go for a while up to Cleveland Clinic to work. Do you already have this dignosis.

My husband has had high cholestrol for years and was told not to ever go on cholestrol drugs because it would kill him - stop his heart.
The only thing that they told him he could take is Co enzyme Q 10. They sell it at Wal Mart but not the dosage my husband is required to take. He took around 1200mg a day, for 20 years! He is no longer taking it for he can tell no difference.

Cholesterol is very important in the (energy cycle or ATP cycle or Krebs cycle) all the same just different names. Cholesterol produces Co enzyme Q 10 and that goes on to produce Acetyl Coline this stuff eventually goes on to grab the three phosphorus atoms - when the phosphorus atoms are taken off, the bond holding the atom produces energy. Anyway, you see how important cholesterol is.

When they advertise cholestrol medicine on television notice they say that if you experience muscle weakness you should immediately tell your doctor for it indicates a rare but serious disorder or disease.

But many people that I know have all noticed they are weaker when they take cholesterol medicine. This is probably the reason.

Welco also can not be taken by my husband. This is not a cholesterol medicine that works on your liver, but instead, grabs fat out of your intestines and keeps you from digesting fats in the first place. This stuff too almost did my husband in.

After 20 years of a low fat diet, we recently have gone on the Atkins diet or maybe we are on the low glycemic diet (south beach diet) I am not sure what we are on right now. I am cooking for four and two of us eats and likes fish and the other views fish with an unreasonable disgust. One would be my husband - he hates fish so he is taking prescription sized fish oil. I told him (jokingly) Lets do our best to support pharmaist, They are people too!

Michelle McNally

Hi Roger,

You may want to consider Energy Medicine in lieu of or in addition to biomedical treatment. Heilkunst has, and is continuing to help heal my children and myself profoundly. You can do your research at homeopathy.com. Best of luck to you on your journey to health and wellness!

Benedetta Stilwell

-Barry- what? You just have this saved and going to keep throwing it in again and again?


Hi Roger, are you the same Rodger that used to post on Autism-Immune yahoo list a while ago?

In any case, if you cannot find a knowledgable DAN! doctor in your area is a knowledgable NIDS (autism-as-Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) doctor in Texas, if that is not too far for you? His name is dr Russel. I believe he is located in Houston but I could be wrong.

I wish you the very best of luck! And please keep posting.

Barry Morse

Please follow this hypothesis:
Plastic is the cause of the rapid rise in autism.
The human brain works primarily by electrical energy. Plastic is an excellent insulator. Plastics photo-degrade; they get smaller but remain as plastic. During the time of fetal neural development, at the moment that the nerves should make connection, they are blocked from doing so by a piece of plastic. I believe the autistic mind produces the same amount of electrical energy and that energy has fewer areas of diffusion. This is evidenced by the heightening the various senses experienced by the autistic individual. Note the rapid rise in autism in the last twenty years and consider the time it would take for the plastics to infiltrate our ecosystem or the direct ingestion of photo-degraded liquid by pregnant women.
The easiest way to see this is to take a plastic bottle of drinking water and freeze it. Let it thaw and sit. Turn it upside down, turn it into the light and see the shiny plastic particles descend in the water that you are about to drink.
I believe that this hypothesis bears investigation.

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