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Twitter Removes Squatter from Age of Autism Name

Trust yourself you know By Kim Stagliano    

If you're getting a funky Twitter sign in message when you come to A of A we're working on that now. The account switch at Twitter seems to be arguing with the blog platform. 

We are now on Twitter under our proper name, @ageofautism.  Twitter removed the squatter and his followers. 

Your names and Twitter-follows have been smoothly transferred to the @ageofautism Twitter.  You'll see the "trust" image next to our name. You don't need to do a thing.  @FromAgeofAutism is now private.

Thank you, Twitter and good riddance to the clown who squatted on our name and to his followers who included Alison Singer, Kristina Chew and others from the neurodiversity circus.Clown boo  KS


Erik Nanstiel

Maybe it wasn't "from Age of Autism" but "Fromage of Autism"... fromage being a type of french cheese... A lot of Aspies have strange senses of humor...

just kidding...

Benedetta Stilwell

I like that description - troll! It is so English, polite, and yet says so very much about someone's character

Craig Willoughby

Do we know who it was using the name? Should we have a contest to see who the most likely candidate was?

Josh Day

Twitter is essentially a real-time telegram service. You only have a certain amount of characters so your tweets -- messages -- are short, like telegrams where every word was charged. This eliminates all the verbal and emotional diarrhea inherent to other social networking services, like facebook or myspace.

Personally I've found twitter much more grown-up friendly, so to speak, and I prefer it far more than myspace or facebook.

About "squatters." A squatter is someone who uses someone or some entity's name. This is often done with domain names, especially common first and last names. The goal here would be to make money, offering to sell the name at a marked up fee to the person w/ the name the squatter is using.

The ND clown used ageofautism for more malicious reasons. His M/O, aside from blocking ageofautism from using their name, ageofautism, apparently was to mine names of followers -- other people on twitter who receive your "tweets" -- and mock and belittle them on his own tweet page, which was followed by scores of fellow ND morons and skeptic trolls who applauded his actions and added their own two bits.

If this is starting to sound very junior high-like, then you've got it. It's just like that.

Most folks following the real ageofautism, formerly fromageofautism, were alerted to this and blocked the dumbass, who then could no longer follow them.

Essentially it was a pathetic little stunt. Quite typical of the skeptic and ND blogging community.


Alison Singer works with Dr. Paul Offit at ASF - Dr. Offit used the ND community to research and market his book. You're known by the company you keep. Clearly they are aligned closely with the vociferous side of the ND movement as represented by certain bloggers, despite her appalling (we agree w/ you there) quote in the Autism Every Day movie.

Mother of a Nonverbal Autistic Child

oh, that would explain why I was retweeted when I posted a link from Easter Seals that showed divorce rates among autism parents were actually lower than the general population. because it wasn't really Age of Autism. Thank you for the clarification. I was confused.


Alison Singer? Pro neurodiversity? That's like saying Sarah Palin is pro sex ed. You guys don't have a clue.


Please explain to me also what a "squatter" is; I am curious also!

I don't follow twitter so I don't understand, either.

Benedetta Stilwell

I am with Twyla, I too don't have a clue.

Lisa in Texas

I am amazed that anyone would have that kind of time on his/her hands. I have sleepless nights, 16 hour days, and can barely get the GFCF meals and supplements organized. Imagine what a person with good intentions could do with all that time! Shame on you squatters.


Would someone please tell these "science" fools that the sandbox is closed and Mommy is calling them home for a nap? Hmmm, they could debate the merits of the parents' arguments, or they can act like three year olds and have an Orac temper tantrum written in the most stilted, juvenile, girls-don't-like-me-but-that's-ok pedantry imagineable. So boring, they can only hang out among their own kind. Pathetic losers unite. Who knows, maybe you will finally get some.

Craig Willoughby

Putting the vaccine-autism connection aside, what is truly sad about these people is that instead of asking parents, "What can I do to help?" they instead mock and ridicule us. These people are supposed to be doctors, and they act like children! Then, they get all huffy when we fight back, saying "I'm a Doctor! I'm a Scientist! How dare you mock me!!!"

This Twitter incident is just another item in a long, long list of the immature antics these people have done.

Here is some advice to these people. Instead of attacking, educate (but they need to be prepared; we are a long way from being idiots and many of us know our stuff); instead of mocking, discuss (but they had better have evidence ready, and be prepared when we call it into question). But, most of all, if they don't like this site, then I have one very simple suggestion; Don't come here! No one is pointing a gun at their head and forcing them to come here and read this site. It is obvious that they are getting upset when they show up. If that's the case, then don't show up! It is so simple, even they should be able to figure it out.

But, no. These people have cute little Superhero names and hide comfortably behind their anonymity. They call themselves vigilantes, and they attack anyone who questions science. Science is SUPPOSED to be questioned. That is the point! When you start attacking others because they question science, then it is no longer science and has become a religion.

They are the most pathetic excuses for human beings that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

Kevin D

I guess that I'm always shocked at how low people will go. The squatter and others should be ashamed of themselves.

At what point are they just going to realize that we are just trying to help our children and get answers?


Since I have never twitted (guess I'll join the 21st century eventually) I don't understand what happened. I'm curious -- What is a squatter on Twitter? What did the clown do?


Glad to hear Twitter's Clown Control is finally working.


Wonnaful, wonnaful! I too had written to Twitter about the squatters. They had definitely violated at least two of the terms of use.

Do we get to keep the squatters' Irony Meter? We need it far more than they do.


I blocked "the clown" immediately, thanks. God, that Chew woman is lame! You're a mother, now grow up and get a life, b----!

Harold L Doherty

Glad to see it.

Josh Day

Says so much about them with the depths they'll go to. Absolutely pathetic, like their bowel "movement."

Tanners Dad

Congratulations. I wrote to twitter as well to tell them how terrible it was that someone would do that to non profit entities. I am glad that they reacted.

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