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Testimonials for "revitaPop" MB12 Lollipops

RevitaPops By Kim Stagliano

You've got to check out the revitaPop, methylcobalamin (MB12) in a tasty lollipop. 

I tried my first revitaPop at Autism One last month (HERE.) Holy cow! Within seconds I felt a distinct "ping" in my brain and I became more alert, bubbly and energetic. Trust me, if I hadn't felt anything I'd have smiled and walked away from the booth to go find coffee.

Revitapop2 Click HERE to view a quick video of testimonials from Autism One.  You'll see familiar faces, including Kimberly Linderman, yours truly and our Contributing Editor Abdulkadir Khalif.

The revitaPop tastes great (I tried Pomegranate) is gluten and casein free and uses no artificial colors or flavors. I was really happy to learn from Dave Dobkin (that's he in the photo), that the folks at revitaPop employ people with developmental disabilities to sort, pack and ship the product.  And they support Generation Rescue and the new Rescue Family grant program. revitaPop was created by Stan Kurtz who also invented the MB12 Nasal Spray and is President of Generation Rescue .

There is a patent pending on revitaPOP's novel administration of MB12.  Their first shipment sold out in days.  Their next shipment arrives this week.  

Go to to learn more.

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Kimberly Linderman

I loved it and we bought 2 bags at Autism One and they are almost gone I guess we better order now so we don't run out. They do really work!


I am waiting anxiously for our batch that we ordered at Autism One, got notice that it was shipped this week (after selling out in record time!!!)...

Ethan and I are in the video...Please dont look too close at me I was an ill-mess...I even had make-up on, Good golly what would I have looked like withOUT makeup! YIKES!

Anyway, I saw how they worked first hand. We have never attempted the shots, but we have been doing the Nasal Spray (which we mistakenly left in our fridge at home when we left for A1!!)...and I think that the pop actually worked much better for Ethan...I believe its because he liked it, and finished it, rather than not "sucking up" the nasal spray properly...

I only ordered one 'order' of pops, that was even before I had Ethan try it (and before I tried it as well), and now I think I might have to place another order right away because I am hoping all of us to use the pops! Hopefully I can hide them from Andy and the kids before they "OD"...they taste THAT good!

If you see the video, there is a quick glance at Megan in the front of the stroller at the very end of when I was talking, and she had 2 pops in a row (before I realized it she snuck the pop I had set aside for Alex who was in childcare)..and she looks like (in the video) that she was super relaxed and fighting sleep! This is the girl who only naps when she is sick! LOL!

I just had to share our experience...I didnt even know they were videotaping, I just came back to Thank Stan for the amazing pops and he asked if I could be video-taped...sure, I said...I just wish we would have had a video of Ethan BEFORE the pops...Stan was the one, while we were waiting in line to see Jenny who said 'is it ok if he tries one?', and I explained our current protocol, had a short chat, but Ethan just 'wouldnt have it' and wanted to go swimming, play, anything but in a crowd of boring adults! LOL!...BRIGHT red cheeks and ears, whiney, over the top tired, you name it...classic tantrum, since Stan had seen the 'before', I had to show him the 'after' as well....HUGE difference!

thanks for reading!
Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Josh Day

I ordered a batch yesterday. I'm always skeptical about these things but Kim's recommendation was good enough for me to give it a go. I work on the computer all day and it can be drudgery. Would be nice to have a pick-me up pop.


Now we need a kiddie cocktail -- a mito cocktail, that is. Like a Shirley Temple, only we'd call it a "Kim Stagliano" or a "Jenny McCarthy." But no red dye!


These are MB12pops - meaning the methyl group is available and should be readily absorbed by kids that have trouble breaking down B12 in its usual form. However, I still think the slow time release of injections is of greater benefit and I agree with Rob on the eating habits. Its hard enough to get my kid to eat a healthy diet....


Just wondered too if your kid has gut issues, will the B-12 be absorbed? I know the shots/nasal spray work well. Anyone know?


I don't believe this promotes healthy eating habits. The brown rice syrup and can sugar may also feed yeast, a common problem with ASD kids. Nasal spray and shots prove to be effective where oral B12 is inferior in comparison. It may be a good occasional "addition" to a regime. Definitely a good substitute over regular lollipops.


isn't time release a detriment here though? I'd really like to try these (I hate doing the injections) - but wouldn't the nutrient only be available while my son is eating the pop? or are these suppose to be a supplement to the MB12 nasal spray or injections? Anyone know?


The revitaPOPs are shipping out now!


I ordered a case at Autism One and have not received them yet. Will you be shipping them soon?


Ok I still want to know if the cutie in the pic (ya know the one holding the revitaPop?) comes with my order. Unfortunately, I can't afford an order yet, besides Riley eats the Yummy Earth pops like they're going out of style and we'd probably go through a bag in one day.

Deb in IL

I love these and ran out quickly, mainly because I had one a day, too. It's great to motivate my son to get something done - "If you want a lollipop, then finish your vitamins". ;)

Waiting for my next shipment, thanks for the update!

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