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Science vs. Mother's Emotion: Turn a Lion into a Vegetarian

Dunce By Cynthia Cournoyer

When parents choose not to vaccinate, for whatever reason, they are usually accused of choosing “mother’s emotions” over “science.” The argument is framed so you have to choose between emotional mothers or proven science. These choices are set up to disparage mothers while giving the obvious logical choice of science. This is a false choice. Mothers emotions are valid and ironically it is the lack of science that mothers are the most concerned about.

It’s not science vs emotions, it’s no science vs real science. For a generation, parents have been asking for more science. Instead of properly controlled, unbiased studies, our population just gets more vaccines. A generation ago, states listed a few “required” vaccines for the worst diseases. Then they added a few more. Now, states automatically list every vaccine that was ever recommended. Today, same emotional pleas, still no science.

Early vaccines popped out of an epidemic (small pox, polio). Other vaccines came simply because they were invented. Most vaccines are recommended when no epidemic existed. No emergency predated adding more and more vaccines. Vaccines are deemed good, no matter what. They get pushed on mothers, while real science be damned.

These mothers have no conflicts of interest or reputations to protect. It is easy for them to ask for a reasonable study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children--to study whether adding vaccines to an already over crowded schedule is safe. Their pleas go unanswered.

So when emotional mothers ask for studies, simple studies, they are labeled anti vaccine. If parents do not accept that vaccines are safe and forever safe, no matter how many are given, they are anti vaccine. No middle ground exists. When a child is damaged by a vaccine, parents want safety and real science. Absent that real science, emotions win out.

Sadly, there can never be the studies that parents want most. There is no monetary backing for them and the chance of finding out the truth that vaccines cause harm, is too great a risk for those interested in the status quo. These studies will not be done. Not in the main stream. The people who criticize the Fourteen Studies  and offer real science and legitimate questions to counter them, are still mis-labeled anti vaccine.

Anti vaccine is a catch all phrase that sets everyone who does not march in line, in the same category. Follow those emotional mothers and BAM! You’re branded! Forcing people to make the choice in favor of vaccines (science) is more palatable if everyone else is “anti-vaccine” (emotional mothers).

Lack of unbiased science is not exclusive to vaccines. If we wanted to seriously find a cure for cancer for instance, you would have laboratories full of “subjects” under a microscope. These subjects would be the success stories. These would be the people that were told to go home and die, and 10 years later they are still healthy. Why isn’t anybody seriously studying them? They don’t study what those success stories did to find health, they only study what they can later sell as treatments. People study success in other arenas. Winning athletes are studied, fine artists and musicians are coaxed into telling us their secrets. It’s logical, and dare I say, even scientific. Why isn’t anybody studying recovered autistic children? Unfortunately, the answer is because the answer is not important enough to the world of biased science.

What if someone discovered that dirt cures cancer? It would be swept under the rug (sorry for the pun) because you can’t sell dirt. What if you found out that the cause of cancer was someone’s fault? Who would fund that study, just to have the people who caused cancer sued? So it is with vaccines and autism. The study won’t happen because the possible finding is too terrible.

Trying to get the medical establishment to “see the light” on vaccine damage and specifically autism, is like trying to turn a lion into a vegetarian. Good luck. Just not gonna happen. He’ll eat you over that nice bowl of veggies.

I will choose the common sense of mothers over biased “science” any day. And I won’t be taking the easy way out. Observation is one primary aspect of the scientific method. What better witness than the mommy in the trench. Biased science or the most motivated, most accurate observers, with no vested interest other than the health, albeit, very life of one particular child? Easy choice.

The science for which emotional mothers long, likely will not happen in the fashion we expect.  Better vaccines or an alternative to vaccines, will not come from the top down. Change will come from the bottom up. We are at the bottom. We are in the trenches. We choose not to vaccinate or reject the existing schedule. We educate our sisters, our friends and neighbors and we show them how to recover their children. One on one. One mother tiger to another. Pretty soon, there will be no one left to buy vaccines. That’s when we get their attention. That’s when they will start to figure out that we demand safety and real science. Until then mother’s emotions are a grand substitute for science. Someday, we can turn our backs on them while they have an emotional tantrum because we rejected their brand of science.

Cynthia Cournoyer is a mother of three adult children, two with ASD’s. She has been observing the vaccine controversy since 1981. Her book (HERE) What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy will soon be in its seventh edition. Thousands sold in the 80’s and 90’s and the fully revised and updated rewrite should be available before the end of the year.   



Emotions are valid, no one will argue that. But sometimes emotions lead us astray. No one would argue that either. I am sure some of you have made choices based on emotions that both worked out and did not work out. So how do you know that the emotional response against vaccination is one of the correct responses or one of the wrong ones?

Also, I think you overestimate the role of money in developing drugs and your analogy doesn't even make sense. Large corporations can figure out how to monetize anything. Herbal supplement companies make million by selling people plants they can grow themselves. If the supply is cheap enough (as dirt would be), you can sell your product at a low price and still make money.

Lastly, I think it is clear that even though we have no major epidemics right now, vaccines are important for preventing future epidemics. Unlike small pox, most diseases have not been wiped out from nature, so it is only the vaccines that prevent new outbreaks.

michael framson

As a Mr. Mom, I didn't have those instincts or emotions. I do now and 10 times more. Its amazing how a betrayal of trust can awaken you to a bigger and unfortunately uglier picture.

And Penny, the vaccines marketed today are sold as safer. How much safer can they be. In my Good long term health doesn't come from the point of needle, nor fluoridated water or gmos, just to name the easy ones.

The instincts I have now are more grounded in a more "natural order" because what is passed off now is corporatized science which has no resemblance to the science I thought existed.

Royally fooled once was enough to open my eyes....permanently!


I'm against pouring industrial waste into rivers and streams. I guess that makes me anti-water.

LJ Goes

Cynthia, what an eloquent job you've done of putting words to the injustice. Every time I engage a non-believer in dialogue it boils down to the same drill. We are not anti vaccine. We are simply questioning the method of manufacturing and the contents of the vaccines. It's as though we sprouted horns and began spitting venom simply because we asked a question. To ask is to be labeled...witches in Salem, McCarthyism, nutty anit-vaccine moms.

I actually felt guilty when my son first started showing signs of autism after his MMR. Guilty because I began to suspect the shot...and guilty not for giving it to him, but for doubting the whole "well baby" system and it's promoters. I thought, I am privileged, I live in the USA and I have access to the very best health care in the world for my children. I shouldn't question a system I know nothing about, that saves lives. They are the experts and I am, after all, just a mom. What do I know?


Thank you for writing the TRUTH, no matter how unacceptable it is.

Sign Lady

The vaccine promoters may think the term "anti-vaccine" is synonymous with anti-Christ. But in reality, questioning vaccines and requesting alternate schedules have become so commonplace, "anti-vaccine" isn't the supreme put-down they think it is. In fact, I don't think the term carries much weight with most folks. I haven't met a new mom yet who happily embraces the recommended vaccine schedule.

If we act as if the term "anti-vaccine" cuts deep, they'll keep slinging it at us. Furthermore, we're only contributing to the sacredness of the vaccine program by acted affronted by the term "anti-vaccine."

I've said "I'm not anti-vaccine, I'm pro-safe vaccines" for the last time. From now on, I'm just putting the truth out there. I don't care what they call me.

Mo Durkin

Mother's intuition has been turned off or suppressed in our society, where mom's rather be liked then protect their children. Don't want to get "that look" from the nurses or have the doctor you "love" suddenly treat you like a pariah. Everyone just wants to get along. Makes me want to vomit. These people won't be their when your trying to pick up the pieces of your shattered life. Your neighbors, the insurance company, the docs and sometimes your family. We need to wake up and listen to that feeling we get in our gut when we know what they want to do to your child doesn't add up. Calling all mama bears wake the EFF UP!!! They are destroying another generation of children everyday.


Nice. I agree, mom's need a voice. I do not agree that vaccines are represented as 100% safe though.
"Pretty soon, there will be no one left to buy vaccines."
I do believe that vaccines are not exactly a profit marked. I have sources if you are interested.


The vaccine promoters demand a pathological acceptance from the public that vaccines carry no risk. When will enough families experience those risks on a first-name basis so that a demand for safer vaccines becomes a reality?



Neurotoxic effects of thimerosal at vaccines doses on the
encephalon and development in 7 day-old hamsters

...In conclusion, thimerosal exposure,
in quantities equivalent to those of human
vaccines, reduced the body weight,
encephalon weight, and height of postnatal
hamsters in a significant way; in this way, it
produced a lesser development and growth
delay. Also, it produced severe neurotoxic
effects at encephalon level expressing
hystopathological alterations at
hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and
cerebellum levels. It is to remind that these
conclusions can only be applied to the
administration scheme previously detailed
(dose, concentration, dilution, entry way,
and application interval). Among the
hystopathological alterations found at
hippocampus level (CA1, CA3 and DG
regions), the cerebral cortex (occipital,
parietal and frontal lobes), and cerebellum
(Purkinje cells and granulose cells), a
reduction of neuronal density, neuronal
necrosis, axonal demyelinization, and
gliosis was distinguished. Also, the risk to
present some of these alterations was very
high only in the group of postnatal hamsters
exposed to thimerosal.

Due to the vast gaps in knowledge
of thimerosal’s pharmacokinetics and
pharmacodynamics, as its toxic properties
over the nervous and immune systems, it is
required to make more studies of
quantitative characters in animal models as
soon as possible. Nevertheless, while it is
true, it is very difficult to extrapolate these
findings to other animal experimentation
groups and over human beings, our results,
as the multiple scientific evidence recently
published about thimerosal, clearly
indicates the toxic nature of this substance,
at the same dose and the same chronology
as human immunizations; therefore we
suggest the employment of alternative
preservatives in vaccines, especially those
intended to pregnant women, neonates, and
small children based in the prevention and
precaution principles of all medical

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