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Jenny McCarthy is the new Bill W.

Bill w By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

If you had a problem with alcohol in the late 1960s or 1970s you might be quietly approached by someone who said they were "a friend of Bill W."  Bill Wilson was the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and those who had been through his program identified themselves as “a friend of Bill W.”

To be a friend of Bill W. meant you understood certain principles, such as asking forgiveness of the people you’d harmed, and turning your life over to a higher power.  One of my good friends became a “friend of Bill W.” before I met him and remains one of the finest people I know.  He sometimes talks about how much AA means to him and how he has gone onto sponsor other people to become "a friend of Bill W.”  But not a lot.  Being "a friend of Bill W.” also means being humble, regardless of the number of people you may have helped.

The other day I joined a gym.  I haven’t belonged to a gym for years, but for me it’s the best way to exercise.  I know others can be diligent and throw their jogging shoes on and run out the door, but that just isn’t me.  I need a gym.

And since it had been more than a decade since I’d lifted a weight I paid for a couple sessions with a trainer.  The beefy trainer in his early twenties seemed as if he lived a life light years away from my concerns.  In the midst of setting up a work-out routine he asked me about my hobbies, and I mentioned that I wrote for a web-newspaper on autism because I have a daughter with the disorder.

“Do you know Jenny McCarthy?” he quickly asked.

I told him I hadn’t actually had the pleasure of meeting her, but she also occasionally wrote for Age of Autism, in addition to her books and television appearances.  Then I asked how he knew about her.

He went onto explain he had several cousins with autism and their parents were avid followers of Jenny.  And it struck me then that Jenny McCarthy has become our common touchstone, just as Bill W. was to a generation of people struggling with addiction problems.  Like alcoholics struggling to recover in the 1960s and 1970s we're still something of an underground movement, but Jenny is our code word.

I didn’t have to explain about the role of vaccines in autism, the raging debates, the “gene” studies which reveal less the more you examine them, and how we believe medical authorities are concealing vast amounts of information like the Vaccine Safety Database.  My trainer knew.  He knew Jenny.

And maybe that's been Jenny’s greatest contribution.  You need only become familiar with her writings and public appearances to be in on the conversation.  She has done so much of the education for us.  We just need to continue that conversation.

When I go back I'm sure I'll have more conversations with my trainer about his cousins with autism and ways to possibly help them.  I'd been looking for something of a break in going to the gym, but it doesn't seem like that's my destiny.  The demands of the epidemic intrude even as I'm struggling to fit into a pair of size 34 jeans.  And in the helping tradition of Bill W. it's the only response I could give.

In the future maybe the question won’t be “Do you know Jenny McCarthy?”, but are you "a friend of Jenny?”

Kent Heckenlively is the Legal Editor of Age of Autism



Thank you for another article written from the heart. I greatly appreciate your pieces. You are a gift to our community.

Good luck with the gym. We have to stay healthy and strong for our little ones!


Trevor -
Regarding your first paragraph, certainly nobody is saying that children with autism chose to be autistic or can choose to recover.

Regarding your second paragraph, nobody in Jenny's camp is saying there is "a cure" for autism. Instead, there are many treatments, which for some people can result in recovery and for many can result in improvements in health, cognition, behavior, and communication. This is new and imperfect science, but it is wrong to say "recognize that the science is not there". There is developing science in this field, as well as developing experience among parents and practitioners which adds up to scientific evidence.

The reasons why people listen to Jenny are not equivalent to the reasons why people listen to a quack promising miracle cures. The reason why people listen to Jenny is because she is expressing the experiences of so many parents and professionals, as well as her own experiences in treating her son with visible effects. And those experiences are consistent with a growing body of studies showing a relationship between autism and various medical conditions including inflammation, oxidative stress, autoimmunity, low glutathione, mitochondrial disorder, and more.


Hi, Trevor,

Just a couple of comments... I think the people using the term "recovering" in reference to autism are using it in place of "cure." Jenny has said (on Larry King Live, among other occasions) that she prefers the word "recover" to the word "cure" with respect to autism, because she views it as like recovering from the injuries from, say, a car accident. Can a person be completely cured, as if he were never injured in the first place? Who can say? but Jenny believes (as do many of us who read AoA regularly) that there are biomedical interventions that can help at least some people recover from the injuries that caused their symptoms of autism.

You might connect with the parts of Jenny's book (Louder Than Words) in which she talks about asking God to help her heal her son. She even invites some Mormon missionaries to pray with her, because she is willing to try every avenue to help Evan. I think that's a big part of what connects the "friends of Jenny M" on this site: love, hope, and faith.

Best wishes to you and to your son.


I am a friend of Bill W., and my son is autistic, so this article had obvious appeal to me.

I have two points. First, some commenters on here have written the phrase, "recovering autistic." This is completely inappropriate linguistic choice. Although alcoholism may have some medical reasons behind it, we alcoholics made a choice to drink, and we must make a choice to be in recovery. My son did not wake up one morning and decide to "try autism" and then "use autism" to the point where he was autistic. This analogy is patently absurd.

Second, although I readily welcome any "cure" for autism, recognize that the science is not there. I don't know Jenny, and I probably will never meet her, but use caution when listening to people talk about having a "cure for autism." Christ can cure anything, but science has not reached that point. There's my lowly opinion, for what it's worth.


Great commments, but I think the addition of the profession makes the bumper sticker a little confusing and not the "quick read" it needs to be. If someone wants to add credibility to their message, they could always put a second bumper sticker on the car, like "Biologist on Board."


The "other side" gets mileage out of claiming that anyone who thinks vaccines might not be all they are cracked up to be is "crazy," or "ignorant," and name-calling to that effect. I sometimes wonder if Jenny was "allowed" media access to speak up about vaccines because somebody thought having her as the spokesperson for vaccines concerns could be used against the movement, i.e. "who gets their medical advice from a former Playboy bunny..." If that was the case, I think it turns out to have been a major mistake.

Jenny is like the child in the Emperor's New Clothes fable--and the more people hear what she has to say, the more folks start to see clearly through the haze of officialsciencespeak.

From the outset of looking into this controversy, I have noted a significant dichotomy between the kind of misguided, crazy, poorly educated folks the other side purports have vaccine concerns, versus the very broad range of folks who really make up the movement. I think this fact needs to be more effectively communicated to the public at large.

A possible approach might be to figure out a way to personalize the Friend of Jenny M. bumper stickers to state the profession of the person driving the vehicle with the bumper sticker in addition to the slogan: i.e. Biologist--Friend of Jenny M.; Chemist--Friend of Jenny M.; Lawyer--Friend of Jenny M.; Mom to two--Friend of Jenny M.; Toxicologist--Friend of Jenny M.; Registered Nurse--Friend of Jenny M.; Physicist--Friend of Jenny M., Businessman--Friend of Jenny M.; Actress--Friend of Jenny M. ; Teacher--Friend of Jenny M., Computer Programmer--Friend of Jenny M., etc. etc. etc. I think perhaps this could be done with the item (bumper sticker, t-shirt, whatever) only being printed after it is ordered and the person ordering specifying what title they want added--sort of like having something personally monogrammed when you order it.

Just an idea.

Joan C Summa

I am a parent of a child with autism. I am also a Parent Advocate. I keep a lending library in my office for all the parents, caregivers, teachers etc. in my county. I would love to make this book available to all these people! Please add my name!


Kelli Ann
My entire life is like this! I have 15 yr old that has now (on the down low, because he's embarrassed) figured out there's a girl 4 houses down the road that is remotely cute, a Riley (no explanation needed) and a Lily that is the drama queen of the northeast! All totaled, Monsters Inc or the New Zoo Review. I told Riley today (had to stop the mower to holler at him) STOP LICKING THE PORCH! I turn to see the neighbors smiling and WATCHING him lick the would have thought they could have flagged me down, waved their arms, something. I have a feeling they think my house is a mad house. They'd be right! Meanwhile, Riley goes over to the porch chair and sits quietly smiling at the neighbors. I think I need some wine and an Epsom Salts bath...
And through it all...STILL a friend to Jenny M!!!

Benedetta Stilwell

Mom4truth: I agree there are some people out there that really need to see the tee shirt stating "stop the bull"- maybe even adding the last word!


Jenny saved my son's life. (most likely my second son, too) before her press tour for "Louder Than Words" I had no idea what was wrong with my son even though I took him to my pediatrician, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a pediatric gastroenterologist asking for one told me my son had autism. When I saw Jenny on Oprah and read her book, I knew. Nearly two years later, he is almost recovered. My other son, who was a newborn during that press tour, is a healthy toddler. You better believe we are friends of Jenny M.

Kelli Ann Davis To Rileysmom

I have no way of making a bumper sticker for my car, I have no printer because my youngest used the little tray where the paper comes out as her mail box...I found a slice of Applegate Farms Herb Turkey in there. "Lily did you eat your turkey? Yep mama I did."

Classic! Thanks for the coffee out of the nose.

Kent Heckenlively

Dear Gang:

I think the idea of "A friend of Jenny M." on a t-shirt, hat, or purse is a great idea. The only question I can see if if Jenny would think it was a good idea. If she did, I think everything else could be worked out.

All the best,
Kent Heckenlively, Esq.
Legal Editor, Age of Autism


You're looking for a place to wear "The bull stops here" T-shirt? Try your next pediatrician's appointment!

Here's another idea...If there's an Autism Speaks walk near you, wear the shirt while handing out literature about the vaccines/autism connection.

Rileysmom makes a good point about Jenny "M." We need that last initial to avoid confusion with Jenny Craig (or Jenny Jones).

Friend of Jenny M.

About kid loss, not weight loss

Can I recommend "Friend of Jenny M.", so people don't think we're friends of Jenny Craig's? You know, the "Have you called Jenny yet?" tagline from the Jenny Craig ad?

Benedetta Stilwell

Yes "Friend to Jenny" on the tee shirt!!!! I am sorry I don't care for the the bull stops here. No offense to the people who decided on that logo. I know exactly what it means and even agree, but still I don't want to wear that to a church or school outing. Sorry.

Kevin D

Yes! Do the cafepress thing!


If it weren't for Jenny I would have never even thought that there was such a thing as "recovery". In all honesty, I didn't know there was anything to "recover" from because I still hadn't put all the pieces together yet. I was still waiting for my son to (in the doctros words) catch up, pop back, he'll be ok, we don't need to worry unless he isn't doing x, x and x by the time he's 18 months old...
My sister had bought Jenny's book. She let me borrow it and it took me 6 months to return it to her. I can't tell you how many times I read the line..."There's a window." I dedided right then and there that I wasn't opening that window, I was going to smash it, kick it in, throw a rock through it, remove it from it's frame. I was going to let the breeze and the sunshine back into our lives come hell or high water.
Jenny handles it all with such grace, yes, she has a mouth on her and I LOVE that about her. I may not be as pretty as she is but she reminds me so much of ME! Kick ass and take names later. Do not stand in the way of a mom on a mission or you will be crushed.
I have no way of making a bumper sticker for my car, I have no printer because my youngest used the little tray where the paper comes out as her mail box...I found a slice of Applegate Farms Herb Turkey in there. "Lily did you eat your turkey? Yep mama I did."
I would proudly put that on both of my cars. (Along with my other ones.) IT is like being part of a secret club, one I wish I wasn't part of but all the same, if I wasn't, I would still have my blinders on with my head up my rear end, not realizes what was going on right in front of my face.
I know Jenny M.

Kimberly Scott Bartz

I couldn't edit , needs " " on slogan , thanks if u choose mind this is very motavating to me, thnx Kimberly Scott Bartz

Kimberly Scott Bartz

I need to find the"Jenny" in me, the Warrior, the Mama Bear! I escaped into our own little world, with bubbles over flowing in the jacuzzi, so much it looks like it's snowing, bubble machines on our roof top, raining bubbles, if we could only stay here forever! That's not the real world and they can't just stick in our special little classes, out of sight out of mind! The world needs to know who we are NOW,when ALL of our kids ARE ALDULTS, then reality will hit, and everyone will finally relize they haven't done enough to matrilicate our kids into the REAL WORLD! There will be no soft place to land, the WORLD needs to know us NOW!!!Thanks Jenny and all the other parents and friends that have never stopped the FIGHT! My solgan is "FIGHT AUTISM, NOT WAR!this is the war in our backyards and in our HEARTS!
Peace Out,
Kimberly Scott Bartz
FiIVE kids in our family WITH AUTISM!


Jenny puts a face on so many courageous mothers working to recover what was taken. She is everything we see when looking in the mirror or across the room.

I am 100% behind the cafepress thing. Jenny will become a lightening rod for all the vicious attacks once she is on air everyday doing her Oprah thing.

It's funny, a fan club at our age :)

But you know they will call the fan club a cult right? And blame us all for spreading disease and death. Might even be a threat to Homeland Security... or Merck.


I like the "Secret Squirrel Club" comments and I agree that most of us (not all) are dealing with vaccine injuries, not Autism! I just wonder how much longer it will take for the rest of the public to realize that there are way too many vaccines today!

Melissa Meroney

I too am a "friend" of Jenny! I may not know her personally but she has changed my life. Because of her my circle of friends has grown and my support system while dealing with the painful diagnosis for my son.

My little sister has Down Syndrome so I know the struggles of a child with disabilities all too well. I fought for my sister and I will now do it for my son... loudly and proudly!

We will prevail! Thanks to Jenny for giving us hope, strength and support!

Lenny Schafer

I'd LOVE to be a friend of Jenny. Can I be Jim Carrey?


I would much prefer a "Friend of Jenny" bumper sticker to a puzzle piece ribbon. Please do the Cafe Press thing - I think it's a great idea! (And Kent, thanks for the inspiration!)

tara mcmillan

I am a friend of Jenny..... By reading the book, "healing and preventing Autism". also with Dr. Kartzinel, I started toward the path of getting my son where he needs to be. I started biomedical treatment after reading the book all night. I felt like there was hope for my son. Before I was told that there was only therapy, now I am working earnestly to wake my son up from the fog. Jenny is a lifesaver to my son!


Great piece!
I agree, "Friend of Jenny"...bumper stickers, hats, tote bags...lets do it!
I am willing to set up a cafepress for it, all proceeds going to an autism organization? thoughts?
Think it would be a riot...

I am with the other posters here, its sad that either you are a friend or you use hurtful words to describe her FIGHT for us, like "hate", "who does she think she is", 'money hungry praying on hurting families"...i can NOT believe the ignorance of people...its like, if you have NOT read EXACTLY what you are commenting about, then please, don't say anything about it..its like me going up to President Obama and telling him his 'financial' package SUCKs, but yet not having read anything about it or not knowing anything about how the economy works..I wouldnt dare...but why do so many feel the urge to knock our GREAT FRIEND down? I LOVE what nhokkanen said "Occasionally one has the misfortune to encounter self-appointed critics who either haven't bothered to read the books, or possess such a level of self-interest that there's no room left for empathy."

Sums it up exactly!

I, too, use this as a 'litmus' test when talking to someone that I dont know their 'views' on Autism/VAccines/etc...and trust me, I talk about it whenever and where ever I go..and I try to wear, or have on of my kiddos wear, or hubby wear a piece of Autism Awareness clothing, relating not only to Autism itself, but Vaccine Injury and Recovery as well. If I could have my whole waredrobe of T_shirts relating to this, I would! gets people talking everywhere...sometimes I have talked for an HOUR in an aisle at a grocery store, in the mall, at Target...I have also started to carry cards, flyers, what ever I can to help spread the word...I think I have 'converted' a many skeptic (I have run into people after talking to them once before who have thanked me for the info.....THAT feels GREAT!)...and I have EVERYTHING and EVERYONE here and our friend Jenny to Thank for that..if I had not devoured her first book in one sitting, I dont know where I would be today, let alone, where our boys would be! Between her voice and the strength her voice, and the other long time warriors who I have had the pleasure to meet either in person or online, I THANK ALL OF YOU, your strength has given ME strength to inform and FIGHT for our kids, and our kids kids, and our WORLD!

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Anne Dachel

Thanks Kent!...My my...why do you think the other side had to come up with Amanda Peet?
I can answer that. Because Jenny McCarthy gives a face to autism, a vibrant, hopeful face to this disaster. She's a mom who recovered her son and now she's telling the world!
She's a scary scary woman. The public is listening to to mom.
I kind of think that Jenny McCarthy is doing for autism what Martin Luther King did for civil rights. Both people are going to be FOREVER IDENTIFIED WITH THEIR MOVEMENT.
The name Jenny McCarthy symbolizes the autism community, working with the zeal of a reformer to wake the world up to the truth about autism.
Anne Dachel


Thanks, Kent; you're right. Nowadays the word association of "autism" with "Jenny McCarthy" is like an auditory Rorschach.

And for me it's a litmus test for autism literacy. The most recent mom who talked with me about my autistic son immediately asked for my thoughts about Jenny. We were of one mind because she too had read two or more of Jenny's books.

Occasionally one has the misfortune to encounter self-appointed critics who either haven't bothered to read the books, or possess such a level of self-interest that there's no room left for empathy.


Bensmyson, awesome... thank you

Cynthia Cournoyer

Thank goodness for Jenny.

A generation ago, we were alone with our autistic kids and information moved slowly. Now, unfortunately because of the vast numbers, there are great ways to connect, share, communicate.

I want to know where are all the other celebrities affected by autism? Where are all the other politicians affected? If it is everywhere, then where are the other celebrity warriors? How do we get all of them on board to stop the epidemic of damage? It's getting "normal" to have autism, asthma, ADD, etc. Once it becomes just another common aspect of childhood, there will be no reason to "fight" it! Scary thought.

Can someone start a registry of neurotypical unvaccinated kids with medical histories of no chronic illnesses, to show the world that it is possible to be healthy? I'm starting to think no one knows healthy babies still exist.

Cynthia Cournoyer


Sarah I made you a little bumper sticker.

Secret squirrel club

"Perfect analogy! There is no shame in what we are doing, yet we have a secret squirrel club."

The secret squirrel club exists because the nomenclature is wrong. It isn't autism, its vaccine injury. Just for that reason alone we let people know on a need to know basis.

Kevin D

Like a few other people have mentioned here, it's becoming hard to find someone who doesn't also know a family member or friend with a child who has autism. On a friend's small street alone there are 3 other children with autism. Just when is the government going to do something drastic?

Tim, I WISH I could fit in size 34's again!

Friend of Jenny


Another "friend of Jenny's" here. I tend to think of Jenny as part of the great American tradition of champions of Democracy, but your point is well taken.

I also have a good friend and professional mentor who was in AA long before I met him. I found it fascinating. He got involved in his early twenties after growing up in Manhattan took its toll. He and I discussed the ups and downs of AA philosophy, since at that time I was involved in certain forms of activism and was a bit irked by overapplication of the 12 Steps philosophy to everything and the kitchen sink.

My pal assured me that many people in the program were aware of the flaws but exercised the best aspects of the philosophy to make it work. He agreed that, contrary to AA's official claims, there's no proof that alcoholism is genetic. The assertion by AA that it is bothered me because this inadvertantly supports drug company PR claims that "mental illness" in general is genetic. Except in the case of certain organic brain diseases-- the domain of neurology, not psychiatry-- all the evidence shows that most disorders categorized as "mental illness", including alcoholism, including autism, are environmental in some way.

My friend also had issue with ways in which AA had spawned the general philosophy of "codependency" and attempted to fit it where it couldn't fit. Not every group of people that ever suffered in the world did so because they were "manifesting negativity" and not "taking responsibility", as the famed John Bradshaw attempted to spin in his book, "Codependency No More". Bradshaw also tries to argue that activism itself is a form of codependency but I tend to think that Jews, gypsies and others in Europe weren't "manifesting" the Holocaust. It wasn't their "dysfunctional" family origins and "genetic" frailties that "manifested" the Nazis mounting the Final Solution. Sometimes people are victimized for nothing having anything to do with them, even for their strengths. I also don't believe that the French resistance and the Warsaw uprising were "codependent". In that way, overapplication of 12 Steps is too simplistic and frankly wouldn't support what the vaccine injury movement is trying to do.

But my friend also shared the aspects of his own personal interpretation of the philosophy, some also borrowed from Taoism, which I thought were very meaningful and are in many ways applicable to justice and activism. For instance, he would say, "Never rob someone of their consequences". According to this, holding responsible the parties which caused the epidemic is a "healthy" stance.

This friend shared with me a serenity prayer which, in his rendition, ended with, "..and f*&^ 'em".

Lisa in Texas

My journey with my son's autism took a radical turn when I decided to participate in last summer's Green Our Vaccines rally in Washington DC. I went there feeling angry, defeated and somewhat sorry for myself and desperate to advocate for my son. I was tired of not being able to find anyone but my son's doctor with the same sense of urgency about autism recovery. But once I stood in the company of thousands of other parents who had the same story that I did, it provided me with inspiration that together we can win. It is because of Jenny that we have camaraderie in this battle against an epidemic that is not stopping. As Jenny said (paraphrasing)'they won't be able to stop the tidal wave that is coming.' Autism is EVERYWHERE. Even when I am not looking for it, I meet atleast one person a week who has been affected by this tragedy. I travel frequently, and meet people all over the country who know someone with autism. I have had lengthy conversations on flights about autism with many people, who tell me they have autism in their circle of friends and family. Usually they see me reading the latest autism book!
I now travel with a few cards and fliers about autism, because I almost always have a reason to distribute them. Jenny has done so much for the visibility to this epidemic.


I'm a friend of Jenny's. I love this analogy - it's a good one! My son was diagnosed 5 years ago ... we have come A LONG WAY in five years. There weren't alot of books on the shelves 5 years ago that offered any help. Now there's hope online, bookstores, thank God through more and more DAN! doctors who continue to learn from parents and their hero children everyday! I've heard very negative things regarding Jenny from friends and family members - things like "you're gonna listen to a playboy bunny?" I just walk away. Ever since that April when I saw her on Oprah and she said she was blowing the lid off autism in September, I never in my life wished for months to pass so quickly. I knew she knew what I knew was true. She didn't have to step up and be the spokesperson but she did. BECAUSE SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH and she SPEAKS the truth for all of our kids.

I listen to a mother who recovered her son and wouldn't stop until he was. I saw myself in Jenny's words and her fight for her son. I see Jenny in all the mom's I meet. We are all friends brought together by something we would have much preferred skipped us over ... we were not skipped for a reason, and I believe our reason is change. This pharmaceutical epidemic must be stopped.

Teresa Conrick

Interesting analogy, Kent. Years ago, I became an addictions counselor in addition to teacher as I worked with adolescents in a hospital (psychiatric) setting.

The language -- denial ( "I don't have the problem, you have the problem."), stinking thinking, ("It's not that bad"), disease concept vs will power (A medically recognized disease that progresses vs "control yourself") can each be compared to autism.

Rescue angels are the "sponsors" too in helping families learn about the illness and the ways to stop the progression/regression and "recover".

The AA slogan-

"One day at a time" -- also helpful in autism.


I love this! can we get buttons and bumper stickers made...that say "A Friend of Jenny's" I think it would do two things: create curiosity and start a conversation about autism and bring families of autistics together. It's like a sign that says: "I'm in the same boat, I share your pain, I understand".

I too cannot believe the number of people including perfect strangers that I've chatted with who know of someone or who have a family member with autism. It's astounding how many people this autism has touched.


We just moved. Landlord's nephew is 10. Has autism. Spoke with a nurse to precertify a medical visit. Her son has autism. Priest ran into Mark last week, wants my number. Friend has two kids with autism. It's everywhere and the powers that be have no sense of alarm other than, "early diagnosis." It's like watching kids get run over in the street every day and responding by opening more ERs and ordering ambulances.

A. F.

Everywhere you go, when you bring up autism, people immediately say, "oh, yes, my ..whatever....has autism, too". Sickening that the govt. ignores this. Yesterday at church I automatically warned the lady behind me that my son would be a little active during church due to autism and she replied "oh, yes, my grandson has autism, too". My automatic reply was, "of course, doesn't everyone's?" This is a nightmare. Thank you for your posting.

Deb in IL

"My son's name is Nate, and he's a recovering autistic" (?? can anyone think of a better word?).

Perfect analogy! There is no shame in what we are doing, yet we have a secret squirrel club.

I wonder how many alcoholics are stuck in a carb/yeast cycle where the drinks feels so good at first, yet they're harming the body in the long run. Look at how many have the flushed faces, red noses. They're feeding the yeast beast. Some can overcome it with will power, but I can see, as a carb junkie who enjoys a libation, how it can be a "disease".

Deb in IL
Friend of Jenny M.


More than a year and a half ago, when I first suspected my son had autism, I immediately went to Barnes and Nobles to find a book or two on autism. I had no idea there were so many books on the subject, I bought half of them, including Jenny's book. When I got home I flipped through them and carried Jenny's triumphant account of her struggle with Evan to bed with me. I couldn't put it down. There were too many similarities between Evan and Ben. It was then I knew my son had autism. It damn near killed me.

I had no idea about autism, about who to contact, what a diagnosis meant, or how to treat my son in order to help him.

I went to some of the well known organizations for help and was told by them there was no recovery, no known cause and that I should stay off the internet because there was a lot of dangerously misleading information out there being spread on blogsites and webpages.

My wife finished Jenny's book and talked with me about some of the successes she had with Evan, we looked into it, immediately got Ben in with a DAN doctor and little by little we are getting Ben back.

I honestly don't know where we would be right now had it not have been for us reading her book. I'm sure I would have read the other books, denied any relation of autism to my son for as long as I could, it was "just a phase" and months would have gone by that I would have missed, critical months where a window was cracked just far enough for us to be able to reach him. When that window might have closed, who knows, but everyone says, the earlier you begin work, the better chances you have to bring your child through it. Jenny got us moving early.

A friend of Jenny

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