New Mexico Medicaid Call to Action for Autism Treatment
Dr. Baron Cohen Responds

Japanese Data Shows Vaccines Cause Autism

Japanese By Clifford Miller

In March 2005 a paper by two Japanese psychiatrists, Hideo Honda and Yasuo Shimizu, was published in an English psychiatric journal with English psychiatrist Professor Sir Michael Rutter also named as an author.  The paper was claimed to be proof MMR vaccine could not cause autistic spectrum disorders: ‘No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism: a total population study’, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (HERE). The study was trumpeted by news media across the world once again as the final nail in the coffin of the Wakefield hypothesis. Within days doubts began to emerge about the authors’ interpretation of their data, and there were other inexplicable features to the study, though these were barely reported. In a new post on ChildHealthSafety Clifford Miller explores the background to the study and analyses supplementary data supporting an association between vaccination and autism (HERE ).

Clifford Miller is a practising UK lawyer, and graduate physicist of Imperial College, London. In 2007 he organized the successful defence and exoneration of London GP Jayne Donegan HERE against charges of giving misleading evidence on vaccine safety and effectiveness.





Thanks for replying. "Comment is free" should be renamed "comment is pointless". Further illustration of the decline of a once great newspaper. It took them 4 days to delete one of my comments. While I can understand why some people might have found my comment offensive, it was nowhere near as offensive as the article it related to!
Keep on annoying 'em!

John Stone


The position is a little complicated. I returned home on Saturday afternoon that they had decided to pre-moderate posts - gratuitously because I never post offensively, and always do my best to document what I say. There was no explanation, and no reply when I queried it. After this submissions were blocked. Then, last night - and this may have had no significance - I noticed that I had been de-registered, and for while assumed that final sentence had been pronounced.

However, I have managed to successfully log on again and as a trial I re-cycled in the small hours one of the blocked comments. The present answer is that they are still screening my comments but they did post it at some time during the night.

It does put you at a great disadvantage, because anyone can attack you or something you said and they can decide whether you can respond, and they can hold up posts for many hours. When it eventually appears, it will be for the time you submitted it, where it may be much less noticed.

But they have offered no explanation and haven't taken a post of any substance down, so it is very high-handed given the brief 'Comment is Free'.




Thats unbelievable! Did they give any reason for the suspension? How long are you suspended for? Yet another reason never to buy the Guardian and Observer:-(

John Stone

Thanks Chris & Mary for your appreciative words, for your excellent posts on the Guardian and for taking the trouble to track me down. It may not surprise you to learn that I am currently suspended from posting there - so much for Comment is Free!

I certainly seem to have hit the spot this time.

Very best wishes,




Yes, John makes some excellent comments, better than I could. I dont know how he manages to stay polite given some of the offensive comments of the pro-vax brigade.

Mary (aka Boogiechillun)

Managing Editor

Welcome, Chris! Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy A of A - tell your friends and link us here and there, won't you?

Kim, Managing Editor

Chris Bratcher

have just discovered this splendid site as a result of trying to pass on congrats to John Stone for his excellent blog on Marina Hyde's snide comments in Friday's Guardian - hope this achieves it (I am Montecristo on that blog)

Heidi N

What a brilliant idea! We need someone to fix our studies as well - by reworking the flaws. Wouldn't that be great!

Teresa Conrick

Thank you, Clifford Miller for all that diligent work and research. There sure seems to be plenty of evidence of injury/autism from MMR and the Japanese Encephalitis vaccines (thimerosal). It seems to me that historically we have had perpetrators of War Crimes. These individuals are perpetrators of Vaccine Crimes as they perpetuate suffering in children through denial,lies, and inappropriate use of their authority.

Who do we write to make sure that Professor Sir Michael Rutter encounters an investigation into his unsavory, unethical, and illegal activities?

This also was interesting and kind of ties some of the vaccine/environmental denialists into their pertinent roles in autism research.

"The Institute of Psychiatry has or is home to more than its fair share of doctors (psychiatrists mostly) who publish papers claiming autism is genetic and denying there is an autism epidemic (the correct word is pandemic – epidemics have far fewer victims). These doctors include Rutter, Eric Fombonne (now expert witness in the US in the thiomersal/autism litigation when he had previously published nothing about it) and Professor Simon Baron Cohen."


yeah, pretty sickening the "sleight of hand" used when they claim autism rate went down and meanwhile their giving a Japanese ecephalitis vaccine (series of 3 shots) and still giving individual measles etc. and lo and behold, autism is still rising. They just sicken me with their lack of integrity.

John Stone

Just to confirm that the correct URL is for ChildHealthSafety and not for the earlier version of this article which appeared on Clifford Miller's personal website:

Jake Crosby

As shown here:


you've got the wrong link to to the posting, please change to:


Are you sure you posted the correct url in the second link?

nightmarish account

I happened to read the GP Jaybe Donegan's story of persecution by the GMC a while back. It was horrific and a real eye-opener of how medical institutions will do everything in their power to crush individuals who dare to question their authority. Its a must read, see here.

John Stone

The correct link to Clifford Miller's review of the Japan data should be:

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