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Injury to Older Girls Spurs Vaccine Safety Questions

Dead flies It seems that Gardasil and its competitor in the HPV vaccine category Cervarix are recieving far more scrutiny for the injuries they may be causing than routine vaccinations given to infants. This is likely because the target group, teen girls, can express their adverse effects far more so than babies, whose cries go ignored by most doctors following vaccine injury. This from the UK:

Experts cast doubt on claim for wonder cancer jabs

LEADING scientists and doctors have raised fresh concerns about the safety of a cervical cancer vaccine.

They have accused the manufacturers of Cervarix and another jab, Gardasil, of making misleading claims.

More than 1,300 British girls have reported adverse reactions to Cervarix, ranging from paralysis to convulsions and sight problems.

Hailed as a wonder drug, it is claimed the jab will give 70 per cent protection from the disease to every girl under 18 by 2011.

Earlier this month the Sunday Express revealed the story of Rebecca Ramagge, 13, of Reigate, Surrey, who has been unable to walk for six months because of a joint disorder.

Rebecca’s paediatrician blames her condition on Cervarix.



Jim Witte

It said in that article that *more* than *1,300* girls have reported adverse events - although there's no telling how many of those are "serious" - more than the usual "redness at injection site reaction and then nothing more.. That we know about anyway. But the point is, *more than 1,300 adverse reports in Britain*. Assuming that Ceverix "coverage" is about equal to Guardasil coverage in the US (it may be, it may not), that is shocking to me, considering there is *nothing* in the mainstream media in the US about this. Although I don't dig around anymore - which is the point (I see what everyone *else* sees, which is very little).

Now, the AE rate for Ceverix *may* be higher than Gardasil, given that Ceverix is I believe the first vaccine to use a new and (of course) relatively un-tested new adjuvant.

And the pundits accuse the *US* media of being "liberal".. "Liberal" my arse!



So, THIS is interesting. I had no idea that the underlying patents for the VLP technology in Gardasil & Cervarix are actually OWNED by the US government and LICENSED to Glaxo & Merck. Scroll down for the "conflicts". Is this why approvals were fastracked, and why nobody in the government seems to want to acknowledge that these shots are dangerous? Since they have different formulae yet are both causing similar side effects, perhaps the VLP technology is itself to blame?

The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2009;200:166–171
This article is in the public domain, and no copyright is claimed.
Immunogenicity Testing in Human Papillomavirus Virus‐Like‐Particle Vaccine Trials

John T. Schiller and

Douglas R. Lowy

Laboratory of Cellular Oncology, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland
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Reprints or correspondence: Dr. John Schiller, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, Bldg. 37, Rm. 4106, Bethesda, MD 20892 (

Potential conflicts of interest: J.T.S. and D.R.L. are listed as inventors on US government–owned patents covering the papillomavirus virus‐like‐particle–based vaccine technology. These patents have been licensed coexclusively to Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.

Financial support: Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute.


Zicam nasal spray can cause loss of smell, FDA says
Amazing how they allow otc drugs to be marketed without proper testing,I bet the the nasal vaccines probably damage your nose as well as your brain
How can anyone trust anything pharma related?

Erik Nanstiel

Yep, older kids and adults can have problems with vaccines, too!

FAIR Autism Media recently interviewed a young woman named Stephanie Arnold who received a meningitis vaccine 8 years ago while in college. It devastated her and her symptoms mirrored autism... where she in fact received a diagnosis of Adult Onset Autism. She recovered, and is managing her health... using Dr. Mary Megson's treatment protocol, proper diet & supplementation, etc. and her story is a fascinating one.

Check it out:


Condoms or no condoms, chances are everyone will eventually have a case of HPV. The question is not exposure, but inability to clear the infection. The question is also why the majority of women can clear HPV, not once, but repeatedly, but a small sub-group of women cannot. In these women HPV eventually causes serious problems. These problems can be caught by having regular pap smears. Instead of mass vaccination, why not figure out who is vulnerable and see if something can be done about that vulnerability?

Darn, not a profitable strategy!


I applaud all of the young girls and women who are intellectually strong enough and smart enough to tell their doctors that they do not want the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

That there is a push by the pharmaceutical industry to give pediatricians the right to privately coerce young girls under age 18 into agreeing to receive this dangerous vaccine, without parental input or consent, chills me to my core.


Curt, that's a bit over the top. HPV is one of the most common STD's and hardly relegated to "whores." I agree the vaccine is highly problematic and I applaud your niece for turning it down. I hope she has been adequately taught about condom so that if she does decide to become sexually active she can protect herself as much as possible. Teens, even ones raised in Conservative households, often have unprotected (Track Palin Johnson) sex.



I just saw this youtube video of a victim of Gardasil speak about loss, pain and suffering, and I couldn't help but wonder what my 3 year old son could tell me if he could.

Hard to believe no one cares.

This past weekend, more than 22,000 people registered for the morning of competitive and noncompetitive races and walks, including a "Kids Dash for the Cure." As of Saturday morning, the group had raised $1.7 million and plans to collect donations through this month. It hopes to meet its goal of $2 million for breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs.

I have a cousin battling cancer and went to show support. It's hard for me to believe that if a race/walk like this were to be held to support victims of vaccines a similar number of people would show up. I know it's not the same thing, but seriously, tell my wife that Ben's injury is of less importance, is less heartbreaking, less costly, less destructive, less in need of research.

curt linderman sr

My niece made the perfect comment to her doctor when the Gardacil vaccine was suggested to her, and Kim (my wife) was there to hear it. She said; "tell ya what doc, when I decide to become a whore, I'll come back for the shot". She was 18 at the time and headed off to Chicago for college.

Far more intelligent it seems, than those parents out there subjecting thier little girls to this travesty.


RE: "Gardasil is to girls what thimerosal is to boys"

It's worse than that; if the theory that athletic girls with higher testosterone are disproportionately affected by Gardasil, just imagine what's going to happen when FDA and CDC get together to recommend it for boys. I believe that this overreach will be their downfall.

Jill O'Brien

My daughter's comment to me was: If you made me get that shot and something bad happened to me because of it, I'd never be able to forgive you.
I'd rather have her hate me for some other teenage reason that is not life altering.
Crazy thought, huh?


Gardasil is to girls what thimerosal is to boys.


Is it true that most of the girls - having these adverse reactions - have higher than norm levels of testosterone? Athletic, over achievers, etc?

Nessie King

Its another appalling tragedy - vaccinating young girls against a sexually transmitted disease and why?

It postively medieval!

What Governments are saying is what they were saying in the C17th that woman are weak willed and promiscuous. If they cannot control themselves then they must be controlled.

where is the education? The support? Oh yes, my mistake. This is FAR cheaper.

But what cost to society?

How much money will it take to care for these damaged girls for the rest of their lives?

Its short-sighted misogynism run rampant.

Hans Raible

The problem is one of economy:
In insurance terms, a baby is a low risk. If he or she dies, the insurance company has to pay the burial, and not much more. Therefore, small children are entrusted to lowly paid doctors, usually women, and nobody cares a lot about their fate.

It is different with older children: A lot of money has been invested into their education. Often, they help in the household, on the farm or in other contexts (I had to feed the animals at age 9, so if they die, that is a greater financial loss, also in insurance terms since replacement labor may have to be paid.

Therefore, older children will be treated by doctors who have higher incomes (because they know more), and their reputation will suffer if they vaccinate indiscriminately and cause illness. Just think of the immense reputation of Mayer Eisenstein at Chicago and his colleagues (apparently all men), making it actually impossible for them to venture into utterly dangerous areas such a vaccinating with (time saving!) combinations of vaccines (MMR!) since this would destroy their reputation.

It is quite different with a female pediatrician who has not got much to lose in reputation since she probably does not have much of it anyway.

The problem is that this lowly qualified group of doctors now has a disease - AUTISM - on their hands which is far beyond their capacities, but they continue as before. But now, it is not just the cost of a burial - it is the cost of a lifetime of care and of extremely costly lawsuits against the US govt which will come to court with 17 (seventeen) "expert witnesses" per case, so the poor female or male pediatrician suddenly is playing in an entirely different league, and the 17 expert witnesses will take the little woman into parts and will show her inadequacies without any mercy.

Hans Raible


My daughter began to exhibit difficulty thinking after her initial Gardasil injection. She used to have some difficulty but now she is most often flighty and generally "airheaded". I can't help but wonder if other girls have suffered similar problems. Needless to say, no more Gardasil for our family! She would have been much better off thinking through her sexual choices than being protected because she is no longer able to think clearly!

Autism Grandma

All of these sick and suffering teenage girls are bringing the vaccine tragedy into the limelight of public awareness. Isn't it ironic though how so many thousands upon thousands of damaged little babies over all these years have continued to be ignored all this time...but now there are all of these teenagers...Public awareness is being further increased yes, but the vaccine industry is still very adept at telling all of the usual lies...because they have already had so much practice. And I wonder how many parents are still hauling thier young daughters off to the doctor's office to get this vaccine that doesn't even have any track record to prove that it actually WORKS!!! The only track record so far is demonstrating that it severely damages all these poor girls. WAKE UP AMERICA.

maddad's wife

I suspect the full damage of these HPV vaccines is not even apparent yet.

We can't even begin to guess the effects on fertility, or these young girls future children. Of course, it hasn't been, nor will be, studied.

An open minded psychologist and I were discussing vaccines and how as Americans we are conditioned to believe whatever our physicians (and the TV ads and newscasts) tell us. She said after the HPV vaccines came out, she had a rash of young girls with severe depression, inability to cope with daily life, and even self-cutting. All with no precipitating stressful event. Then she figured out they all had the HPV vaccine.

No, the damages haven't even begun to be totaled up for this one.

One Less? Oh, no. One MORE -using anti-depressants and a host of other pharmaceuticals because her health is literally 'shot'. Pun intended.

K Fuller Yuba City

Safe sex *EVERYTIME* Pap tests*EVERY YEAR*
Problem solved


"it is claimed the jab will give 70 per cent protection from the disease to every girl under 18 by 2011."

Anyone who knows anything about HPV knows this above claim is utter hogwash. A great example of how general ignorance and confusion about something like HPV can be used to the extreme advantage of Big Pharma.


In the name of law, Justice, Love, Life, Truth, reason, sanity let's STOP these evil corporations at once! No further studies are needed. vaxsins don't prevent diseases, they cause diseases. Its plain and simple fraud.

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