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Generation Rescue Announces Rescue Family Grant Program

Help is on the way From our sponsor Generation Rescue: We are proud to announce our Rescue Family Grant program! Generation Rescue is offering a grant program for first time biomedical autism treatments that may not otherwise be covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts, county programs, insurance, and/or other grant making entities.

We are now accepting our first round of 250 applications for our Rescue Family program; applications must be received by July 15, 2009.  Applicants who meet the grant program criteria and complete the grant application will be considered for a Rescue Family grant. Rescue Family grants are based on economic need within the applicants specific geographic area.

Generation Rescue's Rescue Family grants are designed to provide support to individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Each grant recipient will receive two doctor visits with a specially trained physician who treats individualized medical conditions associated with autism.  Grants also include a 90 day supply of vitamins, minerals and supplements, a Generation Rescue-Rescue Mentor and information on dietary interventions. We are currently in the process of negotiating some laboratory testing as well and hope to have some additional announcements in the next few weeks.

Applicants must complete and mail the grant application by July 15th in order to be considered for the Rescue Family program. 

The application and complete application guidelines are on our website at www.generationrescue.org.

Thank you to our New Generation Medical Doctors and our partners at Syndion, Nordic Naturals, Bio Ray, and ReVitaPop for helping us provide early biomedical intervention to families in need.


Grants For Autism Treatment

Indeed, it is nice to hear that as of June 13, Generation Rescue is offering grants for the treatment of autism. You got 1 digg!


We applied back in July but haven't heard anything from Generation Rescue yet! Not even a confirmation letter that they received our application. I am hopeful that we will hear from them soon!

Andrea :o)
Mom to 5 wonderful kids!


I applied for my son. When will it be decided?



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Thanks for the link, I did notice where you could opt to authorize use of name or not, but did not see anything about how the information provided in application, ie. copy of tax returns, etc. would be used.



Here is the link, try it again...



I didn't see anything about this on the website either. Wondering how many of the 250 will be receiving a grant? And wondering if the information received through the grant application is private? Will the grant recipient be required to sign a wavier allowing the release of grantee's right to privacy?

I think this is an extremely generous offer and I am certain that there are many people fitting the criteria necessary to qualify for the program. Just curious how confidential the information received from both the grantee and all the applicants will be.

Thank you.


I am having trouble locating the grant application on the website. This is wonderful news - I have wanted to take my son to see a DAN doctor for so long but we just do not have the money to afford it. Thank you all for making this happen for so many -


Once again, it is the autism families and autism charities coming together to help each other. This is simply GREAT news! Generation Rescue stepping up with this program complements the other 2 programs like TACA's Family Scholarship Program:


...and the National Autism Association's Helping Hands program:


Too bad Autism Speaks with all their millions and millions of $$$$$ doesn't also do such a program. You can only fund so much research. Families are drowning in medical bills and debts and could use some of those millions and millions of $$$$$ ,too ...not just the researchers ... they get plenty of government grants... families with autism get NO government grants...

Just my 2 cents...

Thanks TACA, Generation Rescue and National Autism Association !!!!

Amanda Blinn

This is so so so cool! I have tears in my eyes as I write. It's probably going to be countered by AMA/CDC/etc offers of "free" genetic testing yadda yadda. But this will bring relief to kids, and sanity to parents. Once someone sees that "this works" it becomes worthwhile to fight for it. We didn't do anything for the first year and a half of our son's dx because we were told by wrongheaded drs NOT to. Not just "there's nothing you can try" which we were also told. But actually, "Don't try."

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