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Davidkirby Click HERE to read and comment on David Kirby's latest HuffPo.

On Tuesday, the Federal Government's leading immunization advisory panel unanimously approved a sweeping list of vaccine safety research recommendations for the US Department of Health and Human Services, including several that are directly or indirectly linked to the vaccine-autism debate. The endorsement, from the highly influential National Vaccine Advisory Committee, will surely intensify the argument.

Proponents of continued research into possible relationships between vaccination and a wide variety of immunological, metabolic and neurodevelopmental disorders will be cheered by many of the recommendations, while their critics will take comfort in noting that the NVAC declared that the epidemiological evidence to date assured them there is no link between vaccines and autism, at least within "the general population."


Benedetta Stilwell

Okay fine by me, as long as some organizations out there are not practicing on their arguments and seeing what some of the best responses and arguments that vaccines/autism have to offer. AND can then use againest this great Cause some time in the future. As I am sure you all figured out by now I am not that smart, but there is something not right about a bunch of people using so much of their time againest any thinking or studies toward this end.

Managing Editor

Let's drop MN Mommy, please? She's not commenting here. Thanks.

Craig Willoughby

Actually, for the most part, the conversation on this article over at HuffPo is surprisingly calm. A few people (BlackJac and ESerafina) are blathering their usual brainless twaddle and trying to say that there should not be a discussion, but most of them are being fairly polite. It's an interesting discussion, and I've been enjoying it.

MNMommy and AutismNewsBeat have even been pretty tame and polite.


Attic350, do you have proof, as in a name?


MN Mommy is a raving lunatic from Minneapolis who works for an immunization organization. She is dumb as cheese, believe me. If you heard her speak, you would agree. And she gets paid per every little bitchy comment she can post.

Benedetta Stilwell

Do you think that there was a couple there that could not have really been real people? I know this sounds - okay maybe I am paranoid seeing conspiracy theories everywhere - okay I am crazy! But could a couple of these people really been not just a --- Could they have really been somebody from the CDC. I wrote a letter one time to a medical magazine I saw in a doctors office saying that MMR vaccines were found safe. I just wrote them and told them what happened to my son and that I had met an old friend at a baby shower whose grandson had autism from MMR and I beleived her over them. I got the strangest call from CDC acting like they were taking a survey - asking me how many kids were in my household under the age of 12.

Benedetta Stilwell

Yeah, I was there! It is hard to believe what is out there1 It is funny, that I feel safe here like I just came home from a war crazed world.


The Huffpo comments contain the usual snide rants about coincidence, pro disease, yadda yadda yadda. There's a very toxic "MN mommy" who's made more than 10,000 comments to Huffpo in a couple of years. That in itself seems worthy of a DSM-IV label.


I have testified as a parent of a child who regressed after his 12 month vaccines in several NVAC meetings. Most recently, I provided testimony in the January meeting and found it curious that the panel was so interested in hearing my story. I know we have a long way to go, but I prefer to be optimistic and I think this past week's meeting was historic. Thanks for a great article, David.


They'll need to be very vigilant about oversight on these studies. I see that GSK has just produced a study absolving Avandia of increased risk of death. This non-blinded study was published, I notice, just as major a lawsuit regarding Avandia was filed in the US.

It's amazing what these drug company scientists can do. They're like magicians.

Benedetta Stilwell

I am sorry, it makes me return to those same feelings of deep saddnes and anger. I was kinda of busy in 2003 when CNN showed Congress's hearings with Dan Burton as the star. My son was having uncontrolled grand mal seizures at the time so my attention was really else where. Nothing happened then and now we have government agencies studying themselves again. I am sorry to be so cynical. I did leave a couple of comments on the Huff. It was an informative and good article Mr. Kirby.


David, thank you so much for reporting this (at length) and for bringing hope to the forefront yet again. I'm thinking this all sounds really good? BUT again skeptical they are going to "get it right". Time will tell, unfortunately the clock started ticking a long time ago.

Considering I am one of those cases pending in court....and have 3 boys (oldest being 4.5 vaccine injured, 3.5 mild speech delay and 9mo not vaxed and healthy) I am hopeful I will get a phone call in little ol' Plainfield IL asking our family to participate...or even get to SHOW THEM WHAT HAPPENED MEDICALLY to my oldest child?...we have the pictures and documentation. It will be interesting to see how they decide on the "population" studied.

As I sit here and listen to my oldest son talk away with his 102 degree fever in lovely sentences I wonder if that study will be added?????

I will continue to follow them and see how this shakes out...with a little extra hope that maybe, just maybe they might get one of these studies right?!?!

My coffee tastes that much better this morning, thank you!

Jeanna Reed

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