Dr. Bob Sears, Author of "The Vaccine Book": If A Vaccine/Autism Link is Proven, Will Vaccine Policy Change?
NYT Prints Letters to the Editor On Autism and Adults

David Kirby on HuffPo: Notes from the "Big Anti-Vaccine" Conference Autism One

Moreay Click HERE to read David Kirby's lates on HuffPo. Please comment over there too.

Last weekend, the Autism One organization held its annual conference in Chicago, attended by thousands of parents, doctors, educators and others, to discuss a wide array of autism-related issues. The New York Times labeled it an "anti-vaccine" conference and the Chicago Tribune portrayed it as a freak-show spectacle straight off the island of Dr. Moreau.

Yes, there was some discussion of vaccines - and some admittedly unconventional, and controversial, autism therapies. But there was so much more than that. Out of nearly 150 presentations, only a few dealt directly with vaccines at all. Most of the days were filled with topics such as "Creating Theater with Autism Spectrum Youth," "Epilepsy in Autism: An Overview," and "Perspectives from cell biology and autism risk factors and treatments," a fascinating talk by the forward-thinking Dr. Mark Noble, Professor of Genetics and Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Rochester.

My own remarks dealt with vaccines, and so much more as well, including environmental mercury, wild-type viruses, tainted food, air pollution, pesticides, arsenic, antimony, formaldehyde in household products, even pet shampoo...



just posted this on huffo, hope it makes it through

To Josephius: "....The problem concerning this...which is NEVER addressed � is how any single one of these possible contributors would cause such specific damage, to a very specific part of the brain, involved with social behaviors...."

ALL these contributors will cause specific damage (nb temporary dysfunction, rather than damage) through one mechanism: their effects on calcium signalling!

Perturbation of cellular calcium signalling does lead to all the things we know happen in autism. MANY things are capable of affecting it. Including numerous toxins-metals and organophosphates, radiation, viruses and bacteria, hypoxia etc. And yes, genes. In rare cases it is only genes that lead to calcium-induced autism (TimothySyndrome), in most other cases they are only a small contributing factor.

Effects that lead to autism happen mainly through VoltageGatedCalciumChannels, but other routes like NMDArs are also affected. Their malfunctioning leads to cellular calcium overload, which in turn leads to mitochondrial dysfunction (read Palmieri study), oxidative stress and glutathione depletion, microglial activation and inflammation, abnormal secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters, abnormal fear responses. Dysfunctional calciumhomeostasis will affect auditory+visual pathways, sensory-pain perception and motor function. It will lead to to reduced blood flow to the brain. And to epithelial damage - leaky intestinal lining and blood brain barrier. Calcium signalling dysfunction will lead to changes in gene expression. Those genes are involved in social behaviours.

I have posted about this many times, and so have other people.


Kathy Blanco

Love this post and had to share, author unknown, and had to share...

One picture is worth 1000 words”. The gray parts of a child’s brain below are normal. The bluish-green areas and some of the scattered small red areas are a vasculitis affected by a virus or the neuro-immune system itself, until proven otherwise. No ongoing toxic exposure of any kind to date shows this activity. It appears to be immune and / or viral mediated.

It is impossible to imagine any QUALITY OF LIFE in reality for any of these children, if we do not start addressing immediately this disease process with the tools we ALREADY have. This disease process is not a static encephalopathy or an untreatable developmental disorder.

While we are still researching and studying “Autism” as a developmental disorder, probably genetic disorder, in reality we can only be looking at a complex disease process occurring. We were all told back in Basic Science 101: “you cannot have an epidemic of a developmental or genetic disorder.” It is a hard fact of indisputable science. That means that while we may have genetic pre-dispositions, even new ideas of gene “inductions,” these are going to be medically within the emerging concept of “complex neuro-immune” and / or “complex viral”, not the OLD idea of fixed genetic or developmental disorder.

When Leo Kanner first described autism in 1943 he said “Briefly, the characteristic features consist of profound withdrawal from contact with people, an obsessive desire for the preservation of sameness, a skillful relation to objects, the retention of an intelligent and pensive physiognomy, and either mutism or the kind of language that does not seem intended to serve the purpose of interpersonal communication”. Since a hallmark of the disorder per Kanner is lack of social recognition, most characteristically expressed in the recurrent report of the child to assume an anticipatory posture upon being picked up, and of failure to adjust the body to that of the person holding him(like a sack of potato’s). So If your child was ever affectionate or hugged you or made eye contact that is not AUTISM. So what can it be then?

Most experts agree that the incidence of pediatric neurological dysfunctions (e.g., autism, ADD/ADHD, CFIDS) has increased at least four to five times in the last decade, an unsettling trend that deserves national attention. At this point, the vast majority of promising evidence connects many of these dysfunctions to the emerging inter-relationship of the neurological and immune systems. However, most of the existing efforts to date have focused on identifying the specific etiology of these dysfunctions prior to developing treatment options. While the ultimate etiology is a critical aspect of any search for a treatment, it is also critical that effective therapies be pursued at the same time to maximize the potential of the currently affected populations. History tells us that the pursuit of further clarification of etiology may take at least another seven to ten years or longer to derive new answers… especially sadly when many experts may be coming from the wrong concepts and directions of “etiology.”

During the early 1950s, more than 20,000 new cases of a disease were reported every year and in 1952 a record 57,628 cases were reported. These statistic amounts to 1 in every 1500 to 2000 child being diagnosed. That disease was Polio! Leaving 1.4 million survivors afflicted in this country. This was the largest fear of parents, the largest epidemic this country had every seen. Parents were literally afraid to go to sleep in fear of what they might wake-up too. What does that say when children can present at a ten time fold occurrence to that of Polio and NOBODY realizes this has to be a disease?

The researcher’s I work with and many others now believe that the “normal” timeline for change, will likely minimize the chances for this generation of children to ever rejoin mainstream society (a concern not expressed by those believing things like that are not going to happen, a potentially very mistaken concept). Pre-adolescent children with this disorder cannot wait seven to ten years for a treatment hypothesis to be formulated based upon research related to etiology, while as noted, still looking at the idea of etiology with unfortunately a 50 year plus, misdirection (developmental disorder). I am happy to say, I am involved in new efforts by which we hope to accelerate further clarification of pathologies and related treatment options and hope to make them available to this generation of children. We have decided to take this aggressive research approach because we believe that children with these disorders can fully recover with the appropriate interventions. The fundamental premise of the clinical hypothesis is that children with these disorders have dysfunctional, not permanently damaged, neurological systems.

The goal must be to expedite research and treatments in order to save thousands of children from a lower than necessary quality of life. The medical treatments must be complemented with suitable rehabilitative and educational interventions, as many of these children have missed years of development based upon their neurological dysfunction. To have any chance of this truly happening, parents must begin to join together, focus on the fact this is now more common than polio OR measles was in the 40s and 50s, and demand the same crisis, the same medical effort, the same research effort those children received. IF this is NOT Autism, we can not come to these answers by studying “Autism !”

Kathy Blanco

Thanks for posting that Nohaken (whatever LOL)...I think you make a good point on the animals in farms...the spread of disease is dependent on filth. Personally, most americans don't live in filth, unless you have one of those diseases we see on the elven oclock news hour...but I digress...I think that most children in America, are well fed, clothed, are more than sanitary (if not too much), and we have a society now that DOES NOT NEED THEM. Not only that, but viruses will mutate in time, so that even the vaccine they make, will not conquer it. ANd where is the science that actually shows, shows, that vaccine work? There is none.

I can go along with people that make up their own minds, but don't shove the doctrine down my throat so as to paint me, and autism mom with vaccine injured children, "one of those moms". Not that you did that, but, it's clear, that to get the message to public, you can't be too bold, to nit pikety, and or if your don't "say it just right" you are considered whacko etc. Iam sure Jenny was rehearsed on what to say, although I think she speaks from her heart most of the time. What more evidence needs to be told then a douting mom, who tried to do the right thing, intimately knows their child, and saw a thief in the night take their child by a lousy medical procedure touted as safe/necessary?

I for one want to puke on that one. Especially when we have friends, a dear one, who lost their child to a DPT reaction and buried him. I won't ever think that a vaccine has value after that, to say the least, everytime my child has a seizure due to vaccine induced ADEM, or struggles to maintain bowel health, and struggles to be in a non accepting world.

Even with that, I know that not just a vaccine causes autism...a meer difference between the anti vaccine crowd and me. I realize that set ups are in play. I realize perfect storms are in play, and that with that concecular force of damage, vaccines tip the child into autism. I think immune genetics and metabolic genetics matter...yet...it doesn't matter to the vaccintor..and we must ask, why is that? Babies don't question, animals don't question, but now parents are...and that scares the begeebees out of them. Thusly, the forced and junked scinece, the deals behind closed doors, the simpsonwoods, the yadah yadah yadah of cool handed murderous ploys based on busines as usual, coupled with lies, played on american children, day in, day out.

WE worry about nuclear holocaust, terrorists..we worry if history will repeat with holocaust...yet, it is repeating. And you can bet, it's all based on the evil of this world, power, gain and money.

Still back to the farm.was it the vaccines that saved them, or their own immune systems? One would never know...and what are we doing with those kind of farming methods...which frankly, insert nice and lovely viruses in humans? Were they grain fed, probably, making them sickly? Hmm, why does that sound familiar?????


David Kirby has repeatedly, repeatedly said that he is not anti-vaccine. He is pro-vaccine. That is his prerogative. He is rightfully offended when people like David Gorski blatantly lie about that.

Conversely, of course, Kathy, it's your prerogative to declare yourself anti-vaccine. The anti-vaccine folks whom I know are extremely knowledgeable about immunology, statistics, history, ethics and sanitation. But not all online posters come across as credible, and unfortunately some readers paint all anti-vaccine folks with the same broad pejorative brush.

There are even some paid vaccine promoters who have posted online that anyone who makes a statement critical of vaccines should be considered anti-vaccine. So to rephrase that analogy, Ralph Nader would be anti-car and Meryl Streep would be anti-apple.

We're even seeing bizarre comments from paranoid would-be "disease police" who'd criminalize anyone who transmitted measles. That would open a complex and illogical can of worms... What's the point of me finding the person who gave my son a frightening case of viral pneumonia for 2 weeks? (And BTW, where's the vaccine for that?)

Many people's vaccine efficacy viewpoint remains unpolarized, undecided -- myself included. While I lived on a dairy farm, vaccines defended herds against brucellosis, Bangs and other diseases. Very useful for creatures that lay in their own excrement.

Simultaneously I wish and hope that public health administrators' promises of disease prevention through vaccination are true, but until I see some actual post-vaccination product follow-up on our littlest consumers I'll remain cautiously skeptical.

Kathy Blanco

I understand your position, believe me. I have had to work with many researchers and doctors and try to maintain some sort of civilty as well in NPO's that I ran. There were many times I disagreed with their positions. They took it like big boys as well. But, they also knew that years of mommy experience, biomedical tests, and actually going to these researchers seeing their science and equipment and numbers, helped me, so to speak, speak the language that they often understand. Truth is truth.

I think DR Sears can understand that if a mom has tons of evidence that vaccines do in fact, cause/initiate/worsen autism, then he can appreciate the opposing views if given the point by point science. It's hard to come off the hypnotism.

I think I am making a lot of people think that conciliatory does not work, which is why we have blogs and dissent. I am sometimes-to always aghast and appalled that parents think vaccines have worth after full well knowing their kids were damaged by them, but that is their right, as is my right to think oppositely. For the most part, I have found most of our organizations haven't quite gotten the memo however. Perhaps the one thing at a time may work, but from what I see, it hasn't. What we have now is swine flu vaccines in production, rotavirus hungry Offits, and so on and so forth, denials that mercury is out of vaccines, and so forth. We have not opposed them to the level that they understand the most, bottom lines. Do you sort of kind of oppose a war, or not? IS this a sorta kinda pregnant scenario? Are you or I, or anyone for that matter on this fence and are we still pondering our navels? You bet. I know a lot of you work hard in advocacy, I commend you for it. I know how hard it is to get someone to listen. Believe me, I talked to the head honchos at ACIP, and they are the most vial disgusting creatures on the planet (see www.voicesofsafety.com ) Perhaps it just takes time, until these parents realize that greening, slowing the schedule, is going to increase the autism numbers.

Measles with rashes, actually save people from cancers, even cervical..no need for Gardasil...

Better to have mumps at three, than at eighteen, right before marriages...

Pertussis vaccines don't work, and wear off so called, and is only intended to not spread the disease...

What was Polio REALLY, toxins? Too much sugar and a lyme infection, you bet...

Chicken pox, stupid, let the kids have it, it's fun..

etc etc etc...

I just don't see why we must cower to fear mongering... and I for one, won't march to the beat of the drummers who say, a slower schedule works. I'd really like to challenge Dr Sears to chart his records to see if autism is lower in his slower vaccine schedule. This is something I can't believe actually. I think the unvaccinated have NO AUTISM, and I think the ones who did get autism without a vaccine have lyme encephalopathy in utero or another infection which caused and damaged early beta cells. Again, autism is usually and typically caused by infections, toxins and metabolic crisis's matched with deficient immune/nutritional capital. Typically in that scenario, the entire family is infected with lyme. Not kidding. I would like Dr Sears to run a lyme panel by IGENEX (CLIA certified), to tell me I am wrong (www.igenex.com ), I dare him...double dare...hence why the MIND institue found that kids with autism have borrelia specific outer surface protein bands in utero (aka, the infection is passed from mother to child, just like in animals-aka, the antibodies to fetal proteins). And guess what, that epidemic is paralleling the autism one..hmmmm?

Kim Stagliano

Kathy, you know you're a welcome commenter here - I'm just trying to maintain civility, not alter or deny your valuable info. It's important for A of A to have Dr. Sears here - I know he's a big boy and can take care of himself, but I don't want to make him walk away in disgust. That's all.

Thanks. KIM

Kathy Blanco

why has anti vaccinators gotten such a bad rap...weren't they the ones bringing this all to the surface in the beginning...why are we the villans now? Especially here? There was a women in Portland who lived at the turn of the century here, who would not submit her children to the smallpox vaccine, she was found to be quite accurate for her fears but considered nutty then, but now, I feel, like here, that I have no place in a hyper got to be politically correct message, that vaccines can be made safer on a schedule, or taken out one ingredient at a time (which would contaminate the vaccine by the way)? Excuse me to think, that is like saying cigarretes are safe now due to a new glorious filter? Sorry, but, I wish we had the balls to stand up and say it, we are actually anti vaccine, because they ruined our children's lives...but..don't shoot the messenger, it's too radical...too biased, and too conspirital..

I guess you can tell, I am not a Dr Sears fan...sorry, I really don't worship doctors, even if they are SORTA brave.. don't think I am that brave to submit my future children to this schedule, even if vaccines were cleaned up.

As a matter of a fact, it's best for kids to get these diseases, rather than in adulthood where they are about to have babies, or whatever...I would rather to have my kids have one week of fevers and spots (with supportive nutrients), than a lifetime of autism...sorry, not buying the politically correct message.

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