Appeals Court to Vaccine Court: Don’t be a Putz!
AAP Spokesperson Dr. Karp Speaks of World Wide Rise in Autism


Brent Remington

My son Damon is 31 6ft6 and 260lb and AUTISTIC Iam 68 and not good health my wife is 66.who will take care of him whe were gone? please don't talk about family.I have a tee shirt that says pro life does't end at birth. evidently offitt believes that it does.

Benedetta Stilwell

They plan to cover it up by blaming plastics, and anything else.


Maggie said it very well....

In ancient Rome, the ruling elite had the first running water coming into their houses in lead pipes... this mistake can certainly be understood.

In the USA, the "Simpsonwood elite" basically choose to approve the use of mercury to poison a generation of children which continues today.

This is simply organized crime with the endless alphabet soup of big pharma organizations.


Let's ask the attendees of the Simpsonwood meeting how they plan to cover up this mess. Afterall, all kids made autistic by these vaccines in the last ten years are on their heads.

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