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Autism One 2009 - What Somali Immigrants From Minnesota Learned

Abdilmalik smiling By Abdulkadir Khalif

As Quresha and I prepared for the short flight to Chicago from Minneapolis for Autism One Conference on the evening of 05/19/2009, I was not sure what to expect and how events would fold out for the next few days. I was mostly quiet worrying about the other members of the Minneapolis Somali parents many of who would join us the following day, and the other large delegation from Toronto Canada who would have fewer problems because they have been to Autism One conference many times before. I spoke with all of them before flying out just to make sure all was well. This being my first Autism One Conference means that I have to be in my best elements, especially when so many people are relying on me. The Northwest flight landed on time at O’Hare International Airport and our transit to baggage claim was easy. Ten minutes later we were on the shuttle to Marriott Suites O’Hare. The check-in there was quick and easy too, thanks to the efficient arrangements by Teri Arranga (thank you Teri). We will be forever grateful to her and JB Handly for making it possible for so many of us from Minnesota, Ohio, California and Toronto to attend this years’ conference. The rest is up to us.  

That night for the first time in many months, my wife and I were together alone without the kids. There were no late turn-ins of home works to fight about, no making sure that the TV is off and everybody in bed by 10:00PM, and most memorable of all no shrieking screams and high speed chases of beautiful Abdimalik. We both missed that somewhat and were amused by it too. We had no car to get around and no knowledge of the neighborhood either. We were however thankful for the McDonalds around the corner from our hotel. Despite our misgivings about fast food restaurants we decided to indulge a little that night since it was so different from any other. Rosemont is a beautiful city and reminded us of Bloomington, MN in many ways. Crossing the street between Marriott and Westin Hotels was a little inconvenience we could tolerate considering the otherwise impeccable planning of the conference. 
The conference started as scheduled on Wednesday 05/19/2009. There was a steady flow of people from all over the world interacting, exchanging business cards, dishing out flyers, displaying merchandise on hurriedly laid out tables and booths. Many who have met before were busy catching up on stories and developments of the past 12 months. We were conspicuous because of Quresha’s attire and my height and many who recognized me from the name tag were eager to hear our stories. We basked in that attention and glory until the rest of our delegation arrived and diluted that somewhat. 
While Quresha was mostly busy attending lectures, I was tied up either by welcoming and checking in the new arrivals or seeking out people I have communicated with for nearly a year but never met. The first one I ran into obviously was Teri of Autism One, thus finally connecting the name to a face; ‘one down’ I mused. I had no idea how many more names I would connect to their faces but as it turned out there would be many. By the time all the delegates arrived there would be a total of nine men and nine women representing sixteen families some of who had more than one autistic child. It was the only time in living memory that the Somali people agreed on an equal representation between men and women on anything. It was also the only occasion I could remember where Somali men and women from every region of the Somali territories (Eastern Ethiopia, Northern Kenya, Somalia proper and Djibouti) came together, some conservative, others liberal, some traditional, others not so traditional, but all united for a common cause – the fight against autism and the welfare of their children. Here whether one likes it or not history has been made.
Autism One 2009 was a gigantic undertaking by any standards. In attendance were every private company or organization involved in autism or autism related goods and services. There were countless number of non-profit organizations and individuals each eager to display their wares and services. The hotel lobby was a like a bazaar in Cairo or Mumbai where goods ranging from latest electronic devices to herbs from exotic plants are sold. Doctors and other scientists mingled with the crowds between lectures answering questions by curious and anxious parents.  Many parents who came with their ASD kids clung to them as they elbowed their way through the mass of humanity. Cameras flashed as people took turns for a snapshot with celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and other household names. Lawyers, Doctors and other professionals held training seminars for their junior partners while parents learned new ways of enriching the nutritional needs of their families. In an impromptu meeting held on the sidelines of the conference our delegation realized that we have to split up and attend different sessions and later compare notes and exchange knowledge.   Those who have limited language proficiency were advised to pick up as much literature as possible. Conspicuously absent were all levels of government agencies that would have autism and other public health issues in their docket. 
What did we learn from Chicago2009?
How much of what we learned can we bring back to our communities? How do we now rate our understanding of autism and what might have caused injuries to our children? Is there hope for our kids or should we give up the fight and resign to fate just like government agencies and their supporters are telling us? Is it true that some kids are actually recovering and if so how can we do what those parents are doing? Or is ASD just like HIV AIDS where susceptibility is uniform but treatment is discriminatory? What will happen to all those kids whose parents cannot afford expensive biomedical and other alternative methods of treatment? Are there adequate trained personnel in our communities to handle this epidemic (pandemic?). Did we learn anything that would help us challenge politicians, healthcare workers and school districts? Did we hear anything about possible legal redress for the injury to our kids and if so did we learn where to begin? The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES. 
We are empowered and fired up and ready to mobilize. We will find ways to recover our injured children and try to make sure that no more children are injured. We will mobilize resources and rally families. We will tell it the way it is without fear and very eloquently-that irresponsible vaccine administration can and did injure our kids. We can relate to countless cases of kids getting very sick on the day of their vaccination and regressing thereafter. We will seek out all mothers of new born babies and all new couples in order to educate them on potential hazards and what their rights are. We will knock on doors at the Capital and all other corridors of power until our voices are heard and adequate steps are taken to stop any further injuries to our children. We will challenge government and academia to live up to their promise of finding the root cause and possible cures for this new public health crisis. We will demand admittance by public health officials that there is a crises in general and that an autism cluster exists in the Twin Cities Metro area, and that it is much more serious than both the department of education and department of health are willing to admit. We will remind them that they have to some extent already admitted that there is prevalence of autism within the Somali immigrant community of Minneapolis. We will make them realize that the numbers are equally bad if not worse in St. Paul and in all the surrounding suburbs of the Twin Cities. We will seek political intervention if need be to make sure our voice is heard.
What did we do after returning from Chicago 2009?
Dozens of families anxiously awaited our return. A few skeptics did not expect any benefits from our visit and some hoped that we have finally found the miracle cure for our children. Both groups were willing to listen to us and actually sought us out. In numerous gatherings in homes, Halal stores and coffee shops and in countless phone calls desperate parents gathered information on doctors, researchers and products they could seek. Mothers of Somali ASD children formed groups called ‘Ayuuta’ to finance expensive biomedical and other alternative therapies that have worked for so many other parents they met at the conference. Ayuutas are traditional micro-finance instruments that disburse interest free loans to members on a rotational basis. It is a system based solely on trust and is mostly managed and run by women for women. Members contribute a fixed amount of money every month and take turns in borrowing for emergencies such as medical problems or to help with funeral expenses. Some ayuutas even lend money for business investments and education loans. In this particular case several mothers have got together to form an ayuuta to fund their children’s biomedical treatments.
Meanwhile, opportunists and desperate government officials are hurriedly putting together another forum to address the issue of autism within the Somali immigrant communities of the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. A senior official of the CDC was to visit the State and talk with the parents and care-givers in Minnesota. The purpose of the meeting was to once again alley fears about the association between vaccines and autism. It was becoming evident that many families are not vaccinating their children anymore because there was no clear explanation of the causes and cures of autism. While everybody is now in agreement that a cluster of autism exists in Minneapolis, nobody can yet explain why. This unfortunate circumstance is not helpful in reassuring parents that vaccines are safe. As a matter of fact many families are now reluctant to vaccinate their children and are becoming aware that they cannot be forced to do that. Doctors and nurses are at pains to try to explain the safety of vaccines and the only people they rely on to pass the word around is a few individuals and organizations who have not been personally touched by autism or who would rather make a quick buck than worry about the safety and wellbeing of innocent children. Parents United against Autism (PAA) is not one such organization. The Minnesota Department of Health and its associates do not invite us to their meetings and forums, nor are we desperate for their ears. We have good ideas on what caused injuries to our kids and we believe that we have found the right path to their treatment and possible cure. We also believe that we have found partners and well-wishers in our struggle. We are excited by the prospects of rescuing this generation. We hope and pray that our hopes and dreams will not be in vain.
Upon my return I got a long phone call from a father of a 4-1/2 year old autistic boy from Indianapolis, IN. His son was born in Kenya in 2005 and came to the USA two years later. He was a joyous handsome boy who spoke his mother tongue very well. The family lived in Nairobi in a crowded apartment building where one room was used as a prayer room where children from other apartments gathered in the evenings to chant Koranic verses. The little boy picked up a lot of those chants and could repeat them very eloquently. His father who travelled to Kenya to relocate the family was very excited about the prospects for the brilliant little boy in the USA. On arrival in Indianapolis, the family was taken through the usual ritual of ‘cleansing’ by numerous vaccinations. One of the vaccines the little boy got was the MMR, the major suspect in autism causation. A few weeks later, the new arrivals were shocked to see their little talkative boy slowly crawl into a shell of isolation and silence. The boy could not relate to his parents and siblings anymore. He could not repeat the chants he so well knew and proudly repeated to his dad. He lost all eye contacts and was like an elephant in a china shop. The family’s life has been turned upside down. His story was so similar to my own and I could definitely relate to his pain. The only thing I could do was to reassure him that there is hope and he should not give up on his son.
The first night after our arrival back in Minneapolis, I took a hard look at my son Abdimalik as he peacefully slept in his bed. I rearranged his posture so that I could take a better look at his beautiful face. He is a deep sleeper and even snores a little-that is music to our ears. As I stood there looking down at him I heard myself saying to myself:  “Malik. I went to Chicago to learn and visit with other parents. I learned many people and many things. I am more hopeful now that we can find a cure for your condition. I know there is a cure out there somewhere and many parents have found it for their children. I promise you son that I will also find it. Whether it is in far away Fiji Island or high up Fuji Mountain I will find it. So sleep my love and you will be okay soon.”

Abdulkadir Khalif is a contributing editor to Age of Autism and runs Parents United Against Autism in Minnesota.



Julie Matthews

The more I research about camel's milk, the more amazing I think it is. Here's an article I wrote from my research.


I wish I would have saw and read this article long time ago, it is very powerful. As a mother of a autistic child it gives me hope to read your article. You are an example father.

Autism Grandma

Dear Mr. Khalif,

Your heartfelt words and your eloquent statements have inspired us and this is one of the best articles I have ever read!!! I pray that your son responds to Defeat Autism Now concept therapies as my grandson has been progressively improving. We are sorry that your coming to this country has resulted in the damage of so many of your beloved Somali children from vaccines they would have never been exposed to otherwise.


Hans mentioned lead -- I believe I've heard there is a lot of mercury in Minnesota too. See

I came upon this paper about a worldwide increase in mercury:

Benedetta Stilwell

Well if you all are going, I will fix you some cornbread to take with you to dunk in the camel's milk. I am very good at it. It is the one thing that I truly miss on our low glycemic/Atkins diet. I am not sure which dieet we are on right now. I have suggested starvation to my family, Well fasting then - oh well my family still gives me the same blank stare.

Teresa Conrick

To Abdulkadir re. Camel Milk-

I became a camel milk research junkie a few years back as I became fascinated with what it could do and wanted to know why. Unfortunately, we can't get it here so I am excited that you are going to hunt some down.

Here is some research about it:

Etiology of Autism and Camel Milk as Therapy
Shabo, Y.; Yagil, R.
International Journal of Human Development, Volume 4, Issue 2, p.67-70 (2005)
Layperson Summary:
Camel milk does not have casein and may be an effective treatment for autism. This article describes people with autism who were given camel milk instead of cow milk. One 4-year old girl drank camel milk for 40 days and her autism symptoms disappeared. A 15-year old boy recovered from autism after 30 days of drinking camel milk. Several 21-year old individuals with autism were given camel milk for two weeks and they became quieter and stopped hurting themselves. The authors conclude by suggesting that camel milk be drunk under a doctor'€™s care.

The milk protein lactoferrin, which is present in large quantities in camel milk (ten times higher than in cow milk), does have some anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Fermented camel milk is high in lactic bacteria, which have been shown to be effective against pathogens including Bacillus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Escherichia. And vitamin C content in camel milk is generally double that in cow's milk. In Russia, Kazakhstan and India there are many examples of camel milk - as much as a litre a day - being prescribed to hospital patients to aid recovery from tuberculosis, Crohn's disease and diabetes.

1: Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2005;14(4):432-8. Links
Anti-schistosomal activity of colostral and mature camel milk on
Schistosoma mansoni infected mice.

* Maghraby AS,
* Mohamed MA,
* Abdel-Salam AM.

Therapeurical Chemistry Department, National Research Centre,
Dokki, Egypt.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the
anti-schistosomal activity of colostral and mature camel milk on
Schistosoma mansoni infected mice. Six weeks post infection, mean
percentage of protection was detected through the hepatic portal vein.
Glutathione-s-transferase (GST), alanine, aspartate transaminase (ALT
and AST) and immunoglobulin G (IgG) levels were detected in sera of
treated mice before and after infection. Antischistosomal activity of
colostral and mature camel milk on Schistosoma mansoni infected mice
were 12.81% and 31.60% respectively. The results showed that GST
levels in sera of mice fed on colostral and mature camel milk were
increased with mean values of 0.070, 0.108, 0.128 and 0.120 in
colostral milk groups and 0. 072, 0.085, 0.166 and 0.20 in mature
camel milk groups compared with the mice fed on basal diet with means
values of 0.070, 0.085, 0.078 and 0.069 before infection and after
two, four and six weeks of infection, respectively. On the other hand,
there were slight differences on ALT and AST activities. Mice treated
with colostral and mature milk (200 microl/day) showed an
immunostimulatory effect by inducing IgG titers against soluble worm
antigen preparation (SWAP) compared with control. Nevertheless, the
difference was not considered significant (0.31 +/- 0.1) for colostrum
(0.34 +/- 0.1) and for mature milk, as compared to normal control (0.2
+/- 0.04). Two, four and six weeks post infection, IgG level showed no
significant change in sera from mice treated with colostral and mature
milk as compared to control. In conclusion, colostral and mature camel
milk showed an immuno-modualatory effect in normal healthy mice by
inducing IgG and GST levels before and after infection with
Schistosoma mansoni. Colostral and mature camel milk have a protective
response against schistosomiasis.

PMID: 16326652 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

1: Vopr Pitan. 1986 Mar-Apr;(2):16-8. Links
[Effect of dietotherapy incorporating koumiss and shubat on
vitamin B12 absorption in the intestines and on its content in the
blood of chronic enterocolitis patients]
[Article in Russian]

* Zhangabylov A,
* Nikolaeva SV,
* Kalamkarova LI,
* Il'chenko LA,
* Muzapbarov B.

The intestinal absorption of vitamin B12 and its blood content
have been proved to lower in patients with chronic enterocolitis.
Dietetics including kumiss and shubat promotes normalization of
vitamin B12 absorption (p less than 0.05), its blood content growth (p
less than 0.05), the intestinal microflora becoming normal.

Agrawal RP, Budania S, Sharma P, Gupta R, Kochar DK, Panwar RB, Sahani MS.
Zero prevalence of diabetes in camel milk consuming Raica community of north-west Rajasthan, India.
Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2006 Nov 10; [Epub ahead of print]

Konuspayeva G, Faye B, Loiseau G, Levieux D.
Lactoferrin and immunoglobulin contents in camel's milk (Camelus bactrianus, Camelus dromedarius, and Hybrids) from Kazakhstan.
J Dairy Sci. 2007 Jan;90(1):38-46.

Shabo Y, Barzel R, Margoulis M, Yagil R.
Camel milk for food allergies in children.
Isr Med Assoc J. 2005 Dec;7(12):796-8.
PMID: 16382703 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]'S%20MILK)

The technology of making shubat is more simple than that of kumys. In
a leather bag (torsyk) or wooden tub ferment is put, then fresh
camel's milk is poured in; the bag is tied up or the lid is put on the
tub and the milk is left for 24 hours to get sour. Shubat is not
shaken up periodically like kumys, it is mixed thoroughly before
serving the fable.

Shubat is of a snow-white colour, thicker and fatter than kumys. The
content fat reaches 8%. It can be preserved some time not losing its
properties. Shubat is used to cure not only tuberculosis but also some
gastric and intestinal diseases.

1: Vopr Pitan. 1981 May-Jun;(3):10-4. Links
[Effectiveness of peptic ulcer diet therapy using rations
containing whole mare's and camel's milk]
[Article in Russian]

* Sharmanov TSh,
* Kadyrova RKh,
* Salkhanov BA.

Diets enriched with whole mare and camel's milk were used for the
management of peptic ulcer patients. A total of 164 patients were
examined. Of these, 59 received mare's milk, 40 camel and 65 cow's
milk. On the basis of studying the time course of the clinical
picture, secretory and motor functions of the stomach, as well as of
the endoscopic appearance of the gastric and duodenal mucosa it was
ascertained that apart from the improved clinical course of the
disease, secretory and motor functions of the stomach there was a
complete wound healing and remarkable decline of its size in 93, 90,
and 70% of patients given mare, camel and cow's milk, respectively.
Also, radiotelemetry was used to study the antacid properties of the
milk types in question. The first two milk types have demonstrated
more pronounced antacid properties.


Goat milk cures autism
Egypt, Health, 11/11/2005

A study carried out by Child Medicine and Language Disorders Section
at Ain
Shams University showed that goat and camel milk and corn bread
regular intake
helps in curing autism, a childhood disorder characterized by withdrawal,
self-stimulation, cognitive deficits, and language disorders.

Dr. Mohamed Baraka, Chairman of Language Disorders Unit said that
these milks
contain enzymes which are useful in stimulating the cognitive and
mental ability
of autistic children.

and here is a company that produces camel milk- and the benefits they report:

Camel milk is rich on non-saturated fatty acids, iron, Vitamins B and C. Especially in Afica and Asia it is greatly valued for its health benefits. It is a valuable alternative for those persons suffering from allergy against cow milk. Camel milk also contains lactose but is an non-allergic organic product.
Proven beneficial effects

There is clear evidence that regular camel milk consumption contributes to an optimum diabetes management. Camel milk has positive effects in controlling high blood pressure and helps in the management of Arteriosclerosis and Osteoporosis. Research has demonstrated the presence of potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral factors in camel milk. Clinical trials showed that recovery from infectious desease (e.g. Tuberculosis) was signifantly faster in patients consuming camel milk regularly.
Research on diabetes

An insulin-like protein has been detected in camel milk (Beg, 1986). Clinical trials in human diabetes type 1 have shown that the daily consumption of 0.5 litre camel milk reduces the need for insulin medication by an average of 30% (Icon PDFAgrawal, 2005314kb). In addition comparative physiological studies carried out in Israel (Icon PDFZagorski, 199859kb) and Germany (El-Mahdi, 1997) demonstrated the anti-diabetic properties of camel milk.

Hans Raible

The late Carl Pfeiffer MD who founded the Brain Bio Center near Princeton NJ used to tell how the Minneapolis St. Paul area was poisoned with airborne lead, and the people moving there could not grow vegetables in a garden as they used to do at home since the greens were poisoned with lead. Perhaps, this contributed to the trouble in the Somalis??

Here, lead pipes were forbidden in 1878, much ahead of the rest of the world, and there are of course autistics, but they are not conspicuous, and their number must be small. Boyd Healey has reported on the enormous synergism between mercury and lead. In rats, you have an LD1 for mercury, that is a dose of mercury that will kill 1 rat out of 100. Likewise, you have an LD1 for lead. If you combine the LD1 for lead with the LD1 for mercury, you kill 100 percent of the animals.

So we also have an LD1 (mmercury) from vaccines, but we have an LD 0.001 for lead, and the combined effect apparently is not enough to make a large number of kids autistic (my simple explanation). The low lead also confers to us the highest longevity in Germany, the lowest rate of unemployment, and by far the highest number of patent applications per cappita (I am a patent attorney). Also, the number of children born out of wedlock is the lowest.


John Stone

I suppose if Obama wants to restrict immigration he's got a wonderful tool!


Researchers in the Middle East and North Africa report that camel milk is beneficial and has been used for the treatment of autism. I know for a fact that camel milk is very different from cow milk. I have drunk both and nomadic pastoralists in Somalia value it more than cow milk. It digests easily and flashes the digestive system quickly. Camels feed on trees and shrubs that grow wild and naturally.

My late father kept many camels and as a boy growing up in the Horn of Africa I have herded them and milked them in the fields. My family still keeps camels. I plan to travel to Kenya with Abdimalik this fall and cleanse him with camel milk. If any of you is willing to join me in this expedition you are welcome. Accommodation will be cheap, camel milk will be fresh and plenty, but travel will be tough.


What an amazing and powerful post! Abdulkadir and Quresha, your son is lucky to have you, and the community is lucky to have you, too. It is inspiring to read the story of a father willing to go to any lengths to heal his son.

Katherine Walker

Asalaamu Aliekum WRWB -

Enshallah, you will find the answer to your son's sickness. As Allah teaches us, there is a cure for every illness, we just need to find it!!! You are in the best company in terms of discovering the right path to health for him!

I'm Katherine Walker, I am a Muslim in the Washington DC area, and I have a son, Adam, on the spectrum. While I have not been able to attend any conferences, I do love doing advocacy work. I've thought of the Somali community sooften, and have hoped to help spread the word -- or rather WARNING -- to more and more parents.

Enshallah, one day perhaps we will meet.


Heidi N

Thirty years ago I lived in Louisiana. I was in 9th grade. I went to Prescott, WI which is 5 minutes away from St. Paul, MN. I stayed there in the 9th grade for 3 months. I noticed that many of the children in the class were hyperactive, somewhat immature, intelligent and rude, much like what we call ADHD. I remember being puzzled at why the kids were so different. They would blurt out in class, talk in class, and bounce in their seats.

After a few months, I moved back to Louisiana. There the children were calm. I had become hyperactive as well while living in WI. After a few months, my hyperactivity diminished, and I was again calm like the children in my Lousiana class.

What does this mean. I don't know. But it is odd that one can lose symptoms by moving several states away. I often hear people tell me that their child loses symptoms when they go on vacation. This means something, but what?


Thank you, Abdulkadir, for your eloquent description of your Autism One experiences. I am so glad that you and your wife were able to attend, along with other representatives from the various Somali territories. I hope that more will be able to attend in future years, but it's reassuring to read that you all will be sharing the information with so many other families.


Abdulkadir, it was a pleasure to read the serious subject and humorous bent of your account at the Autism One conference. I love your writing and perspective. So fresh because you describe so many learning curves you met on the road to Autism One and described your mission to ride the wave home to help the community. This story always needs to be retold but is not always done so clearly and eloquently. Your little one has terrific odds 2:1 for turning this thing called autism around thanks to parents like you.


Abdulkadir wrote: "We will seek out all mothers of new born babies and all new couples in order to educate them on potential hazards and what their rights are."

Something tells me the Somalis will someday be known for their very LOW incidence of autism.


Thank you, Abdulkadir, for this excellent article. I am so glad the Somali community is listening to those of us who have lived through this and really know what is going on here.

Like another poster here said, the gf/cf/sf diet was the most important intervention for my son as well. He has fully recovered. When implemented properly, the diet is virtually risk-free so it seems to me to be the obvious place to start. 70% percent of parents who do the gf/cf diet rate it as having significant benefit for their child.

Second, for us, was slow detoxification with the right amount of vitamins and minerals (per testing from a qualified docor--DAN if possible) and probiotics. And no further injuries, such as with any more vaccines.

Good luck and God's blessings for you and your son and family.


Thank you so much, Abdulkadir. Whenever I see your byline on these pages, I always anticipate that I'm going to be taken to a deeper place of understanding of the significance of the epidemic and the importance of the movement. After reading your posts, I'm never disappointed and always feel more committed than ever. Compared to your testimony, your family's experience and your way with words, the "official" statements and defenses of compromised health authorities and other industry-embedded injury deniers sound clownish. It's only a matter of time before more people see this.


What a beautiful, vivid description of your trip to AutismOne. Heartfelt best wishes to you and your community as you work together towards healing your children and preventing further injuries, and on political activism as well. May all your work bear much fruit. Good for your community for sticking together and supporting each other -- reaching accross traditional divides. And kudos to JB and others who are providing so much support to you. I send prayers for all the very best for your children.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Abdulkadir and Quresha,

I met you both briefly upon your arrival at Autism One and cried during your moving words when you spoke at the AoA presentation.

Your words here are also moving. The people and stories that we all know and share are heartbreaking and keep us touched and energized to action.

Please know that I hope and pray for the healing of all of the Somali children. I loved your pledge to go to "far away Fiji Island or high up Fuji Mountain" for your Abdimalik. We are with you on that journey.


I am sitting here wiping away tears. I agree with the person above. For us, the diet was the most important aspect of my boys' recovery.

Benedetta Stilwell

What the CDC, FDA, NIH will do is change the MMR shot just like they did the DPT. The DPT they changed it from whole cell to partial cell (DTaP),and then said okay no more problems. Well there is still problems- PLENTY!!!!! The MMR they will claim to maybe split it up and "wah-lah" no more problems. Well there will still be problems. MMRs don't forget the DTaPs is still happening too.

Lisa in Texas

Abdulkadir and Quresha,
I was in the audience at Autism One the day where you and Quresha told us your story. I cried with you, and as Quresha was trying to get the words out due to the extreme emotions, I remembered feeling that way when my son was diagnosed. As much as I felt alone, I was not in a country that was not my own or trying to speak a language that was not my native language. The Somali families are true heroes, and have stopped at nothing to help recover their children. I said a prayer that day for you and your families that you will never be alone or isolated and that the American people and doctors will embrace you and help you.
Autism has no socioeconomic, geographical or demographic boundaries, as we are united around the world in this tragedy. God Bless you all, and may your children be recovered by the interventions you have learned about at Autism One. You inspired many of us with your courageous stories. Thank you!

Deb in IL

How beautiful! *wipes tear*

I'm supporting you in my thoughts and prayer and if I win the lottery, then that way, too. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you reduce the numbers yourselves?! Having your children lose their diagnoses and return to their pre-injury status would be the biggest sucker punch to the CDC and AMA and pharmaceuticals.

God speed in your recovery! Buy organic fruits and vegetables, nothing gluten, no cows' milk, no corn, no soy....heal the guts and the brain will follow.

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