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Age of Autism Commenter of the Week T-Shirt Winner

AOAF Congrats to Jack Russell, our first "Commenter of the Week." He wrote: This whole "science has spoken" business is absurd and misses the point of what "science" is supposed to be.  Somehow this country has traded religion for science apparently ignoring the fact that they are two totally separate things.  Science isn't something to be worshipped or even worse, to have faith in.  Science is a method of questioning.  To say "science has spoken" on an issue is to betray the very meaning of science.

Jack, please email me at kimstagliano@gmail.com with your address and if you want L or XL.

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Craig Willoughby

Jack, I must tell you congratulations on 2 different fronts. First off, congrats on the shirt. Secondly, congrats on the dubious honor of being picked upon by the Oracians. I too was mocked by them and their Lord and Master for a satirical statement that essentially fell into the same point that you made.

Sadly, the fact that they could not see the validity of your argument, nor could they tell that my obvious satire was indeed tongue-in-cheek, proves our points. There is no brain-washing like religious fanaticism.

michael framson

Jack what truth you have written. Those that keep saying "the science has spoken" should remove any credentials from behind their name until they take your "what science is" refresher course. I'm sure you could offer it with continuing education credits. Maybe even offer your course to the Chicago Tribune and New York Times editorial staff? God knows they desperately need it.

Keep telling it like it is!


Great comment Jack, you deserve the t-shirt!

maddad's wife

If pharma is represented in the group that has anything to do with any studies, I fear that the studies will be set up to prove, again, that there is "no link".

When I read "Evidence of Harm", I couldn't read it before I went to sleep - it made me seethe. All I could think was "all this was known before I even got pregnant. They knew, and let it happen."

I just read "Our Daily Meds" by Melody Peterson, and highly recommend it. It was eye opening even for the cynic I have become. If we think for one minute pharma will EVER worry about people over profit I'm afraid we would be fools. Pharma OWNS the FDA as far as I can tell.


Thank you, thank you.

My first ever Major Award. Beats the hell out of a Pulitzer.

Tanners Dad

I think we should have a section for the stories about the Traveling Age of Autism shirts. Just like the traveling Pants.

I wore my shirt to Tanners Baseball game today. Tanner is in a AMBUCS award winning Baseball league. Every player bats. Every Player Scores Every player has a buddy and every players wins. Even if it is only two innings. We still sing ( one of the kids ) take me out to the ball game. In between the 1st and 2nd innings. Tanner must have caught the ball 25 times and loves the music as teams switch sides. Wonderful weather. A few moments of what it would be like to be a Dad with a King of the diamond... Priceless...Sorry for the tears again ladies..

Many people came up to me and complimented me on the shirt. I couple of people wanted one and i directed them to the Age of Autism site. I love the fact that "The bull stops here." is edgy enough to convey the message but I could still where it to the church picnic.

Keep up the good fight!


Excellent choice -- that was an outstanding comment! It's as if, in some circles, science's main purpose has become for closing doors instead of opening them -- for shutting down discourse and research instead of developing better knowledge, understanding, treatments, etc. that may contradict the orthodoxy.

Angus Files

Im having a real problem buying at shirt, buy it now where is it..



And well you should have won Jack - that is an awesome comment! Congrats!

Benedetta Stilwell

I really liked what he said and how he said it too!

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