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A Tale of Autistic Blood

Red blood By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

This may be the most important article about autism I’ve ever written.  But first I need you to do a little work.  I need you to go to this site (HERE)  and watch the approximately five minute long video comparing the blood of six autistic children put together by Mark Squibb.

I’ll wait.

Good.  You’re back.  Maybe you’ve watched it several times.  I’ve probably watched it close to twenty times.  I keep wondering if what I’m seeing on the screen is autism.  Not in the way I know that when my child was born she was healthy and after those shots she wasn’t, but seeing what’s different in my beautiful daughter at this very moment from a normally-developing child.

My daughter has bad blood.

Or to be more precise (she’s sample #5) my daughter has moderately clumpy blood, shows evidence of an infectious processes, and only 2% of her red blood cells appear healthy.

Let’s go over a few of these factors as I believe they require a more complete explanation.  In my fifth grade science class I teach about the importance of red blood cells.  Specifically, I teach about how individual red blood cells travel through capillaries (the smallest of the body’s blood vessels) in order to drop off oxygen and take away waste products like carbon dioxide. 

The assertion by the narrator, Mark Squibb, is that when blood is “clumped” into the vast rafts shown on the videos they can’t get through the capillaries and the rate of oxygen exchange is greatly reduced.  (The idea of “blood-clumping” in autism comes from the work of Dr. Andrew Moulden with whom Mark has discussed these concepts on several occasions.)  The next time you get your child’s blood drawn you might want to ask the phlebotomist if it’s difficult to draw the blood of children with autism.  The ones I’ve talked with say it’s very difficult to draw blood from a child with autism, but they can’t give a reason why.  Could this be another indication of “blood-clumping?”

The red blood cells themselves are generally separated from other red blood cells by an electric charge, familiar to anybody who has taken a balloon and rubbed it on their hair to create static electricity.  When the electrical charges are in balance they keep the cells separated from each other.  The blood of many of the children in these videos dramatically shows these red blood cells clumped together.  (Aggregation degree)  Curiously, my daughter shows that this clumpiness is only of moderate severity.  However, other factors may make her recovery even more difficult than that of other children.

The second factor reviewed is “Unhealthy Artifact Ratio” or other words, pathogenic infection.  My daughter shows a high level of what’s referred to as “intra-cellular debris” and you can clearly see it in the videos.  This gets back to the long-held belief among DAN practitioners and parents that there is some sort of infectious process we still don’t fully understand and for which it is difficult to get accurate test results.  But look at the videos of the blood of these children, then Google images of healthy blood.  You won’t see those artifacts.  Is this autism?  The red blood cells are supposed to look like shimmering spheres.  Most of my daughter’s red blood cells look like little smiley faces, targets, or dancing dots.

The final factor reviewed in the videos, and in some ways the most chilling to me is the “Healthy RBC Ratio”, which looks at the ratio of healthy red blood cells to unhealthy cells.  Mark said really sick adults usually have "at least 25% healthy looking RBCs." 

Now look at the children with autism.  They show a Healthy RBC Ratio of 1% to 2%.  That means that if you’ve got a serious disease your healthy red blood cells are outnumbered 4 to 1. 

In autism the healthy looking red blood cells are outnumbered 50 to 1, maybe even 99 to 1.  In other words, the sickest adults have 10 times more healthy looking blood that children with autism.

Which makes sample #6 all the more interesting.  I happen to know this child, having spoken extensively with his father in the course of doing stem cell therapy for my daughter.  The images show 15% of this child’s red blood cells were healthy and knowing this child I agree with the narrative estimation the child is about 70% recovered.  This child has also done many rounds of HBOT therapy.  This relatively low number of healthy red blood cells seems enough to give the body the chance to significantly repair the damage.

These videos show a new way to look at autism.  They illustrate several possible reasons why children with autism don't heal the way they should.  Perhaps, more importantly, they give us a way to "see" if the therapies were doing on our children are working.

The images frame autism as a cell problem of too little oxygen and too few nutrients, simply because delivery doesn't work.  They show visual examples of why children with autism can't develop normally.  How can suffocating cells work right, or heal?  How can starved brains click and hum?  How can stem cells hop a barricade, or grow in barren soil?

I don’t have the necessary scientific credentials to pronounce any verdict on the blood in these videos.  But as a layman they look shocking to me and explain so much about the difficulty many of us are having in recovering our children.  I hope the readers of this article will disseminate it widely so that others with more of a background in these issues can weigh in on this matter. 

If these results can be verified the field of autism will never be the same.  The medical problems of children with autism will be clear for the entire world to see.  We will not only have that long-sought objective marker of the disease itself, but a clear indication of how recovery is progressing.

In closing I’d like to quote the scientist Michael Faraday who said, “Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of nature, and in such things as these, experiment is the best test of such consistency.” 

I wonder how many of our children have “bad blood.”

Kent Heckenlively is Legal Editor of Age of Autism


Angus Files

Many thanks Abbey looked it up


I remember Exley saying Silca is no good it has to hydronated silica interesting the same with oxygen. We did a lot of HBOT dives with oxygen which worked a bit but I wonder if even MS suffers were introduced to oxygenated water say at pressure wonder what that would do. I did a test one day of a friend with MS with a infrared blood oximeter testing the oxygen blood levels before and after a dive in HBOT there was no difference this is someone who has aggressive MS but he always felt better for the oxygen dives.

Pharma For Prison



I have seen a live blood analysis of clumping up of the blood cells, then nano bubble oxygen water was consumed 500ml to 1 litre, blood was then analysed again, the blood cells were not clumping anymore, there were now spaces between the cells and they looked hydrated & oxygenated. these results were taken by a UK nanopath using dark field microscopy.
the only company i found to commerialy sell oxygen nano bubble spring water was Kure Ltd, London UK. The water is called Kure Oxygen Spring water.


Kent has since tested his daughter for XMRV and she was positive. This is the same virus that was found in prostate cancer patients at the Cleveland clinic.

But now we are all unsure if the test are accurate and waiting around for the science on that. It could even be that retrovirus is just one more to the list that our kids cannot fight off well like strep, or their messed up metabolism allows the growth of certain types of bacteria as found for clostridium and a new one just recently that I cannot remember how to spell -- It does start with an S.

His duaghter started having very bad seizures this past year and he found a doctor that put her on the Ketogenic Diet. Kent is amazing - he found a doctor that would work with him on the Ketogenic diet!!!! He said in a blog that it was working.
I myself have mine on a low carb diet - Atkins 15 carb a day diet as suggested by the John Hopkins. Both are low carb diets. How these work, I don't know. The metabolism is messed up and does have problems with the carbohydrates to glucose energy cycle - so not doing carbs might help rest the cycle. or it could take carbs to make the immune what ever too????

So that is where Kent is right now.

In Nov of 2011 The saftey confernce on vaccine took place in Jamaica and there was a lot of talk about alumiunium as the adjuvant in the vaccines.

Goodness knows I have always felt that might have much to do with it than even the mecury.

You might want to listen to the speakers on that.
starting with Dr. Wakefeild.

Then there was Professor Christopher Exley on Aluminium

Then the Frenchman Dr. Romain Gherardi
I had to listen to him twice. But my kids had Kawasakis and anytime that some one says lymphnodes and spleen it gets my interest.


That said = alum is used to stop cuts right away from shaving.


Has there been more information or an effective treatment regimen suggested since the writing of this almost 3 years ago?

Chris Parsley

Amazing! We just took my child to a homeopathic Chiropractor yesterday and had his blood work done on a dark field microscopy. His was full of the same things. I am not a blood technician but I have seen "Healthy" blood and my child looked very much like your daughters. My child is not full blown ASD, and I have been doing various treatments over the past two years. I would love to know what his blood looked like before, when he was worse off. The doctor gave us a plethora of supplements to kill off Candida, fungi and bacteria, all which he said he found in the blood. I cannot tell you for sure if this is what was mixed in with the damaged blood cells but I can tell you it did not look good. I am optimistically hopeful this new therapy will work. We are also going to start bariatric chamber treatments as well. Great article and very encouraging.


twyla, you were right! Lots of tiny teeny blood clots.



This is a new treatment for Kawasaki's! They have been struggling with IVIGs and steroid shots.


A parent of a child that had Kawasaki's this past summer just came on line at the joe's KD forum.

Their child had four giant aneurisms (death sentence or clost to it) they gave him Lovenox shots. They just got checked out and no more aneurisms.

You were right, heparin, Lovenox. I bet this whole bunch of inflammatory is tiny little stupid blood clots.

That is why my hubby at times can't breath, oxygen goes down and then comes right back up.

That is why my son would be playing and then stop and look all around for a long time - knew it was not seizures, I knew it was different.

Now how can we get the doctors to pay atttention not to just those with 104 temp effecting the heart, but to get the medical people to pay attention to those with autism?


Thank you and Dr. Ryden for explaining about rouleaux. It should be mentioned that W. Krasny-Ergen wrote a couple papers in the 1930's and 1940's showing that modest levels of radio-frequency radiation (think cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens) can cause rouleaux. It makes sense because the electric field pushes the charge to one side (dielectric polarization) and then the cells are attracted as if they were magnets.


About Live Blood Analysis:
Raymond Royal Rife first developed Dark Field Microscopy in the 1920's followed by his ''Rife frequency generators'' to non-invasively kill bacterias, viruses, parasites and fungus, as well as increasing the vibrational state of every organs in the body based on the bioresonance principles. We are energy in nature more than a chemical soup. Without energy, no chemical reaction can occur.
So why isn't anyone talking about energy medicine to help fix cell membrane potential and mitochondrial disorders ?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy (QRS, Magnopro, PAPIMI, PER2000, Magnapulse/PEMF100) is a very effective way to increase cell energy and the results on the blood can be seen after just a few sessions.
The combination with mHBOT and ozone therapy through rectal insuflation can also get rid of bugs in the guts.
Why go with toxic drugs when oxygen and energy medicine devices can get rid of infections without detrimental side effects. Also, energized water will have an important effect on body fluid pH. Like in a swimming pool, alkaline pH prevents/mitigates infectious development of pathogens.

Coral Getino

Kathy, would you explain what these are for?

CBC w/ Differential
Serum electrophoresis (if you are suspecting a protein abnormality)
Blood culture

Benedetta Stilwell

And you forgot another drug Plavix an anti-clotter!! OR you could just think asprin.

Benedetta Stilwell

Asprin will also thin the blood and is safer than what you all are intending to do or sugggestiong. GOSH. JUST NOT TOOO MUCH ASPRIN esp with the flu. ANTINFLAMATION!!!!!


Wow, pure irony here.

"Medical information without medcial knowledge disseminated by non-medcial people, in training or through theft, will cause greater harm than good as people will rush out for all sorts of products to fix a problme that they do not understand..and undoubtedly once again cause more harm than good..."

That describes about every well-meaning parent on this website. You were all just insulted in your own comment section by a Dr. that's supposed to be on your side.

And shouldn't you all be outraged by this paragraph:

"I will retreat to my work - and once these vultures cease swarming, perhaps I will have the opportunity to bring the full scientific truth and solutions forward...as both belong to society as whole, and only when the whole truth is laid out, will there be a means for solution and prevention rather than causing further harm."

He has just threatened to keep valuable medical information to himself. Why? Because others are making a profit on it. If he were truly all about the cure and the children why would he care who took the information as long as it could help these children?! This just screams to everyone here this Dr. is like all the others you are accusing of being greedy, money driven marketing schemes. He doesn't want his data released because HE wants to make a profit from it.

Mark Squibb

Hi All:
Clumping and clotting are quite different mechanisms.
Heparin, and coumadin, are clot management tools - and can produce potentially adverse responses outside this context, especially when infection is an issue, as with autstic kids.
Please research these options carefully in autistic cases. Heparin increases pathogen "cellular penetration" and can considerably worsen infectious processes.
Kind Regards,


Bensmyson: Here are two links





Meg thank you. I couldn't find the article but found her website and will contact her. I really believe there may be something to all this. Makes sense to me, but then what do I know :)


Yes I should have clarified this. Coumadin is the prescription warfarin sodium drug made by Bristol Myers Squibb.
"Coumarin can occur either free or combined with the sugar glucose to produce a coumarin glycoside. Medically, coumarin glycosides have been shown to have blood-thinning, anti-fungicidal, and anti-tumor activities. Dicumarol, a coumarin glycoside better known as warfarin, is the most commonly used oral anticoagulant medication." Coumarin can be purchased OTC.
They are both blood anticoagulants and should never be used without assessment of PT w INR and PTT or other coagulation tests because there are significant side effects including cell death with misuse.


To Bensmyson: Dr. Yasko has posted on her website that she has seen an association between the MTHFR C677T mutation and sticky/clumpy blood. I have the heterozygous form of the MTHFR C677T mutation, and I have very thick blood with clumpy red blood cells.

To Mary Henderson: I had a live blood analysis done about 2 years ago, and it did indeed show very clumpy red blood cells. The analyst who did the test was quite concerned about it.


Lisa - the drug is called Coumadin not Coumarin.


That was sort of bizarre. Squibb? Am I missing something?

Dr Andrew Moulden

When crafty sales people, ex-olympoian swimers, and supplement sales people consipre to steal the medcial-physiological work and on-going empirical data (and pieces of the solution) to an uknown medcial problme that has been solved, then the population is put at risk as such people rush forward to make a buck at sellinga story that they do not fully comprehend nor will they ever as they have no medcial-clinical-physiology training.

They also do not have any idea as to what the true nature of the problme is in physiology.

This is why it takes me so long to bring answers and help forward to society as whole - individuals that see self-advancement and profiteering and product sales are more intent on stealing and crippling the on-going altruistic work and efforts and experimental groups of legitimate scientist-[physcians the very momenet they see a chance to turn medcial discovery into self profit..

Mr Squibb and his consort have actually cost me (that means has cost the autism/vaccine injury world) more than twelve months of my re-working what they have destroyed in theft and deceipt to self advance theor own fiscal and marketing agenda's. In so doing, they have also caused many more to go on being harmed by the current vacination protocols as when I am slowed down - so to is my ability to stop this one size fits all vaccination saga.

Mr Squibb has no understanding, whatsoever, as to the core mechanism by which this MASS hematological derailment emerges let alone the understanding as to how to resolve the core neuroimmunologial cascade that is causing the core derailmenst that create these hematlogy "symptoms" he purports to reflect his great empirical discovery....

My medical research, in cause and solution, belongs to society as a whole and not to the likes of Mr Squibb, gates, Garceau or their likes...

Medical information without medcial knowledge disseminated by non-medcial people, in training or through theft, will cause greater harm than good as people will rush out for all sorts of products to fix a problme that they do not understand..and undoubtedly once again cause more harm than good...

Had these individuals not been so full of "I see profit and sales" in theor minds eye... I would have come forward by now with the full answers with solutions.,...

Time, integrity, and truth - too much of some, not enough of the other....

I will retreat to my work - and once these vultures cease swarming, perhaps I will have the opportunity to bring the full scientific truth and solutions forward...as both belong to society as whole, and only when the whole truth is laid out, will there be a means for solution and prevention rather than causing further harm.

I recollct Antoine Beschampes had to contend with plagiarism and self effacing deceipt of his contemporary - Louis Pasteur - be certain Mr Squibb et al do not run you all down the same garden path...

Dr Andrew Moulden


I know nothing about blood disorders, but it's interesting to note that some of the deaths from Gardasil have been due to blood clots in the heart and/or lungs.

See http://www.judicialwatch.org/documents/2008/JWReportFDAhpvVaccineRecords.pdf

From pages 15 - 16:

"Of the eighteen deaths, eleven of them occurred less than a week after receiving the vaccine, and seven in less than two days. The most common diagnosed cause was blood clotting, as seen from the reports below:

"Information has been received . . . concerning a female patient who was vaccinated with a dose of Gardasil. The
PA [physician’s assistant] reported that 'the patient died of a blood clot 3 hours after getting the Gardasil vaccine.'
VAERS ID: 275990-1 (D)
* * *
"[19 year old female] given Gardasil vaccine dose #1 [on]
3/12/07 . . . Collapsed and died on 3/26/07 . . . autopsy done at Medical Center . . . states from Death Certificate COD [cause of death] is sudden cardiac death and pulmonary embolism. Echocardiogram revealed very enlarged right ventricle & small left ventricle as well as large blood clots within both the right atrium & right ventricle.
VAERS ID: 275438-1 (D)

"The fact that blood clotting is responsible for almost a fourth of all deaths involving Gardasil is extremely concerning, especially since most birth control drugs increase one’s risk of developing blood clots. Many girls and young women who receive Gardasil will already be taking birth control by the time they are vaccinated, and therefore the possibility that Gardasil may add to risk of blood clots is a serious issue that deserves attention."

Three more from VAERS reports:

279592 — Cause of death from a blood clot.

300066 — The patient was found dead in her truck from a blood clot

324002 — Cause of Death: cardiovascular collapse as a consequence of pulmonary emboli, dehydration and diabetic ketacidosis.

From MedlinePlus: "An embolus is a blood clot or a piece of plaque that acts like a clot. Emboli means more than one clot. If the clot travels from the site where it formed to another location in the body it is called an embolism."

How this is related to autism, I don't know! I have not heard of people with autism being prone to blood clots. But blood is certainly an interesting area for further research, based on Kent's article, which covers subjects I know nothing about.

Teresa Conrick

Hey Kim,

I missed your comment earlier -- but, oh yes, that is what I am trying to say. Her bleeding was treated like a non-issue. Here a beautiful little girl has stopped talking, is using jargon when she did have words, and has become a totally different child, fearful of everything, not looking at anyone anymore,head-banging,not eating, and now bleeding. Yet she is given a DSM diagnosis of autism because "autism just happens around that age -- we don't know why -- but it just does."

Teresa Conrick

Hi Lisa,

I saw your post where you have stressed not running out to do blood thinning treatments, etc after seeing this. I believe parents here are reading all of the information to learn more about our kids, medically. If further testing or labs are warranted, they could help determine if pathogens, metals are involved and if indeed there is an issue with clumping etc.

I also would hope that if there is a pattern to this that some research could be done to help determine treatments and upstream/downstream effects. If this is a subset, small or large, it is important to see what it all means.


Hello, nice work. There are so many illneses that an autistic child has, bouts of diarea followed by bouts of constipation,repeating infections,yeast, skin rashes, sudden fevers, vomiting etc. The tar and petroleum hiding in the fake numbered foods with dyes, hypotonia, dyslexia, lack of eye tracking movements etc. In the article I wrote,"Autism is Cureable with Early Intervention" April 09 I touched on how the gut interferes with the brain. There are so many home remedies in your pantry for pennies a day that might sound laughable but when your child is healed, it is no joke. ASD is a battery of multiple illnesses labled as if it is one illness. It can often be cured one small layer at a time.You can google my article. It is Free.Now if there is a way to combine my knowledge with yours..I am respectfully open. Take care, Shelley of betterschoolresults.com


ok---will anything cure this??????Great article. I sent it to my daughter's doctor (DAN) she is up on the latest and greatest. God bless you all and NEVER GIVE UP!!


Cord Blood is full of fibrin, and not a good specimen to examine a clotting disorder but it could be used for blood bank antibody typing.

For those who mentioned difficulty drawing blood, there are some conditions in which the blood in certain individuals can clot at room temperature (such as when it is being pulled out of a vacutainer tube during phlebotomy). That can also cause the rouleaux phenomenon. It does not clot in the body at 37 C, but clots at room temperature which is 28 C.

If there was truly "clumpy" blood or "sludge" in the blood (as mentioned in nontechnical terms), these individuals would die from blood clotting disorders. This is really bad science for us to be suggesting this without doing proper labwork to assess a clotting disorder.

You could really cause harm if you prescribe blood thinners, even homeopathic ones without doing lab testing to assess coagulation factors. Coumarin is used in rat poison because it causes rats to hemorrhage to death.

I spent many years studying hematology and coagulation disorders. We need to be really discriminating and use our critical thinking skills when discussing medical disorders.
I am not disputing these disorders exist, or could exist as a result of an immune problem, but please use common sense here.


So as soon as a child begins a regression into autism or current, run a PT, PTT, & INR. And, if it's found clinically significant, could early anticoagulant therapy reverse/treat? Any, why aren't autologous cord blood infusions being performed to see if it can reverse it? God knows I've asked over & over for the last year for someone to at least try with my daughter.


Kent-- excellent, Excellent post! Thank you for showing this to us.


Mary, here's my take on "are our kids too old." We give 80 year old men Viagra so they can have an erection. We implant fertilized eggs into 50+ year old women so they can have the joy of childbirth. And yet, with an autism diagnosis we're told to write our kids off as TODDLERS are broken forever. It's bullshit. There are no closed doors or windows. Only closed minds as to our kids', whether 3 or 33, potential. Never give up.


Kathy Blanco

Dr Walsh once told me that as autistics age, their oxidative stress increases, and ther is neurodegeneration. Nip this in the bud. Try to take as much anti oxidants as you can. I see this in my 28 year old son as well, and it's not a fun thing to witness. Of course the biomedical approaches to autism are only a decade or so old, so, I had to start late, which was unfortunate. He mentioned the older autistics get heart diseases, schizophrenia, more seizures, etc. I believ this is because infections are not being addressed, and will add my comments to Heidi's. I do believe these intracellular pathogens can cause havoc. Not only that, but the cholesterol problems in autism, may be because the body is dealing with so much pathogens, that cholesterol (thought to be a repair mechanism), goes up to try to repair nicks by pathogenic bacteria (for instance borrelia like syphilis would cause thickening and lesions on arteries). I am going to employ per this article, phospholipid exchanges (pat kane like)..because if you don't have lipids that are on cellular surfaces, the red blood cell is on it's way to death. This is why EFA's are so important, nutrients, and a clean diet, because this all has something to do with cellular pooping. If the cell is confused, doesn't know how to repair itself, is toxic, it's not going to function well.


Wouldn't a regular cbc blood test pick up this lack of oxygen in the red blood cells?

Mary Irvine

Ok, so maybe my son (age 27) has "bad blood." What can be done for him? Is there a chance that a person his age can recover? Is there a diet, chelation, what?


Joe Shlabotnik

Another question is can you have both von Willebrand's and clumping, since the clumping appears to be related to electrical charge vs. the amount of VW clotting factor.

Joe Shlabotnik

My two youngest kids with autism have von Willebrand's. I have an older daughter diagnosed with "communication disorder" who also has VW. It turns out my wife has VW also, along with "platelet storage pool" disorder. I have long wondered whether the VW in our family is of the acquired variety. I had not considered the connection to malnutrition/malabsorption. Yet another thing to research.

Heidi N

My children are recovered. Upon my search for the answer, I discovered that intracellular pathogens were the main cause. They were the reason these children started stockpiling other pathogens and toxins as well. These intracellular pathogens causing this blood clumping and artifacts are the pleomorphic pathogens Lyme, Bartonella and mycoplasma. To add to this, these intracellular pathogens are reportedly (according to Internet reports) originated from Brucella and Visna virus. The herpes, intracellular as well, is also related to this immune dysfunction. The toxins are still involved because they allow these intracellular pathogens to take us over. I have also learned that most are carriers, and upon immune stress or any stress to the body, they can grow out of control, resulting in a chain reaction that leads to not only autism, but many disabling diagnoses. You can learn more about this at www.LIAFoundation.org or www.HeidiNotes.com And, the LIA Foundation is having a Conference in a few weeks that will discuss how to address these pleomorphic, intracellular pathogens. Realize also that most testing commonly used will not detect these pathogens due to reasons you can learn at the aforementioned websites.

Marcella Piper-Terry, M.S.

IMO, I believe this is another physiological marker of the multiple factors involved in autism and pretty much all of the comments posted are on track.

Stress will cause aggregation in preparation for clotting in case of injury. Think "fight or flight" - when you are preparing for battle or to run away, there is a significant change you may get hurt. When the the balance of stress hormones is disrupted (shifted) due to high anxiety or panic, the body doesn't differentiate between real or perceived danger and prepares to clot. So thats ONE factor at work.

Heavy metals like lead and mercury (and aluminum which is not technically a "heavy" metal) also damage the circulatory system and lead to problems like Raynaud's Syndrome, atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, and aneurysm.

Metals and other toxins have something else in common - a single valence electron in their outermost ring. This makes them very attractive to each other - they don't like to be alone but like to travel in pairs so they will "hook up" with other toxins. This is one reason (along with impaired detoxificatio due to depletion of metallothionein) why our kids, once shot up (pun intended) with aluminum or thimerosal (flu vaccine, rhogam, etc.) become like magnets for other toxins. It's also why when chelating, mercury does not come out until after aluminum, antimony, and lead. The magnets (our children) hold onto the metals because their electrical charges have been altered.

The comment about babesia (a bacteria associated with Lyme disease) is also correct, which is why adults with chronic Lyme exhibit many of the same behavioral and neurological issues as do children with "autism."

Infections in the blood (from systemic yeast, viruses, strep, staph, etc) will also cause clumping, as what is left of the immune system tries to kick in and fight off the infection. Remember that one of the first things the immune system does is to send extra blood (and oxygen) to the sight of injury or infection. This is part of the healing process and is why we get the swelling, heat, and itching when we get a minor cut or scrape. That's the body's attempt to heal.

The problem is, in our children there are so many different things to fight that their bodies become confused and shift over into autoimmunity. The analogy I use is like the old Space Invaders game where you start of shooting at one bad guy and it's relatively easy, but as things speed up, there are too many bad guys to shoot at accurately and you end up crashing and burning.

Finally, the genetic link is (again, IMO) often associated with metals (especially lead) that is passed from mother to child. In the family histories of my patients I frequently see higher than expected occurrance of things like stroke, blood clots, hypertension, bipolar disorder, heart-valve problems, and heavy bleeding/clotting with menses. All of these things, (and autoimmune thyroiditis) are associated with lead poisoning. When I check further, these parents and grandparents grew up with coal-burning stoves, lived near or worked in coal mines, or in some cases owned gas stations (before gasoline was unleaded.)

Very interesting article and video - thanks so much for your wonderful work!


T(h)eresa, "everyone" knows that nosebleeds are simply an oppositional behavior by our children. They gush blood at us because of their autism. We should drug them into compliance. Naughty children.

Teresa Conrick


Wow - your question hit me like a ton of bricks!

Meg began having bad nosebleeds at age 3, shortly after her autism dx. Blood tests revealed the VW issue but nobody asked about the rest of her health (because she had "autism" her health was not the focus but instead her behaviors ) and yes - this was when she began many symptoms -- crying, not eating, became picky with food, banging her head, etc.

Her nose was cauterized to stop the nosebleeds but I think you are correct and it sickens me to think how wrong this all was. Another example of how the true nature of what is wrong with our kids medically, has been historically diagnosed incorrectly and haphazardly.

Thank you for seeing the true connection here.


My child was poked three places and still could not get enough blood from her.
like the other commentator said first heal the gut ,then the blood.

This website is a blessing for me ,its like 12:45am and I am still glued to it.


This why i LOVE AOA.

Theresa Cedillo

To Teresa Conrick: During the time that Megan had the "acquired" VW, was she by any chance malnourished or malabsorbing? Because you can have a bleeding disorder secondary to malnutrition. Many of our kids are malnourished at one time or another from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (ie Autistic Enterocolitis). Michelle did.



Thank you so much for writing this!!! I agree 100%. Please, contact me if anyone wants to do a study on this...

I noticed my son's weird red blood cells when we went to his DAN doctor...unfortunately, because of cost, we were not able to continue those treatments.

Last year I was diagnosed with "polycythemia" ..this is a condition where there are too many red blood cells..so I end up with "slush" as blood...When this happened, I decided to check my son's blood work results and noticed that he had the same thing...however, probably because of age, his level of red blood cells was not as high as mine. In addition, when I spoke with my mother, she told me not to worry because she's had that for years...

Where does this lead me? Fact is I have been saying for a few years now that my son got his autism from me. I got it from my mother...Both my mother and her brother got it from my grandmother...That makes 3 of us out of 5, that I can say with certainty that we have weird blood...thick blood...clumpy blood and no, I have not looked at my blood cells, as I did with my son, but I can almost bet you that it will be the same...

My uncle is exactly like me. He helps me with my son and telling me how to work with him, vs. against him. In addition, he has few friends and has been the "black" sheep of the family because of his "strange" social behavior.

My mother and grandmother, as well as myself, well, we are a bit weird, but I have read numerous times and I agree, that autistic women are much less noticeable vs. the men. I agree 100%.

In 4th grade I was put in "resource" with some kids for a few weeks...there was the boy that rocked while we sat at the lunch table (he did not speak), another who spit in his hands constantly, etc...eventually, I was taken out of that class and went to regular classes after that. I always exceeded in "male" dominated subjects such as drafting, math, etc...in my school days...I always felt like I had a "boy" brain...and had numerous male friends, no girlfriends, as they thought the same way I did...My mother did too, my grandmother is the same...

By the way, I have been telling my husband for about a year now that I feel like my autistic symptoms are getting worse as I age...I have discussed this with others in wrongplanet.net as well...and well, it seems my "blood work" proves that my blood is getting worse...

Anyway, sorry to go on and on...

Thank you again for posting this, I agree 100% and look forward to helping anyone who wants to study this in families...

michael framson

Kent, What would one expect the umbilical chord blood look like on all 6 samples? What would one expect the blood to look like at 1 month?, 6 months etc.?

Amanda Blinn

Most of even the most supportive people in our lives don't understand that our son isn't just "autistic"--he's sick almost all the time. I look forward to more info on this! Thank you.


Babesia (Lyme co-infection) enters red blood cells and breaks them causing blood cells that look abnormal. Only a Lyme-literate DAN! doctor can send the blood to a specialized lab for testing.

Teresa Conrick


Since day 1 of my looking into autism and Megan, I have been asking/wondering about her blood. She was diagnosed with Von Willebrands which no one in either family has though there is the chance it could have been the other type, "acquired". Exactly one year ago, we re-ran the test and she does not show any labs/markers to it......so what went on in 1995-1996 that she "got" that diagnosis (paradoxically, VW is a bleeding disorder--the opposite issue of clumping/clotting)but either way, she no longer has "it".

Looking also at some other blood labs from last year-

WBC L 4.4 (4.8 -10.8)
RBC L 4.1 (4.2-5.4)
Hematocrit L 35.0 (37-47)

RBC Count - The RBC count is the number of RBCs in a cubic millimeter of blood. The RBCs are the cells produced in the bone marrow that carry oxygen to your tissues. The normal range is 4.5- 5.9 million/mm3 for men and 4.0-5.3 million/mm3 for women. a slight decreased value is not cause for alarm as many individuals with HIV infection have values below the normal range. However, a markedly decreased value should be thoroughly investigated. A person with a significantly low RBC count can have symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, and appear pale in color. A low RBC count can be due to progressive HIV illness or to certain medications or both. AZT, for example, can suppress the production of RBCs in some individuals. A decrease in the RBC count usually causes a decrease in the hemoglobin and hematocrit values.

WBC Count - The WBC count is the number of WBCs in a cubic millimeter of blood. The primary function of these cells is to prevent and fight infections. There are many different types of white blood cells that play specific roles in fight infections. These specific types of WBCs can be measured in the white cell differential. Normal WBC count is from 4,500 to 1,000. The WBC count can be decreased for a variety of reasons: certain medications decease the production of WBCs in the bone marrow, minor viral infections which you may not even be aware of, stress, and opportunistic infections. Values markedly decreased should be cause for concern, since during this situation one is more susceptible to other infections.

Hematocrit - The hematocrit is the percent of the cellular components in your blood to the fluid or blood plasma. This test is one of the truest markers of anemia. Normal values for men are 40- 54% and for women 37-47%. A decrease in hematocrit is always seen with a decrease in the hemoglobin. These two values are linked to one another.

Benedetta Stilwell

My daughter had Kawaski 6 weeks after receiving her fourth DPT shot. Kawaski is an inflamation of blood vessels around the heart and mucous membranes. The head of the pediatic department of the University of Kentucky said the best treatment was low dose of asprin. It works better than a high dose. My daughter reacted to her last DPT shot at five years old by fainting and a temp of 105.
Inflamation of the blood vessels can occur anywhere in the body including the brain. I give my son along with his seizure medicines a low dose of asprin. He reacted to his DPT shot only six hours after receiving it.
If you watch some of these austistic children, they are running around one minute and then starring are around with only their eyes not responding or moving the next. They are either having petite seizures or it could it be inflamation of the blood vessels in the brain
Asprin the miracle drug for autoimmune disease that causes inflamation. But I am careful with it because to much may lead to Reyes syndrome which is horrible tooooooo.


Kent, I've been following Andrew Moulden and what he says makes complete sense. He talks about the aluminum changing the blood from negative(free flowing) to positive (sludge or coagulated). My son's blood looks horrible. His red blood cells are a complete mess. About a month ago, I started giving him a blood cleanse supplement. For more info on Dr. Andrew Moulden go to www.brainguardmd.com


Passing this along. Haven't had the time to study it fully yet, and/or the intelligence to understand it right now. Maybe someone can add to it. http://www.vaccinerights.com/forensics.html

It is about a vaccine related death similar to the Benjamin J. Zeller recent case, where injuries to the brain were caused by hypoxic/ischemic encephalopathy.


OK this is driving me crazy, I just saw something like this yesterday in a journal which of course I am unable to locate right now. The paper didn't have anything to do with autism but had to do with blood being clumped together and not being able to enter the capillaries of the brain. I was looking at stem cell research and ... well it's gone now.

But I did find this,

Title;Behavioral disorder due to perinatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy---especially the relevance of autistic tendency to the lesion of hyppocampus or temporal lobe.
Author;TAMAGAWA KIMIKO(Toritsushinkeibyoin Shinkeishonika) SUGAMA MORIKAZU(Toritsuotsukabyoin Shonika)


Couldn't this "clumping" or "sludge" cause hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy which is what some have said happens at birth or prenatally to cause autism?

Let's just suppose that some environmental toxin, vaccines, vinyl flooring, mold, tick bites, parasites, whatever it is, causes red blood cells to clump, it would have the same effect that hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy does right?

I did DNA/genetic workups on my son, he had a MTHFR C677T mutation. The homozygous C677T mutation in the MTHFR gene is associated with multiple small-artery occlusions, but not with single small-artery occlusion. Findings suggest a genetic basis for certain subtypes of ischemic stroke. A four-vessel catheter cerebral angiography shows iCNS vasculitis include multivessel narrowing. This may be enough to limit the blood flow on it's own, but make the blood clumpy and seems you would have hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Anyone else discover a mutated

Well there goes my viral infection theory.

Thanks Kent, I won't sleep a wink tonight!

Mary B

I have two cbc reports taken about 9 hours and 31 hours post 18 month vaccines (1 hour and 30 hours thereabouts after start of vaccine adverse event)

I have researched these very unusual labs every way I know how. The condition that comes up over and over when looking up these blood reports very curious highs, lows and criticals is AISDs.

I have long thought that like the TV show mystery diagnosis these labs will continue to reveal nothing until the right person with the right knowledge and state of mind sees them. To that person a lightbulb will go off.

How can a healthy little boy have the blood lab report of an advanced AISDs patient? From the very moment I first saw the lab reports I knew the health problems with my son was in the blood.


Very interesting discovery. This may be a dumb question, but since the children with the worst symptoms have "bad blood", and children with better symptoms have better blood, would a blood transfusion be beneficial? Or would the new blood just quickly become clumpy and contaminated due to problems such as leaky gut and infections?

This may or may not be related, but... just as blood clumping would impair proper circulation, stress also impairs proper circulation: "Adrenaline works by diverting resources from the areas of the body which carry out body maintenance (such as your liver, kidneys and other organs) to the muscles".

And chronic stress results in increased susceptibility to illnesses.
And chronic stress seems to effect the gut too (i.e. ulcers,etc).

So could poor circulation due to blood clumping be causing (or just perpetuating) the immune and gut problems seen in ASD? Or are the immune system and gut issues currently believed to be causing the blood clumping?

Mary Henderson

This is interesting - we have access to Live Blood Analysis, would this show if there is an issue, such as irregular cells and clumping etc?
A lot easier for us than using serum etc
We have a friend who is in health industry and uses this for folks simply wanting to take care of their health with EFAs and anti oxidants etc.

Autism Grandma

Regarding Comment by Robin Nemeth,

"It's also hard for me to imagine that a child could develop normally up until age two or so, with blood that looks like this coursing thru their circulatory system from day one."

It doesn't make any sense that blood with this many unhealthy markers would be present in a normally developing child with normal speech and normal behaviors. But it makes all the sense in the world that this kind of diseased blood would be present after multiple vaccines, especially in light of regression into autism after vaccines. The blood demonstrates the body's state of health, nutritional status and toxicity.

I don't know what my grandson's blood would have looked like prior to the many therapies that have produced so many improvements for him. But I do know that it must look a hell of alot better than it did at the time of his last batch of vaccines when he rapidly regressed into Autism and many other serious health damages that resulted from the vaccine toxicity.

It would certainly be enlightening to utilize autism blood work from a large number of subjects regarding before and after therapies.

Kathy Blanco

This is exactly how I feel about autism, down the letter. Note, they did not find mercury in the brain, they found however, high copper, calcium and even high iron.


Julie Swenson

Wow, very interesting!!! This may explain why it is sometimes impossible to draw my son's blood for his 2x a month IV Glutathione push (even trying both arms..thank goodness for Emla cream!) even when she knows she is in a vein..I am sending this article of to his doc, though she'll probably see it on AoA anyway.

Kathy Blanco

MONDAY, May 4 (HealthDay News) -- Autistic children may be at risk for serious nutritional deficiencies and may have significantly different red blood cell fatty acid composition than non-autistic children, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, held from May 2 to 5 in Baltimore.

Michelle Zimmer, M.D., of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and colleagues presented two studies. The first compared food variety scores from 19 autistic children and 20 controls. The children with autism had decreased food variety compared to controls (37 versus 53 foods per month), and 89 percent of the autistic children with a low food variety score were found to have a serious nutritional deficiency versus 11 percent of autistic children with normal food variety.

In the second study, the researchers compared red blood cell and plasma fatty acid composition in 21 autistic children ages 3 to 18, 10 of their non-autistic siblings, and 20 age-matched controls. Although there were no group differences in dietary intake, the researchers found that the autistic children had significantly lower levels of red blood cell docosahexanoic acid (2.15 versus 3.9) and total omega-3 fatty acids (3.1 versus 5.3). They also found that autistic children showed a trend toward higher red blood cell levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (15.4 versus 14.2). They observed no group differences in plasma fatty acid composition.

"Our results provide some evidence for the hypothesis of abnormal fatty acid metabolism in children with autism," the authors conclude. "Further study into brain fatty composition, metabolism and its role in the pathophysiology of autism is warranted."

Abstracts (registration may be required)

This article: Copyright © 2009 ScoutNews, LLC. All rights reserved.

Kathy Blanco

Cellular health is the key to all health, that is what I was going to say...and of course if your hypoxic...it's really hard to heal the brain...


Sticking to the Dr. Martha Herbert 'down river' theory ...first fix the gut, then fix the blood and ultimately the cognitive abilities will fall into place...

Thank God she is on our side!

roz young

interesting-i have just recently read two other minor sources about red blood cells clumping in very sick people.
1. we just started checking saliva pH and urine pH. my son is very acidic-per the ph stick flyer-people with acidous tend to have blood that clumps.
2.in the opening pages of Gabriel cousins book on raw foods-he talks about blood clumping in very sick people.



I find this article interesting enough to want to do blood testing on my children, and on myself and my husband as controls. Thank you, Kent.

Lynne Jewett

So how do we go about healing our kids? I guess I am just a little confused about this whole theory. What should we start to do to make their blood healthy again?


Per your comment, "So, the child at he cellular level that has bad red blood cells, is not going to come out of autism, period."

I disagree. You are making a sweeping generalization that all autism is caused by this untreatable condition with blood like sludge? Perhaps I misunderstood, but there are in fact several disease states which have these clinically significant abnormal laboratory results which can indicate inflammation due to infection, autoimmune disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis), or certain types of cancer (such as multiple myeloma and Hodgkin's disease). An elevated sed rate usually occurs when the level of plasma proteins in the blood is higher than normal. These plasma proteins (primarily fibrinogen) bind to the red blood cells, reducing the negative surface charge which normally causes the cells to repel each other. The red blood cells stack and settle to bottom of the tube faster than single red blood cells.

Several of these disease states listed above are not curable, but are treatable.
I believe our children are also treatable, which is why I am fighting to save my son.


Thank you, Kent, for always sharing your discoveries. It would seem to be ripe for a simple double blind study.

Kathy Blanco

oops, typo, that is, my mother had myeloma, and her GRANDCHIDLREN had autism, (two of them didn't but have immune issues). So the idea being, is their familial disorders that are inherited, or do we inherit infections...I think both...

Kathy Blanco

My mother had myeloma and she ahd two with autism, HMMMM? Not just HMMM? I found out our entire family had the SV-40 virus from polio vaccines and lyme disease. I think that causes the blood to sludge. As well as toxic mercury and other heavy metals. This causes an entire sytem collapse of ATP, blood viscosity, specifically damaging red blood cells (tbd's often do this). This is no mystery, this is really what hapens. So, the child at he cellular level that has bad red blood cells, is not going to come out of autism, period.

Lisa Hunter Ryden

As a former hematology specialist in a clinical laboratory who read thousands of blood smears, I can comment on the rouleaux phenomenon because I have seen it on many patients who had diseases such as multiple myeloma. However, I have seen rouleaux on about as many patients without disease and the rouleaux occurred as a result of contamination or integrity of the blood specimen. It is not used a diagnostic criteria by itself.

It occurs when erythrocytes are stacked together in long chains and can happen with increased serum proteins, particularly fibrinogen and globulins. This can also result from sample collection, because EDTA plasma (lavender top vacutainers) have more fibrinogen in the specimen than serum specimens (red top vacutainers). If the blood sat in the lab too long before being processed, or the patient has cold agglutinins which cause the red cells to clump at room temperature but not at body temperature, this can be a misleading test. You can also have bacteria and artifacts in the blood smear from stain debris, dust, or other contaminants. A physician will never diagnose an infection from a blood smear without further testing for septicemia or fungal infections, usually on a blood culture.

In addition to rouleaux, a hematologist will examine the size and shape of the erythrocytes to look for morphology abnormalities such as microcytic or macrocytic cells. If none are seen, often rouleaux is not clinically significant.

I wish it was a more specific test, but unfortunately it is not. Because the long chains of RBC's sediment more readily, the doctor could order an erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which increases non-specifically with inflammation and increased "acute phase" serum proteins.

My son’s physician and I use lab testing to guide all of the treatment decisions for my child.

If you are suspecting any disease states, you may want to ask your doctor to order:

CBC w/ Differential
Serum electrophoresis (if you are suspecting a protein abnormality)
Blood culture


Very interesting. If this turns out to be true for most ASD kids, it might help explain two things -- why HBOT might improve some symptoms in some, and if there is some pathogen in the intra-cellular spaces, maybe that is why so many children temporarily come out of their ASD symptoms during a fever.


Not sure I understand - you say "They illustrate several possible reasons why children with autism don't heal the way they should." Do you mean that kids with autism don't form scabs the way typical people do?

I can certainly understand why you're concerned for your daughter. But I think I'd need a whole lot more information before assuming that people with autism, overall, have "clumpy" blood, or that "clumpy" blood is a cause of (or effect of) autism.



Thank you for sharing...I've wondered if my son autism is due to a chronic blood infection/ inflammation. It would explain the highs and lows in his behavior when I treat him. I've noticed especially after I give him Enhansa which addresses viral and fungal infections and inflammation. His genetics tests came back normal so I know is not his genes. Something seems to be wreaking havoc with their immune systems... a pathogen maybe. Defintely something that should be explored.

Lynn Hartman

We have to stop thinking mainstream. True alternative doctors told me this several years ago. Ken, you are right about the electrical charge. The body's electrical charge is off and that's why energy medicine works. It is "out there" and takes time, but it heals the whole body without side effects. It has done wonders for my kid.

Deb in IL

I haven't comprehended this yet, but it seems huge. (I'll watch it again and again)

Simply put: It's evidence that there's something medically (not mentally) unhealthy with our kids.

This should raise huge flags with the CDC and kick some a$$es into finding a way to heal our kids.

Robin Nemeth

This is an awfully small sample, but if it's representative of most children with autism, the first thought that comes to my mind is 'how on earth could this have gone unnoticed for all of this time up until now?' It's such an easy thing to see.

It's also hard for me to imagine that a child could develop normally up until age two or so, with blood that looks like this coursing thru their circulatory system from day one.


How does this tie into some of the other common medical problems, gut and immune, seen in ASD? Is there a mechanism for this problem with the blood to cause GI inflammation, etc.?

Or do you suppose that there is one subset of kids with this problem and the GI kids are a different one? And the oxidative stress/glutathione depleted another? And the immune dysfuntion kids another?

Kim Davis

This is fascinating. The last poster mentioned Heprin, which makes me wonder if anyone has ever tried aspirin therapy on their child?


This is the most likely reason for effectiveness of systemic enzymes therapy in autism!

“…Systemic enzyme therapy … (has).. Fibrinolytic and thrombolytic effect, positive effect on blood fluidity. Systemic enzyme therapy drugs are capable to reduce fibrin (a protein creating the network of blood coagula) content, preventing formation or accelerating the absorption of hemorrhage. They enhance elasticity of erythrocytes and reduce aggregation of blood platelets increasing blood fluidity and its circulation in tissues. ... etc: from http://tinyurl.com/prc7bq

Heparin has long been discussed as a possible anti(herpes)viral treatment.

Hemostatic disorders are very frequent in retroviral infections (human and feline) - there is a relationship between erythrocyte oxidative stress and the hypercoagulable condition in HIV infection.

In addition to infections, there are studies such as “Increased expression of procoagulant activity on the surface of human platelets exposed to heavy-metal compounds” and “Interaction of fibrinogen with mercury “.

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