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Boy alone Congrats to Debbie Mylander, Christina Hatch and Eugene. Too bad Simon Baron-Cohen didn't enter. He could use a dose of reality on what is autism and what society is facing as tens of thousands of children "age out."

By Kim Stagliano

Karl Taro Greenfeld has written a startlingly honest memoir about growing up with his autistic brother, now a 42 year old. Thank you to Karl and his publisher Harper Collins for giving us three copies to offer to you. The contest is closed.

From the publisher: Karl Taro Greenfeld knew from an early age that his little brother, Noah, was not like other children. He couldn't crawl, and he had trouble making eye contact or interacting with his family. As Noah grew older, his differences became even more pronounced—he was unable to communicate verbally, use the toilet, or tie his shoes, and despite his angelic demeanor, he often had violent outbursts.

No doctor, social worker, or specialist could pinpoint what was wrong with Noah beyond a general diagnosis: autism. The boys' parents, Josh and Foumi, dedicated their lives to caring for their younger son with myriad approaches—a challenging, often painful experience that the devoted father detailed in a bestselling trilogy of books.

Now, for the first time, acclaimed journalist Karl Taro Greenfeld speaks out about growing up in the shadow of his autistic brother, revealing the complex mix of rage, confusion, and love that defined his childhood. Boy Alone is his brutally honest memoir of the hopes, dreams, and realities of life with a mentally disabled sibling.

You might have read about Karl and Noah a few weeks ago in Time Magazine HERE. 

I wrote a piece on Boy Alone for HuffPo. It's up HERE.  I'd appreciate if you'd share your comments at HuffPo. It's important that those outside the autism community know what we face. This book will open up conversations about... the future.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



I too was deeply moved by the Greenfeld article in Time Magazine. Unfortunately, this is the reality that many of us face. It is helpful to know that we are in this together and that, thankfully, there are others who have gone before us. Let's continue to advocate for our children and build a better future for all.

Elizabeth Collins

I have all three books about Noah by Karl's father, Josh Greenfeld and I have a 13 year old "Noah" myself. Many things resonated stongly with me as I read those books and I always had a feeling that Karl Greenfeld would eventually write his own account. Just as I am different from my fellows, my son is both different and similar to other autistic children. I think we all have a common hope that our children will have the happiest and most fulfilled lives possible or that at least we can deal with what we are given with the greatest grace. I would love a chance to read this ; good wishes to all my fellow parents/travellers who post here.

Debbie Mylander

"Boy Alone" perfectly describes where autism puts a child in society. My 11 year old son has autism. I have fought for years to pull him out of the cloud of autism with many therapies, vitamins, diets and prayer. Yet he still remains the boy alone on the playground, in his backyard, at the park, at his birthday party and the list goes on and on. Anyway, I would love to read this well titled book.

Lindy Schultz

I am mom to Paul, diagnosed w/Autism at 22 months. No speech since age 3 after a tetanus shot. My brother, who is now 58 ...I now realize he has Aspergers Syndrome, suddenly changing at age 5 according to our mother. I see my brother in my son as he matures...I also realize that I,too most likely am on the ASD spectrum, always feeling "different" but not knowing how or why. I do not know how to "socialize." I do not like to be touched or to touch people...I do not like this, as I have 2 daughters in addition to my son and I don't show them the love I definitely have for them...very frustrating life.

Roger Kulp

No mention about Noah mot being vaccinated,I see...

Christina Hatch

I am my 51 year old brothers conservator. He was born on my 2nd birthday and functions between a 10 and 17 year old. He lives alone with support. Our adopted daughter is 7 and also has autism. My husband says they are so different but both have repetitive habits, delays in speech and social skills. My brother has a history of depression and just got out of the hospital yesterday. I am happy to be a caregiver and Rescue Angel.


I feel a strong need to read this book for the honesty I know it shares!


There have been SO many times I have wanted to write a book about my experience as a sibling. My brother, now 50, and I have always had a "connection" that is indescribable to others. We are 13 months apart, and when we were children, he could not communicate with anyone, except me. We had our own "language", and to this day, in some ways, still do. Autism in the 60's and 70's was virtually unheard of, and trying to explain to others and defend my brother was more often than not an endless battle. Thank God that awareness is picking up now and people all over are more mindful of those on the ASD and those who love them and live with it daily for years and years. We all must remember that Autism is something that has been affecting people for many years.

autism mom

Much as I am afraid to read this book, here goes..


I would love to read this book. Thank you for offering them here.

Veronica Grant

Yes I would definitely be interested in the book.

Michelle Wandrack

Would love to have this book to read once the boys are asleep. However, lately I seldom have the energy to stay up any later than they do. (fighting the school district for appropriate placement for next year, fighting his MD concerning his MANY immune system issues, fighting the insurance co. to get a DAN DR. covered, ect.)
Warrior...appropriate word!!


The book sounds awesome - thanks for the info, Kim!


Lin, I'll let you in our our Price Waterhouse selection system. I usually take the date or time and add the numbers and then count down to that comment. 7:08 pm brings me to the 15th comment. That's about as scientific as I get - but I never choose by name - even if you send me say millions of dollars... ;)

Jamie Balog

I have read SO many books about "being a sibling" in desperation for the brother and sister of my oldest son who has autism. They are all very "scientific" and say the SAME thing! I would consider it a blessing to receive a copy of this book. And, I make my usual promise to share with the enormous "autism community" here in TN.

Thank you for letting us enter until we "win" one of the fabulous gifts!
Jamie B.


Sure would be nice if you piked me. I'd love to read this book, and I'd be sure to share!


Amy, my Mia had a major seizure disorder (grand mals, clustered for days, several a day) for four long years. She has been seizure free for over four years. Hope that helps a bit. Karl's book is not going to motivate you - it will scare the living sh*t out of you. Probably not a good time for you to read it. Read it when you feel strong and upbeat. And I hope that's soon.



Amy W

I so need some motivation right now. My son Hunter, age 9, is honestly at his worst in years. Doing biomed since 18 months, huge gains at age 4 then seizures struck, gut worsened. Now we are struggling. Working with a fabulous DAN doc and GI doc but still each day depletes me. I need some inspiration. I am exhausted from helping other families while my own son continues to regress yet again. This warrior mom is tired.................

Mrs P

I would love this book to give to a friend as a gift.

chantal Sicile-Kira

My first experience with autism was at Fairview State Hospital, where Noah once lived. I wonder if he was there when I was working there..... i would love to read this book.

Isaac's Grandma

I would love to read this book and pass it around for others to read also!


I don't WANT to read this book - but I know I NEED to read this book! This topic keeps me up at night - who will take care of my kiddo when I'm gone? That's a huge burden for sibling(s) who daily endure a huge burden already.


I look forward to reading this book.

Lisa Thompson

This book would be of great value to our family.


Pick me! Pick me! Then I can share with my NAA group and my family.

K Fuller Yuba City

I know that I must read this book. I dont want to but I will. Maybe it will bolster me for the future!
Please enter me in the contest.


My daughter loved her baby brother, and I know she could have written a book like this, had she lived long anough to write it. She is there in heaven, watching down on him improve daily and smiling, I am sure.

Becky H-A

Please enter me. I know a few moms I could lend it to once I read it. Thanks!


I'd love to read this book. Thanks AoA for all your hard work!


Would love to read this book. My husband and I are still deciding on wether or not to have another child. This book will be a must read for me, as it would provide the prospective from the other sibling. Thanks for these contests!


Yes please, count me in! Thanks.

kristin bushey

Thanks for another great contest!

Sue Cranmer

Would love to read this book and will get it even if I dont win it. I read all the Noah books that Karls dad wrote. They meant alot to me because they were the only books that seemed to resemble the life I was living with autism. My son is 31 and at the time he was young there was very little help or information out there.


I would like a chance to win this book. Thanks.


Well, Kim, you know I have to enter this one!!! Gotta have it now!


I'm in on this one. Eighteen more school days and then I can read, read, read all summer while the kids are in camp. (In between painting the house and taking her for treatments in other states.)

Alison Davis

Please include me in the contest.


Mr. Tanners Dad (Sounds like Mr. Eddie's Father, doesn it?) do you want me to slap you with that glove you tucked into your pocket? We use Price Waterfall and Pickemblind to choose our winners. I assure you. And I am off to search for that DVD contest right now. :)

Tanners Dad

I will take position one because I know how the formula works:). I plan on buying this book. Excerpts and reviews are great.

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